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Author’s Note: The following story takes place in 2003, several months after the start of Book Six: Shadows of Evil.


Ultimate Kamen Rider Ryuuki: One-Shot

Fall of Edenoi


The surface of Edenoi was toxic, reduced to near waste due to the mining of poisonous gases beneath the planet’s surface. The planet’s tyrant, Count Dregon, used the Edenyte people as slaves to mines the gases.


One of the larger digging sites was on the small, southern continent on Edenoi. Lines of chained slaves miles long marched into dark caverns. Guards watched from several command towers as well as on the surface. They wore suits of rusty gray armor and animal skins to signify rank.


One of the slaves collapsed to the ground as his dark, ragged robes flailed in the wind.


“Vermin, get up,” a guard said as he walked over to the slave and kicked him in the gut. Two other guards surrounded the slave and activated their stun sticks. “Teach him how to listen."


Electricity danced across the stun sticks as the guards swung them down towards the slave. Before the sticks could connect, the slave’s hands darted out from his cloak and grabbed the wrists of the guards. He twisted their arms, causing the guards to fall to the ground as he snapped free from his chains and tossed off his cloak.


He had short dark hair and brown eyes. He appeared no older than 18 rotations, and yet he had an aura of power around him. He was Dex, Prince of Edenoi.


“Ryuuki, awaken!” he shouted as energy twirled around him and he transformed into a Kamen Rider. He was covered with a red body suit with silver armor plating and a silver grated mask.


“Kamen Rider, Ryuuki!” he shouted.


Dex had retrieved the Ryuuki powers months ago with the help of the Power Rangers and Ninja Rangers from Earth. He had fought against his uncle Dregon with the power ever since.


“It’s him!” the guards screamed with fear as they stepped back.


Ryuuki flipped forward through the air and flying hook kicked a soldier’s stun baton away. Kamen Rider landed and slammed a sidekick against the soldier’s face.


The rest of the soldiers weren’t foolish enough to stay and try to fight. They turned and ran as fast as they could.


Ryuuki placed his foot on the fallen soldier’s chest and pressed down. He pointed at the retreating soldiers. “Tell Dregon his days are numbered!”




Prince Dex powered down his Rider armor when entering the resistance movement’s cave base. His aide, Azreanna, walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“That’s the second group we’ve freed this week,” she said with a smile.


Dex smiled back and nodded. “Dregon’s forces are spreading thin. It’s only a matter of time.”


Dex and Azreanna moved through the underground chambers as soldiers packed away weapons and equipment. Dex’s cell was changing locations again. With so many of Dregon's resources focused on tracking down Kamen Rider, Dex decided it best to stay on the move as much as possible.




Dregon grabbed tightly onto his scepter while pacing back and forth on his command deck.


“Nefaria,” he said as he turned to face his female first officer. “Is our course set in for Earth?”


She nodded. “Yes, Count Dregon. All your forces have been pulled off of Edenoi except for your reserves. We’re ready to move out at your command.”


Dregon nodded. He had wanted Ryuuki’s head before leaving towards Earth. Holding Edenoi had just become too taxing on his forces.


“This small dust ball isn’t worth it,” Dregon said. “Prepare for the final assault. Then we will leave this retched place.”




Dregon’s spider base flew over the barren surface of Edenoi while firing pulse blasts from its ventral hull. The energy blasts exploded against the surface and caved in the tunnels below. It was Dregon’s most vicious attack yet.




The tunnels shook as Dex placed his hand on the cavern wall to steady himself. Azreanna tripped and fell forward as rubble started to fall down around them.


Dex ran to Azreanna’s side and helped her to her feet.


“We must hurry,” Dex said as he led her forward, the cavern collapsing around them.




The Spider Base moved on to the southern hemisphere, full cannons blazing across the surface and cracking the planet’s crust.


Dregon smiled with satisfaction as he watched the carnage through his forward viewport.


“I believe that’s enough for now…” Dregon said. “Leave this place. Full speed towards Earth.”


The Spider Base left the planet’s atmosphere and headed out towards open space as Dregon watched the image of Edenoi grow smaller through the bridge rear viewscreen.


Some of his crew members questioned the wisdom of leaving the Ryuuki power behind. Dregon knew, however, that his nephew would follow. Earth would be their next battle field.




King Lexian stood in his central command chamber miles below ground. His white hair and beard were neatly trimmed, and he wore an intricate tan-colored jumpsuit with gold trimming. Several holographic screens surrounded Lexian, each displaying various scenes of carnage across the globe.


Dex entered from the rear of the room and kneeled behind his grandfather.


“King Lexian,” he said with his head lowered.


King Lexian turned to face Dex. “Rise, my grandson.” Dex did so as Lexian started to speak. “The losses are heavy…Dregon is leaving this system.”


Dex wrinkled his brow. “Dregon leaving? To where?”


“Earth,” Lexian said.


