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Shinzon Index


The Shinzon traveled to Earth from a different dimension to experiment with different lifeforms. Their goal was to create the ultimate lifeform.




Brakk: Lead warrior and hunter of the Shinzon.


Xorin: Leader of the Shinzon. Known as the High Evolutionary. His obsession was finding the ultimate form of evolution by harnessing various bio energies.


Zectoids: Grunts of the Shinzon. Slender soldiers covered in black bug-like exoskeletons. Their heads are insect-like with compound eyes and stubby antenna. 





Krakizon (Chapter 01)


Elekzon: (Chapter 02)


Dragizon: (Chapter 05)


Zebrizon: (Chapter 08)


Mantizon: (Chapter 09)


Primazon: (Chapter 11)


Xorin monster form: (Chapter 18)