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Location Index


Angel Grove, California was five-times larger than Los Angeles and divided into five sub-cities: Angel Grove North, Angel Grove South, Angel Grove East, Angel Grove West, and Angel Grove Central.


Angel Grove Central locations


Center Grove Community School District: Billy Cranston’s school district. (Mentioned in Chapter 08)


Central Plaza: The shopping district where Goldar attacked and abducted Tommy Oliver and his girlfriend Shannon as part of Bandora‘s first attack on Angel Grove. The shopping plaza was circular, wrapped around a towering monument that marked the exact center of Angel Grove. The monument had a circular base with wide, amphitheater-type steps to the north and south and pools of water to the east and west. A towering spire rose from the center of the base. (Prologue).


Greenwood Mall: An outdoor shopping center in the suburbs. Near Billy’s home. One of the mall’s plaza areas wrapped around an artificial pool of water. The pool was surrounded by a ring of brick that meshed with the concrete walkway. Trees were planted in a ring around the walkway, in front of various shops and restaurants. (Chapter 08) 


Greenwood Park: Trees. A bridge spans over an artificial creek that runs through the city. (Chapter 25, attacked by Kai)


Angel Grove North locations:


Angel Grove North Community High School: Tommy Oliver’s school


Angel’s Square: Where Bandora sent down her first monster to attack Angel Grove. (Chapter 01, attacked by DoraTitan)


Bear Lake: The lake was surrounded by stone paths, trees, and bushes, nestled in between two bustling city blocks of gleaming white skyscrapers. Tommy’s favorite location. He often practices at Bear Lake. (Chapter 14)


The Cathedral: The Cathedral had no cultural boundaries. The coffee house/dance club in Angel Grove North was frequented by a broad range of teenagers, from preppies dressed in neat shirts and slacks, to Goths dressed in all black. The Cathedral was a favorite hangout for Zack Taylor and his friends from school. (Chapter 06)


Ernie’s Café: Outdoor café near Angel’s Square. The cafe was along a wide city street of eateries and restaurants that stemmed from the hub of Angel Grove North. (Chapter 14)


Greenfield Park: On the outskirts of Angel Grove North. (Chapter 23, attacked by DoraShark)


Hulman Park: The park had a long field of flowers, shaped in a rectangular pattern, surrounded by brick pathways. An iron-webbed sculpture of the Earth was at the center of the field. The park was wedged between towering city buildings. (Chapter 02, attacked by Green Dragon Ranger)


Oak Gate: Overlapped Angel Grove North and Angel Grove Central. A mostly residential area quickly becoming a bad part of the city. A few rival gangs had moved to the area, and drugs and weapon sales were becoming more common. The streets and alleys were narrow, and run-down buildings were crammed close together. Where Jason’s sister Janet was killed. (Chapter 05, where Dragon Ranger attacked Tyranno Ranger)


Sugar Grove Shopping District: At the heart of Angel Grove North. A pedestrian road of brick cut down the center of the district and separated paved walkways landscaped with trees in front of storefronts. The median of the pedestrian street was lined with bulbous lamps. Towering skyscrapers surrounded the district. (Chapter 08, attacked by Four Horsemen of DaiSatan)


Sycamore Woods: A walking trail wrapped around one of the hills. Various pieces of wood-crafted playground equipment dotted the landscape. Towering skyscrapers of white concrete and steel were visible beyond the trees. Near Maya and Simon’s home. (Chapter 21, attacked by Gurail and Kyra)


Tilson Auditorium: Near the bustling center of Angel Grove North. The dome building was surrounded by a network of streets that spread out across the giant city. (Chapter 11: Where Jason and Tommy first met through a sparring match)


Angel Grove East locations:


eTech skyscraper: Near Maple Grove Commons. (Chapter 04, a battle between Dragon Ranger, Goldar, DoraLadoon, and the Power Rangers. Where Dragon Ranger had the Power Rangers deliver the final dinosaur eggs in exchange for a hostage)


Maple Grove Commons: An upscale, outdoor shopping center, heavily landscaped with ornate fountains, decorative street lights, brick walking paths, and trees. (Chapter 04, attacked by DoraLadoon)


Party City: Clubs and bars lined streets that never seemed empty. (Chapter 24, attacked by Scorpina’s creatures)


Angel Grove South locations:


White Oak Square: (Chapter 23, attacked by Kyra)


Angel Grove South Community High School: Kimberly’s school. Several blocks away from her apartment. (Chapter 05)


Angel’s Wing Plaza: A park area. An asphalt path wrapped through a grassy field, dotted with trees and surrounded by the cityscape. A single, multi-level fountain was near the path.  (Chapter 07, attacked by DoraKnight)


The Springs: Downtown outdoor café. Tables and chairs were set up in front of an artificial dam of stone and concrete. High-rise office buildings and stores lined the streets. (Chapter 10, attacked by DoraToad, Dragon Ranger, and the Dark Warlords)


Bridgewater Resort: The building’s main plaza was paved with white concrete and had a pool, surrounded by landscaping and trees. The resort faced an artificial lake just on the outskirts of downtown. (Chapter 11. Attacked by Eye Guy)



The Daily Grind: An outdoor coffee shop in the center of a wooded park filled with ornate sculptures and decorate fountains. The park was nestled in between towering skyscrapers of white concrete in Angel Grove South. (Chapter 17)


Starr Institute of Technology: (Chapter 19, attacked by the Thorlack)


Honey Creek Blvd: Shopping district. A street of rather expensive shopping centers housed in skyscrapers.  (Chapter 23)


Angel Grove West locations:


Rosedale Park: The park was nestled in between a group of upscale high-rise apartment units of white, ornate brick. The park itself was dotted with trees, bushes, and a fountain fashioned after a miniature water fall. (Chapter 09, where Scorpina attacked Trini)


Starr Financial District: (Chapter 06, attacked by DoraGladiator)


Angel Springs Plaza: Near Starr Financial District. A path of white concrete that wrapped through flower gardens and patches of grass with ornate statues and fountains. (Chapter 06, attacked by DoraGladiator)


Valley Creek Park: Wedged in the city near the shore. A single bridge-covered creek ran through the grassy park, which was dotted with few trees. (Chapter 11, where Dragon Ranger was revealed as Tommy)


Little Tokyo: northwestern Angel Grove

Master Ohm’s dojo: The dojo was surrounded by a grove of trees and flower gardens in Little Tokyo, in northwestern Angel Grove.


Hayate Way: Tommy’s martial arts school. (First mentioned in Chapter 11)


Ikkazuchi Way: A martial arts school that is a rival to the Hayate Way (First mentioned in Chapter 15)


Other cities

Crossworld City: North of Angel Grove. (First mentioned in Chapter 07)


Reefside, Virginia: (First mentioned in Chapter 07)


Stone Canyon:  South of Angel Grove. Separated from Angel Grove by a stream and woodland. (First mentioned in Chapter 17)