Dex narrowed his brow. “The Rangers must be warned.”


Lexian shook his head. “This is not their fight…”


Dex nodded in understanding. “You want me to follow, don’t you, grandfather? To go to Earth?”


Lexian nodded. “Dregon must be stopped. His destiny is linked to yours.”


Dex nodded, rolling his hands up into fists. His uncle…the murder of his father…Dregon…


“Who will head my unit?” Dex asked.


“Azreanna,” Lexian explained.


Dex nodded.


“May The Power protect you, Dex,” Lexian said as he pulled his grandson into his embrace.




The Spider Base speared into real space in Earth’s orbit. Dregon’s viewscreen locked onto the intersection of the planet’s ley lines, where the Earth’s magick was strongest.


A cold smile spread across Dregon’s place. “This world is ripe with power…”


“This world is cursed,” his henchman Cycloptor said.


“Never the less,” Dregon said as he waved his hand forward, commanding the viewscreen to zoom in east of Angel Grove to a city called Leawood.


“There,” Dregon said. “This will be our target.”


The population center was smaller than other cities in the area such as Crossworld City, Stone Canyon, and Angel Grove. He could gather strength there and slowly push to take over the whole area. Then the world would lend its resources to him.


Dregon turned to Nefaria. “Send down Predasect.”




Dex’s vision slowly blurred into focus as he pulled himself up from the ground. At once he knew something was wrong. He was lying a dirt crater surrounded by trees and fields of grass.


“Where am I…” he asked as he climbed out of the crater. Then the recollection hit him. “Earth…this is Earth…”


His memory of leaving Edenoi seemed to have been knocked from his mind. That wasn’t important though. What was important was that he still remembered his mission.


He was dressed in a tan-colored jumpsuit and white undershirt. He straightened his collar while starting through the trees of the alien world.


He looked over his right shoulder and noticed a young human girl and young human boy staring at him in shock.


Terrans…Dex thought to himself. I should try to make contact…


“Greetings,” Dex said while walking forward towards the teenage girl and young boy. They turned and ran at his first step.


Dex tilted his head in confusion. “You’d think I looked like a Fray’lothian to them…”


The prince ran after the two humans. “Wait! I’m not here to harm you!”


Dex continued to dash through the woods. He caught up with the two humans, finding them standing in fear at something up in the branches. Dex stopped near them and looked up to see the Predasect perched on a branch. It’s body was black and slimy, covered in light layers of shell-like armor. It’s eyes were bright and yellow. It had hair resembling twisted black organic wires. Four claws extended from each of the creature’s forearms.


“Predasect,” Dex said while falling into a defensive stance in front of the two humans. He looked over his shoulder to them. “Run…”


The two did so without hesitation.


Predasect leapt towards Dex and launched a double sidekick that slammed against the prince’s chest. Dex was thrown backwards and slammed splintering through a tree branch.


Dex rolled across the ground and rolled to his knees, looking up to see Predasect charging forward.


The prince rose to his feet and summoned the fire within him.


“Ryuuki, awaken!” he shouted. Red energy twirled around Dex as his red and silver armor flashed into existence.


Predasect pounced and swung its left claws towards Ryuuki’s head. Kamen Rider blocked the blow and slammed a knifehand against the creature’s neck. Kamen Rider followed with a round kick that slammed against the creature’s side.


Ryuuki continued his advance by swinging a hook punch. The creature grabbed Kamen Rider by the arm and swung him around, letting go and sending the Rider slamming through a tree trunk.


Ryuuki flipped back to his feet just as the creature pounced for another attack. Kamen Rider snapped out with a hook kick that smashed against the monster’s face. The creature spun with the blow and tackled against Ryuuki, knocking the Rider to the ground. Predasect started thrashing against Ryuuki’s armor.


Ryuuki narrowed his eyes beneath his helmet. “I won’t let Dregon destroy another world…”


Kamen Rider grabbed onto the creature’s wrists and twisted. Predasect squealed in pain as Ryuuki kicked his feet out, slamming his heels against the creature’s chest. Predasect was thrown backwards and sent crashing through a tree trunk, splintering wood and bark everywhere.


The creature slowly rose to his feet as Ryuuki armed his gauntlet.


“Rider Flare!” Ryuuki shouted, firing a stream of flame that exploded through the creature in a massive burst of fire.


Dex’s armor powered down as a wave of fatigue struck him. The trip from Edenoi. The battle. His body collapsed in exhaustion.


Several minutes passed before the boy and girl returned to the scene, looking down at Ryuuki.


“Did you see that?” the young African-American boy said while looking up to the girl with short blonde hair.


She nodded. “He looks like he needs help…”


“Come on,” the young boy said as he draped Dex’s arm over his shoulder. “Help me get him up.”


The girl sighed, knowing she would probably live to regret the decision. She helped lift the unconscious prince up and carry him from the battle field.