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Galaxy Rangers: Chapter Four

When Lightning Strikes


The five teens stood in front of Moku as the wise tree briefed them on the plans of the Balban. “Capt. Zaihabu will stop at nothing to revive his ship, the Daitanix,” Moku said. “To do so, he’ll require a significant amount of energy.”


“Is that what those monsters were up to in the city?” Ryouma asked.


“Yes,” Moku said. “The great dragon Daitanix must not be awakened.”




Hikaru pushed a wheel barrel full of hay out of the Silver Star’s main barn and closer to the horses. “This is ridiculous,” the young ranger mumbled to himself. “I’m a warrior, not a farm hand.”


Hikaru heard a horse neigh as two strangers crouched behind a bush on the other side of the fence. The teens aimed their slingshots at the horses and smiled. “Five bucks says you miss,” one said to another.


“Hey!” Hikaru shouted as he extended his hand and a fired a bolt of lightning that struck the ground in front of them. They screamed as they stood. “Leave this place alone, or you’ll be sorry,” he shouted as he extended his hand again. “Ha!” Another bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of them as they ran off. "Idiots..."




Hikaru turned to see Hayate glaring at him, and he knew he was in trouble. “Uh, oh.” He ran off as Hayate followed.


Hikaru ran to the other side of the barn, where Ryouma and Saya worked by a fence. Hikaru ducked behind Ryouma and used him to keep Hayate back.


“What are you two doing?” Saya asked.


“He used his Aasu against a couple of kids,” Hayate said.


“They weren’t kids, and they were going to hurt the horses,” Hikaru said from behind Ryouma. “What was I supposed to do?”


“Hikaru,” Saya said as she shook her head.


“You can’t use your Aasu against others like that,” Hayate said. “Your power is to be used only when needed.”


“But it’s ok for Ryouma to use his Seijuukin to split wood?” Hikaru said.


“What?” Hayate asked.


“Oh yeah,” Ryouma said as his face turned as red as his shirt. He placed his hand on the back of his head. “I forgot about that.”


“Ryouma, you should know better,” Hayate said.


As Ryouma tried to explain, Hikaru took advantage of the distraction and ran off. Ryouma caught his friend’s departure out of the corner of his eye and called out to him. “Hikaru!”


Hikaru ran past Ryuuta. “Hikaru, what are you in such a hurry for?”


He stopped to explain, but heard Ryouma and Hayate come after him. “I’ll explain on the way.”


He grabbed Ryuuta by the arm, and the two friends ran off.




Sanbashu grabbed Bukarates by the collar and lifted the troll-like creature to eye level. “You little, useless keg! Give me a way to revive this big lizard or I’ll feed you to the sharks!”


“Put me down, Sanbashu,” Bukarates pleaded. “I-I- Heat should have worked.”


“It didn’t!” Sanbashu slapped Bukarates across the face, and the troll crashed hard onto the ground.


“That’s enough, Sanbashu,” Capt. Zaihabu said as he stepped onto the deck with Sherinda at his side.


Bukarates rose back onto his stubby legs and wiped the dust from his shirt as Sherinda walked towards him. “Bukarates, what else can you come up with?” she asked as she tapped her saber against her hand.


Bukarates moved to a small table near the rear of the cabin and began shuffling through old books and some notes that he’d written. “I believe a simpler form of energy is what we need.”


“Simpler than heat?!” Sanbashu asked.


ginga-vi-sanbash04“Silence,” Zaihabu commanded. “What is this energy form you speak of, Bukarates?”


“Electricity,” Bukarates said.


“Ok!” Sanbashu shouted as he aimed his weapon at the door leading towards his chambers. “Doretto!” he shouted as he blasted the door open. A tall, slender centipede monster stepped out onto the deck. “Go to the city and gather electricity.”


“That is what I do best, general,” the monster said as a grin spread across his face.


“If you run into the Gingaman,” Zaihabu commanded. “Kill them.”




Hikaru walked along the busy streets of the city with Ryuuta as he ate a hotdog. “Hayate just doesn’t understand,” he said. “What good are these powers if we can’t use them?”


Ryuuta shrugged, having little knowledge on the subject. “I’m sure the horses are grateful at least.”


Hikaru stopped as he saw a strange gathering in the plaza. A crowd had gathered around several individuals strangely dressed while performing a variety of tricks.


“What are those people?” Hikaru asked.


Ryuuta’s face grew bright. “They’re magicians and jugglers. They’re really cool.”


