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Land of the Rising Sun: Chapter Seventeen

Edge of Defeat


Daimamou stood in the lower chambers of his floating skull palace. Dark candles provided the only source of illumination as the evil spirit whispered an incantation in a language long forgotten by time. Strands of purple energy crackled around him as he opened his jaw, and a bubbly mass started to appear from inside his mouth.


The mass formed a slimy egg that landed on the floor of stone. The egg cracked open, and a creature of blue slime started to assemble. The creature stood, its entire body made of blue-and-golden colored sludge. Daimamou whispered the creature’s name, which roughly translated into Blue Globber.


Ninjor has joined the Rangers,” Daimamou growled. “Along with the ShogunMegazord, NinjaMegazord, Battlezords…the scale of power has titled in their favor. I expect you to tip that scale.”


A bubbling noise escaped the creature’s lips.


Daimamou didn’t notice Hakumenrou eavesdropping from a dark corner.




It was three hours until dawn. A young boy and his two K-9’s walked through the woods alone. His stare seemed empty and eerie as he walked among the trees with his pets.


The boy stopped when Hakumenrou appeared in front of him. The dogs walked over to Hakumenrou and sat by his side.


“The Three God Generals are in danger,” Hakumenrou said. “Daimamou’s power is growing strong.”


The boy remained silent, his eyes seemingly staring through Hakumenrou.


“You know what to do,” Hakumenrou said.


The boy nodded before turning and walking off. His two dogs followed.




Nekomaru was parked near an empty plaza area. An ornate fountain spraying water was nearby. Ninjor was by the fountain, playing with Mikoja and Ayase while the rangers watched with amusement.


“There’s something you don’t see everyday,” Jonathan said.


“Where do you think their parents are?” Richie asked.


Jason shook his head. “Who knows…


Trini lowered her head at the mention of “parent.” It made her think of her father.


Ninjor let Mikoja run off and walked over to the rangers.


“It feels so good to be free again,” Ninjor said.


Zack smiled. “It’s been weeks, Ninjor.”


“How about I lock you up in a vase for 400 years and-” Ninjor started to say, but a screaming noise cut him off. He recognized the scream as Mikoja’s.




The Pink Hana Ninja smiled wickedly as she and her sisters, dressed in their standard gray ninja outfits with colored scarves, walked towards the girl with their swords pointed towards her throat. The girl screamed and struggled as Dorodoro held her against a tree.


“Stop right there!” Ninjor yelled as he and the rangers ran to the scene.


The Hana Ninja and soldiers turned to face the rangers. The Pink Hana Ninja flashed the rangers a cold smile. “Rangers…It has been a while…”


The Hana extended their hands and launched a cloud of sparkling dust that surrounded the rangers and exploded.


“Shogun transform!” They activated their armor and leapt from the explosion. The Rangers and Ninjor charged forward towards their opponents.


Ninjared charged towards Orange Hana Ninja, but a group of Dorodoro blocked his path. Ninjared pulled his sword free and began hacking through the soldiers. Parry. Counter. Thrust. Strike.


image003The Ranger slashed diagonally through the last Dorodoro and leapt towards the orange-scarf Hana with a horizontal strike. The woman vanished and reappeared behind the Ranger. Ninjared snapped his leg around with a hook kick aimed for her head, but she vanished again.


The Hana reappeared to Ninjared’s side and pulled out her blade. She knocked Ninjared’s sword away and slashed him diagonally across the chest, arcing her saber around for a follow up horizontal strike.


The green-scarf Hana’s sword sparked diagonally across Ninjayellow’s armor, and then horizontally. She kicked the Ranger backward, and he went rolling across the ground near a group of Dorodoro.


Ninjayellow rose to his feet and readied his sword. “You five must have been practicing…”


The Hana extended her sword and launched a stream of sparks that blasted against Ninjayellow and sent him flying backward.


