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Ultimate Mystic Force: Recap


The Witch of the Askani, Udonna, came to our time from one of many possible futures. In that future, the Dark One’s Grand Army, led by Morticon, conquered everything. Udonna never learned what mysterious force pulled her into the present.


In our time, Udonna gathered four teens by saving them from supernatural events, wiping their memories of those events and keeping them safe in Briarwood, Indiana. A fifth teen with no memory, Nick, joined them. Udonna gave them the powers of the Mystic Rangers.


Still trapped in Hades, Morticon gained a mysterious ally, the Wolf Knight Koragg, who could use magick to send Hades Beasts to the mortal world.


Udonna morphed into Mystic White and fought Koragg, who killed her during the battle.


Her familiar, a cat spirit named Kuro, remained in Root Core to mentor the Rangers. Kuro revealed that Tommy Oliver sent him to Udonna after she arrived in our time.


Chapter 06: Ultimate Mystics

Field of Green


Months ago, New Zealand


Xander rode his skateboard across the street, hopped down a stairwell, and skid to a halt on the sidewalk. The teen flipped his board into his hands and smiled at a group of girls.


“Hello, ladies,” he said. “Didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”


One of the girls arced her eyebrow. “We weren’t.”


“Ah, I beg to differ,” Xander said. “You see-”


The girl rolled her eyes as she and her friends walked off.


Xander sighed. “Well…that went splendidly…”




The teen returned home and dropped his board off in his room, decorated with vintage rock posters, records and skater logos. Absent: Pictures of any friends or family.


He sighed at the sight of his own room, and left his house through the back door. Xander opened a small shack in his backyard and stepped into his biggest secret — his garden. He never told anyone, but he loved to garden. Fruits. Vegetables. He loved the feel of his hands in the earth.


Xander grabbed a bag of seeds and started to garden. He lost himself in his work, until the shack door opened.


An older man stepped inside and smiled at Xander. “You must be Xander…” he said with a gruff voice. “I’ve been looking for you...for quite some time.”


Xander staggered backward with embarrassment. “Yeah, well…most people just call. Or knock. They don’t…you know…Who are you again?”


“No one of significance,” said the man, Gregory. “Merely a messenger. Of the Druids of the Underdark.”


Xander arced an eyebrow. “Is that some kind of…weird role playing?”


Gregory lifted his hand. Thorns snapped from the ground, wrapped around Xander’s arms and legs, and dragged him to his knees.


He winced with pain, and Gregory tightened his grip. “Don’t struggle. I don’t wish to hurt you. I wish…to recruit you.”


“OK…OK…” Xander said as his heart pounded in his chest. “Just untie me. I’m sure we can talk this out.”


“I’m sure we can,” Gregory said. “Do you know why I want you, Xander?”


“I’m…kind of afraid of the answer,” Xander.


“You are descended from a powerful line of Druids,” Gregory said. “Your bloodline would make a strong addition to the Underdark.”


“I don’t quite think that’s going to happen,” Xander said.


Suddenly, powerful wind tore the shack from the ground, and it splintered into pieces.


Gregory looked to see Udonna, Witch of the Askani, standing in the yard. The villain narrowed his eyes.


“What are you…some kind of witch? I already claimed him. The boy is mine…” Gregory said.


“I am afraid not,” Udonna said as she lifted her Magi Staff.


She thrust the weapon, which fired bursts of ice that blasted the druid off his feet. He smashed into Xander’s home, which collapsed on impact, falling into a pile of rubble and smoke.


Xander opened his eyes wide with horror. “What…What?!” The thorns dropped from the teen, and he shot to his feet. “I don’t even know…How did you…What?!”


Udonna stepped closer to Xander and touched his forehead. “I am sorry to have to do this, Xander. But you have an important destiny. And I have no time to explain.”


“Explain? How can you-”


Udonna’s hand pulsed with white light. “I’m afraid you won’t remember any of this, Xander. But I will take you someplace safe, where you will stay until the darkness awakens.”


