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Chapter 13: Ultimate Overdrive

The Org Mirror


Eiji Takaoka tried to forget about Zadie. About Simon. And about Azmodai, the First Demon who aimed to break the Seven Seals of the Dark One’s prison.


Instead, he focused on his first obsession. His first mission: To hunt the demons known as Ashu, the demons who killed his father.


The teen chased a trio of demon-possessed men through New York’s Chinatown. He leapt from rooftop to rooftop as the demons scurried below.


The hunter leapt off the rooftop and flipped through the air. While upside down, he thrust his hand at the demons. Hoi! Joso!


He swiped his hand. Ketsu!


A cylinder of blue energy snapped around a demon.


He chopped his hand. Metsu!


The barrier collapsed with a burst of blue flame that scorched the demon from the man’s soul.


Eiji landed and faced off with the remaining demons. They snarled and charged at the teen.


The hunter twirled his staff into a defensive stance. “Come on. I’ve been dying to hit something all day.”


The demons pounced.


Eiji cracked his staff across a demon’s skull and swung upward, bashing the other demon upside the head.


Ketsu! Metsu!


He formed a barrier that collapsed around a demon with a burst of blue flame. The impact knocked the host back and incinerated the demon within.


The last demon tried to scramble to his feet. But Eiji placed his staff against the man’s neck.


“Talk,” Eiji said.


“I...I…I don’t know anything,” the demon stammered.


“Well, then I guess I’ll have to jam this staff up your-”


“Okay, okay, okay,” the demon stammered. “It’s the mirror. They want the mirror.”


“What mirror?”


“How the hell should I know?”


Eiji lifted his staff.


“Okay, okay, okay. The Org Mirror. They think they can use it to enter the mortal world in physical form.”


“Why don’t they just possess people and burst through?” Eiji asked. “You demons can do that now, apparently.”


“Not all of us…” the demon stammered. “Or trust me, I’d rip through this meat sack right now and tear off your head or something.”


“Right, you’re so fearsome,” Eiji said sarcastically. “Who has the mirror now?”


“Dark Shadow. We were following them when you…ya know...attacked us.”


Eiji cursed beneath his breath. The hunter waved his hand. Ketsu. Metsu.


A barrier formed around the man and collapsed with a burst of blue flame. The fire burnt the demon from his soul. His body collapsed, unconscious.


Eiji leapt to the rooftops to find Dark Shadow.




The Titan Rangers surrounded Shizuka in the woods. But she twirled her daggers and slashed them aside with bursts of spark.


Titan Black moved in from the side and chopped his Drive Defender. Shizuka blocked with a burst of spark.


The Black Ranger pressed his blade against hers. “Shizuka…Hand over the mirror.”


“Ha,” Shizuka said. “Sure, let me hand that right over.”


She slashed his sword aside and kicked him backward.


Yami no Yaiba leapt to the scene. He landed while chopping the Blue Ranger to the ground. The villain spun, swung his swords wide, and slashed the other four Rangers with bursts of spark that whipped their bodies backward.


“Rangers…” the villain said. “That mirror has the power to instill great fear. Power that will belong to Dark Shadow!”


“Not happening,” Titan Red said as he and the other Rangers armed their Drive Defenders in blade mode and charged.


They launched at Yaiba with blades swinging. But the villain parried and slashed them aside with bursts of spark. He moved with the quickness and precision of a master swordsman, without wasting a single move.


Titan Pink and Titan Yellow chopped towards his head. He blocked high, chopped their chests, and spun with a wide swing that slashed them backward with bursts of spark.


Titan Black chopped towards the villain’s back. Yaiba blocked and locked his blade with the Ranger’s.


“You…” Yaiba said. “I sense a great darkness in you.”


Titan Black tilted his head. “What-”


Yaiba pulled his sword free and swung both blades through a streak of blue energy; the blades slashed the Ranger with bursts of spark that whipped him to the ground.


Shizuka hopped excitedly towards Yaiba. “Good work, Yami no Yaiba!”


“They won’t have this Precious,” Yaiba said. “I swear it…”


The villains turned and started to walk away. But an explosion blocked their path with bursts of lightning.


The lighting crackled and took shape to form a demon-possessed man, with solid-black eyes and gray tattoos across his skin and bald head. His face looked beastial and almost cat-like.


