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Kamen Rider Black: Chapter Two

The Creation King’s Chosen


Four months passed.


The three Daishinkan gathered in their lair, a wide room with a fog-covered floor. The lair’s shadows were so thick that the walls and ceiling were not visible. Strands of bio matter stretched from the shadows and formed web-shaped patterns around the lair. The High Priests gathered in the center of the room and used their psionic abilities to communicate with their leader, the Creation King, Sousei-Ou.


The King was not pleased. His anger bored through the High Priests’ minds like molten-hot drills spinning with rage. His power forced the High Priests to their knees. 


“Sousei-Ou…” High Priest Darom weakly raised an arm towards the unseen ceiling. “Please…we have tried to retrieve the King Stone from Kamen Rider Black…but he is too strong. He defeats every Kaijin we send after him. It would take dozens of our mutants to stop him, which might destroy the King Stone in the process!”


The Creation King lowered his psionic attack. The High Priests climbed back to their feet. Their master’s thoughts rubbed across their minds like sand paper. The King had a plan of his own. He passed his orders down to his underlings. And they could not believe his words.


Darom looked to his fellow High Priests. The fear in their eyes mirrored his own. He looked back to the ceiling, towards the unseen king. “Sousei-Ou…forgive our foolishness, but are we understanding your divine commands correctly? You would have us release…him?”


The pain that bored through Darom’s mind reminded him not to question his king. Psionic daggers forced him back to his knees. The priestess Bishium placed her hands on Darom’s shoulders protectively and looked upward. “It will be done, my king. We will set him free…we will obey.”




The High Priests walked into the lower catacombs of their lair. The darkness was so thick it seemed to have substance. And perhaps it did. The Daishinkan’s lair had many secrets. It was the oldest structure belonging to the Gorgom Syndicate.


The Priests walked to a tomb of black stone in the center of the catacombs. They approached the tomb with caution. For inside was a creature they feared. A combination of black magick and ancient technology kept the tomb sealed. Darom and Baraom stepped to the tomb and placed their hands on its surface.


But Bishium hesitated. “This is madness.” She shook her head. “The power it took to bind him here in the first place…” She shook her head. “If he’s released, we won’t be able to control him.”


“It is not our place to question the Creation King,” Baraom said. “Shadow Moon and Black Sun must fight to the death, and the winner become the Creation King’s successor. To do that we need Kamen Rider Black’s King Stone back in our possession.”


Bishium lowered her head. She reluctantly placed her hand on the tomb.


The High Priests’ bio energy broke the seal, and the tomb slid free. A loud howl erupted from the tomb and nearly split the Priests’ ears. A creature leapt from the tomb, flipped through the air, and landed in a crouched position on top of a nearby stone.


The creature wore blood-red, inset-like armor across his body. Slick black webbing covered the armor and wrapped around the creature’s body. Strands of the webbing reached up across his bald head and pale-white face and pulled back his skin. It appeared as if the webbing was grasping him. Strangling his body. The creature had solid-red eyes and a mouth full of fangs.


“Brugenia awakens,” he said of himself. His voice was like pealing snake skin. “And he’s pissed off!”


Brugenia was a cybernetic mutant, like Kamen Rider Black. He was born on the day of a solar eclipse and selected to become the next Creation King about 15 years ago. But the Gorgom delayed the ceremony and decided to wait until the turn of the new millennium to harness that power. Brugenia was never given a King Stone, and he rebelled against the Creation King.


The mutant was defeated and imprisoned afterward.


“We have a mission for you, Brugenia,” Darom said.


The mutant laughed. “The Creation King would dare to imprison me, and then release me only to try and make me one of his dogs?” He spat. “To Hell with him. May the Great Beast of Hell feast on his soul for all eternity.


“He wants you to tear the King Stone from our enemy, Kamen Rider Black,” Darom said.


Brugenia smiled. “A King Stone? Well, when you put it that way…”




Hikaru walked down the streets of Tokyo with his hands in his pockets and his head hung low. He was tired of fighting. He missed his life. And he missed his brother, Saske.