Xander’s world blackened.




Xander’s vision blurred back into focus. He found himself standing in the Rock Porium along with Madison, Vida and Chip. He felt as if he knew them his entire life. And he believed this lie.


A strange feeling nagged at the back of his mind, but he ignored it.


He rubbed his head and sat down. “Hey guys…I’m going to take a bit of a break.”


“Again?” Madison asked with a smile.


“Afraid you won’t get much done without your fearless leader?” Xander asked with a smirk. “Don’t worry. I’ll supervise.”




The present


Nick, Vida, Madison and Chip finished sorting through various books and scrolls in Root Core. Kuro knew plenty about Morticon and the Grand Army of the Dark One, but knew nothing of Koragg. So the teens searched through Udonna’s library for answers.


Meanwhile, Xander leaned back in his chair and rested his feet on a table.


Vida sighed when she saw him. “Xander…you could help, you know.”


“I am helping,” Xander said as he flipped through a rock magazine. “I’m supervising. It’s the most important job there is. Now…keep on sorting. You’re bound to find something useful.”


Speaking of useful! Kuro said as he scurried across the floor. He hopped onto the center table and circled around the Viewing Globe. “It’s time for today’s lesson!


Xander arced an eyebrow. “Lesson? I didn’t drop out of school for lessons, mate.”


It’s a fun lesson.” Kuro lifted his front paws against the Viewing Globe. “I want you all to know about the Heavenly Saints who grant you their power…


The Globe’s lights twirled to reveal images of the Heavenly Saints.


Before time and space, during the battle between the Creator and Dark One, the Priests of the One Power gathered several members of the cosmic races. The Priests granted these individuals the ability to channel The Power! These beings became known as the Heavenly Saints. And you draw your powers from five of the greatest!


Groungel. Like the land, he was unwavering. Supporting everyone. The Magician of the Green!




Wingel. Like the wind, a refreshing breeze, carrying the dreams of her comrades. The Magician of the Pink!




Splagel. She was pure, like the water, and a being of rustic beauty. The Magician of the Blue!




Volgel. Like the lightning, he sparked. Gifted with wit. The Magician of the Yellow!




Flagel. Like the flame, he was spirited. Rushing into battle. His heart burned with the color of righteous fury. The Magician of the Red!




The Magician of the Red took the charge, leading the Magician of the Blue, Magician of the Yellow and Magician of the Pink. The Magician of the Green trailed in the rear…


Nick smiled and nodded. “The Magician of the Red leading the charge…”


Xander shook his head. “Wait a minute, wait a minute. What do you mean ‘the Magician of the Green trailed in the rear’? And why does Nick get to lead?”


Nick shrugged. “I didn’t make the rules.”


“Who did? The talking cat?”


Kuro perked his back. “Hey!


“You heard the story,” Nick said. “You’re last, Xander. So maybe you can stop trying to boss everyone around.”


“OK…OK, fine…” Xander said as he backed away. “I’m out of here.”


Xander turned and left Root Core, and Vida went after him. “Xander, wait…”


Madison followed, as did the others, before Kuro could finish his lesson about the Five Legendary Magicians.


Wait, the lesson wasn’t over!” Kuro shouted. “I had flashback sequences. Flashback sequences!




Xander didn’t have time to mope. A Zompac Hai — advanced Zompac — stalked through the woods where dozens of people recently disappeared. Kuro alerted the rangers immediately.


The teens ran to the scene and flipped open their morphers. 


“Heavenly Saints! Grant us the power of magick! Magical Source, Mystic Force!”


Magick circles slid across their bodies as they morphed into their Ranger forms. They snapped their capes and shifted into fighting stances.


“Burning Flame Elemental! Magick of the Flame! Mystic Red!”


“Howling Earth Elemental! Magick of the Forrest! Mystic Green!”


“Galloping Thunder Elemental! Magick of the Thunder! Mystic Yellow!”


