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Dark Shaper Index


After the Countdown to Destruction, a spatial anomaly accidentally pulled the Astro Rangers into a parallel dimension called Demon World Earth. On Demon World Earth, evil ruled and nearly wiped out humanity. The Dark Shaper, Demon World Earth’s version of Dr. William “Billy” Cranston, served on the side of that evil, and performed experiments, creating twisted monsters.


When the Rangers returned to the real Earth, they accidentally pulled the Dark Shaper along. The Dark Shaper retreated into the mountains where he continued his work. To assist with his plans, he created a robotic army.  




Chrome: (Chapter 03)


Combax: Chapter 03)


Crabor: (Chapter 03)


Decimator: (Chapter 03)


Hammer Fist: (Chapter 03)


Insectatron: (Chapter 03)


Toxoid: (Chapter 03)  


Zelton: (Chapter 03)