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Five Stars of Heaven: Chapter Two

Rookie in Blue


The Red Dragon armed its black claws and swooped past Baron String. The Dragon slashed its claws across the Gorma’s chest, sparking on impact as the giant Gorma stumbled backward.


Baron String extended his eye stalk. The Gorma fired a volley of optic blasts that exploded across the Red Dragon’s armor. Explosions sparked around Dragon Ranger as he stood on top of the zord’s head. He was scathed by the blasts. “It’s getting too hot up here.”


Dragon Ranger hopped down into the zord’s cockpit, which was embedded in the beast’s armor. Dragon Ranger placed his hand over the crystal control sphere on the console in front of him.


“Red Dragon!” Dragon Ranger shouted. “Fire Blast!” The dragon opened its jaws. A stream of fiery destruction poured out and crashed against the monster. Explosions sparked against Baron String as the flames washed over him.


“Red Dragon, rise up!” The zord surged with crimson lightning and started to change shape. Red Dragon transformed into a humanoid warrior and landed on the ground while stepping back into a fighting stance.


PDVD_846The other Rangers gathered at the feet of Red Dragon and looked up.


“Let’s get in,” Tenma Ranger said. He and the other Rangers entered the Red Dragon’s cockpit. Each stood behind their own crystal sphere within the cockpit. 


“It’s time to see what you’re made of,” Dragon Ranger said to the Baron.


“What?” the Gorma said. “You’ll regret that!”


The two opponents circled around each other. Although The Power guided him, Dragon Ranger was still getting accustomed to piloting the giant zord. Piloting Red Dragon was as different from controlling the Dragonzord as playing ice hockey was to playing a hockey video game.


The opponents charged at each other. Red Dragon used both arms to grab hold of Baron String, but the Gorma knocked Red Dragon’s arms away. The villain snapped a kick that Red Dragon blocked.


In the cockpit, Dragon Ranger launched a flurry of knifehand strikes. Red Dragon copied the Ranger’s movements. The zord slammed a series of knifehand strikes that sparked on impact against the Gorma.


Red Dragon slammed its heel against Baron String, sending the villain tumbling backward across the ground. The Baron reached up, his body trembling as he tried to rise. His eye closed and his body went limp.


“Yes,” Tenma Ranger said. He and Lion Ranger thought the monster was defeated. Dragon Ranger, Kirin Ranger, and Phoenix Ranger knew better.


Baron String snapped his eye open and wrapped a tentacle around the zord from behind. The Baron sent an energy wave through his tentacle that struck Red Dragon, causing explosions across the zord’s armor.


“Dragon Staff!” Dragon Ranger commanded. A slender black staff appeared in the Dragon’s hand. Red Dragon slashed through the tentacle to break free.


Baron String stumbled backward but stayed on his feet as Red Dragon charged forward. Red Dragon dashed past Baron String while slashing the Gorma across the chest. Red Dragon turned and brought its staff down diagonally, sparking against the Gorma on impact.


Red Dragon jammed the end of his staff in the ground. He used the staff as leverage to spin around, repeatedly slamming its feet against the Gorma. Baron String was forced back as Red Dragon landed.


The zord started to spin its staff like a propeller. The staff gathered crimson energy as the zord charged forward. “Dragon Staff!” Dragon Ranger shouted. “Whirling Force!”


Red Dragon swung the staff down with a streak of red energy that tore through the Gorma’s body. The villain crackled with red energy that exploded across his armor. The Gorma fell backward, his energy overloading and exploding with a burst of flame.


Red Dragon lowered its staff, standing tall in victory.




The next day, Tommy walked slowly through a graveyard with a bouquet of flowers in hand. It was Shannon’s birthday. It was also the first time Tommy visited her burial site. Kimberly had offered to come with, but she understood why he had to do it alone.


He took a step closer to her tombstone and laid the flowers down. He got to his knees and ran his hand along the edges of the stone. “I should have come here a long time ago…but I’ve been avoiding it. I thought it would have been easier once I brought the people who did this to you to justice. But it wasn’t.