Gai,” the demon said. “I’ve found it.”


A blast exploded between Dark Shadow and the Rangers, hurling them backward. The Rangers crashed with a strong enough force to knock them from their armor.


Slowly, the rangers climbed to their feet and looked up to see another tattooed demon in a tree. The demon carried a mystical shoulder cannon.


“Hello, humans,” the demon said mockingly. His tattoo markings looked tinted green. “We’ve come to take the Org Mirror.”


Gai jumped to the ground next to his companion, Hyouga.


Yaiba lifted his blade into a defensive stance. He looked to Shizuka. “Go. Protect the mirror.”


Yaiba charged to attack the demons. He slashed outward. But the demons leapt backward through blurs of motion. They bounced off trees and dashed past Yaiba, clawing the demon with bursts of spark that knocked him down.


The demons landed with their backs towards the ninja.


Yaiba climbed to his feet and swung a volley of slashes. Hyouga turned and blocked each blow, grabbed Yaiba’s wrist, and kicked his chest. The demon tightened his grasp and twisted the ninja’s wrist into an arm lock.


Yaiba grunted with anger. “What are you?”


Gai laughed, a low, growling purr. “A ninja? This is my first time seeing one up close…”


Hyouga let go of Yaiba just as Gai kicked the ninja, knocking him back a step. Hyouga clawed Yaiba with bursts of spark that whipped him backward.


Yaiba crashed and tumbled across the dirt.


Shizuka somersaulted through the air and landed at Yaiba’s side. “Yaiba…”


“I told you to run.”


Gai armed his shoulder cannon and fired a burst of jade energy. The blast exploded around Dark Shadow, hurling them backward and knocking the Org Mirror from their hand.


The mirror skipped across the ground and landed next to the rangers.


Jake scrambled to his feet and grabbed the mirror as his teammates regrouped around him.


Hyouga and Gai stalked towards the rangers.


“Hand over the mirror, lowly humans,” Hyouga said.


“Lowly humans?” Will asked. “Have you not seen yourselves?”


“Who are you guys?” Shane asked. “And why are you after the mirror?”


“I am Gai. He is Hyouga,” Gai said. “We’re Ashu…and we will be taking that mirror.”


Suddenly, the clang of metal rings sounds in the distance.


Gai grunted a laugh and looked into the trees. “So…that hunter’s tracked us down…” He looked to his companion. “Hyouga…Let’s go.”


“But Gai?”


“We’ll let you hold onto the Org Mirror,” Gai said to the rangers. “But don’t get too attached.”


He lifted his shoulder cannon and fired a jade energy burst. The blast exploded in front of the rangers with clouds of smoke. When the smoke cleared, the rangers saw no sign of the Ashu.


“They’re gone…” Jake said.


“What were those guys?” Will asked.


“They looked…human,” Kelsey said. “Sort of.”


“Regardless,” Rose said. “We should collect the mirror.”


She walked towards the mirror and pulled out a containment card.


“I wouldn’t touch that,” a voice said. The rangers looked to see Eiji step into the clearing, his staff in hand. “What are you? Rangers? I’m not surprised…”


“Who are you?” Jake asked.


“It’s really none of your business,” Eiji said. “Leave the mirror. And leave the Ashu to me.”


“You know about those guys?” Shane asked. 


Will narrowed his eyes. “Who do-


“Like I said,” Eiji said. “Leave the Ashu to me. If you get involved, you’ll just make things worse.”


“How?” Kelsey asked.


“You’re Rangers,” Eiji said. “That’s what you do.”


“We collect the Precious,” Rose said. “To keep them from-”


Eiji scoffed. “‘Precious’? Seriously? Do you hear yourself?”


Rose slid her containment card over the mirror and encased the device. She lifted the box.


“This is our mission,” she said. “Don’t interfere.”


“Your mission…” Eiji said. “Right…Keep thinking that.”


The hunter turned and started to walk away. “Keep the mirror. I’ll be there when the Ashu try to rip it from your dead hands.”




The rangers returned to base, where Max briefed them on the Ashu.


“They’re demons,” he said. “A clan of them, at least. They possessed the men you saw and…twisted them somehow.”


“Twisted?” Rose asked.


“Lately, some demons have been able to enter the mortal plane by possessing people, and then bursting through their hosts. These Ashu don’t seem like they can do that. But they can alter their hosts, somehow,” he said.