The purple-scarf Hana parried a blow from Ninjawhite and ran her sword horizontally across Ninjawhite’s armor. The Hana followed with an upward diagonal swing, and then snapped an outer crescent kick that slammed against the Ranger’s helmet.


image005Ninjablack leapt towards the purple-scarf Hana to aid Ninjawhite. The Hana leapt through the air to meet the Ranger. Their swords clashed as they passed each other. They each slammed their feet against opposite trees and pushed back through the air, arcing towards each other. The Hana struck Ninjablack with a horizontal blow that knocked him back to the ground.


Ninjor used his fists to bash his way through a group of Dorodoro. His strikes were quick and efficient. Not a single move was wasted.


The warrior heard a scream in the distance and recognized the voice immediately.


Mikoja!” he shouted as he knocked a soldier away and ran towards his young friend.


The pink-scarf Hana Ninja was carrying Mikoja away as the girl screamed.


“Let her go you fiend!” Ninjor yelled as he sprinted towards them.


The Hana quickly turned around and snapped her fingers. A volley of chains erupted from the ground and wrapped around Ninjor, holding him in place while holding tight against his armor.


“Hey!” he shouted as he tried to break free. “What is this?”


“A trap, you blue twit,” the Hana said as she stood with her blade to the girl’s throat.


Nearby, a small line of blue ooze was creeping across the forest ground.


“These chains can’t hold me!” Ninjor shouted as he called upon all his strength and energy and snapped free from his bindings.


The warrior ran towards the Hana Ninja, when suddenly, a stream of blue energy erupted from the ground and latched onto Ninjor’s back. The energy materialized into the Blue Globber monster.


“Maybe the chains can’t,” the Hana said with an evil grin. “But surely my friend here can…”


The two K-9’s suddenly leapt from the woods as if from no where and slammed against the Hana Ninja. The Hana was thrown backwards, loosing her grasp on Mikoja.


Ninjawhite ran to the girl’s side and leaned over, placing her hands on her shoulders. “Run MikojaNekomaru will watch you.”


Mikoja nodded and ran off as the other Rangers regrouped with Ninjawhite.


Ninjor continued to struggle against the slime creature attached to his back. When he realized he couldn’t remove the monster by force, he resorted to more drastic measures.


“Going up,” Ninjor said as he grew to giant size.


Lightning streaked down from the sky and struck the Blue Globber, energizing the creature. The monster grew to giant size and tightened its grasp around Ninjor. Large tubes grew from its fingers, and the monster used these tubes to start draining energy from Ninjor.


Strands of energy danced across Ninjor’s body and were sucked into the tubes as Ninjor’s body started to tremble. The two opponents teleported away in a flash of blue energy.




The silent boy sat at an outdoor table near Nekomaru along with the rangers. His two dogs were nearby, ears perked and alert. The boy seamed different to the rangers, more than likely because he was speaking.


Daimamou wants the energy of the Sanshinshou,” the boy said in a quiet tone. “He’ll use the energy of Ninjor to get it.”


“How do you know this?” Jason asked as he leaned forward.


Trini had a more personal interest in the boy. “And how do you know my father? Sandaya said you were a friend of the family…What did he mean?”


“Just what he said,” the boy said as he rose and walked away with his two dogs.




Ninjor awoke to find himself on the ground of the Youkai Lord’s skull palace. He was bound in chains and unable to move. He tried to rise to his feet and break from the chains, but his legs were too weak.


Daimamou laughed at Ninjor as he entered the chamber with Hakumenrou at his side.


“Difficulty breaking free, Ninjor?” Daimamou asked. “My creature has absorbed your power. Soon you will be nothing more than an empty shell.”


“You’ll never get away with this, Daimamou,” Ninjor said.


The Youkai lord revealed a grin full of fangs. “I already have.”




The giant Blue Globber stomped through the streets as citizens below ran in panic. He fired cyan-tinted optic blasts that exploded against buildings and shattered through concrete and steel.


Nekomaru drove through the falling rubble below on its way to drop the rangers off at the battle scene. The van pulled to a stop as the rangers jumped out.