Damn you, Gorgom. His hands tightened into fists within his pockets. You’ll pay for taking him away from me. You’ll pay for destroying the only family I ever really had. 


The teen’s cellphone rang, but he ignored it. He knew it was either Saske’s fiancé Katsumi or his sister Kyoko. He felt bad for ignoring them but didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. He could not face them knowing what had happened to Saske, or himself. He would be putting them at risk. It doesn’t matter how close we used to be…I’m a danger to them now.


A newspaper stand caught Hikaru’s attention, and he narrowed his eyes at the front page photo. An anonymous organization had donated a shield to the nearby museum. The shield had the same symbol he wore on his chest as Kamen Rider Black. The same symbol as the Gorgom, a curved snake with a moon between its jaws. 


He pulled out a copy of the paper and read through it. The shield would likely give him the lead he sorely needed for tracking down the Gorgom Syndicate. He was tired of playing on the defensive for the past four months.


He rolled up the paper and jogged towards the museum.




Hikaru stepped into the small museum expecting a large crowd. But the room was empty. Various displays of ancient armor and weapons lined the room, but no information was given on any of the items.


Hikaru stopped in his tracks when he realized what had happened. He narrowed his brow as his eyes darted around the room. The Gorgom had set up a trap. And he had fallen for it without hesitation. cat mutant suddenly sprang from the shadows. The creature was covered with dark fur and patches of leathery hide across its body.


Hikaru grabbed the creature by the head to keep its snapping, salvia-dripping fangs away from his neck. The cat mutant grabbed onto Hikaru’s arms and hurled him backward with enough strength to send the teenager smashing through the wall and tumbling through the air outside. 


Hikaru crashed against a grassy field as the cat mutant leapt from the museum to pursue. The creature tackled against Hikaru. But the teen rolled backward, placed his hands on the mutant’s shoulders and his foot on its chest, and kicked the creature upward.


Hikaru rolled onto his feet and snapped into his transformation pose. He clenched his fists and called upon the tainted power inside of him.


“Black Sun!“ The power from the King Stone erupted inside of him and filled his body with energy. He felt invigorated. He felt repulsive. Hikaru changed into his mutant form as his black armor wrapped around his body.


The cat mutant hissed as it charged to attack. Kamen Rider leapt over the creature with a somersault and landed behind its back. The mutant quickly turned and chopped its claws towards the Rider’s head. But Black Sun blocked the blow and slammed an uppercut against the creature’s chest.


The creature grabbed onto Black Sun’s shoulders and pushed off while running up his chest and leaping through the air. Kamen Rider turned to see the cat vanish in the trees. He cursed beneath his breath. He hated mutants that moved with speed greater than his own.


The creature leapt from tree to tree around Kamen Rider Black, throwing off his focus and keeping him distracted. The cat mutant leapt past Kamen Rider Black and knocked him to the ground.


Black Sun rolled into a crouched fighting stance just as the creature dropped behind him and grabbed him in a choke hold. Kamen Rider spun his body around to shake the mutant loose.


The cat landed on its feet and flashed its eyes with bright cyan-tinted light while stalking towards Hikaru. The light struck Kamen Rider with a wave of vertigo that nearly knocked him off his feet. He closed his eyes beneath his helmet and lifted his arm to shield away the flashes.  


Can’t look at that light...have to use my Rider sensors. Kamen Rider had barely explored the full potential of the cybernetic antenna extending from his head and through his helmet. He never had the need.


He closed his eyes tight and focused his attention through the antenna. He could feel the cat mutant dash back and forth across the trees. He could feel the creature’s body heat and the air ripple from its movement. Black Sun could not help but be impressed at the scope of his detection skills.


The mutant cat pounced towards Kamen Rider from behind. Black Sun turned and slammed a knifehand chop against the creature’s eyes that knocked the mutant backward as it hissed in pain.


Kamen Rider stepped back into an offensive stance and rolled his hands into tight fists. His belt flashed with energy that flooded through his veins, and he directed that power towards his right fist.


