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This timeline leads up to the events in Book One. Each book will have an updated timeline to include new information and newly-revealed history.


Beginning of recorded time:


- An evil being named Sauron ruled the entire galaxy from the planet Eltar. A group of Eltarians banded together using a magick force called the One Power to defeat Sauron. One of the Eltarians, Jestin, became the first Ranger.


- An Order of Masters and Rangers was established across the galaxy.


1.7-million years ago:


- A warlord named Lord Zedd came to power and used his forces to kill all the Rangers and Masters in the galaxy.


- A soldier for Zedd’s forces, Zordon, turned to the side of light. He formed a resistance against Zedd. Zordon became a Ranger, and later, a Master.


- Zordon followed an evil spirit named DaiSatan to Earth. DaiSatan attacked an ancient civilization, the Ryujinn, that lived alongside the dinosaurs. The conflict was known to the Ryujinn as the First Great War.


- The Second Great War began when DaiSatan selected Bandora as the witch to lead his forces. Zordon used the dinosaurs as a template to make a Ranger team, Zyuranger. He recruited six Ryujinn to become Rangers. Zordon banished DaiSatan and imprisoned Bandora in a pocket dimension beneath the moon’s surface.


1985 AD:


- Jason Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, and Tommy Oliver were born.




- Tommy is adopted by the Oliver family after his parents are killed.


1990 AD:


- Elliot “Hunter” Lee was born.


1991 AD:


- Simon Kaden, Justin Stewart, Rachel Gray, and Steven “Blake” Lee were born.


2001 AD:


- The ancient spirits of the Zyuranger gave the five Power Coins to Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly to turn them into Power Rangers. They were all sophomores in high school. The Power Rangers fought against Bandora, who was freed from her imprisonment.


- Meanwhile in Japan, Hikaru escaped an evil cult called the Gorgom Syndicate after it gave him the powers of Kamen Rider Black. He used the Kamen Rider powers to fight against the Syndicate.