“Now there’s another…threat. Jason isn’t around, so I’m in charge. I didn’t plan to be. No one told me to be. It just happened. It’s kind of scary…How am I supposed to lead the others after the things I’ve done. After…what happened to you.” He rolled his hands into fists and clenched his muscles. A tear rolled down his cheek. “I let you down. I failed you.”


He heard footsteps come from behind him. He snapped around. It was Shannon’s mother. “I’m sorry I startled you,” she said.


Tommy wiped his tears and rose to his feet, his face turning slightly red with embarrassment. “No…I’m sorry, Mrs. Parker. I’ll get out of your way.”


“Tommy,” she said as she walked towards him. He could not bring himself to look at her. “It’s okay. You can stay. I haven’t seen you since…this happened. It’s been over a year.”


“I…I know,” Tommy said. “Things have been crazy.”


“Tommy…I heard part of what you said. This isn’t your fault…”


Anger welled up inside of Tommy. He clenched his jaw. “Yes it is. More than you know,” he walked away. His mind flashed back.


Goldar rose back to his feet and charged towards Shannon. “Now it’s your turn!” he grabbed her by the arm and whipped her around, holding her back to his chest while he pressed a sword to her neck.


She screamed, and Tommy, the Green Dragon Ranger, froze with rage and terror.


“Don’t you dare, Goldar!” Dragon Ranger shouted.


“This time I’ll do it right,” Goldar snarled. “This time I want you to remember that her death is all your fault!”


He slit her throat.


“No!!!” Dragon Ranger shouted as he rushed forward.


Goldar stepped back and shimmered away. Shannon continued to drop. Dragon Ranger caught her before she hit the ground. “Shannon…”


He shook his head, cradling her body as he rocked back and forth. “Not again…” He looked up into the sky and shouted at the top of his lungs. “Not agaaaaain!”




Zydos walked through the lower streets of Angel Grove West with a heavy brown sack draped over his shoulder. The bag started shaking. Whatever was inside was anxious to escape.


Zydos became frustrated with the bag’s movement and dumped its contents onto the ground. The Gorma known as Gamaguchi Houshi, the Purse Priest, spilled out. Purse Priest had a black muscular body covered with red leather straps. He wore a red mask that wrapped over his entire head. Various pockets lined his spine.


“What is it, Zydos?” the Priest asked.


“You idiot,” Zydos spat as he kicked the Priest. “Don’t question me. You know what your job is.”


“Yes, yes,” Purse Priest said as he rose to his feet.


“Then move quickly,” Zydos said impatiently. “The ceremony will start soon.”


The Gorma monster leapt into the air and vanished from sight.




Rocky DeSantos sparred at his sensei’s dojo in Angel Grove West. He stood in the ring while fighting against a kick boxer as his young 10-year-old student and friend Justin Stewart watched. Justin had long brown hair and hazel eyes.


“Rocky,” his sensei Master Higashi said from the sidelines as the teen blocked a combination of round kicks. “You’ll have to do better if you expect to win the tournament tomorrow. You’ll have to act like a true pupil of the Koppouken style.”


Rocky wanted to become a professional fighter after he finished high school. And he planned to attend college as a back-up plan. The latter was his mother’s idea, as well as her order.


A heel slammed across Rocky’s face and knocked him to the mat.


“Come on, Rocky, don’t give up!” Justin yelled.


“Easy for you to say, little guy,” Rocky said as he struggled back to his feet.




Rocky went jogging through the suburbs after practice. Justin rode on a bicycle ahead of Rocky and carried a small timer. “Come on, Rocky, keep up!”


“Ya know,” Rocky said in between breaths, “isn’t it time for you to get back to the shelter?”


“Not getting out that easy!” Justin said with a smile as he sped up.


Rocky sighed and stopped a moment to catch his breath. Justin moved ahead. The boy passed a basketball court and stopped to admire the players. The basketball was knocked out of the court, and Justin peddled after it.


The ball bounced into a wide alley, and Justin followed. Justin dropped down his bike and moved after the ball. But the ball bounced into the hands of a tall Japanese man. The man narrowed his eyes and smiled at Justin.