“Rider Punch!” Kamen Rider leapt through the air and swung a punch that radiated with crimson power. The punch smashed against the mutant’s head, partially bashing in its skull as it stumbled backward and hissed with incredible pain.


A red-energy arrow suddenly shot through the air from behind the mutant, pierced the creature with a burst of spark, and exploded against Kamen Rider’s shoulder with a burst of spark that knocked him off his feet.


The mutant cat’s energy overloaded and exploded with a cloud of flames that a dark figure somersaulted through. It was Brugenia. He landed against the side of a tree and used the claws on his hands and feet to attach himself to the trunk.


“Not bad, little Rider,” Brugenia said. “Not good either. It seems you’ve been winning by nothing but sheer luck all this time.”


Kamen Rider stepped back into a defensive stance. Something was odd about this creature. He seemed far more intelligent and powerful than typical Gorgom Syndicate mutants. “What are you?”


Brugenia grinned. “What does it really matter? All that matters is I am going to kill you, slowly, and suck the marrow from your bones. What matters is I am going to hollow out your skull and use it as a bowl to feast on your entrails. What matters is, you have that which was supposed to be mine.”


Kamen Rider narrowed his bug-like eyes beneath his helmet. “The King Stone…you think I want this thing inside of me? It was you people who put it there! You people who cursed me!”


“Boo fucking hoo, little Rider,” Brugenia sneered. “If you don’t want it then give it here!”


Brugenia pounced at Kamen Rider Black and landed against his chest, digging toe claws against his armor while grabbing onto the Rider’s head. Brugenia slashed across the Rider’s helmet with bursts of spark that knocked Kamen Rider off his feet and sent him crashing onto his back.


Kamen Rider smashed a pair of knifehand blows on opposite sides of Brugenia’s head and kicked the villain away. Black Sun somersaulted back onto his feet just as Brugenia spat a red-energy arrow that exploded against the Rider’s chest with a burst of spark that whipped his body backward.


Brugenia leapt through the air towards Kamen Rider. Black Sun flipped back to his feet while snapping a kick at Brugenia, but the villain grabbed Kamen Rider’s leg, swung him off his feet, and slammed him against the ground.


“Oo that smarts! Hahahahaha!” Brugenia swung Kamen Rider against a tree. “Watch your head!” He bashed the Rider against the ground. “You fucking drooling worthless insect!” Brugenia leapt onto Kamen Rider and slashed across his armor repeatedly. “You worthless insect! Worthless! That King Stone should be mine! I should have been Century King! You fuck!”


“Battle Hopper!” Kamen Rider called for his motorcycle, which he shared a mental bond with.


Battle Hopper throttled into the park and knocked Brugenia aside. Kamen Rider barely managed to climb onto the cycle, which throttled away towards the distance, leaving Brugenia behind.


Brugenia leapt against the side of a tree and latched onto its trunk to watch Kamen Rider‘s departure. “What an injured little animal. I’m going to enjoy killing him, yes, yes.”




Brugenia returned to the High Priests’ lair after his battle with Kamen Rider Black. The Priests glared at him upon his return.


“Why didn’t you finish him and take the King Stone?!” High Priest Darom shouted. “That was your sole purpose.”


Brugenia spat a red-energy arrow that exploded against the Priest and knocked him backward. “Don’t talk to me about purpose, you walking sack of meat. I can kill the Kamen Rider anytime I want.” A twisted grin spread across his pale face. “I want to enjoy myself first. It’s not everyday you’re released after countless years of imprisonment.”


“It was no more than 15 years-”


Shut up!” Brugenia shouted. “I will get the King Stone. I am power unrivaled. Then I will become the next Creation King. Just as it was meant to be. I was his first chosen. Not Minami Hikaru. Not Kamen Rider Black!”


Brugenia leapt into the shadows and disappeared from sight.


Darom clutched his injured chest and looked to his fellow Priests with growing concern. “We must expedite our plans…” he walked over to a web of bio matter and placed his hand on its surface. The web hummed with power and lowered a transparent cocoon. Inside the cocoon was a humanoid grasshopper in a deep resting state. “Shadow Moon must finish his transformation.”


To be continued…Chapter 03