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Jungle Fury: Recap


Tommy Oliver tasked Adam Park with mentoring a new team of Rangers: The Jungle Fury Rangers. Adam recruited his team — Casey, Theo and Lilly — from his martial arts school called the Black Sash.


Adam’s mission: Find and protect the Shaded, children born from parents possessed by demons. After Azmodai broke the Third Seal to the Dark One’s prison, the Shaded could use their demon inherited power to ‘demon morph’ into stronger forms. Driven to insanity, they often tried to claim parts of the world in the name of the demons who possessed their parents.


Demons and Shaded spread across the world like cancer.


A Forsaken approached one of Adam’s students, a Shaded named Jarrod, and offered him power. But after he failed the Forsaken, she tossed him aside like trash. Afterward, he heard the voices of the Three Kenma speak to him.


In 2004, three demons known as the Kenma, servants of the Mogralord, tried to use mystic bracelets to enter the mortal world in physical form. But Tommy and Adam stopped the plot. The bracelets went missing afterward.


Until now.


Chapter 02: Ultimate Jungle Fury

Voices of Kenma


Rose walked through the woods between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon to the south. The teen carried a metal container designed to seal artifacts of power codenamed Precious.


As a member of INET’s newest SGS division, she took responsibility for rounding up Precious before they could fall into evil hands. She joined the division when it started several months ago, but only weeks ago did she join the division’s new Ranger team as the Pink Ranger.


The teen heard shuffling noises come from the trees around her, so she slowed her pace and listened carefully.


Suddenly, an odd-looking grunt leapt from the trees and tackled her to the ground. She tumbled aside and dropped the box. When she rolled into a crouched position, she looked up to see a white-skinned grunt called a RinRinshi.


New Bitmap ImageA mantis figurine extended from its forehead, and it stood in a mantis-like fighting stance. Fittingly, he called himself Mantor.


“Hand over the bracelets,” Mantor demanded.


“Bracelets?” Rose asked, calm and collected. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 


Mantor laughed mockingly. “Very well…I’ll let you choose. Either I eat you slowly and take the bracelets. Or you give me the bracelets, and I eat you quickly.”


Rose showed no sign of fear as she pulled out her morpher — the Overdrive Tracker. “Let’s try option three.” She flipped open the morpher. “Overdrive! Start up!”


She slid the tracker across her arm and sparked her morph into Titan Pink.


“Drive Defender!” She pulled out her blaster and fired orange energy bursts.


Mantor twisted and flipped aside to dodge the blasts. The villain landed, pounced, and snapped a jump-kick that Titan Pink dodged.


The Pink Overdrive Ranger switched her weapon to blade mode. But Mantor kicked the blade from her hand and side-kicked her chest, knocking her several steps backward.


Mantor snapped into a mantis-like fighting stance and lunged. He launched a flurry of kicks, palm-heel strikes and punches. Titan Pink blocked and dodged as the attacks pushed her backward. The Pink Overdrive Ranger never fought an opponent with Mantor’s martial skill before, so he took her off guard.


The villain swung a knife-hand chop upward like a mantis claw. The blow slashed Titan Pink with a burst of spark that whipped her to the ground. 


Mantor flipped backward while lifting the suitcase. He laughed with insanity as he watched Titan Pink climb to her feet. “Lovely…I love seeing strong, beautiful women driven to despair.”


Titan Pink dove across the ground, grabbed her blaster, and rolled into a crouched stance. But when she looked up, the monster was gone. And so were the bracelets.




The RinJuken Akugata palace sat in the Blackened Mountains north of Angel Grove. Purple lightning tinted the skies over the palace, a dark and twisted temple of Chinese architecture.


geki-vi-rinshiGrunts called Rinshi practiced various moves in the courtyard in front of the palace. The Rinshi were lesser demons that possessed and reanimated Gorma foot soldiers from the war against the Dai in 2002. The RinJuken Akugata used moves and techniques fueled by Rinki, the same type of dark Kiryoku used by the Gorma, Ki born from a heart of darkness. 