Justin took a step back, a chill creeping down his spine.


The man extended both hands and turned the ball, which transformed into a red gourd-type mask. “You won’t be returning home today.”


Justin screamed and started to run away. The man leapt forward and hurled the mask-like ball. The mask slammed against Justin and enveloped his head. The boy lost consciousness and crumbled to the ground.




Rocky shot back to his feet when he heard Justin scream. He ran as fast as he could and turned into the alley. He saw the Japanese man pick up Justin and drape the boy over his shoulder.


“Hey!” Rocky shouted as he charged towards the man. The stranger and Justin suddenly blinked out of sight.


Rocky skid to a halt. Was that man a Gorma? As if to answer, a padded staff swung from nowhere and slammed across Rocky’s head. The ranger went flying backward.


Rocky armed his Aura Morphers while flailing through the air. “Chakra ignite!” Blue energy shimmered around him as he morphed into his Ranger form.


Tenma Ranger somersaulted through the air and landed on his feet while snapping into a fighting stance. He turned to face Purse Priest, the red-masked Gorma. The Blue Ranger leapt forward, passing over the Gorma while kicking him in the back.


PDVD_864Tenma Ranger twisted in midair and landed. He snapped into a fighting stance. “Tenma Ranger! Heaven Gravity Star, Blue!” he shouted boldly, trying to hide his fear.


“Gamaguchi Houshi!” the Gorma identified himself. “Head Crusher!” A bunch of red gourd-type masks flew from the pockets on his spine and jetted towards Tenma Ranger in different formations.


Two gourds slammed against the Ranger’s chest with massive bursts of spark that knocked Tenma Ranger to the ground.


The Blue Ranger rose back to his feet, holding his injured right arm.


Purse Priest laughed at the Ranger. “You are so weak!”


“It always resorts to name calling…” Tenma Ranger said. He placed his left hand over his right fist. He gathered his energy as the Pegasus eyes on his helmet flashed blue. “Heaven Gravity Star! Gravity Inverting Destruction!”


He extended his hand, and a blue, jagged wave of gravity-inversing energy shot from his palm.


But the Purse Priest fired off one of his heads while shouting “Head Crusher!” The helmet intercepted the gravity blast and pummeled through it, creating sparks of feedback that exploded across the alley. The head exploded against Tenma Ranger and knocked him backward through the air.


Tenma Ranger slammed against a wall and crashed against a pile of crates.




Kimberly walked into the apartment she shared with her mother in Angel Grove South. The apartment was empty, which did not surprise Kimberly. Her mother was almost never home.


The communicator she wore under her sleeve began to beep. Billy had redistributed the devices to the teens after their first encounter with the Gorma.


Here we go again, she thought to herself.




Adam Park was working in a pet store at Angel Grove East. Most people mistook Adam as a tough guy. They confused his shyness with a stand-offish and egotistical attitude. Those that knew him understood how sensitive Adam really was.


He was feeding one of the caged animals when his communicator toned.




Billy sat in his garage lab in Angel Grove Central while writing a new computer program. Lines of code flashed across his screen as his fingers moved across the keyboard. His communicator toned.




The teens gathered around Kaku’s platform in the lair. Rocky was pacing back and forth with a look of panic in his eyes. “The Gorma took Justin!” he practically shouted.


Adam stood with his arms across his chest. “Who’s Justin?”


“He’s a student of mine,” Rocky said.


Kaku sighed. “I believe the Gorma took Justin to prepare for Eedoropudoro.”


“Eedoropudoro?” Tommy asked.


“The Gorma’s inauguration ceremony,” Kaku clarified. “When they first took power 6,000 years ago, they gathered five children and sacrificed them to their god, the Great Beast of Hell named La Moghra, also called the Mogralord. I believe the Gorma are doing the same now.”


The teens were shocked silent. Even Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly were shocked that the Gorma could be so evil.


“Just great,” Rocky muttered under his breath as he slumped down against the platform.

Kimberly placed a hand on his shoulder sympathetically. “It’ll be okay, Rocky. We’ll find him.”