Will scoffed and shook his head. “Demons…”


Max arced an eyebrow. “You seriously have trouble believing that? I spent a year of my high school career fighting demons. The Saima. Trust me, they’re bad news.”


“What about the boy we saw,” Rose asked. “With the staff.”


“He’s a hunter,” Max said. “Eiji Takaoka.”


Eiji?” Jake asked. “He looked American.”


“Japanese monks raised his dad and taught him how to be a hunter. His dad passed down those lessons,” Max said. “That’s about all we know. That…and he ran around with Hurricane Black for a while, before the battle in Silver Hills. INET wants him captured.”


“He might be helpful,” Shane said. “He seemed to know about the Ashu. And the mirror.”


“The mirror,” Rose said as she walked towards the containment box on the table. “We should analyze it.”


She opened the box — which contained a rock, and nothing more.




Hyouga and Gai jumped from skyscraper to skyscraper and landed on a rooftop. The demons saw the Org Mirror resting on a pedestal.


Hyouga tilted his head. “Why is it here…out in the open? Are those Rangers trying to set a trap?”


Gai scoffed. “Traps don’t worry me. They’re only human. Whether there’s five of them or 10, they’re no threat to us.”


Gai and Hyouga walked towards the mirror.


“The only threat to us is-”




A blue barrier snapped around the Ashu.


Eiji landed on the rooftop in a crouched stance. “The only threat to you? I wonder who that is.”


“Takaoka!” Gai shouted. “How long do you plan to follow us?”


“Until I wipe out every one of you,” Eiji said as he stood. “And that starts today.”


He lifted his hand. “Met-


Explosions sparked across the rooftop. Eiji looked to see the Titan Rangers dash onto the building. The Titans held their blasters forward. 


Eiji narrowed his eyes. “Are you serious?”


“Hand over the mirror,” Titan Pink said.


“Shouldn’t you be back in Angel Grove?” Eiji asked.


Titan Red ignored the hunter. “Yellow, get the mirror.”


The Yellow Ranger walked to the pedestal and lifted the mirror.


Suddenly, the Ashu burst from Eiji’s barrier. They clawed Titan Yellow with bursts of spark that whipped her off the building.


“Kelsey!” Titan Black shouted.


Hyouga launched himself at the Rangers and clawed them with bursts of spark.


Gai leapt from the building and landed on the street near Titan Yellow.


“Hand over the mirror…” he said.


Titan Yellow climbed to her feet and clutched tightly onto the mirror. “Why…What do you even want this for?”


“Hand it to me, and find out,” Gai said.


He lunged at the Yellow Ranger. Titan Yellow snapped a volley of kicks the demon dodged.


Gai sidestepped and punched Titan Yellow with a burst of spark. The impact knocked her to the ground, and she rolled across the street. 


The Yellow Ranger struggled to climb to her feet.


Gai armed his shoulder cannon and fired. The jade blast sparked against Titan Yellow’s chest and whipped her to the ground. The impact knocked her from her armor, and she lost consciousness.


The demon grunted a laugh and stalked towards her. “Who thought this would be so much work?”


Hyouga leapt to the street next to his fellow demon.


Gai leaned down to pry the Org Mirror from Kelsey. He hesitated when he noticed the bracelet around her wrist.


“Is that…” He laughed with insanity. “This is perfect. This girl will make the perfect sacrifice!”


Hyouga grunted and nodded with agreement.


Gai lifted Kelsey over his shoulder.


Eiji landed on the street and swung his staff behind his back.


“Stop!” he shouted.


But the two demons leapt through blurs of motion and vanished into the distance.


Eiji cursed beneath his breath.


“Kelsey!” Will shouted as he and his teammates ran to the scene.


Eiji scowled at the rangers. “Way to ruin everything. You Rangers are good at that.”


“Where’s Kelsey,” Will demanded. “Where did they take her?”


“Stay out of it,” Eiji said. “Did those look like guys in rubber suits? They were demons. I’ll handle it. You stick to fighting to your giant robots and space lizards.”


Rose shook her head. “We’re not leaving this to you…” She noticed Kelsey’s fallen morpher and lifted it from the street. “Kelsey’s our comrade.”


“That’s really not my problem,” Eiji said.