Inside the palace sat Jarrod, who took on the name of the demon who possessed his father: DaiShi. The teen’s skin looked chalk white and matched his white hair. His eyes appeared demonic, solid black except for golden irises.


Jarrod leaned back on his throne and rolled his right hand into a fist, flexing his muscle. The blood of a demon ran through his veins, giving his body tremendous power. He intended to push that power past its potential.


The teen noticed a slight rippling effect to his far left. He moved his head just as a tendril speared the wall behind him. He grabbed the tendril and pushed it away.


“Is that your best try?” he asked.


The tendril retracted into the ripple, which took shape to form a young Shaded named Camille. She smiled wickedly.


“No…but I can’t show you all my tricks. Not yet at least,” she said.


Jarrod looked away, uninterested. “I’m not even sure why I keep you here…”


“Because I get results.” She looked to the massive doors of the throne room. Mantor!”


The doors opened. The RinRinshi named Mantor walked into the chamber while carrying a silk pillow. The pillow held three silver bracelets etched with runes.


“The Kenma Bracelets…” Jarrod stood and walked towards the RinRinshi. He lifted the bracelets and put them onto his left wrist.


Three demons known as the Kenma tried to use the bracelets to enter the mortal world in 2004, as part of a plot involving the Ikkazuchi Way and Hand. But Tommy Oliver and Adam Park stopped the plot. The bracelets went missing afterward. Until now.


Madness glimmered in Jarrod’s black eyes.


Kenma…” he whispered. He channeled his demonic energy through the bracelets, which pulsed with silver light. “Speak to me…”


The light burst brightly. A dark voice spoke through the bracelet: “You who would summon us…what do you seek?”


“Power,” Jarrod said. “Nothing more…”


“Such a young one…” the voice said. “You truly seek power?”


A second voice, this one female, spoke through the bracelets. “Then make the humans scream! The despair of the weak becomes strength for our RinJuken!”


“The weak’s despair…” Jarrod said. “That’s easy enough…too easy.”




Casey, Theo and Lilly sat alongside Evan on the sparring mat of the Black Sash dojo. The boy’s demon powers almost ignited out of control when Menace and Jarrod attacked his home. Adam aimed to help him control that power.


Evan and the rangers shifted into meditative postures, their eyes closed and hands laced. The boy wrinkled his nose and shifted uncomfortably.


“This feels…weird,” he said.


Lilly smiled. “It’s called ‘sitting still.’ I hate it too.”


Evan smirked. 


“Focus, Evan,” Adam said. “He looked to his rangers. “You guys too.”


A knock sounded on the door. Adam knitted his brow. No one ever came to the dojo after hours. And no one ever knocked.


“Stay here…” he said to his students. He walked towards the door and kept his senses alert. “We’re closed.”


“You’ll be closed forever if you don’t listen to what I have to say,” a woman’s voice came from outside.


Adam opened the door and saw a young woman named Miki. He barely knew her; they met once years ago during a fight against the Hand and Ikkazuchi Way.




“Adam,” Miki said. “Look at you, all grown up. Can I come in?”


“I-” Adam started to say. But she didn’t wait for an answer and walked into the dojo. “Sure. Make yourself at home.”


“I’m sorry to barge in on you like this,” she said. “But something’s happened, and I need your help. Master Mao is dead.”  


Adam narrowed his eyes. Master Mao instructed Adam before he became a ranger. “What happened?”


“A demon found him and killed him. I don’t know why,” she said. “That’s the problem.”


“Start at the beginning,” Adam said.


Miki sighed with impatience. “There’s no time. Whoever those demons were, they were looking for something. But whatever it was, Mao didn’t have it.”


She noticed Evan and the rangers for the first time. “Am I interrupting something?”


“Well yeah,” Adam said. “That’s why I didn’t invite you in.”


Suddenly, the ground shook. Adam knitted his brow with concern and looked to his team.


