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Monster Index


Bandora used a demonic set of cards to summon monsters from other realms and dimensions. Bandora used shadow magick to bind the creatures to her will. She could only control one monster at a time due to her limited power. Bandora could make the monsters grow by using special cards in her demonic deck. The monsters are listed in the order they appeared.


DoraTitan: The first of Bandora’s monsters to face the Power Rangers. The creature was heavily armored and carried a blade connected to a chain whip. He could create small pocket dimensions to trap his victims. His blade produced seismic shockwaves. (Appeared in Chapter 01)

Attack: “Ground Quaker!”


DoraLadoon: A cobra monster that could spit swarms of demonic snakes. (Chapter 04)  


DoraGladiator: A four-armed creature in gladiator armor who carried multiple swords and axes. He channeled electric power through his weapons. (Chapter 06)

Attack: “Crusher Axe!” “Electric Shocker!”


DoraKnight: A black-armored knight equipped with a sword and shield. (Chapter 07)



Goo Fish: DoraAmphibious was referred to as the Goo Fish by Simon Kaden, a friend to the Power Rangers. The Goo Fish could spit toxic venom. (Chapter 08)


The Four Horsemen of DaiSatan: Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine were the Four Horsemen of DaiSatan. Death had black, metallic wings on his back. His skin was pale white and his eyes blood red. Blonde hair parted down the center of his head. He held a double-edged sword with a white gem at the hilt. Black leathery armor covered his body. Death could fire energy darts from his black metallic wings. War wore black plate armor over burnt and boiled skin that was tinted orange. He had streaks of white hair staggered across its bald head. His fists radiated with kinetic energy. Streams of fire slithered across his body. War could fire massive concussion and kinetic blasts. Famine was a frail, black skeleton warrior with dirt-gold armor. The villain carried a pair of jagged blades. Famine spread spores that could eat away at muscle tissue. Pestilence was a female with purple skin, covered with open sores and wounds. Dark red hair wrapped around her body. Pestilence spread spores of disease. (Chapter 08)


DoraNinja: A ninja warrior dressed in dark camouflage. (Chapter 09)


DoraSilkis: A worm-like creature that could shrink to fit into the palm of the hand. DoraSilkis spun strands of energy it used to wrap its victims in cocoons. (Chapter 09)


DoraToad: A frog-like monster that could use its tongue as a whip. (Chapter 10)


DoraSalaguan: A mix between a salamander and iguana. The monster could breathe fire. (Chapter 10)


Eye Guy: DoraOptos was dubbed Eye Guy by Zack Taylor, the Mammoth Ranger. The creature’s body was made of eyes that could emit pulse blasts. (Chapter 11)


DoraSkeleton: A skeletal monster. (Chapter 14)


DoraHydra: A multi-headed dragon that could spit flame, electricity, and ice. (Chapter 15)


ShellShock: DoraTortoise was dubbed ShellShock by the media. The creature could encase its enemies in energy cocoons. ShellShock was armed with fist blades and a cannon arm. (Chapter 16)


SpitFlower: The media dubbed DoraGuzzler the SpitFlower. The SpitFlower could spit swarms of flesh-eating flowers with paralyzing venom. (Chapter 16)


DoraGourd: Had a body of slithering vines and a rotting pumpkin for a head. The creature ensnared his prey in vines and electrocuted them with energy currents sent along the vines. (Chapter 16)


DoraApe: The media called him Primitar. The ape-like creature carried a speared staff. Spikes ran along his head and back. He was covered with white fur. (Chapter 18)


DoraMadillo: DoraMadillo had a shell of armor that protected his body. He could fire energy spikes from his forearms. (Chapter 16)


Scorpion creature: Scorpina used her magick to create a small army of scorpion monsters. The scorpions could combine to form a single scorpion monster. (Chapter 17)


DoraBat: Shrieked high-pitched sonic screams that could shatter glass. (Chapter 18)


The Thorlack: DoraThorlack was a hulking monster of great strength. The creature had green skin and spikes along its body. (Chapter 19)


Hatchasaurus: The media called DoraAntios the Hatchasaurus. The Hatchasaurus had a sentient heart that would rebuild the creature when it was destroyed. (Chapter 20)


DoraUnicorn: The winged creature could fire energy pulse blasts from its horn. The monster’s horn was the source of its power. (Chapter 20)


DoraEndos: An octopus-type monster. Its tentacles were covered with spikes. (Chapter 22)


DoraMinotaur: A humanoid bull with razor-sharp horns and powerful muscles. The creature fired darts of bone from its hands. (Chapter 22)


DoraRhino: Exhaled a mist that could trap his prey in a pocket dimension. (Chapter 23)


DoraLizator: One of Bandora’s most powerful monsters. Its skin was nearly impenetrable. (Chapter 23)


DoraShark: The shark monster could swim beneath land as easily as a real shark could swim through water. (Chapter 23)


Cyclopsis: A giant mystical robot created by DaiSatan. He called the creation his war zord. (Chapter 25)


DoraBlade: From the final card in Bandora’s deck. DoraBlade carried a boomerang-shaped weapon. The creature wore gladiator-style armor. (Chapter 27)