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Galaxy Rangers: Chapter Six

Hayate's Melody


Hayate stood outside at the ranch, leaning against a wooden fence and playing his wooden flute. His melody carried softly across the air. It was a song of beauty, and of sorrow. Longing and desire. Emotion went into every note.


Hayate’s thoughts drifted to the woman he loved while he played. She was lost to him now. Turned to stone and buried along with the rest of his home. Along with his heart.


Hayate continued to play.




Ryuuta and Boku kept their distance while listening to Hayate play.


“He’s good,” Ryuuta said as he looked to the small floating acorn known as Boku.


Boku smiled while his propeller collar allowed him to hover. “They played every night for the village, Boku.”


“They?” Ryuuta asked. “Who’s they?”


Boku immediately recognized he was about to say something he probably shouldn’t have. “UhhhhBoku.” He said quickly before hovering off.


Ryuuta shook his head as the strange acorn floated away.


Hayate suddenly stopped playing as his brace chimed.


“Balban!” Moku’s voice said through the ranger's brace.




The Rangers ran across the streets of Stone Canyon to find every single sound, from a fly’s buzz to a fire truck’s sirens, heightened. The sounds were creating destructive vibrations, shattering windows and shaking the ground.


“What’s going on?” Galaxy Blue asked as he and the others covered their ears.


“Nothing good,” Galaxy Yellow said.


Galaxy Green looked to his left and noticed a few figures standing out in the distance. It was the Balban.


“Over there,” he said while pointing towards the villains.


ginga-vi-sanbash10The Rangers ran over to face the Balban. A group of Yattatoo surrounded a monster with a bat-shaped head who’s entire body was covered in a ragged brown cloak. A giant speaker rested on each of his shoulders, and the Yattatoo were holding various musical instruments such as horns or trumpets.


The Yattatoo blared their guitars, and the monster amplified those sounds as well.


The Rangers ran over to the creature while holding their hands to the sides of their helmets to try and muffle out the noise.


“Balban!” Galaxy Red shouted. “Whatever you’re up to, it stops now!”


The creature laughed. “Wrong, Rangers,” the monster said. “It’s just getting started…”


The monster looked to a Yattatoo, and that soldier aimed a horn towards the Rangers and blew as loud as he could. The sound waves crashed against the Rangers as the monster amplified the vibrations.




The sound vibrations reached the Balban ship, frozen in stone out on the ocean. The ship itself was a large, unmoving dragon. A castle rested on top of the dragon, and its occupants were feeling the pain of sound.


Short, keg-like Bukarates waddled across the deck while covering his ears. He had to shout to be heard over the sound vibrations. “What is that infernal noise!


Sanbashu walked over to Bukarates. The general was in his standard leather and zipper armor with a pair of guns attached to the belt. Sanbashu was also covering his ears. “That noise is going to revive Daitanix!”


“What?!” Bukarates said.


Scarcely-clad Sherinda pulled out her sword and aimed it at Sanbashu. “Call him off…”


Daitanix suddenly started to rumble as the noise vibrated the beast’s stone coating.


“See!” Sanbashu shouted. “I told you!”




The Yattatoo scattered the Rangers and slashed them with curved sabers. The monster, Sutoijii, continued to blast sound so the Rangers were too distracted by pain to fight.


Galaxy Red was slashed across the chest and fell to the ground. He rolled backwards while rising to his knees and looking up to see the monster stalk towards him.


Galaxy Red sprang forward and charged towards the creature while snapping a roundkick. Sutoijii grabbed the Ranger’s leg and knocked his legs out. Galaxy Red collapsed to the ground, and the monster placed a foot on the fallen Ranger’s chest while aiming a blade down towards his neck.


“I regret we couldn’t play for you longer,” the monster said as he raised his blade to strike.


A sound suddenly cut through the air. It was a gentle melody that almost seemed to sooth the noise vibrations, quieting them down. It was Hayate’s melody.


“What?” the monster said as he turned to see Hayate standing in his normal form and playing the wooden flute. “Ginga Green!”


Hayate stood still, continuing to play as Galaxy Yellow, Galaxy Blue, and Galaxy Pink regrouped behind him. The monster kicked Galaxy Red aside.




The sound waves carried all the way to the Balban's Daitanix castle.


Sherinda narrowed her brow as she stared off the bow of the ship and heard the ranger’s melody gently breeze through their walls. The sound stirred something inside of her that she hadn’t felt since childhood. Something warm. Something she hated.




Hayate continued to play as the Rangers split up and slashed through the Yattatoo with their Seijuukin.