“Rippling Water Elemental! Magick of the Water! Mystic Blue!”


“Blowing Wind Elemental! Magick of the Wind! Mystic Pink!”


“Askani Task Force!” Mystic Red shouted. Together, they called out: “Mystic Rangers!”


The Zompac Hai snapped his whip. “Come…”


Mystic Green unsheathed his staff and stepped forward. “OK, guys. Just follow my lead. V-”


Mystic Red armed his saber and charged to attack. “Magi Sword!”


“Hey, wait!” Mystic Green shouted.


Mystic Red plowed through Zompacs, slashing through flesh with bursts of spark and smoke. He pressed forward, making his way towards the Zompac Hai.


The Red Ranger leapt over the last of the soldiers and aimed his descent towards the leader. He landed with a chop the Zompac Hai used his staff to block.


The monster parried the blow and slashed towards the Red Ranger’s head. Mystic Red blocked and round-kicked the monster’s side.


Nearby, the other four Rangers battled the remainder of the Zompacs. Mystic Yellow side-kicked a grunt and punched a soldier to the ground. Mystic Pink flipped a Zompac off its feet and knife-hand chopped its chest. And Mystic Blue crescent-kicked a soldier’s head.


Mystic Green side-kicked a soldier’s chest and slammed his fist against its neck; the blow knocked the grunt to the ground.


The Green Ranger looked to Mystic Red and the Zompac Hai, who circled each other while exchanging blows.


“Nick!” Mystic Green shouted as he ran to his friend.


Mystic Red chopped his blade. The Zompac Hai parried and slashed the Red Ranger with bursts of spark, whipping him backward.


The Zompac Hai jumped and chopped his staff towards the fallen Ranger. But Mystic Green pounced with a swing of his axe that bashed the monster aside, blow sparking on impact. 


Mystic Green helped Mystic Red to his feet. “I was giving orders,” Mystic Green said. “You should have stayed back.”


“Giving…Are you serious?” Mystic Red lifted his sword into a defensive stance and stepped in front of the Green Ranger. “Just fall back. You heard what Kuro said. You take the rear.”


“I don’t quite like the way that sounds,” Mystic Green said as he grabbed the Red Ranger’s shoulder and pulled him back.


The Zompac High leapt through the air and angled his decent towards the Red Ranger and Green Ranger.


Mystic Green grabbed the Red Ranger’s arms. “Nick, let me use your shoulders.”


The Green Ranger hopped onto the Red Ranger’s shoulders to jump. But the Red Ranger stumbled.


“Xander, what are you-” He staggered, and the Green Ranger fell.


Mystic Yellow spotted the attack and aimed his weapon. “Magi Staff Bow Gun!”


He fired darts of yellow energy that sparked against the Zompac Hai and whipped him from the air. The Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger regrouped around their two teammates.


The Zompac Hai climbed to his feet and stepped backward. The Zompacs gathered around him.


“Fall back,” he said as the soldiers fled deeper into the woods.


The Rangers followed, but Mystic Blue stopped when she noticed a small boy hiding behind a tree.


The Blue Ranger powered down her armor and ran towards him.


“Hey…” she said as she leaned towards the boy. “Are you OK? The bad guys are gone now…but we should get you out of here.”


“Are you a…Ranger?” the boy asked.


Madison smiled and nodded. “And not just a Ranger. A magician. Apparently…”




Mystic Red, Mystic Green, Mystic Yellow and Mystic Pink stopped in a clearing.


The Red Ranger shook his head. “Aw man…we lost them.”


Nick powered down his armor, as did the others. He looked to Xander. “What was that back there?”


“You’re asking me?” Xander asked. “You just ran off to attack.”


“You jumped on my back.”


“I was trying to work together. You know, be a team, the Magical Super Friends.”


“I don’t buy it,” Nick said. “You just can’t stand letting someone else take charge.”


“It’s not taking charge when you run into a fight like a wanker,” Xander said.


