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Marauders Index


The Dark Man manipulated events from the shadows until 2008, when he decided to form his own strike force. His Marauders weren’t simple monsters or grunts; they each had backstories, but most remained shrouded in mystery.





Akuma: Known as the Dark Man. His past remains a mystery. He literally manipulated Tommy into existence for the sole purpose of using him to break the cycle of time and recreate reality. First appeared as somewhat of a mentor to Tommy. Made his true nature known at the climax of the Mogralord War in early 2008. Tommy turned against Akuma, and Akuma failed in his plan to use Tommy to stop the universe’s cycle of destruction and rebirth (Ultimate Power Rangers: The Champions Saga Chapter 12).


Afterward, the Pattern (the fabric of time, fate and reality) started to unravel as reality tried to restart again. Akuma set several secret plans into play. Even he was uncertain of the future, which was in a state of constant flux, so he started many different plots. He gathered an army of his own and dubbed them the Marauders. He recruited one of his Marauders, Vexacus, from the ranks of the Jakanja. He also created a villain called Shadow Blade, who was really the evil Tommy Oliver of Demon World Earth, an alternate world where evil ruled. The Marauders wiped out most of the Jakanja leadership, called the Spears of the Jakanja.








Hell Blade









Red Python



Shadow Blade: His name was Tommy Oliver, but he was not the Tommy of our world. He came from Demon World Earth, a parallel world where evil ruled. In this world, Tommy never lost the powers of the evil Green Dragon Ranger, the Dark Warlord of Cruelty. Dark Tommy accidentally crossed over into our world after the Astro Rangers accidentally stumbled upon Demon World Earth, following the Countdown to Destruction (Year Five of UPR Vol. 1). The dark man recruited the evil version of Tommy and gave him the Shadow Blade powers.



Vexacus: Seventh Spear of the Jakanja Seven Spears of Darkness. He betrayed the Jakanja after the Dark Man recruited him.




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