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Monster Index


The Youkai were spirits that fed on sadness and sorrow 400 years ago. The spirits learned to possess and kill human hosts to assume monster forms. Many of the Youkai spirits were the basis of Japanese folklore. The monsters are listed in the order they appeared.  


Kappa: Has green, leafy skin while in his monster form. He was mates with Rokurokubi. He tricked Jason and Zack into opening the Youkai tomb. In folklore, a Kappa is a water demon. (Chapter 01)


Rokurokubi: Kappa’s mate. Had a detachable head with tentacles while in monster form. In folklore, Rokurokubi resemble humans and can stretch their necks at night. (Chapter 01)


Oboroguruma: Resembled a taxi cab. Based on the folklore of a ghostly chariot with the face of its driver. (Chapter 01)


Azukiarai: A lizard-like monster with a mushroom shaped head. In folklore, he is a ghostly monster, usually near a river, who amuses itself by singing and drowns its victims in the water. (Chapter 02)


Bakeneko: A cat-like Youkai. Based on the folklore of a ghostly cat that haunts the households where it was kept. (Chapters 03)


Tengu: A long-nosed Youkai. In folklore, tengu were depicted with avian and human characteristics. (Chapter 04)


Nurikabe: Its monster form was made of brick segments. Based on the folklore of spirits that manifested as walls to misdirect pedestrians. (Chapter 04)


Mokumokuren: In myth, the spirit lived in torn, sliding paper doors and could make people go blind. (Chapter 04)


Keukegen: Posed as a doctor in its human form. Was the basis of a folklore creature that resembled a dog covered in long hair. (Chapter 05)


Shuten Doji: Monster brothers. In folklore, Shuten Doji was an infamous, bloodthirsty Oni that kidnapped princesses. (Chapters 06 and 07)


Amikiri: Lost a hand to the original Ninjablue. Based on the folklore of a snake-like creature with a bird’s head and lobster’s claws. (Chapter 08)


Tsuchigumo: A spider Youkai. In folklore, the spider creature lived in the Japanese Alps. (Chapter 10)


Umibozu: A bloated, fish-like Youkai. Based on the folklore of an ocean creature that attacked ships. (Chapter 11)


Ittanmomen: Appeared wrapped in strands of cloth. In folklore, the creature flew through the air and wrapped itself around its victims to suffocate them. (Chapter 13)


Kasabake: Based on the folklore of spirits that are born from objects that reach their 100th year of existence. (Chapter 13)


Nue: In folklore, a Nue had a monkey head, racoon/dog body, tiger legs, and a snake tail. (Chapter 13)


Vampirus: A vampire Youkai covered in purple robes. (Chapter 15)


Kyuubi No Kistune: Basis of the nine-tailed fox spirits in folklore. (Chapter 16)


Nopperabou: Its body appeared to be made of stitched cloth. (Chapter 16)


Blue Globber: Born from Daimamou. (Chapters 17 and 18)


Kasha: A Youkai of fire. (Chapter 19)


Yukionna: A Youkai of ice. In folklore, a Yukionaa was a snow-woman ghost. (Chapter 20)