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Ultimate Hurricane: Recap


The road so far


The First Demon, Azmodai, possessed six different men to impregnate Madelyn, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, and mother of Kimberly Hart. Azmodai and the Black Queen had six different children: Simon, Samuel, Zen, R.J., Brandon and Owen.


Azmodai had other children as well, with other mistresses. The Hellfire Club recruited Azmodai’s children and gave them Soul Metal Armor to become Hellfire Knights. The Hellfire Club empowered the armor with the spirits of extinct werewolves.


Azmodai planned to break the Seven Seals of the Dark One’s prison. He broke the First Seal, which released the Forsaken. The Second Seal broke when Ken — Kamen Rider Blade —became the first immortal.


A strange demon hunter named Zadie helped Simon prepare to stop Azmodai. She encouraged him to absorb the energy of demons, which he did, making him stronger, and darker. Their allies, Eiji, a demon hunter, and Shirogane, a former ranger, joined them in their mission to stop Azmodai. Later, Dr. William “Billy” Cranston gave former Gao Ranger Ryan the power of Kamen Rider Faiz to track and kidnap Simon. But Ryan joined Simon’s group.


The Silver Guardians and ZECT attacked Simon’s group and captured Ryan. Simon and Samuel became separated from the others.


Shortly after, Brandon’s Soul Metal Armor drove him berserk. He went on a rampage. Simon and Samuel pursued Brandon but couldn’t save him from the Silver Guardians — who shot and killed him. 




Chapter 49: Hurricane

Hell Scorn: Blitz


Azmodai kneeled in a vacant room at night. He whispered an incantation in a language known only in Hell, and slit open his palm. He tilted his palm and let the blood drip onto the stone floor.


Silver light split through the air behind him and twisted to form a portal. Moridin stepped through the portal. He looked sophisticated in his neatly-pressed suit and slicked hair.


The Forsaken adjusted his cufflink and walked closer to Azmodai. “Have I caught you at a bad time?”


Azmodai didn’t bother turning. “Always…”


“Unfortunate,” Moridin said. “I’ve come to tell you that Lanfear has succeeded in breaking the Second Seal. She used the power of the Undead to turn a human into an immortal.”


“And that’s all it took?” Azmodai asked with skepticism as he traced his blood in a demonic pattern. “Sounds somewhat underwhelming.”


“That all depends on your perspective,” Moridin said. “Regardless, the time has now come for you to do your part.”


“Do not command me…” Azmodai said quietly, venom in his voice. “I will do my part because it is what I desire.”


“So then, as I stated, the time has come for you to do your part,” Moridin said. “Don’t argue needlessly. It’s distasteful.”


“What is it you want, Moridin?” Azmodai asked. “Or did you come here simply seeking the pleasure of my company?”


“I came to urge you forward,” Moridin said. “Your role as the First Demon makes you an important part of the Third Seal…but there are those who question whether you can truly claim that title.”


Azmodai knitted his brow. “Lilith…”


Moridin nodded. “You were the First Demon, made. But some call Lilith the mother of your kind.”


“She was a human cow,” Azmodai said.


“Whose soul fell to darkness before your creation,” Moridin said.


“A human. Cow,” Azmodai said again.


“Your opinions don’t concern me,” Azmodai said. “For the first time, she has possessed a human and set foot on the mortal plane. Your work has gained her attention.”


“Pity then,” Azmodai said. “I will just have to kill her.”


“No,” Moridin said. “You will continue your work.”


“And what of Lilith?” Azmodai asked.


“She will come to you…” Moridin said. “Soon, they all will…”




Chains bound Owen’s arms behind his back. The magick bindings contained his power and kept his outbursts in check. He barely had the strength to sit up on the stone floor.


The Black Queen stepped into the dimly lit room to visit her son.


“Hello, Owen…” she said. “Are you feeling better?”


“Go away!” he shouted, his cheeks wet with tears.


“Owen, I know what you felt must have confused you…” Madelyn said. “But you must understand, we’re here to help you.”


Azmodai barged into the room, taking Madelyn by surprise.


“What are you-


“There’s no time for coddling,” Azmodai said.


The demon lifted the boy by the arms and carried him from the room. Owen kicked and screamed, but Azmodai ignored the struggle.


Madelyn followed them. “What are you doing?”