Hikaru saw one magician trying to impress a few passersby with little success. He smiled as he turned to Ryuuta. “Watch this…”


Hikaru ran over to the man. “Let me show you how’s it done.” He turned to the crowd and lifted his hands into the air. “Hey! You guys want to see something really cool? I’m the amazing Hikaru, and this, is my Aasu.”


He pointed his finger towards the ground, and a small yellow lightning bolt shot out, striking the pavement. The crowd opened their eyes in amazement.


Ryuuta wrinkled his brow as the people started to clap. “I don’t really think he should be showing off,” he said quietly.




In a downtown apartment building, a woman was vacuuming her floor when the wall was blasted in. Doretto stepped forth from the hole.


“Sorry to barge in,” he said as he extended two red tentacles that wrapped around electric devices and began sucking energy from them.


The woman tried to quietly escape by crawling through the hall, but she screamed and fainted when a group of Yattatoo blocked her path.


“Something tells me this is going to be fun,” the monster said.


After having used every source of electricity in the apartment complex, they moved through the streets towards their next target while passing a small grove of trees.




Moku’s eyes snapped open, having seen the Balban through the eyes of the trees in Stone Canyon. "Balban!" He shouted.


The four teens and Boku turned to a view screen that rippled to life on the west wing of the chamber.


“What’s it doing?” Gouki asked.


“Nothing good, Boku,” the small acorn said as he hovered in the air.


Doretto is absorbing electricity from the city and causing great damage,” Moku said. “You can see now that the Balban will stop at nothing to revive their ship.”


Ryouma nodded. “Where’s Hikaru?”


“He’s not answering my hails. I will keep trying to each him,” Moku said.




The monster was leaving the city and entering a suburb when the four Galaxy Rangers arrived while running in animal-like poses.


“Balban!” Galaxy Red shouted as they came to a stop and assumed fighting stances. “You won’t revive Daitanix. Not while were around.”


“I’m a living power house,” Doretto said as he, his soldiers, and the Rangers began to circle around each other. “What makes you think you can stop me?”


A red tendril sprang from his hand, and he used it to whip the Rangers across their chests one by one. Doretto twirled the whip around and wrapped it along Galaxy Green’s throat, then tugged him off of his feet. Galaxy Green used the momentum to his advantage, flipped through the air, and double kicked the centipede creature in the face.


The four Rangers regrouped as Yattatoo circled around the monster to protect him. “Gingaman…Daitanix will be revived, and I am the key to doing so.” The villains tele-skipped backward and retreated before the Rangers could stop them.




Hikaru flashed another bolt into the air as the crowd continued to applaud. The magician he had talked to earlier walked around the audience with a hat to collect donations.


Hayate walked up behind the gathered people and sighed with disappointment as he watched his friend show off his powers.


Hikaru noticed his friend and immediately felt a lump swell in his throat. He stepped aside and went to speak to Hayate. They moved over to a fountain that Ryuuta sat on the edge of. The young one was curious as to how the confrontation would progress.


“I can’t believe this,” Hayate said. “We were off fighting while you were here showing off for profit.”


Hikaru held up his hands. “Hey, now I wasn’t going to keep any of that money. The magician can have it.”


“So you’re letting him use you,” Hayate corrected. “That’s almost worse.”


“Our Aasu is ours to do with as we please,” Hikaru said. “It’s not like I was hurting anyone, I just wanted to have a little fun.”


“You can’t use your Aasu for fun,” Hayate said. “The power we have is to be used responsibly. Why you were here having your fun, we were out fighting, defending this city. That and…”


“And what?”


“This is part of a bigger problem. You rely too much on your Aasu.”


“What?! Stop lecturing me, Hayate,” Hikaru snapped.


Hayate shook his head and walked away. “Fine.”




Doretto was in the Balban castle with the captain, Sherinda, Bukarates and Sanbashu. Bukarates was siphoning the energy the monster had collected into a wide array of containment spheres.


“It isn’t enough,” Bukarates said.


“What?” Zaihabu moved closer towards the troll while readying his claw.


“We don’t have another 3,000 years,” Sanbashu said.


“Wait, wait,” Bukarates said as he held up his hands. “I have something that may make the process go faster.”


“May make it go faster?” Sherinda asked.


“It will,” Bukarates said as he looked through a variety of items on his desk. He found a gray cylinder object. “This will boost Doretto’s power.”


He tossed the small cylinder down the creature’s throat.




Hikaru walked through the streets at night near a small amusement park as he chewed on an apple he’d bought with some money the magician had given him.