They stared up at the creature while reading their morphers.


“Shogun transform, Ninja Power!” they shouted as energy shimmered around them and they morphed into their Ranger forms.


Ninjazords, awaken!” the Rangers shouted while opening their scrolls.


“Ninja Ape!” Ninjared shouted. The symbol on his scroll glowed and projected behind the Ranger before forming the mighty ape zord. Ninjared levitated backwards and merged into his zord’s cockpit.


“Ninja Frog!” Ninjablack shouted. The symbol on his scroll glowed and projected behind the Ranger before forming the frog zord. Ninjablack levitated backwards and merged into his zord’s cockpit.


“Ninja Crane!” Ninjawhite shouted. The symbol on her scroll glowed and projected behind the Ranger before forming the crane zord. Ninjawhite levitated backwards and merged into her zord’s cockpit.


“Ninja Wolf!” Ninjablue shouted. The symbol on his scroll glowed and projected behind the Ranger before forming the wolf zord. Ninjablue levitated backwards and merged into his zord’s cockpit.


“Ninja Bear!” Ninjayellow shouted. The symbol on his scroll glowed and projected behind the Ranger before forming the bear zord. Ninjayellow levitated backwards and merged into his zord’s cockpit.


“Ninja fusion…Kakure Shogun!” the Rangers shouted as their zords leapt into the air and started to reform. The Ninjazords combined into one giant warrior and landed on the streets below.


The NinjaMegazord faced off with the Blue Globber.


Nearby, Daimamou watched from his skull fortress. A viewscreen of fire showed him the battle while Ninjor watched as well.


Blue Globber and NinjaMegazord charged at each other. The Megazord leapt forward with a double knifehand strike that knocked the monster backward. NinjaMegazord pressed forward with a backfist blow, but Blue Globber knocked the ape fist away and clawed the Megazord across the chest.


Blue Globber followed with a cross punch/roundkick combination that sparked against the Megazord’s armor.


image007Daimamou laughed as he watched. “See, Ninjor? You were better off staying in your small prison.”


The Youkai Lord used a telepathic connection to control most of Blue Globber’s moves.


The monster charged forward with another punching combo that slammed against the Megazord and pushed it back.


Globber opened its jaws and spat black slime that slapped against the Megazord’s chest, ape fist, and head. The slime set off a series of explosions that blasted along the Megazord’s armor.


The slime creature laughed, a low-pitched gurgling noise, as it stalked forward towards the damaged Megazord.


An ear-piercing screech cut through the air. Blue Globber looked up to see the White Falcon soar down from the sky.


The Falcon extended its wings forward while firing pulses of energy that exploded against the monster below.


NinjaMegazord leapt into the air to join its ally.


White Falcon flew through the skies, its reflection shining in the Megazord’s red eyes.


Falconzord, combine!” the Rangers shouted. The NinjaMegazord leapt up as the falcon connected onto its back.


NinjaMegazord…” the Rangers shouted. “Double knuckle strike!”


The falcon wings energized the Megazord’s two fists. The wolf fist and ape fist slammed against the Youkai with a fierce blow, smashing in the creature’s chest. The monster fell backward, his energy slowly overloading and exploding.


Back on the Skull fortress, Ninjor turned to face Daimamou.


“Ha!” the warrior said. “Your Blue Globber didn’t exactly cut it.”


Daimamou simply laughed. “Keep watching, Ninjor…”


The flames of the monster’s destruction started to flicker. Globber’s remains started to gather and reform. The creature took shape as blue energy started to flash across his body. A black visor spread across his face. He grew blue armor gauntlets and chest armor with Ninjor’s symbol. A sword grew on his back that was also similar to Ninjor‘s.


Daimamou laughed. “Seem familiar, Ninjor?”


The NinjaMegazord and Blue Globber started circling around each other.


“Not good,” Ninjayellow said.


“That thing looks like Ninjor,” Ninjablack said.