“None of you must ever fight a Gorma alone,” Kaku said firmly as he looked to each ranger. “All are needed. Now…search the city for Justin. When you find him, you will find the Gorma.”


“Let’s go,” Tommy said as he and the others started to run off.


But Kaku put a hand on Rocky‘s shoulder to stop him before he could leave. “Stay a minute, Rocky.”


Kaku led Rocky further down the lair into a wide room with metallic spheres hanging from the ceiling. A small television screen was on a nearby table.


Kaku walked towards the television as Rocky leaned against the doorway, his shoulders slumped down low. “I’m no good,” he said. “I couldn’t even save Justin. If you wanted someone to fight for the world you should have picked Jackie Chan or Jet Li or something.”


Rocky shook his head. “Justin’s always thought of me like a big brother. I’m practically the only family he has. He lost his parents. At about the same age I lost my father in a car accident. He‘s spent his whole life living at the shelter.”


Kaku walked towards Rocky, placed a hand on his shoulder, and turned back towards the TV. Kaku used a small remote to turn on the television. It showed an image of Rocky as the Tenma Ranger getting clobbered by the Gorma he had faced earlier.


“Is this supposed to cheer me up?” Rocky asked sarcastically.


“Rocky,” Kaku said. He turned off the television, but kept his eyes on the screen. “Do you know why you were beaten?”


“No, but I bet you’re gonna tell me,” Rocky said.


“It is not always a matter of how strong or weak you are,” Kaku said. He looked to Rocky. “It is not always a matter of power versus power, but sometimes a matter of learning ways around power.”


Kaku turned and started to walk from the room, but before he left, he faced the metal spheres and extended his hand while using his Ki to start the balls swinging around Rocky.


“Whoa!” Rocky shouted as two spheres slammed against him. He tried to dodge the other spheres as each started swinging in different directions at different intervals.




The other four teens split up along the city streets. Nearby, a young boy ran across a wooded path beneath a bridge. He played with a toy airplane and made propeller noises. He stopped in his tracks as he heard a bouncing sound come from behind him.


The boy turned and saw a basketball bouncing towards him. The ball shot forward and landed in the hands of the tall Japanese man. He smiled at the boy. “You won’t be returning home today.”


The man turned the ball into a red gourd mask and tossed the object forward. The boy screamed and ran. The gourd slammed against the child and enveloped his head.




Kimberly heard the boy scream while she walked nearby. She ran to the lower levels of the streets and saw the man duck around a corner with the boy over his shoulder. She ran towards them as fast as she could.


A hand reached out and grabbed her throat as she turned the corner.




Kaku had a small radio system on his platform that he used to communicate with the rangers. He received their latest transmission. “What? Kimberly’s been kidnapped?”




Rocky ran to the walkway where Kimberly was last seen. He noticed a small shining object on the ground. Rocky leaned down and picked it up. It was an earring. “Kimberly…”




Rocky ran back up to street level. He saw a black sleek limo drive by and ducked for cover behind a bush. At first he wasn’t sure why his instincts told him to hide. Then he saw who was in the limo. Gara was in the backseat.


“Gorma…” Rocky said as he followed the limo. The vehicle was moving towards a cruise ship docked at the nearby pier.


The limo drove over a docking ramp and entered the ship. Rocky stayed low and moved to the docks. His eyes scanned for a way inside. Guards blocked every main entrance.


Rocky activated his communicator and told Kaku about the Gorma and the ship.


“Rocky,” Kaku told him. “Keep a low profile until the others arrive. They’re on their way.”


Rocky nodded. Then he remembered Kaku couldn’t see him. “Okay,” he answered.


Minutes later, Rocky was using the bars along the bottom of the docking bridge to climb towards the ship. Rocky hopped onto a lower deck on the ship and stayed low.




Kyonshi cleared a deck area within the ship. They set up a rectangular table on the deck and draped a white cloth over it. The soldiers pulled out chairs as the Gorma Triumvirate took their seats. Shadam was at the center of the table, with Gara and Zydos at his sides.


Another group of soldiers led in the five prisoners, each covered with red masks. Kimberly and Justin were among them. They sat in a row of chairs facing the Gorma’s table.