Chip sighed and glanced at Vida. “Should we break them up?”


Vida shook her head. “I’m not sure we could if we wanted to.”




The Zompac Hai returned to the caves of Denzoberranzan. Another Zompac Hai grabbed the soldier’s whip and kicked the defeated warrior’s chest.


The blow hurled the soldier from the cave. He plummeted downward and smashed onto the ground near Nai and Mare.


Nai sighed and kicked the fallen soldier. “A broken Zompac Hai’s no use to us…”


Mare nodded. “No use…”


Morticon walked from his throne, stabbed the grunt, and lifted him upward.


“Weaklings are turned into corpses!” he shouted. “Only the strong will survive!”


The Zompac Hai ignited with blue flames and burst into ashes.


Morticon lowered his sword. “That is the law of Hades!”


The villain aimed his sword at Koragg. “Koragg…use your Magick Circle. Send the next Zompac Hai to the mortal world!”


“Understood…” Koragg said.




Nick walked through the woods with his hands in his pockets. He kept his head down and thought of Udonna. She chose him as the Red Ranger. The leader of the Mystic Force. And the role felt…right. Almost like a birthright, even.


He just didn’t know why.


The ranger sighed and kicked a pebble.




The next Zompac Hai led a group of grunts through the woods. They stalked towards a girl, who stumbled backward and fell onto her tail bone.


She screamed, and in the distance, Nick heard.


The teen ran to the scene and stood protectively in front of the girl.


“You again,” Nick said to the Zompac Hai, who snapped his whip. He looked over his shoulder to the girl. “Run. Now.”


She scrambled to her feet and ran off screaming.


Nick faced the grunts and rolled his hands into fists. “Rushing into battle…his heart burned with the color of righteous fury.”


He flipped open his morpher and charged. “Magical Source, Mystic Force!”


He morphed into his armor and unsheathed his Magi Sword.


Suddenly, a giant worm sprouted from the ground behind the Ranger.




Massive, it opened its gaping maw and snapped towards the Red Ranger.




Xander sat on a park bench and kept his head down. Vida sat next to him and handed him a strawberry.


“Strawberry?” she asked. “I plucked it from your garden.”


“You- You found my garden? I mean…my mom’s garden?”


“It is so your garden.”


“Well…you see, V-”


“The skateboarding rocker has a garden. It’s cute.”


“Great…Puppies are cute, V. I’m not a puppy.”


“Of course not…” Vida said as she shuffled his hair. She took a bite of the strawberry. “Hmm. Not bad. Who knew you had a green thumb.”


“Well…Last year was a disaster, but the ground took to the seeds much better this year.” Xander sighed. “You can never tell anyone about this conversation.”


Vida smiled. “Cross my heart. Does the ground really change that much?”


“It does,” Xander said. “You can’t have good strawberries like this one without a strong field. That’s what makes them mature.”


“Hm.” Vida said. “Sounds kind of like you and Nick.”


“That-” Xander knitted his brow. Nick had no sense of memory. No sense of self. Like an immature fruit or vegetable. “The field does support everything…”


His eyes lit up. “That’s what that cat’s stupid story meant.” He plucked the rest of the strawberry from Vida’s hand and ate it. “V, you’re a genius.”




A giant worm snapped at Mystic Red, but he dove and rolled aside. The Ranger climbed to his feet just as another worm swung towards him. The Red Ranger leapt backward, but the worm bashed him, knocking his sword from his hand.


Mystic Red crashed and tumbled across the dirt. He leaned up just in time to see the worm’s maw snap towards him.


Suddenly, Mystic Green leapt to the scene, swung his axe, and chopped the worm aside. The worm howled with rage and slid back into the ground.


The Green Ranger crouched next to his teammate and extended his hand. “You alright?”


“Leave me alone, Xander,” Mystic Red said. “I don’t need your help.”