Theo arced an eyebrow. “That probably wasn’t an earthquake.”


“This is Angel Grove,” Lilly said. “Is anything ever an earthquake?”


Adam turned on a small TV towards the rear of the dojo. News reports showed a Rinshi attack nearby.


The rangers stood to watch.


“Who are they?” Theo asked. “More demons?”


Adam nodded. “The RinJuken Akugata. Tommy warned me about them. You guys better-”


He hesitated when he remembered Miki stood nearby.


She scoffed. “Please. I knew you were a Ranger. I honestly just assumed they were too.”


Adam sighed and looked to his team. “You guys go ahead, but be careful.”


The teens rushed out the dojo.




The Rinshi attacked people at random in one of Angel Grove East’s few remaining plazas. The reanimated grunts struck with stiff and rigid blows. They knife-hand chopped men and women to the ground, dove through car windows and tossed civilians aside.


People screamed and ran with panic.


Mantor watched from an upper level of the plaza. The villain stood with his arms across his chest and laughed.


“Good…Good! These cries are filling my body with power…”


The villain slapped his right fist against his left palm. Ringi!” He swung his arms and legs through mantis-like movements. JyuJun Jashin Hen!


geki-vr-makirikaMantor’s headpiece glowed with purple energy. His head, arms and legs contorted and sunk into his chest — then his body exploded to reveal his mantis-like monster form.


The monster pounced towards a pedestrian bridge. “Rupturing Slash!”


He slashed through the bridge with a massive explosion that toppled the structure to the ground.


Nearby, Casey and the rangers ran to the scene.


Casey opened his eyes wide with horror at the sight of the injured, dead and people fleeing for their lives. He shook his head. “All these people.”


“Let’s suit up,” Theo said.


Lilly arced an eyebrow. “Suit up?”


“Would you prefer ‘it’s morphing time?’” Theo asked.


Lilly shook her head. “Just morph.”


The teens armed their morphers. “Jungle Beast! Spirit, unleash!”


Their Geki Beast auras washed over them with waves of energy as they morphed into their Ranger forms.


“With the stealth of the jaguar…Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!”


“With the speed of the cheetah…Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!”


Blue Jaguar and Yellow Cheetah charged to attack, but Red Tiger hesitated.


The Yellow Ranger plowed through a group of grunts with a volley of kicks and spin kicks. She swung her arms wide to block and parry their blows, and she struck back with quick punches and palm-heel strikes that knocked them to the ground.


Several Rinshi armed spears and stabbed at the Yellow Ranger. But she dodged and used her forearms to swat the spears aside.


Yellow Cheetah spun back to gain distance and slapped her right fist against her left palm.


Geki Waza! Cheetah spirit!”


She thrust her fist and fired a wave of yellow energy shaped like a cheetah. Her animal spirit charged through the demons and tore them to pieces with bursts of spark.


Rinshi surrounded Blue Jaguar and stabbed their spears. The Blue Ranger twisted and dodged with grace, and swung his forearms to parry, like a well-rehearsed dance.


The Blue Ranger grabbed a grunt by the wrist and twisted, grabbed another grunt by the arm and twisted, and swung his leg to grab a spear.


He twisted and knocked the soldiers aside.


Red Tiger hesitated and stayed back. He looked to his hands and rolled them into fists. He felt powerful and powerless at the same time.


Nearby, a building exploded, and rubble fell towards the people below.


The Red Ranger ran towards the explosion and saw Mantor stalk towards a fallen child.


“My, look at what I found…” the monster said.


“What are you doing?!” Red Tiger shouted.


“What am I doing?” Mantor asked. “Terrorizing her. The sadness and suffering of the weak makes us stronger…That is RinJuken!”


He swung his pincer and fired an energy blade. The blade blasted Red Tiger with bursts of spark, hurling him backward.


The Red Ranger crashed and tumbled across the street.


Mantor laughed and turned to the fallen girl. He used his pincer to grab her by the shirt and left her from the pavement.