“Used…phft,” Hikaru said as he took a bite of the apple. He sat on a bench and sighed. He looked up just in time to see several city lights blink out. He wrinkled his brow with confusion.


Hikaru looked around as the streets became black, and he saw Doretto sparking with energy as he drained power from the city.


“So…” Hikaru said with a cocky grin. “I rely too much on my Aasu, huh?


Ginga Tensei!” he shouted as he transformed into his armor and ran over to where the creature stood.


“Balban!” he shouted while assuming a fighting stance. “You’re about to get fried!” He held his two hands apart from each other as yellow lightning danced between his fingers and palms.


The monster smiled. “Electricity? Oh my…”




Doretto is back!” Moku warned as the other four rangers snapped to attention in their lair.


“Where?” Saya asked.


“He’s fighting Hikaru,” Moku said. A quartet of vines extended from the ceiling. “These will take you to him.”


The teens grabbed onto the vines and were lifted by their magick.




The four rangers were pulled closer to where Hikaru was battling the Balban, but they had to run a considerable distance through the city to catch up to him.


“Where is he?” Saya asked.


Ryouma shook his head. “We need some light…”


The five formed a circle and joined hands in the center as they shouted “Aasu, shorai!” Their Aasu lit several city blocks as well as daylight would have.


Before they could reach their friend, a group of Yattatoo blocked their way.


“Break!” Ryouma shouted as the four rangers attacked.


Gouki jump kicked a soldier, then turned behind him to elbow a soldier in the face. He tossed a rope he wore on the back of his belt that lassoed around a soldier. He dragged that soldier closer to him and slammed the villain to the ground, then elbowed him in the throat.


Hayate grabbed onto a soldier, then fell onto his back as he flipped the soldier backwards. He sat up and placed a small wooden tube in his mouth. He blew into the tube, and a volley of poison darts sprang out, striking a trio of Yattatoo in their necks.


Saya readied her slingshot and fired rocks packed with explosive powder that exploded against a soldier’s chests.


Ryouma used his metallic red boomerang to parry a soldier’s sword, then he sliced that villain across the chest. Ryouma turned to his left to face his next opponent and side kicked that soldier in the face. Ryouma then hurled his boomerang at a group of soldiers, and each of them was struck down.


“Moku,” Ryouma called into his brace. “We need to get a hold of Hikaru.”


“There’s too much electrical interference from the Balban he’s facing.”




Galaxy Yellow rolled backward on the roof of a large building as Doretto walked towards him.


“Ha!” Galaxy Yellow shouted as he extended his hand, and a bolt of lightning shot out. Doretto absorbed the blast and laughed it off.


“It’s like throwing coal onto a hot fire,” the monster said as he stalked towards him.


Damn…my Aasu won’t work on him. This isn’t looking good. Galaxy Yellow crouched in a defensive pose as he slowly thumbed his Seijuukin.


He pulled out his sword and charged towards the villain, driving the blade through its chest. “Ha!”


The monster simply knocked the blade away and backfisted the Ranger to the ground.


“Nice try, little boy,” Doretto shouted as he wrapped his two tentacles around Galaxy Yellow’s neck. The Ranger flashed with electricity as Doretto drained energy from Galaxy Yellow’s body.




The four teens regrouped, as did the Yattatoo. One of the soldiers readied a small cannon and fired a shot that exploded around the team. When the smoke cleared, the Rangers had already transformed into their armor, and they charged towards the villains.


Galaxy Red charged into the soldiers, hook punching them and clawing them as he evaded their attacks.


Galaxy Blue grabbed a soldier by the neck, leapt through the air, and slammed the soldier into a tree.


Galaxy Pink flipped a Yattatoo onto the ground, straddled it, and clawed it across the face.


Galaxy Green ran towards a group of soldiers while holding his arms out in a condor-like fighting pose. He leapt towards a soldier, grabbed it by the neck, and flipped it to the ground. Soldiers came at him from three sides, but he blocked each blow and knifehanded the villains with swift maneuvers. He grabbed one Yattatoo by the wrist, flipped it to the ground, and struck the villain in the throat with his hands shaped as claws.


Galaxy Green looked around for Hikaru, and saw a flash of yellow from a skyscraper off in the distance.


“That has to be him…GingaCondor!”


His Seijuu swept through the air with its wings spread as Galaxy Green leapt onto the beast’s head.




Doretto drained energy from Galaxy Yellow until the teen’s armor flashed one final time and shimmered away. The monster retracted his tentacles and stalked towards the fallen teen.