Galaxy Blue dashed forward through a line of soldiers, swinging his blade left and right through short and powerful arcs. Galaxy Yellow and Galaxy Pink dashed side by side, each holding their sword so the blade pointed downward while hacking through soldiers.


Hayate continued to play, until a sword suddenly cut through the air and slammed against his flute. The flute sparked before being knocked out of his hand by the impact. The flute was cracked, broken beyond repair.


Hayate turned to see Sherinda standing with her hand out stretched. “Your music ends…”


She dashed forward and picked up her sword before spinning and slicing Hayate across the face. She completed the spin and snapped out with a front kick that slammed against Hayate’s stomach and sent him sprawling backwards.


Hayate rose to his feet and prepared to deliver a wind blast, but Sherinda was faster. She extended her hand and launched a series of explosions that slammed against the ranger and knocked him backward. Hayate fell onto his back and lost consciousness.


The Rangers quickly regrouped around their fallen teammate.


Galaxy Red extended his hands towards Sherinda and the monster before they could attack.


“Mane of flame!” he shouted, summoning a fire stream that exploded around the two villains.


By the time the smoke from the explosion cleared, the Rangers were gone.




Hayate lied on a tree-stump table in Moku’s lair. He was slowly stirring back to consciousness as Ryuuta placed a cold compress on the green ranger’s head.


Ryouma turned to Moku. “What was that monster up to?”


“Yeah,” Hikaru said. “Besides giving us a migraine.”


The giant tree wrinkled his brow of wood and bark. “Sutoijii is planning to use amplified sound vibrations to break open Daitanix from hibernation.”


Saya stepped forward. “Hayate’s flute…how did it calm down the monster’s sound?”


Hayate’s power is wind-based,” Moku explained. “He can use that power, combined with his music, to sooth the air vibrations and sounds.”


“But the flute…” Gouki said. “It’s broken.”


The rangers heard a slight stirring and turned to see Hayate rise from his bed, covering his head with his hand while groaning. “Then I’ll just have to make a new one…” he said weakly.


Ryouma shook his head as he walked over to Hayate. “No…you’re hurt. Just lie down.”


Hayate stood despite Ryouma’s protest. “I don’t need to lie down, Ryouma…you heard Moku. I need to play.”


Hayate turned and started to walk away, but Ryouma followed. “Then I’m coming with you.”




Ryouma and Hayate climbed a mountain outside the city. Hayate’s flute required a special kind of wood that was abundant in the Ginga Forest, but rare in Stone Canyon. The wood they required was on top of the small mountain that stretched out above a wide flowing stream.


“Quite a climb, huh?” Ryouma said, taking a moment to look down.


“Could be worse,” Hayate said as they continued to pull themselves up.


Hayate’s mind drifted back. Back two years ago, to a time in the Ginga Forest when Ryouma and Hayate had sparred among the trees. The crisp summer breeze twirling around them. Soft ground beneath their feet. Aasu filling them with life.


Ryouma had knocked Hayate to the ground that day with a swift sweep kick.


“Quite a kick, huh?” Ryouma had said.


Hayate had smiled while returning to his feet. “Could have been worse.”


A girl with long dark hair and sparkling blue eyes had watched Ryouma and Hayate that day. Her name was Sora. She smiled at Hayate as his gaze moved to meet hers. Their eyes met and lingered for a moment before he had moved over to meet her.


Hayate had said goodbye to Ryouma and joined Sora for a walk through the woods. She had told Hayate she wanted to show him something. Something special. They moved to a small overhang that looked down into the deep valley. She had pulled out her flute and started playing, her sounds dancing across the wind.


Hayate shook his head to clear his mind and continued the climb.




Sutoijii walked along the city streets and blasted his shoulder-mounted amplifiers. The sounds of nearby cars suddenly became rippling waves of destruction. A nearby construction area, with its jack hammers and heavy equipment, sent thundering vibrations ripping through the city.


Sutoijii smiled as windows shattered and glass fell to the ground, becoming a symphony of destruction all its own.


“Balban, stop!” Gouki shouted as he ran to the scene with Hikaru and Saya at his side.


The three rangers snapped into fighting stances as the monster turned to face them. The creature tilted his head and grinned, his mouth full of vampire-like fangs.


“Rangers…” Sutoijii said in a scratchy voice. “Only three of you? That’s hardly fair.”


Hikaru narrowed his brow. “Hardly fair for you…”


A roaring engine approached behind the rangers. They turned to see Sanbashu charging forward on his motorcycle. The Balban general swerved his cycle to a halt and pulled out one of his guns, aiming the weapon forward at the three rangers.