“Perfect…Power is filling my body. Cry, little girl, cry! Let your last scream be your greatest!”


Red Tiger climbed to his feet. He rolled his hands into fists, as his body tensed with righteous anger. He screamed, triggering a wave of Geki that shook the streets.


The blast knocked Mantor back several steps, and he dropped the girl.


The Red Ranger sprinted to attack as his body pulsed with red Geki. He lunged and punched Mantor with enough force to hurl him across the street. 


The monster crashed into a pile of rubble, but quickly climbed to its feet.


The Red Ranger charged to attack. Mantor slashed his pincers, but Red Tiger leapt over the blow. He landed and dodged several swipes of the monster’s claws.


Red Tiger lost himself in the fight. He dodged and used his forearms to parry the monster’s slashes and stabs.


The Red Ranger twisted forward with a volley of punches of his own, his moves feline and tiger-like. But Mantor parried and blocked the blows.


The monster slashed Red Tiger with a burst of spark, and then swung upward. The slash struck the Ranger with a burst of spark that whipped him through the air.


The Red Ranger landed on the side of a building, pushed off, and shot towards the monster.


Mantor swatted him aside. But Red Tiger landed on his feet and skid across the pavement while in a crouched tiger-like stance.


The Red Ranger sprang at Mantor and tackled the monster aside.


The opponents quickly climbed to their feet, and Red Tiger launched a flying wave of side-kicks that bashed Mantor several steps backward, and then hurled him off his feet.


Red Tiger placed his right fist against his left palm. “Geki Waza! Tiger spirit!”


The Red Ranger thrust his fist and fired a wave of red energy shaped like a tiger. The tiger grabbed Mantor with its jaws and tossed him aside with bursts of spark that tore through his body.


Red Tiger breathed heavily. He relaxed his fists and lowered his hands, surprised by his own power.


“I can’t believe I did that…”


Blue Jaguar and Yellow Cheetah ran to his side.


“Casey…that was amazing!” Blue Jaguar said.


“Not bad,” Yellow Cheetah said.


Mantor climbed to his feet as smoke sizzled from his body. “That was the greatest insult...and deserves the greatest rage.”


The monster snapped his pincers together. Ringi! Jashin Gouten Hen!”


The monster’s body expanded and grew giant.


The Rangers scattered below.


Blue Jaguar shook his head. “We’re Rangers. Rangers have zords, right? We probably should have asked Adam about that…”




Adam finished telling Miki everything about the Jungle Fury Rangers, Shaded, Tommy and RinJuken.


“What do these RinJuken want?” Miki asked. “Are they connected to the Shaded somehow, you think?”


Adam shook his head. “I don’t know…could be.”


Miki scoffed. “Tommy didn’t exactly tell you much, did he?”


“He told me what he could,” Adam said. “I trust him.”


“What about Evan? And these other demon kids? What will you do when you find them?” Miki asked.


“I’m not sure yet,” Adam said. “But I’ll keep them safe.”


Miki nodded. She looked aside, and her thoughts drifted. “I can’t help but think this is all connected to Master Mao somehow…I barely got a glimpse of the demon who killed him, but they may have been one of these Shaded. Or even one of these RinJuken.”


Adam narrowed his eyes when he felt a strong pulse of Rinki wash through the city.


He looked to Miki. “Can you stay here and watch Evan? I have to go.”


“Go?” Miki asked. “Go where?”


Adam dashed from the dojo. “The Rangers need my help…”




The monster stomped, and the shockwave knocked the Rangers off their feet.


Mantor lifted his pincer and chopped towards the fallen Rangers.


But a hand grabbed the pincer and knocked the monster backward. The hand belonged to the MegaThunderzord of the Heaven Star Task Force Power Rangers. The MegaThunderzord looked like an apparition or hologram, tinted with shades of green as mist filled the air.


The MegaThunderzord swung its sword upward, and the blade slashed the monster with a burst of spark that hurled him off his feet.