Zydos stood tall and proud. He started leading the Gorma through a chant. “Eedoropudoro! Eedoropudoro!”


Shadam stood behind his fellow Gorma. “Quiet!” The chanting stopped. “6,000 years ago, we failed. Things will be different this time. We are already stronger, more powerful…nothing can stop us!”


Gara leaned back in her seat and smiled. “Yes…let us now begin. Let these five be the first to die at our hands during this new age.”


A man in a dark hooded cloak and white mask stepped onto the deck. He slowly walked towards the prisoners. An aura of evil hung around him. He armed a scythe in his right hand and walked towards the first prisoner in line: Kimberly.


The Gorma started chanting again. Their voices echoed throughout the ship. A few decks below, Rocky was scurrying up the stairs as the chanting became louder.


Rocky made it up to a small corridor on the same deck as the Gorma, and he was ambushed by two Kyonshi. One soldier grabbed him from behind as the other swung its saber towards the ranger. Rocky kicked the soldier rushing towards him upside the head. He elbowed the Kyonshi behind him and flipped the soldier to the ground. Rocky bent down to the soldier and delivered a final blow to the Gorma’s chest.


Back at the ceremony, Gara extended her hand. She wrapped an invisible strand of energy around Kimberly’s chair and slowly dragged it forward. Gara nodded to the cloaked man, signaling him to begin.


The villain lifted his scythe to level with Kimberly’s neck. He looked to the three Gorma. Shadam nodded, giving the villain his signal to make the first kill. The cloaked man pulled back his arms and prepared to strike.


Rocky arrived outside one of the room’s windows and looked in. He saw the cloaked man start to swing the blade. “Stop!” he shouted as he leapt forward, extending his arms and legs to shatter through the window, shards of glass cutting across his skin.


The villain stalled his blade, distracted by Rocky’s entrance. The Kyonshi turned and rushed towards Rocky.


Rocky landed against the ground hard and somersaulted forward, letting the momentum from his jump carry him. He rolled back to his feet while grabbing a soldier’s wrist and flipping the Gorma over his shoulder.


The soldier dropped his sword, which Rocky lifted up before sidekicking a grunt in the face. Rocky hurled the blade forward. The sword crashed against the scythe, sparking on impact. The villain dropped the weapon and stumbled backward. He fell to the ground and stumbled out of his cloak. He was the red-masked Purse Priest.


Rocky disarmed another soldier and took its blade while moving forward. He swung the blade downward to parry a blow and slammed the handle of the weapon against a soldier’s face while spinning closer to the prisoners.


He slashed the saber across a Kyonshi, the blade sparking as it ripped through the soldier, and jump kicked another soldier upside the head.


Rocky chopped the blade downward and cut the mask off Kimberly. Kimberly’s vision blurred back into focus as Rocky pulled her to her feet and spun her out of the way while deflecting a soldier’s saber and slashing that soldier away with a powerful upward strike.


They had no time to greet each other. Kyonshi surrounded them and closed in tight. A soldier swung its blade towards Kimberly. She sidestepped and knocked the soldier’s arm away while stepping forward, slamming a palm-heel blow that crashed against the villain’s chest.


“Stop them!” Shadam shouted with frustration.


Rocky ducked under a soldier’s blade and slashed the villain across the chest while dashing past the Kyonshi. He spun forward while bringing his blade down in a diagonal swing that slashed another Kyonshi from his path.


Rocky stood in front of the kids and cut their masks off one-by-one. The kids rubbed their eyes as their vision blurred back into focus. “Rocky!” Justin shouted, fear in his eyes.


“Get out of here, now!” Rocky said to the kids. Justin led the children to the rear entrance of the room as Rocky held the Kyonshi at bay, his blade slicing through the Kyonshi flesh and cracking their bone.


A group of soldiers rushed towards Kimberly. Sensei Kaku had been teaching them how to use their Kiryoku during the past couple days. She put that practice to use.


“Ki!” she shouted as she extended her hand. An invisible burst of telekinetic energy slammed against the soldiers and sparked across their chests while knocking them backward.