“Would you finally die!Sanbashu shouted while firing several blasts at the three Ginga teens.


“Galaxy transform!” they shouted, morphing as explosions sparked around them.


The Rangers completed the morph and ran through the explosions while charging towards Sanbashu to disarm him. Sutoijii stood behind the Rangers and started blaring sound towards the team. The Rangers dropped to their knees and covered the sides of their helmets in an attempt to mute out the sound.




Hayate and Ryouma stood in the woods on top of the small mountain. Hayate held his newly completed flute to his lips and tested a few notes, while Ryouma continued to chisel at his own small piece of wood


Their Galaxy Braces chimed as Moku’s voice came through. “Balban! Sutoijii has returned to the city. His attacks must be stopped.”


“We’re out of time,” Hayate said as he looked to Ryouma.


Ryouma nodded. “It’s show time…”


Hayate walked to the edge of the cliff and started playing. He only got out a few notes before explosions sparked around him and threw him backward.


Ryouma ran to his teammate’s side as Sherinda appeared. She walked forward with her sword aimed at Hayate and a group of Yattatoo behind her.


The villain narrowed her brow, glaring at Hayate. “Ginga Green…”


“You again,” Hayate said as he fell back into a fighting stance.


Sherinda twisted her sword and fired an invisible energy pulse towards the two teens. Ryouma leapt to push Hayate aside, but the blast slammed around them both, throwing them off the edge of the cliff and sending them falling towards the river below.




Galaxy Blue and the other two Rangers collapsed to their knees as the sounds continued to stab into their brains.


Sutoijii stalked towards them with his blade in hand while laughing at the fallen Rangers. “Daitanix will be revived…you’re in no condition to stop us…”




Daitanix’s deck was shaking as the sound vibrations reached the Balban ship.


Bukarates waddled across the deck. He sensed the power of their living ship start to wake. His feelings were mixed with a sense of accomplishment, as well as fear.




Sherinda and the Yattatoo were at the foot of the cliff near a stream, searching for Hayate and Ryouma.


“Find them!” Sherinda shouted as the soldiers split up to search for the two rangers.


Ryouma and Hayate were nearby, staying close to a mountain face and trying to keep out of sight.


Ryouma looked to Hayate and spoke softly. “She’ll find you the second you play…”


Hayate nodded, a slight smile spreading across his face. “Probably…but I have an idea.”




Galaxy Blue, Galaxy Yellow, and Galaxy Pink were struggling to rise back to their feet as the sound blasts continued to intensify.


Sanbashu throttled to the scene on his motorbike and swerved to a halt. He leaned to the side of his bike, setting a foot down on the pavement to keep from tipping over.


“I love the sight of this!” Sanbashu shouted as he pulled his gun and fired at the Rangers.




A predatory grin spread across Sherinda’s face as she heard Hayate’s melody through the trees that surrounded her. “He’s here…”


The melody continued to float across the breeze as Sherinda turned to her soldiers. “Follow the noise…”


Sherinda quickened her pace as she hurried towards the trees, heading towards Hayate’s melody. The Yattatoo followed her. The soldiers held their blades ready to strike through their prey.


The sound suddenly split in two and came from different directions. Sherinda stopped in her tracks and wrinkled her brow with confusion. “What has he done…


The villain looked around, searching for a sign as to what Hayate was up to. She noticed the wind lightly blowing across the leaves, and remembered that Hayate’s power gave him control over air. A smile spread across her face as a realization struck her. Hayate must have been tricking her using his power to split the sound vibrations, trying to throw her off track.


Sherinda pulled a small shell from her belt and held it up to her lips. She blew into the shell, emitting a sound of her own. She perked her ears and noticed where her sound echoed.


The villain smiled, impressed by her own cleverness. She knew which was the echo and which was Hayate’s real melody. Ginga Green would day before sunset.




Galaxy Blue and the other two Rangers continued to struggle against the sound, and Sanbashu extended his gun and fired another volley of shots that exploded against the Rangers’ armor.




Sherinda stepped into a clearing and noticed a pair of hands playing the flute behind a large rock. She smiled. Ginga Green’s end was at hand.


Ginga Green!” she shouted while aiming her sword forward.


But it was Ryouma who stood from behind the rock with a flute in hand. Sherinda took a step back in shock as Ryouma simply smiled.


Hayate’s melody again started to flow through the air. The villain turned to see Hayate standing on a far off peak, playing his newly crafted flute.




Sanbashu stalked towards the three fallen Rangers with his guns pointed forward, ready to shoot again.