The monster crashed, and the impact knocked him back to regular size.


Mantor grumbled and rose to his feet. Smoke sizzled from his injuries as he stumbled. The monster gathered enough strength to jump away and leap into the distance.


Adam ran towards his Rangers and helped them to their feet. “You guys alright?”


“Adam…” Blue Jaguar said. “Did you just do that?”


Adam nodded. “With my illusion power. But it took a lot out of me.”


“You a little rusty, Green Ranger?” Yellow Cheetah asked.


Adam shook his head. “Just…old.”


“That technique…” Blue Jaguar said. “Making a giant like that. Can you teach us?”


“There is a technique that’s similar,” Adam said. “A way for you three to have zords.”


“Great,” Yellow Cheetah said. “Show us what to do.”


 “You’re not ready yet.”


“How hard can it be?” Yellow Cheetah asked.


“For you three?” Adam asked. “Right now, impossible.”




Mantor reverted back to his pale-skinned RinRinshi form. He staggered through the woods as an invisible opponent bashed him back and forth.


Camille became visible, grabbed the grunt by the throat, and bashed him against a tree. “You failed…and to fail is to die.”


Her hair and skin shifted shades to pale white, and her eyes turned black except for green irises.


“Wait,” Mantor gasped. “I haven’t lost yet…I swear…I’ll return with the Rangers’ heads. And the head of their master.”


Camille tightened her grip and pulled him close. “Their master is a legendary Ranger. You were completely subdued. How can you fight against a force like that?”


“I…I have a plan,” Mantor gasped.


Hmph.” Camille tossed him aside. “You seem like you have conviction, at least. Very well…I’ll give you one more chance.”




Adam returned to the Black Sash along with Casey, Theo and Lilly.


“Adam,” Theo said. “I don’t understand. We’re Rangers. Rangers get zords.”


“You aren’t ready,” Adam said.


“I can already control my animal spirit,” Theo said. “Let me try. I’ve got the best technique out of all of us.”


“Wait a minute,” Lilly said. “You have the best technique? Says who?”


Theo tilted his head. “I thought that was understood. I have the technique, you have the speed. And Casey…”


Casey shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah. I, ah…I’m not sure what I have.”


“That’s the problem,” Adam said.


Casey blushed with shame.


“That’s not what I meant, Casey,” Adam said. “Come walk with me.”




1000px-Prjf-chameleonCamille’s Rinki let her transform beyond a Shaded’s typical demon morph. She wore a suit of chameleon-like armor and helmet as she faced Mantor.


She opened her mouth, and her tongue lashed like a spear that stabbed Mantor several times, dropping him to his knees.


“My Mugen Reppa gives power to your cells and blood,” she said. “Although you’ll be burning yourself like a candle to create a flame.”


Mantor climbed to his feet and rolled his hands into fists. “My cells and blood? That’s just what I wanted!”


The grunt tilted his head back and screamed as he burst into his monster form.




Adam and Casey walked onto the roof of the Black Sash.


“I’m, ah…not sure I can do this,” Casey said as he shook his head.


“You went toe-to-toe with Jarrod and won,” Adam said. “You helped the others stop Menace. And you took on Mantor alone.”


“I just…I lost it,” Casey said. “I lost control.”


“Do you really think that?” Adam asked. “I’ve seen you when you fight. That’s when you show the most focus. The most determination. That’s when you-”


“Loose myself,” Casey said.


Adam shook his head. “I wouldn’t call it that. Casey, when you see someone in trouble, when you see someone hurting…you set all your hesitation aside, and you act. That’s why you get into fights at school — to stand up to bullies. That’s why you fought Jarrod. You don’t lose control. You let go of your doubt, and you do what’s right.”


Casey smiled sheepishly. “Sometimes I lose control.”


“We all do,” Adam said. “Casey, you need to understand. Theo may have the technique. Lilly may have the speed. But you have the strength. Strength of heart. Strength of will. Strength of body. All that strength comes from a sense of justice. And that’s what Geki Juken is all about.”