Shadam, Gara, and Zydos knocked their chairs away. They teleported in front of the table in the blink of an eye. Gara and Zydos extended their hands and fired strands of energy that leashed around the rangers’ necks. They pulled their hands backward, whipping the rangers off their feet and sending them stumbling forward.


Gara caught Kimberly by the throat and Zydos did the same with Rocky. Gara slapped Kimberly across the face twice and threw her backwards. Zydos did the same with Rocky. The two rangers slammed onto the long table, which crushed to the ground upon impact.


Shadam opened his jaws and spat a volley of blue fiery spheres that exploded around the rangers as they rolled for cover, the small shockwaves knocking them further backward. Shadam and the two Gorma stalked towards the rangers.


Before they could strike, three blurs of motion crashed through the windows and slammed against the deck. It was the other three Rangers, morphed and on their Thunder Cycles. The cycles slammed past soldiers and knocked against the Gorma Triumvirate. The three Gorma generals were knocked backward, and they blinked away to retreat.


The cycles pulled to a stop as the Rangers ran to their teammates. “Kim!” Dragon Ranger shouted as he helped Kimberly to her feet.


“I’m alright,” she said.


Rocky armed his wrist morphers. Kimberly did the same.


“Chakra ignite!” they shouted. “Aura Power!” Energy shimmered around Rocky and Kimberly as they morphed into the blue-armored Tenma Ranger and the pink-armored Phoenix Ranger.


The Purse Priest stepped back at the sight of the five Rangers standing together. He needed more maneuvering room. “Run!” he shouted to the remaining Kyonshi. The Purse Priest and soldiers fled from the deck, left the ship by running down its ramp, and moved towards the main factory area of the docking port.


The Rangers leapt through the air in streaks of energy, passed above the Gorma, and landed on a crane. The Rangers looked down at their opponents and armed their Thunder Staffs.


“Power of the Stars, brought down!” Dragon Ranger shouted. Together, they twirled their staffs into fighting positions and shouted: “Heaven Star Task Force, Power Rangers!”


“You little bastards!” the Purse Priest shouted. He had one purpose: the ceremony. The ceremony that the Rangers interrupted. Even if he survived the battle with the Rangers, even if he killed all five, Shadam would not let the Purse Priest live.


Tenma Ranger pointed down to the Gorma. “We’ll see who’s weak this time, you reject from the WWF collection!”


“Let’s go guys!” Dragon Ranger shouted as he leapt through the air while twirling his staff.


Dragon Ranger landed, smashed one end of his staff against a soldier’s chest and the other end across its face.


A group of soldiers surrounded the Red Ranger and closed in. Dragon Ranger moved down low, swinging his staff in a circle while cracking against the soldiers’ knees and knocking them to the ground.


A soldier moved in and swung its saber towards Dragon Ranger’s faceplate. Dragon Ranger twisted his staff to block the blow smashed a backfist across the grunt’s head.


The soldier stumbled backward, but Dragon Ranger pressed forward. He chopped the right end of his staff against the soldier’s collar bone and smashed the left end of his staff across the Gorma’s head.


Two soldiers held their swords high and leapt down from a nearby crate. Dragon Ranger extended his hand towards the soldiers. The dragon eyes on his helmet flashed as he shouted: “Fire Stream!”


A blast of fire poured from the Red Ranger’s palm and splashed across the soldiers with bursts of spark that tore their bodies apart.


Nearby, six Kyonshi armed with short staffs charged towards the green-armored Lion Ranger. Lion Ranger placed his right fist against his left palm, and the lion eyes on his helmet flashed with pale-green light.


“Heaven Illusion Star…” Lion Ranger shouted. “Mist Concealment Destruction!” He extended his right and launched a torrent of fog that wrapped around the soldiers. The Kyonshi stopped in their tracks as the mist blocked their sight.


Lion Ranger extended his hands again and launched an illusion of a rushing train that throttled towards the soldiers. The train illusion crashed through the Kyonshi and knocked them off their feet.


Kirin Ranger stood in a defensive stance as three Kyonshi leapt through the air. The soldiers chopped downward across the Ranger’s armor while landing, knocking the Yellow Ranger onto the ground.


