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Kamen Rider Kuuga: Index





Kouishiro: Kamen Rider Kuuga, 19 years old. A drifter, never living in one spot for too long. He net Maya Koji in Cairo, Egypt and quickly befriended her.

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Kaoru Ichijo: A member of the covert intelligence agency called Section 31, dispatched to Cairo following the Grongi attack.



Maya Koji: Maya’s parents died when she was young. Her biological grandfather, Professor Koji, was deemed too emotionally unstable to look after her. So she was taken in by a foster family in Angel Grove North. She lived with the same foster family as Simon Kaden, who she considered a younger brother. Maya and Simon were friends to the Power Rangers. After the Rangers defeated Bandora, Maya joined an archeological expedition to Cairo, Egypt.


Natsume, Professor: Leader of Maya’s archeology expedition in Cairo, Egypt.





Mighty Form: Standard form.




Dragon Form: Enhanced agility.



Pegasus Form: Enhanced senses.



Titan Form: Enhanced defenses.



Amazing Mighty Form: Powered-up mode.



Ultimate Form: Kuuga’s final, most powerful form. 






All Grongi have a three-part naming scheme: The first name indicates rank, the second name is their personal name, and the third name indicates the animal group they belong to: “Ba” for insects and arachnids, “Da” for mammals, “De” for plants, “Gi” for aquatic animals, “Gu” for birds, “Re” for reptiles. The leaders within the Grongi have a “Ze” in front of their third name.


Zu-Gumun-Ba: (Chapter 01)


Zu-Baduu-Ba: (Chapter 02)


Me-Badjisu-Ba: (Chapter 02)


Me-Giiga-Gi: (Chapter 02)


Go-Gadoru-Ba: (Chapter 03)



N-Daguva-Zeba: Leader of the Grongi Tribe. (Chapter 03)






















Grongi Tribe: Five-thousand years ago, the Grongi and Linto tribes lived side-by-side in peace. Both tribes worshiped nature, but the Grongi’s worship turned perverse. Their Shaman practiced dark magic that twisted their tribe members into monsters. The Linto used an ancient artifact from the stars, the Stone of Kings, to turn one of its members into a warrior to fight against the Grongi. The warrior’s name was Riki, but in battle, his enemies called him Kuuga. The battle between the Grongi and Kuuga nearly wiped out both tribes. Those who survived died out within years following the conflict. Kuuga defeated many Grongi, but couldn’t stop them all. So, he sealed the remaining Grongi in a tomb beneath the earth. Kuuga willingly placed himself in the tomb as the seal to the Grongi’s prison.


King Stones: Two ancient artifacts that powered the Kamen Riders: Black Sun and Shadow Moon, in 2001. Their origins were a mystery, even to the Gorgom Syndicate. Archeologists discovered a third King Stone (also called the Stone of Kings) in 2002, in a tomb in Cairo, Egypt. The Stone of Kings powered Kamen Rider Kuuga.


Section 31: A covert intelligence agency, shrouded in secrecy. Section 31 dispatched an agent, Kaoru Ichijo, to Cairo, Egypt following the awakening of the Grongi Tribe.