Mystic Pink followed Mystic Green and landed next to her leader. “Come on, Nick. Don’t say that…”


Mystic Green aimed his axe at the Zompac Hai and Zompacs. “Well, Nick? Are we going to do this or what?”


“What?” Mystic Red asked. “You want to use me as a footstool again?”


“No…” Xander said. “You’re a strawberry…and I’m the field.”


“You’re-” Mystic Red tilted his head. “What?”


Mystic Green leapt into battle and chopped his axe, tearing through a grunt.


“Like the ground,” he said as he slashed through a grunt’s gut. “Unwavering.” He cleaved through a soldier’s collar bone. “Supporting everyone.” He swung upward, slashing a grunt with a burst of spark. “The Magician of the Green!”


Mystic Pink, Mystic Blue and Mystic Yellow ran to the scene and regrouped with Mystic Red.


“What’s with him?” Mystic Blue asked.


“He’s…awesome!” Mystic Yellow said.


Mystic Green chopped through a Zompac and side-kicked a grunt off its feet.


The Zompac Hai jumped upward, high into the air, and aimed his decent towards Mystic Green.


The Green Ranger turned towards Mystic Red. “Come on, Nick. Jump from my shoulder.”


Mystic Red nodded. “Right…”


Mystic Red ran, jumped off Mystic Green’s shoulders, and shot through the air towards the Zompac Hai. The Red Ranger slashed the grunt from the air with a massive burst of spark.


The Zompac Hai crashed near his Zompacs, and Mystic Red landed in a crouched position. The other Rangers regrouped around him.


“Nice work, Red,” Mystic Green said.


Mystic Red nodded. “Same to you.”


Mystic Pink placed a hand on Mystic Green’s shoulder. “Taking the wild fruit…and being the ground that raises him into a mature strawberry.”


Mystic Red shook his head. “I still have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“That’s probably for the best,” Mystic Pink said.


The Zompac Hai climbed to his feet.


Mystic Red shifted his sword into a fighting stance. “Let’s hit ‘em together!”


Mystic Yellow leapt forward and triggered his Magi Staff Bow Gun. He fired darts of yellow energy that tore through grunts with bursts of spark.


Mystic Blue and Mystic Pink leapt through the air with flying sidekicks that bashed Zompacs to the ground.


Mystic Red and Mystic Green leapt through the air and landed while chopping the Zompac Hai with massive bursts of spark. Secondary explosions tore through the solider as he collapsed and burst into ash.


With its tamer dead, the Hades Beast Worm burst from the ground as its mouths howled.


Mystic Yellow took a step back. “It’s gone berserk!”


Mystic Green’s morpher toned. He flipped it open and found a new spell code. The Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger’s morphers toned too.


“A new spell code…” Mystic Pink said. “We each have it.”


Mystic Red looked to the giant, thrashing monster. “Guys, let’s zord up.”


They flipped open their morphers and thrust their wands towards the sky. Maagi Magi Magika!


The Rangers grew giant as magick circles slid across their bodies and transformed them into zords called Majin.


“Mystic Phoenix!”


“Mystic Minotaur!”


“Mystic Garuda!”


“Mystic Sprite!”


“Mystic Mermaid!”


Mystic Minotaur’s chest glowed with green light. “Guys, let’s combine!”


Together, Mystic Minotaur, Mystic Mermaid, Mystic Sprite and Mystic Garuda chanted their new spell: “Maagi Giruma Jinga!


The four Majin leapt upward, shifted shape, and combined into the Mystic Dragon. Mystic Phoenix leapt into the air and landed on the dragon.


New Bitmap Image


The dragon snapped its wings and shot towards Hades Beast Worm.


The worm spat beams of shadow that shot towards Mystic Dragon. The blasts exploded around the zord with bursts of spark and smoke, but the Rangers flew through the blast.


Mystic Dragon swooped past the worm as Mystic Phoenix slashed the creature, sparking on impact. The dragon shot into the air, turned and arced towards the monster for another pass.