“That’s, ah…a pretty good pep talk,” Casey said. He smiled. “Kind of sappy, though.”


Adam smiled and placed his hands on his student’s shoulders. “Know your strength. That strength will tie the three of you together, so you work as one. And that’s how you’ll get your zords.”




Mantor stalked towards a newly made dam in Angel Grove West. He energized his pincers and slashed, firing a blade of energy. The blade blasted through the dam with a massive explosion that tore it apart.


Torrents of water rushed through the streets and flooded Angel Grove West.




Casey, Theo and Lilly ran to the scene. Waves of water rushed through the lower streets, and the teens leapt upward to higher ground.


They landed on a fire escape, climbed to the top of the building, and looked out to see the giant Mantor stomp in the distance.


“It’s him again…” Casey said.


“More!” Mantor shouted. “Let me hear more of your screams!”


Theo shook his head. “I can’t believe this is happening here. These people barely had a chance to recover from the last flood.”


“We’ll feel sorry for them later,” Lilly said as she armed her morphers. “Let’s stop this bug.”


A voice laughed from behind. The teens turned to see Camille in her armor, along with a group of Rinshi.


“It’s no use,” she said. 


The teens snapped into fighting stances. Theo narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”


She shifted into her human form, with pale white skin, chalk white hair, and black eyes with green irises.


“I live for the love of DaiShi. I am the Chameleon-Fist warrior: Camille.”


“She’s one of the Shaded…” Casey said.


“She’s about to be road kill,” Lilly said.


They armed their morphers. “Jungle Beast! Spirit unleash!”


Their animal spirits wrapped around them like waves of energy as they morphed into their Ranger forms.


“With the strength of the tiger…Jungle Fury Red Ranger!”


“With the stealth of the jaguar…Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!”


“With the speed of the cheetah…Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!”


“Savage Task Force!” the Red Ranger shouted. Together they called out: “Jungle Fury Rangers!”


Camille nodded, signaling the Rinshi to attack. The grunts charged, and the Rangers returned the charge.


The Jungle Fury team bashed through the Rinshi with a wave of kicks, punches and palm-heel strikes.


Blue Jaguar shifted into a fighting stance and summoned his weapon. “Geki Tonfa!”


The Rinshi armed their spears and lunged at the Blue Ranger.


Blue Jaguar charged his weapons with Geki. He moved with grace and power while blocking their blows and striking them down, bashing them aside one-by-one.


He twisted his grip and swung outward, slashing a pair of Rinshi with bursts of spark that hurled them backward.


Nearby, Yellow Cheetah armed a pair of tonfa and connected them into a staff. “Geki Bo!”


The staff charged with Geki as the Rinshi rushed to attack. She twirled the staff with great speed while knocking their weapons aside and bashing them to the ground.


She knocked the legs out from a soldier, twirled her weapon, and chopped the fallen grunt with a burst of spark.


Meanwhile, Red Tiger armed his weapon. “Geki Nunchuk!”


The Red Ranger armed his nunchuk and spun, swatting the Rinshi’s spears aside and bashing them backward. He kicked a grunt in the chest, swatted a grunt’s face, and kicked a grunt across the head.


“Casey!” Blue Jaguar shouted. “Try pouring your Geki into it!”


Red Tiger nodded. “Okay…”


He stepped into a defensive stance and charged the weapon with Geki. The Red Ranger swung the nunchuk through streaks of orange power as he bashed through the Rinshi. He lost himself to the battle and struck hard and fast, before the grunts could defend themselves.


The Red Ranger spun and twirled his weapon through a streak of power, which ripped through the Rinshi. The grunts exploded with bursts of purple and black shadow energy.


The three Rangers regrouped and faced Mantor in the distance.


Blue Jaguar rolled his hands into fists. “We can’t do anything without zords…”


Their communicators toned.