“Man, what the hell is wrong with you, Ashu?!” Will shouted as he lunged at Eiji.


Eiji grabbed Will by the throat. “I’m not an Ashu, dumbass.” He let go pushed the ranger away. “I’m a hunter.”


“You’re trying to stop them,” Jake said.


“Obviously,” Eiji said. “The Ashu think they can use that mirror to take physical form. I can’t let that happen.”


“Where did that mirror even come from?” Kelsey asked.


“An Org named Jindrax used it to fish his friend Toxica from hell a few years back,” Eiji said.


Jake nodded. “During the Gao Rangers battles with the Org.”


“Right,” Eiji said. “The mirror’s been passed through black markets ever since. But no one’s been able to make it work.”


“What’s the big deal, then, if it doesn’t even work?” Will asked.


“If anyone can make it work, it’s the Ashu,” Eiji said.




Hyouga and Gai stood on a rocky shore along with Kelsey. Hyouga grabbed Kelsey by the arms to keep her from running, while Gai positioned the Org Mirror on a pile of rocks.


“What are you doing?” Kelsey shouted. “Let go…”


“This mirror…” Gai said. “Will connect a path from this world to Hell. And then…the Ashu will walk the Earth. And rule it!”


The mirror pulsed with dark energy.


Gai grinned at the sight. “It’s already started.”


Gai and Hyouga burned with dark power. The energy burnt their hosts into ash, and they assumed physical form.


Gai looked cat-like, with intricate jade markings across skin, tinted shades of gray and purple.


New Bitmap Image


Hyouga looked cat-like with gray and black skin, and spikes on his shoulder pauldrons.


New Bitmap Image


The demon grunted with laughter and tightened his grip on Kelsey. He looked to the mirror.


Gai…” he said. “Our comrades…they will return, yes?”


“Yes…” Gai said as he grabbed Kelsey in a chokehold. “Her blood will open the mirror’s portal. Then…they will come.”




“Sacrifice Kelsey?” Will asked.


“How many Ashu will come?” Rose asked.


“You know Demon City?” Eiji said. “Think that size. Only bigger.”


“That many…” Jake said. “And we could barely stop two.”


“And they weren’t even in physical form,” Eiji said. “They were possessing hosts. That mirror will bring the Ashu straight to Earth. No meat suits necessary.”


“You knew that…” Shane said. “And you still used the mirror as bait?”


“It’s not like I planned for them to steal it,” Eiji said. “So if the Ashu come through that mirror? It’s on you.”


Eiji turned his back to the rangers. He crouched down, placed his palm on the street, and closed his eyes. He reached out with his senses and focus.


Will knitted his brow. “What are you doing?”


“Shut up,” Eiji said.


The hunter reached for something deep and dark within his soul. He touched that darkness, and it reacted to the presence of the Ashu, to the east near the shore.


He snapped open his eyes. The hunter grabbed his staff and sprinted towards the path of the demons.


“You found them?” Shane shouted as he ran after the hunter. “The Ashu? And Kelsey?”


“Stay out of my way,” Eiji shouted without breaking his stride.




Hyouga grabbed Kelsey’s arm and twisted it over the mirror. The ranger struggled, but could not break free.


Gai clawed her hand, drawing blood. The droplets of blood splattered onto the Org Mirror.


Hyouga tossed Kelsey aside. She crashed and tumbled across the dirt, just as the demon lifted her and tied her hands behind her back.


Gai stood in front of the Org Mirror. Kelsey’s blood spread across the mirror, which ebbed and glowed with dark power.


“Come, Ashu!” Gai shouted. “The world is ours!”


Gai!” Eiji shouted as he ran to the scene.


The hunter leapt through the air and chopped his staff. Gai dodged and snapped a kick Eiji blocked.


“Kelsey!” Will shouted as he and his teammates ran to the shore.


Kelsey smiled with relief. “We’re on a mission. Call me Yellow!”


“She seems OK,” Rose said.


“Save Kelsey,” Shane said. “Then retrieve the mirror.”


They armed their morphers.


“Overdrive! Start up!” They slid their morphers across their arms and sparked their morph into the Titan Rangers.


“Drive Defender!” Titan Red unsheathed his saber and leapt through the air.