Kirin Ranger slammed his fist against the ground with frustration and rose back to his feet. He slapped his right fist against his left palm, and the kirin eyes on his helmet flashed yellow. “Heaven Time Star! Time Reversal Destruction!”


A time distortion bubble surrounded Kirin Ranger and the soldiers. Within that bubble, time rewound by several seconds. The bubble dissipated, and the three Kyonshi were leaping down from the air towards the Ranger again.


“Thunder Blaster!” Kirin Ranger fired lances of yellow energy that exploded against the soldiers with a shower of sparks that knocked them from the air.


Meanwhile, Phoenix Ranger leapt through the air towards a group of six Kyonshi.


“Cyclone!” she shouted while extending her hand. A whirling vortex of pink energy whirled around the Kyonshi, slamming them against each other and spitting them out to the ground.


Nearby, Tenma Ranger somersaulted across the ground with his Thunder Staff and rose to a defensive stance while facing Purse Priest.


The Gorma laughed at the Ranger. “Don’t you remember what happened last time, Tenma Ranger! Head Crusher!”


The villain launched a volley of red heads that swerved through the air and streaked towards the Blue Ranger.


Tenma Ranger stood firm, remembering what Kaku had taught him. “It is not always a matter of power versus power, but sometimes a matter of learning ways around power…”


Tenma Ranger placed his left palm over his right fist and closed his eyes beneath his helmet.


“Ki!” he said firmly as the unicorn eyes on his helmet flashed. He sensed the approaching objects. He kept his back straight as he dodged each blow with ease. The red heads swerved past him, each one missing its mark by inches.


“What?!” Purse Priest shouted as his attack ended without scoring a single hit. “Impossible!”


“No need to get red in the face about it,” Tenma Ranger said. He snapped into a fighting stance and charged towards the Gorma.


“Tenma Flash Kick!” he shouted as he launched at the monster with a flurry of energized tornado kicks. Each kick slammed against the Gorma with a streak of blue energy. Each kick forced the Gorma a step backward.


The last kick in his combo knocked the villain off his feet and sent him tumbling across the ground. Tenma Ranger waited for the monster to rise before extending his hand and shouting “Gravity Pulse!”


A blue, jagged wave of energy shot from his hand and exploded against the side of the Gorma, ripping half his body while blowing the villain off his feet, steam rising from his wounds.


The other Rangers regrouped with Tenma Ranger just as Purse Priest began to stumble back to his feet. The Gorma’s body was practically torn to shreds. His mask was torn, revealing the Gorma third eye. “You’ll pay for that!” he shouted while he pulled out an enlarging bomb.


“Thunder Staffs!” Dragon Ranger shouted. The five Rangers armed their staffs and tossed the weapons forward like spears. The staffs caged in the warrior and pinned his arm, preventing him from arming the bomb.


“Let’s bomb him,” Dragon Ranger said as the Rangers scattered into formation. Kaku had taught them a new technique.


The Rangers extended their hands into the air. Streaks of cyan energy formed spheres between their palms. They lowered the spheres to their chests. “Bomber, set.”


“Kiryoku!” Dragon Ranger shouted.


“Bomber!” they shouted together as they thrust the spheres forward. The energy spheres combined into a single golden energy blast that tore through the Gorma with a massive burst of flames, which consumed his body. The shockwave knocked the staffs back into the Rangers’ hands.




The next day, Justin rode through the city on his bike as Rocky jogged behind him. Kimberly spotted them and waved him over. “Rocky…”


“Hey Kimberly,” Rocky said with a smile as he walked over to her.


“I thought he was your student?”


Rocky shrugged. “Try telling him that…by the way…” Rocky dug through his pocket. He handed her the earring. “I’m assuming this is yours…it’s not quite Adam’s style.”


Kimberly smiled. “Thank you.”


“Let’s go, Rocky!” Justin yelled.


Rocky backed up and jogged after Justin. “Well, gotta go. Later!” Huh, he thought. Maybe I’m not so bad at this super hero thing after all.


To be continued…Chapter 03