Hayate’s sound suddenly rippled across the air, soothing the vibrations in the process.


“Not again!” Sanbashu shouted.




Galaxy Red was in his armor, tearing through a group of Yattatoo. Sherinda was glaring at Hayate as the ranger continued to play his flute.


Sherinda turned back towards Galaxy Red and fired a telekinetic pulse. The blast exploded against the Ranger’s armor and sent him crashing backwards. Sherinda turned and started walking back through the woods to face her real opponent.




Galaxy Blue, Galaxy Yellow, and Galaxy Pink rose back to their feet and stood defiantly to face the monster as Hayate’s melody carried across the air.


“Damn you!” Sanbashu shouted while aiming his weapon forward.


Hikaru slammed his hand against the ground. “Lightning strike!”


A yellow bolt of lightning streaked from the ground and exploded against the two villains.




Hayate was standing and playing as Sherinda walked up behind him. Hayate turned to face her, slowly lowering his flute.


Sherinda armed her sword. “This chase is over, Ginga Green. Come…”


Hayate readied his brace. “Galaxy transform, ha!”


He slapped his activation panel as energy swirled around him and he morphed into his Green Ranger form.


Galaxy Green leapt forward towards his opponent, somersaulting through the air before landing in front of her.


Seijuukin!” he shouted while unsheathing his weapon and snapping into a bird-type fighting stance.


Sherinda fell back into a fighting stance, and the opponents started circling around each other. Galaxy Red arrived at the scene but stayed back. The battle was clearly between Galaxy Green and Sherinda.


Galaxy Green and Sherinda charged towards each other with their blades held outward. They both swung through horizontal arcs while passing each other by. Galaxy Green’s sword sliced across the villain’s arm.


Sherinda dropped her sword and turned to glare at Galaxy Green while he snapped back into a fighting stance. She extended her hand and fired an energy pulse that exploded against Galaxy Green’s chest.


Galaxy Green hopped through the explosion, but Sherinda was gone by the time he passed through the smoke.




Sanbashu opened fire at Galaxy Blue. The Blue Ranger charged forward with his Kiba Claw in hand. Galaxy Blue used the claw to deflect each blast and moved in close, hopping forward and slashing the general across the chest.


Galaxy Yellow somersaulted forward through the air towards the monster, swinging both his Kiba Daggers down and slicing the creature across the chest.


Galaxy Pink leapt forward with her Kiba Arrow and fired lances of pink energy that exploded against both the villains’ chests.


The two villains were knocked backward and went tumbling against the ground as the three Rangers regrouped.


“Guys!” Galaxy Red shouted as he and Galaxy Green flipped down to the others.


Sutoijii and Sanbashu rose to their feet and snarled at the Rangers.


The team combined their Kiba Daggers. “Kiba Daggers, Star Formation…fire!”


A star-shaped energy blast exploded against the two villains and sent them flying backward off their feet. Sutoijii rose to his feet and pulled a vile of Balban essence. The creature drank the liquid, and it caused his body to expand and grow giant.


“Star Beasts, arise!” Galaxy Red shouted as the five Seijuu stomped forward through the streets to face the giant.


The Rangers leapt onto their Star Beasts.


“Zord transform!” Galaxy Red shouted while holding his Kiba Dagger into the air.


The Star Beasts transformed into mystical suits of armor as the Rangers dropped down into their cockpits.


Seijuu fusion!” Galaxy Red commanded. “Gingaiou!”


The zords rushed forward, their bodies shifting and changing as the five combined into one armored warrior. A golden hilted, double-edged sword appeared in the warrior’s hand.


“GalaxyMegazord!” Galaxy Red shouted once the fusion was complete. “Gingaiou!”


GalaxyMegazord charged forward towards the monster, but Sutoijii activated his speakers and sent a pulse of sound vibrations crashing against the Megazord.


“Gingaiou,” Galaxy Red commanded, “Mane of Flame!”


The Megazord’s head fired a stream of fiery energy that slammed against the speakers and caused them to explode as the monster was forced backward from the impact.


“GalaxyMegazord Saber…” Galaxy Red commanded. “Blazing slash!”


The saber radiated with white energy. Gingaiou swung its energized saber downward diagonally, upward diagonally, downward vertically, and horizontally…the blows slashing through Sutoijii.


Sutoijii was ripped apart as he fell backwards and exploded.




Sherinda stood on the ship’s deck while nursing her wounded arm. She narrowed her eyes while staring off into the sky. “Ginga Green…” she cursed under her breath. “Hayate…”


To be continued...Chapter 07