The worms opened fire with another volley of energy blasts. Mystic Dragon swerved back and forth as he dodged the blasts, which exploded in midair.


The dragon opened its jaws and spat a torrent of flame, which tore through the monster with massive bursts of spark. Mystic Dragon circled around and shot towards the monster for a final pass.


Mystic Phoenix leapt off the dragon.


Mystic Dragon fired a burst of flame, and Mystic Phoenix drop-kicked the blast. The bolt of fire shot through the air and punctured through Hades Beast Worm with massive bursts of spark.


Secondary discharges tore through the creature as it exploded into ash.



So…Kuro said as he circled the Viewing Globe. “Have you settled on your leader?


“That’s me,” Nick said with a smile.


“And I’ll be here to support you,” Xander said. “That’s what I do. I’m solid. Like the ground. Supporting everyone. Each one of you.”


Vida smiled and rolled her eyes. “We get it, Xander.”


“Guys…” Madison said. “I’ve been thinking. Maybe there’s more we can be doing…to help people, I mean. That worm monster killed dozens. And the Hades Beasts…they’ll be causing even more trouble from now on. I want us to help as many people as we can.”


Kuro hopped onto the Viewing Globe. “What do you think this is for? The Viewing Globe will pick up any enemy attack.


Nick crossed his arms over his chest. “Then how come it didn’t pick up that worm monster sooner?”


Well…Kuro said. “The Viewing Globe depends on the magick of the planet to work. That magick…is weakening.


“Weakening how?” Nick asked.


Like I told you…Kuro said. “This war against the Hades Beasts is part of something bigger! The forces of darkness are spreading…everywhere.


The Viewing Globe showed a map of the world, with several splotches of shadow, connected by lines of darkness.


This is the Shadow Line,” Kuro said. “It’s what’s weakening the magick.


“So how do we stop it?” Nick asked.


You don’t,Kuro said. “Everyone has their part to play. Even me! With the magick weakened…the best thing you can do is use your courage to push your own magick past its limits. To keep growing stronger…like Udonna wanted.


Xander nodded. “We’ll do everything we can…”




Koragg walked into a dark cavern within Denzoberranzan. He waved his hand and summoned a screen of violet light, which showed him images of the Mystic Dragon.


“So…” he said. “They’ve unlocked this power already?”


He waved his hand again, and the images vanished. Soon they will unlock the power of their Megazord. A powerful magick…that I will make mine. As it was meant to be…”




A boy ran across the edge of Briarwood. Saved by Madison earlier, he moved into an alleyway shaded with unusually deep darkness.


There, he met three mysterious women.


“It’s her,” he said to them. “Madison…”


One of the women touched his forehead. The boy stepped back, as if a daze lifted from his mind. Then he screamed and ran.


The woman smiled. “She thought she’d be safe here…?” she whispered. “No one escapes the Witches of the French Quarter...”


To be continued…Chapter 07


“Team Tommy”


Hurricane Power Rangers: Tommy’s first Ranger team. Scattered after INET attacked and destroyed their base, the Hayate Way. Currently on the run from INET, while fighting threats along the way.


Samurai Power Rangers: Tommy’s second Ranger team. Scattered after INET attacked and destroyed their base, the Hayate Way. Currently on the run from INET, while fighting threats along the way.


Jungle Fury Rangers: Tommy’s third Ranger team. Mentored by Adam Park and his friend Miki. They relocated to San Francisco after the destruction of Angel Grove.


Mystic Rangers: Powered by morphers Tommy will create in the future, brought back in time by Udonna, Witch of the Askani. Mentored by Kuro, a cat spirit the Tommy of our time sent to Udonna when she arrived in the present.


Kamen Rider Kiva: A being from another dimension. INET experimented on him, but the Rangers rescued him. He fought alongside them for a while before leaving our reality to fight a mysterious force called the Armada, which traveled across parallel worlds and dimensions, conquering everything in its path.