His teammates joined him, and they surrounded Hyouga with their blades flashing. They slashed and chopped. But Hyouga parried and dodged their blows, and struck back with punches and claw strikes that bashed them backward.


The demon attacked with brute strength, dark energy surging through his muscles like blood.


Nearby, Eiji swung his staff at Gai. The hunter knew his barrier attacks didn’t incinerate demons in physical form. But he fought on, none the less.


Eiji hopped backward to gain distance. Ketsu!


He formed a barrier between himself and Gai. But Gai shattered through the barrier, grabbed Eiji in a chokehold, and slammed him against the ground. 


Eiji knocked the demon’s arm away and rolled into a crouched stance. He swung his staff into a defensive stance.


Gai charged to attack.


Eiji lunged and stabbed his staff. But Gai grabbed the staff and leaned in close. “Clumsy move, Takaoka. As clumsy as your father!”


Eiji narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?”


Gai knocked the staff aside and kicked Eiji back.


Meanwhile, Hyouga extended his hands and summoned bolts of lightning that thrashed the Rangers with bursts of spark, hurling them off their feet.


Slowly, the four Rangers climbed to their feet—just as Hyouga charged past them with claws blazing. The demon slashed their armor with bursts of spark before they could defend themselves.


Nearby, Kelsey struggled to break from her bindings. And she noticed the Org Mirror pulse with dark power. From within the mirror, a twisted hand reached outward.


She looked to her teammates. “Chief!”


An Ashu climbed from the mirror and jumped to the shore. He breathed deep, a guttural sound, as steam hissed from his lion-like nostrils.


“I smell…humans,” he said. “An unpleasant smell.”




The demon hurled a bolt of fire that exploded across the shore. The shockwave hurled Eiji and the Rangers through the air.


“Ah…” Gai said, sounding impressed. “The Grand Ashu, Rei. So you’re the first!”


The Rangers climbed slowly to their feet.


Rei wasted no time pouncing at them. He slashed Titan Red aside, blocked Titan Blue’s kick and clawed him to the ground, and slashed Titan Pink and Titan Black with bursts of spark.


Nearby, Eiji climbed to his feet. He glared at Rei.


But Gai charged from the side and clawed towards the hunter’s head. Eiji ducked and whacked his staff against the demon’s gut.


The Org Mirror pulsed with dark energy. Several hands reached out, as Ashy howled from the pits of Hell.


Rei slashed Titan Pink off her feet. The Ranger tumbled across the ground and looked to Kelsey. “Yellow!”


The Pink Ranger tossed Kelsey her morpher. The morpher smacked her head and dropped, but Kelsey kicked it up and caught it with her bound hands.


“Start up!” She swiped her tracker and ignited her morph into Titan Yellow.


The Yellow Ranger snapped from her bindings and dashed towards the mirror.


Titan Yellow lifted the mirror. But its power continued to pulse as ghostly hands reached out.


She staggered backward. “How do I…How do I stop it?!”


Gai round-kicked Eiji’s gut and towards towards the Yellow Ranger. “Don’t touch that mirror…”


He dashed towards her.


Eiji sighed and leapt through the air. He landed on Gai’s back, pushed off, and angled his decent towards the Yellow Ranger. He landed while stabbing the mirror from her hand and onto the ground.


The tip of his staff cracked the mirror and pinned it to the dirt. A pulse of blue energy ignited from the top of his staff, shot down the shaft, and smashed against the mirror with massive bursts of spark that shattered it to pieces.


Eiji sighed and lowered his staff. He looked over his shoulder to Hyouga, Rei and Gai.


“Stupid plan, by the way,” he said.


Gai growled. “Takaoka!”


Titan Red took advantage of the distraction. “Titan Armor!”


An armored vest snapped around his chest.


“Drill Crusher!” He activated their newest weapon, a two-handed blaster with a drill for a barrel.


“Go!” he shouted.


The Ranger triggered a pulse of energy that spun like a drill.


Hyouga leapt in front of the blast to protect Rei and Gai. The blast punctured through his chest with a massive burst of spark, and secondary explosions drove him to his knees.


Gai…Rei…I will give up this body…for the Ashu…”


He tore open his skin with a pulse of dark energy and grew giant.


Below, the Rangers regrouped and flipped open their Overdrive Trackers. “Driver-zords, mobilize!”