Blue Globber leapt forward and brought its blade down diagonally across the Megazord’s chest. The creature followed with two horizontal slashes. The blows sparked against the NinjaMegazord and pushed the Megazord backward. Blue Globber followed with two more strikes in an x-shaped pattern.


The creature formed a sphere of crimson energy between its hands and hurled it towards the Megazord. The sphere exploded against the NinjaMegazord.


Ninjared shook his head with frustration from within his cockpit. “This guy is even stronger than Ninjor…”


Blue Globber formed his sword staff and rushed towards the NinjaMegazord. The monster struck with a wide horizontal strike and followed by pushing forward with a combination of diagonal blows that sparked across the Megazord’s armor.


The monster swung its blade in a high arc aiming for the Megazord’s head. An armored hand reached out and grabbed the blade before it could connect. It was the ShogunMegazord.


The ShogunMegazord stepped forward with a punch that slammed the villain backward.


“The ShogunMegazord!” Ninjayellow shouted.


“Back up’s here, guys,” Ninjared said.


Blue Globber extended his blade and fired jagged bursts of blue energy that exploded against the two Megazords. The NinjaMegazord fought back by gliding forward to attack the creature.


“Spin kick!” Ninjared shouted from his cockpit.


The Megazord used its wings to spin across the air and slam a kick against the monster’s chest.


The ShogunMegazord ignited its saber and swung the fiery weapon towards the monster. The blade of fire slashed across the monster’s chest.


Ninjor was simultaneously thrown down to a rooftop as an explosion sparked against his chest.


Ninjor!” Ninjawhite called down.


Blue Globber charged back towards the ShogunMegazord and swung its blade down diagonally. The Megazord parried the blow and slashed across the villain’s chest.


An explosion simultaneously ignited against Ninjor’s chest.


“What’s going on with him?” Ninjablue asked.


Daimamou appeared in a flash of purple lightning. Hakumenrou appeared next to Ninjor with a golden sword in hand.


“Rangers…” Daimamou said with a feral grin. “As you can see, my creature and Ninjor are connected. Any harm that comes to my creation will come to your friend. Their connection grows with each moment.”


Blue Globber leapt towards the ShogunMegazord again with a high vertical strike. The Megazord blocked the blow, knocked the villain aside, and slashed across the creature’s chest.


An explosion simultaneously struck Ninjor.


Blue Globber leapt towards ShogunMegazord. The Megazord stepped aside while deflecting the villain’s blow. The monster’s own weight sent him tumbling forward.


image009The two Megazords turned and walked towards the skyscraper Ninjor was on top of. Hakumenrou placed his blade near Ninjor’s neck at the sight of the Megazords’ advance.


Daimamou glared at the Rangers. “Not a step closer, or he dies…”


The Megazord hesitated as Blue Globber recovered and moved in. The villain slashed across the ShogunMegazord’s armor with two strikes in an x-shaped pattern. The villain turned and landed a diagonal blow against the NinjaMegazord, following with a horizontal strike.


Blue Globber extended the tip of his blade and fired a torrent of jagged blue energy that exploded against the Megazords and sent them crashing to the ground. White Falcon was blasted off of the NinjaMegazord and landed between the two Megazords.


The monster lifted his blade into the air, emitting countless bolts of blue lightning that exploded against the zords and all around them in a fierce series of blows.


Ninjawhite looked from her cockpit to Hakumenrou. “Father! Don’t let him do this!”


“Silence!” Daimamou shouted. “My creature…take the Three God Generals’ energy for your own.”


Blue Globber extended his tube hands as he slowly stalked towards the zords again.


“Father!” Ninjawhite shouted.


Ninjared shook his head. “Get it together, guys…if that Globber touches us, we’re toast.”


Ninjayellow struggled while trying to command the worn Megazord to rise. “Come on you stupid zord…get up…”


Blue Globber continued his advance, his tubes ready to drain the three zords of power.


To be continued…Chapter 18