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Monster Index


Members of the Gorma Empire could harness the One Power to transform into monstrous warriors. Each member of the Gorma was granted a rank or title as part of the Empire’s organizational structure. The monsters are listed in the order they appeared.


Himo Danshaku: Baron String. His human form was a small boy who frequently played with a yo-yo and sang Japanese folk songs. He was the first Gorma monster to attack the Power Rangers formed in 2002. ATTACKS: Tentacle Strike, when the Gorma thrust out his hand and launched five tentacles. Tentacle Blade, when the monster fired a spear-shaped tentacle. (Chapter 01)


Gamaguchi Houshi: Purse Priest had a black muscular body covered with red leather straps. He wore a red mask that wrapped over his entire head. Various pockets lined his spine. His human form was a basketball player. He also served as the Gorma’s executioner for religious ceremonies. ATTACKS: Head Crusher, when a bunch of red gourd-type masks flew from the pockets on his spine and jetted towards his opponent. (Chapter 02)


Kagi Dokeshi: Key Jester. His human form was a man who frequently skated on rollerblades instead of walking. He could remove souls from bodies and use those souls to possess dolls. ATTACKS: Sting Blades, when he shot key-shaped projectiles. (Chapter 03)


Kuchibeni Utahime: Lipstick Songstress. Called Museek by the media. Extremely vain. ATTACKS: Sonic Slash, an energized sword swing. Sonic Destroyer, a burst of sonic energy. (Chapter 04)


Daizojo Riju: Archbishop Saw. Master of Tenkasei Ryou. His human form was an overweight bishop with a long white beard. (Chapter 05)


Kagami Keshoshi: Master Mirror. Called Shard by the media. He could trap people within the mirror on his body. ATTACKS: Light Flash, a burst of light energy. Light Storm, a disorienting strobe-light attack. Split Attack, an illusion where he appeared in multiple forms that spun around to confuse his opponent. (Chapter 06)


Sakura Shishaku: Baron Sakura. His body was made of rotting plant vines. He watched everyone through a single eye on his head. Produced pollen that could drive people insane. ATTACKS: Rabid Pollen, explosive pollen spores. (Chapter 06)


Jishoku Shinpu: Father Magnet. His human form was a priest. He had the ability to reverse polarities. (Chapter 07)


Tofu Sennin: Tofu Hermit. Master of the Drunken Fist. (Chapter 07)



Kabuki Kozo: Kabuki Novice. He was long and pale, and his body was lined with red streaks. He had the traditional Gorma third eye on his forehead. Capable of possessing people. (Chapter 08)


Haniwa Fukuwajutsushi: Defense Teacher Ventriloquist. A deceptive monster. The Gorma appeared as a humanoid warrior with a puppet. But the warrior was actually the puppet, and the puppet was the main Gorma. (Chapter 09)



Sankanjo: Three Ladies. Iyaringu Kanjo (Lady Earring), Nekkuresu Kanjo (Lady Necklace), Yubiwa Kanjo (Lady Ring). The Three Ladies raised Akomaru. (Chapters 10, 11,12 )


Kagero Zukin: Heatwave Hood. Could spit fire and trap people within the furnace in his gut. ATTACKS: Fire Blade, a burst of flaming energy. (Chapter 13)


The San Baka Gorma: Three Gorma Stooges. Hakaishi Shacho (Company President Gravestone), Denwa Sensei (Teacher Telephone), Kamikaze Taisho (Boss Kamikaze). Less-than-serious Gorma obsessed with competitions. (Chapter 14)


Tsubo Dojin: Pot Taoist. Practically unmovable and invulnerable to physical attacks. (Chapter 15)


Shitenno: Four Deva Kings. Touhouten (East Heaven), Hoppouten (North Heaven), Saihouten (West Heaven), Nanpouten (South Heaven). Their human forms were ancient Japanese monks. Could combine to form Gattai Shitenno (Combined Four Deva Kings). (Chapters 16, 18)



Hayakuchi Tabigarasu: Fast-Talking Player. His human form was a man dressed in ragged robes and a large circular hat. Carried a fishing rod he used to snag his victims. (Chapter 17)


Torikago Furaibo: Bird-cage Vagabond. Could trap his victims within a cage on his chest. His Gorma third eye was on his artificial, mystical leg. (Chapter 19)


Saboten Shogun: General Cactus. Could fire poisonous needles from across his body. (Chapter 19)        


Ozutsu Gunso: Sergeant Cannon. Could fire missiles from a cannon on his head. (Chapter 20)


Mangekyo Hakushaku: Count Kaleidoscope. Could emit rainbow-colored energy blasts and create illusions. (Chapter 21)


Pachinko Daimeijin: Great Famous Pachinko Player. Could trap his victims in giant pachinko balls. (Chapter 22)


Silver Horns: The pet of Akomaru. (Chapter 25)


First Lieutenant Zilong: A follower of Master Kaku. (Chapter 26)


Royal Guard: A pair of armored Gorma monsters that guarded the Gorma palace along with a small army of red-clad Kyonshi. (Chapter 28)