“Now to finish you off the old fashioned way,” Doretto said as he leaned down and placed a choke hold on Hikaru. Hikaru struggled to pry the monster’s fingers from his throat, but he could not.


Then a condor’s cry was heard in the distance as they looked to see GingaCondor swooping towards them.


“Hikaru!” Galaxy Green shouted as he leapt off of his beast and flying kicked the monster off of his friend. The Green Ranger landed and kneeled next to Hikaru, scooping him up with his arms. “Hikaru! Are you okay?”


Hikaru could barely open his eyes. He struggled with his own breathing as he answered. “So-sorry. You…were right.”


“The boy is as good as dead,” Doretto said. “Leave him be!”


Seijuukin!” Galaxy Green shouted as he pulled his sword and ran towards the monster, holding his weapon so the blade ran parallel to his forearm. He swung his sword toward Doretto’s head diagonally, but the monster blocked the blow and backfisted Galaxy Green to the ground.


Galaxy Green rolled as he tumbled and rose to his knees. He lunged towards the monster again, but Doretto grabbed him by the throat and tossed him to the ground.


Hikaru slowly opened his eyes and watched as his teammate received a beating from the monster.


“Hayate!” Hikaru shouted as Galaxy Green was blasted by an electric bolt from the monster. Explosions danced across the Green Ranger’s armor as he fell to the ground.


Hikaru weakly extended his hand. “Ha!” Sparks of energy danced over his fingertips, but nothing happened.


“All out of juice, remember?” Doretto taunted.


“Hikaru,” Moku said through his brace, managing to break through the interference from the monster. “The Aasu is not the source of your strength…you are the source of its strength. Rely not on it, but on the strength of your will.”


That’s what Hayate tried to tell me…but I was too busy showing off…He looked at the Green Ranger as he was struck by the monster again. Hikaru rolled his hand up into a fist as he slowly rose to his feet. “Hayate!”


Yellow energy circled around Hikaru as he stood at full strength. “Let’s go! Ginga Tensei! Ha!” Energy swirled around him as he transformed into his armor.


“Galaxy Yellow! Hikaru!”


“Back for more?” Doretto asked.


Galaxy Yellow extended his hands as twin beams of lightning danced around them, then lashed out and crashed into the monster, exploding against his exoskeleton, too powerful to be absorbed.


Galaxy Yellow leapt through the air and tackled the monster, forcing both of them off of the building. The two opponents crashed to the ground as Galaxy Yellow used the monster to cushion his blow. He pushed the creature across the ground while shouting “Yatatatatatatata…” and he slammed the villain's head against a rock.

Galaxy Yellow then snapped into a fighting stance as the monster rose to his feet. Galaxy Green landed next to his teammate.


“Nice to see you back in the game,” Galaxy Green said.


Seijuukin!” The two Rangers unsheathed their swords as the monster charged at them.


They energized their blades.

“Cyclone Slash!”


“Crescent Slash!”


The two blades radiated with energy as they cut through their opponent, causing him to fall backwards as explosions ripped across his body.


“Balban essence,” Doretto weakly sipped from the bottle he carried, causing him to grow giant.






The two beats stood on either side of the monster as they roared in unison.


Doretto fired beams of energy from his eyes aimed towards GingaWolf, but the yellow Seijuu leapt under the blast and bit into the monster’s leg. GingaCondor then swooped past the monster while clipping him across the chest with his wings.


“Let’s give them some help, Hikaru,” Galaxy Green said as the two Rangers leapt on top of their Seijuu.


“Charge, GingaWolf!” Galaxy Yellow shouted as his beast’s shoulders spiked out and radiated with energy. The wolf ran past the monster and struck him hard.


GingaCondor, cyclone attack!” GingaCondor used its wings to produce an energy cyclone that lifted Doretto into the air and crushed him as his body exploded.


“Alright!” Galaxy Green shouted.


Galaxy Yellow gave Galaxy Green a thumbs up, but before he could say anything, he feinted from exhaustion and fell from his Seijuu.


“Hikaru!” Galaxy Green shouted as he leapt down and caught Galaxy Yellow. He landed on the ground safely with his friend in his arms as the Rangers regrouped.


“Hikaru!” Galaxy Blue shouted.


“Is he alright?” Galaxy Pink asked.


Galaxy Green nodded and spoke softly. “Yeah…his Aasu just exhausted him."




Night cast over the streets again as the five tens walked back towards the ranch. Hikaru was riding piggy back on Hayate since he was still too weak to walk.


“Hayate,” Hikaru said. “Thanks.”


Hayate smiled. “Don’t mention it.”


To be continued…Chapter Five