The Driver-zords launched and sped towards the scene. The Rangers rushed into their cockpits and activated their portable control panels — Titan Drivers. They connected their Overdrive Trackers to their consoles.


The Red Ranger pressed the “robo” key on his tracker: “FUSION SYSTEM, ON!”


He pressed the numerical keys for the individual zords.




















The Red Ranger swiped the tracker’s wheel, sparking a charge: “SUPER TITAN FORMATION!”


The zords shifted shape and combined to form a massive robo. The Rangers grabbed their Titan Drivers, and their chairs slid to a central cockpit. They slid their Titan Drivers into place.


“Super DriveMax Megazord!” Titan Red called out. “Titan-Drive Robo!”




Hyouga charged to attack. Titan-Drive Robo throttled forward and bashed against the Ashu. But the demon stood his ground and knocked the Megazord several steps backward.


The Ashu lunged and clawed violently, slashing the Megazord with bursts of spark. Each blow knocked the Megazord further backward.


The Ashu extended his arms and summoned flurries of lightning bolts. The lighting thrashed the Megazord’s armor with bursts of spark. Secondary explosions erupted between the Megazord’s robotic joints. 


Below, Eiji twirled his staff into a defensive stance. He thrust his hand, pointing his index and middle finger. Ketsu! Metsu!


He summoned a barrier that surrounded the demons and collapsed with an explosion of blue fire. But the flames simply washed across the demons, who stood unscathed.


Gai dashed, grabbed Eiji by the throat, and hurled him through the air.


The hunter crashed and stumbled across the shire.


Gai snorted a laugh and started walking away along with Rei. Gai looked over his shoulder. “Descendent of the Takaoka line…we’ll meet again.”


Rei slapped his hands together, sparking tendrils of flame that circled around their bodies. With a burst of fiery energy, they teleported away.


Eiji cursed beneath his breath and lowered his guard.


Above, The Megazord staggered backward.


“Ultimate formation,” Titan Red said. “Driver Sonic.”


He pressed his tracker’s launch button. “LAUNCH SHIFT, ON!” He pressed the “O” key. “SONIC. GO. GO!


The Driver Sonic launched and flew towards the scene.




The jet fired darts of energy that sparked against Hyouga and knocked him backward several steps.


Ultrazord fusion,” Titan Red said.


The Red Ranger pressed the “robo” key on his tracker: “FUSION SYSTEM, ON!”


He pressed the numerical keys for the individual zords.






















The Red Ranger swiped the tracker’s wheel, sparking a charge: “ULTRA TITAN FORMATION!”


The robo leapt into the air, and the Driver Sonic attached to its back. A new helmet and chest piece snapped into place.


DriveMax Ultrazord!” the Rangers shouted. Ultra Titan!”


Hyouga summoned bolts of lightning that shot from the skies. But the Ultrazord weaved through the air to dodge the attack.


Ultrazord, sonic strike!” the Rangers shouted.


The Ultrazord’s chest plate radiated with heat and fired an energy blast shaped like a bird. The fiery blast burst through the Ashu with massive bursts of spark. The demon collapsed to his knees, and his body exploded into ash.




Minutes later, Rose lifted the broken Org Mirror from the shore.


“Take it,” Eiji shouted to them, his eyes cold. “It’s pretty much useless now.”


“Just because you can’t use it as bait?” Kelsey asked. “Is that all the Precious are to you?”


“First of all, I don’t call them that. They’re relics. ‘Precious’ sounds lame, you’re not exactly Tolkien. Second, yes. It was just bait.”


Eiji turned and started to walk away. “I have one interest. Fighting demons. Not collecting junk.”


“This was one of humanity’s treasures,” Shane said. “You must have one of your own. Right?”


Eiji stopped and looked over his shoulder. He arced an eyebrow with disbelief. “Are you serious? Don’t talk to me about treasures. While you and your friends run around collecting this crap, the demons are at war. Killings. Bombings. The news might blame it on criminals or terrorists — but they’re possessed. Like the men these Ashu took before they used the mirror to burst free.


“So go collect your little treasures. I’ll be hunting the Ashu,” Eiji said.


“And then what?” Shane asked.


“Plenty of other demons to kill,” Eiji said. “Enough for a lifetime. Like I said. They’re everywhere…and hardly anyone notices.”


He turned and walked away. 


To be continued…Chapter 14