“Sitting my boys down for a long overdue chat…” Azmodai said.




“It starts tonight,” Azmodai said.


“Simon and Samuel aren’t even here-”


“Oh, but they will be,” Azmodai said. “When they feel their brothers scream with sweet agony, I’m sure they’ll come running.”


“You can’t torture them,” Madelyn said.


“I’d torture you instead, but I doubt they’d care,” Azmodai said. “Bring me Zero…I needed Brandon, but a stand-in will have to do.”


“Would you stop walking and talk to me,” Madelyn said.


“We’ve done enough talking, love,” Azmodai said. “It’s time to break some Seals.”




Azmodai etched a six-pointed star in the center of a wide room. Owen, Zen and R.J. stood chained at three points of the star.


Azmodai extended a chain to Zero, who stood at the fourth point.


“You never were my favorite…” Azmodai said. “Far from it. But this is your chance to prove yourself. To make yourself worthy. I need my six strongest children for this to work, Zero…Tell me…are you one of the six?”


“I am…” Zero said as he grasped the chains. He tied his arms and attached the chain to the floor.


“Do not fail me, son…” Azmodai said.


Azmodai walked to the center of the circle.


R.J. glared at the demon. “What are you doing…


“Do you want the power to avenge your father’s death?” Azmodai asked.


“You already gave me that power,” R.J. said.


“But what I offer you now is so much more,” Azmodai said. “My children, we are about to step forth as the ultimate power on this planet. Nothing will stand in our way. But first, I’m afraid we need your wayward brothers. And to get them here…Well…this is going to hurt.


Azmodai tightened his fists, and his sons erupted into flames of Shadow Fire that seared their souls.




Simon and Samuel felt the psychic cries of their brothers immediately. They felt Owen’s fear and pain most of all. They already lost one brother — Brandon — to the Hellfire Club. They refused to lose their youngest sibling too.  


The two brothers wasted no time dashing towards Silver Hills, where the physic cries originated. They said nothing along the way. They barely spoke to each other following Brandon’s death, and their last conversation ended poorly. 


Simon stood on a rooftop and crossed his arms over his chest. He reached out with his senses and tried to pick up a trace of his youngest sibling, Owen.


Samuel stood nearby. He said nothing for several moments before breaking the silence.


“Are we ever going to talk about what happened?” Samuel asked.


“There’s nothing to talk about,” Simon said.


“He died, Simon,” Samuel said. “He was our brother. And we both felt him die.”


“Don’t you think I know that?” Simon said. “Excuse me if I don’t feel like having a heart-to-heart or hugging it out. We have a job to do…let’s just get it done.”


“So that’s all this is now?” Samuel asked. “A job?”


“Why are you even here, Sammy?” Simon asked.


“Because we’re brothers,” Samuel said. “I’m not letting you do this alone.”


“I don’t need a babysitter,” Simon said.


“Look, you’re not the only one who’s hurting,” Samuel said. “I want to stop this just as much as you do.”


“Good,” Simon said. “Then cut the sensitive crap and help me find the Hellfire Club’s new hole.”


The brothers spotted the Hellfire Club mansion ahead. A landscaped trail led to the building, surrounded by sickly shrubs and gardens of dying flowers.


Siph and Bado stood guard at the mansion’s massive doors.


Bado shifted his staff into a defensive stance when he spotted the two siblings rush onto the property.


“It’s the brothers…” he whispered.


“Don’t hurt them,” Siph said.


Bado shook his head. “It doesn’t look like they’re giving us much-”


Simon and Samuel smashed against the knights with the speed and force of cannonballs. They crashed into the mansion’s entry room with an explosion of dust and debris and skid across the floor.


Simon lifted Bado by the shirt and punched his face, knocking him down.


Samuel unsheathed his sword. But Siph kicked the legs out from under him. The teen crashed against his back.


Quickly, Simon fired a Kiryoku blast that hurled the girl away from his brother.


“Where are they,” Simon demanded.


Bado flipped to his feet and swung his staff towards Simon’s head. Simon caught the staff and bashed it against his knee, breaking it in half.


“No!” Bado shouted.


Simon kicked him across the room.


The teen walked to his brother and helped him to his feet. “Come on…”


A flash of silver light ignited on the other end of the room — Siph transformed into the Sky Bow Knight.