“Then call on them,” Adam said through their communicators, embedded within their gauntlets. “You’ve been able to this whole time. Your animal spirits…”


“Those are our zords?” Blue Jaguar asked.


“Your Geki Beasts are extensions of your souls,” Adam said.


“Why didn’t you just tell us that before?” Yellow Cheetah asked.


“You weren’t ready because you weren’t acting as one,” Adam said.


“What did you expect?” Yellow Cheetah asked. “You always had us spar against each other.”


“Not anymore,” Adam said. “To use your Megazord, you need to combine your Geki Beasts by combining the best aspects of yourselves. Strength. Speed. Technique.”


“What are you talking about?” Yellow Cheetah asked.


“Picture yourselves like three sides of a triangle,” Adam said. “Summon your Geki Beasts, and your powers will guide you.”


“Let’s try it,” Red Tiger said as he stepped forward. The other Rangers stood at his side. They slapped their right fists against their left palms.


Jf-jbeasttigerGeki Beasts, emerge!” They thrust their hands and fired waves of energy shaped like their animal spirits. The spirits expanded and grew giant.


The Rangers leapt into the air and entered their Geki Beasts, which solidified into zords: The Geki Tiger, Geki Cheetah and Geki Jaguar. 


Geki Beasts unite!” the Rangers shouted. “Jungle Fury Fusion!”


The three zords shifted shape and combed to form a Megazord.


Juken_Gattai_GekiTohja“Jungle Pride Megazord!” the Rangers shouted. “Geki Touja!”


The Rangers stood within their cockpit and moved as one, and the Megazord mirrored their movements.


The Megazord and monster charged to attack. Mantor swung his claws, but the Megazord ducked to avoid the blow.


Geki Touja rose and stabbed its hands against the monster’s chest with bursts of spark, forcing him several steps back through the flood-soaked streets.


Mantor chopped his claws. But Geki Touja blocked, kneed the monster’s gut, elbowed his chest, and spin-kicked his head. The blow hurled the monster backward.


Mantor crashed and rolled across the flooded street. The monster growled and pushed himself to his feet.


Geki Touja and Mantor charged and clashed. Mantor blocked a kick, slashed the Megazord’s chest with a burst of spark, and slammed his head against Geki Touja’s chest.  


Mantor slashed wide. But the Jungle Pride Megazord ducked and stepped backward several paces to gain distance. The monster advanced, slashing left and right while hacking through buildings with bursts of spark.


Mantor lunged and chopped his pincers.


Geki Touja leapt backward to avoid the blow and landed on a building. Mantor’s pincers stabbed through the street with bursts of spark and got stuck.


The Jungle Pride Megazord jumped over Mantor, landed, and spin-kicked the monster with a burst of spark that knocked him to the ground.


The Megazord stepped into a fighting stance and armed its three-section staff. “Geki SanSetsuKon!”


Mantor climbed to his feet, and Geki Touja charged. The Megazord twirled its staff, bashing the monster with bursts of spark. Mantor blocked or parried some of the blows, but most slipped past his defense and smashed his body.


Geki Touja lunged and stabbed through the monster’s chest with a burst of spark.


Mantor gasped and stumbled backward.


Geki Touja!” the Rangers shouted. Dai Gan Gan Ken!”


Geki Touja’s upper body spun like a drill, and the Megazord charged forward. Geki Touja’s spinning fists pommeled the monster and hurled him off his feet.


Mantor crashed against the flooded street, and his energy overloaded and exploded with a massive sphere of flame.




Jarrod snapped open his eyes. He lifted his hand and looked to the Kenma Bracelets. They stirred, but barely.


“The power I seek…is still lacking,” he said.




Casey, Theo and Lilly entered the Black Sash dojo.


“Hey Adam!” Lilly shouted. “How did-”


They noticed the mats in disarray and clutter across the floor. They saw no sign of Adam, Miki or Evan.


Casey knitted his brow. “Okay…This is bad.”


To be continued…Chapter 03