The Knight triggered a volley of arrows Simon and Samuel dove aside to avoid.


Simon rolled into a crouched stance. He placed his right fist against his left palm.


“Shadow Hawk Jutsu!”


Wisps of black flame and wind circled around Simon. The wisps formed hawks of shadowy fire that shot towards the Knight.


Siph jumped upward. But the shadow hawks blasted her with bursts of spark that hurled her through the mansion. She bashed through several walls before crashing into a library.


Back in the main entry room, Bado connected his staff, which repaired with a flash of white light. He swung the staff through a ring of energy to activate his armor.


Bado.” White energy flashed around him as he transformed into the armor of the White Knight.


Samuel started to swing his sword to transform into Garo. But Simon shot into the room and bashed against Bado.


Simon glared at the villain and forced him back. The armor reminded Simon of Baron, the armor that forced Brandon into insanity. The armor that got the boy killed.


The ranger formed a ridge hand that circled with black wind, like a drill. He stabbed his hand through the Knight’s chest with a burst of spark and splatter of blood.


“No!” Samuel shouted.


Simon pulled his hand free and kicked Bado’s body across the room.


Samuel narrowed his eyes. “Simon, what the hell.”


“Move…” Simon said as he dashed up the nearby steps that led to the second floor.


Samuel sighed and followed.




The two brothers burst into the top room of the Hellfire Mansion. They stood in a wide empty space, with a massive gateway on the far wall. The ring-shaped gateway ebbed with energy, like ripples in a pond.


Simon narrowed his eyes. “They’re in there…”


“What is it?” Samuel asked.


“A pocket dimension,” Simon said. “It has to be.”


“What if you’re wrong?”


“I’m not. Come on.”


Simon leapt through the portal, and Samuel followed.




Simon and Samuel shot through the other end of the portal with a burst of black light. They crashed and skid across the stone ground. 


They rolled to a stop near the star pattern on the floor, where Azmodai chained Zero, Zen, R.J., and Owen.


The demon stood in the center of the circle and smiled at his sons.


“Hello, my prodigal sons,” Azmodai said.


Simon climbed to his feet. He looked up to see his siblings sprawled on the ground, chained and injured. Smoke sizzled from their bodies and souls.


“What the hell did you do?” Simon asked.


“Get your attention,” Azmodai said. “Would you care to join us? As one big, happy family?”


Simon charged his fist with black fire and started to pounce.


But Azmodai lifted Owen by the neck.


“Now, now, Simon. That’s no way to treat your father,” Azmodai said. “Take one more step, and Owen here joins your dear brother Brandon in Hell. It’s a lovely place, Hell. I’m sure he’d enjoy it.”


Samuel shook his head. “You wouldn’t hurt him. You need him…Need all of us.”


“As I needed Brandon,” Azmodai said. He looked to Simon. “But you got him killed, didn’t you, my son.”


“I’m not your son,” Simon said.


“No? My power flows through your veins. We are one. Connected, in a way deeper than blood. Connected by spirit. Connected by soul.”


“Put Owen down,” Simon said. “Now.”


“So impatient…” Azmodai said. “I suppose that’s one of my finer traits you inherited.”


The demon lifted his hand to his side; the walls and ceiling exploded into gusts of wind that blew away. A cyclone surrounded the stone platform and nearly knocked Simon and Samuel off their feet.


Samuel stabbed his blade against the floor to stop the wind from sweeping him away.


Simon crouched low and used his Kiryoku to brace himself.


Azmodai smiled, unfazed by the vortex of wind that surrounded them. He tossed Owen back to the ground.


“This is my little corner of the world, children,” Azmodai said. “I rule here.”


Chains sprang from the ground and lashed around Simon and Samuels’ wrists and feet. The chains dragged them to two different points of the star.


“Much better,” Azmodai said.


The demon’s eyes shifted black — then glowed blood red. The star pattern ebbed with crimson energy that ignited at the points. The power surged through the teens, whose bodies pulsed with shadow energy.


The shadow power poured from the teens and into Azmodai. He tilted his head back and laughed as power ignited through his veins.




The Hellfire Mansion pulsed with shadow energy that stabbed into the skies. The discharge ignited the planet’s lines of magical energy — ley lines — that intersected in Angel Grove.


The power surge sparked an alarm in Ops.


Ashley pulled up an image on her main monitor.


Tommy narrowed his eyes when he saw. He recognized at least one of the energy signatures, although it appeared twisted. “Simon…”


“You’re sure?” Ashley asked.


“It has to be,” Tommy said. “Contact the Rangers. Not just the Power Rangers. The Samurai team too.”


“All of them?” Ashley asked.


Tommy nodded. “I’ve had enough of this. We’re bringing Simon home…”




Dr. William “Billy” Cranston placed his hand against the glass of his high-rise window. The window displayed an image of the power surge in Silver Hills.




“Is this what you asked me here for?” a voice asked from behind. “A slide show?”


Cranston turned to face his visitor, Ryan, formerly the Yellow Gao Ranger, and currently Kamen Rider Faiz.


“I brought you here for a reminder…” Cranston said. “It appears your mission wasn’t clear.”


“It was clear,” Ryan said. “I just…improvised.”


“By joining him,” Dr. Cranston said.


“I kept my eye on him,” Ryan said.


“I didn’t need a spy, I needed a fighter,” Cranston said.


“Why me?” Ryan said. “Your first explanation was crap, and we know it.”


“Very well…” Cranston said. “I needed a former Ranger to sustain the power of the Faiz Gear. A normal human wouldn’t have the stamina; stamina that comes from drawing on the Morphing Grid for extended periods of time.”


“So all that crap about my connection with Simon-”


“An added bonus,” Cranston said.


“You’re being rather upfront…” Ryan said. “Is there a reason for that?”


“Yes,” Cranston said. “I’m out of patience. Your friend Simon’s about to unravel this planet’s ley lines.”


Ryan knitted his brow. “I don’t even know what that means.”


“It means what happened in Angel Grove these past 10 years will happen everywhere else.”




Zadie slashed a demon-possessed man’s throat and tossed him aside. “That was useless.”


“He didn’t know anything,” Eiji said as he shook his head. “None of them do. Why’d your demon-addict boyfriend have to take off on us? We can’t keep-”


Eiji’s staff glowed with blue light.


Zadie arced an eyebrow. “Is that your special nightlight?”


Eiji shook his head. “It’s never done that before.”


Shirogane’s sword also pulsed with light. The former ranger unsheathed the blade, and the light intensified.


“Strange…” he said.


They felt chills creep along their spines, and their hairs stood on end. The group looked to the distance, where the pillar of shadow energy stabbed upward from Silver Hills.


“Well…” Eiji said. “I think we found Simon.”




Lilith liked to play. She sat on the floor of her living room and braided the hair of a doll. The demon possessed the body of a 10-year-old girl with long dark hair and brown eyes.


Her home looked deserted, with boarded windows and cracked walls. Light barely penetrated the dark place.


The girl’s mother walked slowly into the room. Terrified, she crossed her arms over her chest and trembled. “Do you…Do you want me to go get us some dinner, sweetheart?”


“Leave?” Lilith asked as she turned towards her host’s mother. “You want to leave?”


“No,” the mother said with panic. “No, no, I just wanted-”


“Daddy wanted to leave too…” Lilith said. “Didn’t you Daddy…”


She looked towards a corner, where a skull rested next to a broken bookshelf.


The mother covered her mouth to keep from screaming. She shook her head and wiped the tears from her eyes.


“I…” she said, her voice shaking. “We’ll eat here. I’ll make us…I’ll make us some tea.”


Lilith smiled and held up her doll. “Can Suzie Sunshine help?”


“Yes,” the mother said. “Yes, of course.”


“Good…” Lilith said as she looked to the doll. “But first, we have to stop the bad man, don’t we, Suzie Sunshine? The bad man with the stupid name.”


Lilith looked to her host’s mother. “Mommy. Can my friends help me stop the bad man?”


The mother’s eyes opened wide with fear. She opened her mouth, but her voice caught in her throat. “You’re…” she gasped. “Honey, maybe we don’t need-”


“My friends!” Lilith shouted.


Shadows ebbed across the floor and formed pools, which rose to take shape: Figures dressed in black robes and bone masks. 


The girl smiled at the robed demons, and then looked to her doll. “They’ll help stop the bad man. Won’t they, Suzie Sunshine?”


To be continued…Chapter 50