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Shadows of Evil: Chapter Three

The Face of Evil


Tommy was surrounded by darkness. He was alone. But Tommy sensed someone nearby. “Where am yourself. I’m not a very patient person.”


“You never have been,” a dark voice said from the shadows. The voice sounded familiar to Tommy and caused a chill to creep down his spine.


He watched in horror as the green Dragon Ranger stepped from the shadows.


Tommy snapped into a fighting stance. “That’s impossible.”


Dragon Ranger laughed. “Is it now? What’s the matter, Tommy…can’t stand the sight of yourself anymore.”


“Who are you?” Tommy asked.


“I’m you, fool,” Dragon Ranger said. “The Dragon Ranger…your dark side personified.”


“My dark side died with the Green Ranger’s powers,” Tommy said. “I’m not you anymore.”


Dragon Ranger laughed. “Oh, but you are…just like your father…”


“That’s not true!”


Dragon Ranger started to pace around the teen. “It is, Tommy…you’re a killer, and you like it.”


“I don’t kill.”


Dragon Ranger laughed again, only louder this time. “Do you hear yourself? What about all those Gorma…Bandora…the Dark Warlords…Dregon’s soldiers on Edenoi…the list goes on. Those weren’t mindless monsters, Tommy, they were flesh and blood like you.”


“I had no choice.”


“Right,” Dragon Ranger said sarcastically. “Did you even try to save any of them, Tommy? Maybe some of them were under a spell like you…you never even bothered checking.”


Tommy shook his head. “No…I…”


“At a loss for words?” he laughed again. “What if the Rangers hadn’t tried to save us? What if they had just killed us?”




“That’s what I thought.”


“I’m done playing your games, now who are you!”


“I told you already, I’m you. The same person that served as Bandora’s war hammer, killing hundreds of innocents in the process.”


“I was under a spell…”


“Did you ever stop to think why? Bandora took all of your rage and hatred and turned you into the perfect weapon. None of the others would have been corrupted so easily.”


“Enough talking,” Tommy said as he readied his morphers. “Aura Power!” Energy shimmered around him as he morphed into his Ranger form.


The Red Ranger snapped into a fighting stance.




The other four teens were pacing back and forth in the Command Chamber. Billy and Alpha were scanning for Tommy.


“We have to find him,” Kimberly said.


“Kimberly,” Rocky said. “You have to calm down…this isn’t the first time one of us has been captured. We’ll find Tommy.”


Adam nodded. “Zedd’s probably using him to set up a trap for us.”


“What if he’s not?” Kimberly asked. “What if Tommy dies like Kou?”


The others were speechless.


“Kimberly,” Zordon said. “You must remain calm…Tommy is alive…I can sense him.”


“Where is he?” Adam asked.


“In Zedd’s palace on the moon…” Zordon said.




The two Dragon Rangers exchanged blows, but their styles were identical, and they were able to match each other move for move.


Red Ranger pressed forward with a flurry of punches that the Green Ranger blocked. The Red Ranger snapped a spinning heel kick that the Green Ranger ducked underneath.


“Good,” Green Ranger said. “Do you see how full of hate you are?”


“Shut up.” The Red Ranger said as he pounced forward with a jump kick.




“It would be too dangerous, Rangers,” Zordon said.


Adam nodded. “His whole army’s there. We can’t just go barging in.”


“Well what are we supposed to do?” Rocky said. “We can’t just leave Tommy there. We need to go in, grab him, and get him out. We don’t even have to drag it out into a fight.”


“He’ll probably be guarded,” Adam said. “It’s not as simple as you’re making it.”


“Maybe it can be,” Billy said.


“How?” Adam asked.


“Our problem is that as soon as we teleport even close to the palace, Zedd would know. He would sense it. We need a way to distract him, distract him long enough for one of us to teleport in, grab Tommy, and leave,” Billy said.


Adam shook his head. “It’s still too dangerous. If we go up there and try to distract Zedd, he very well may kill us the same way he did…”


He stopped himself and looked at Kimberly.


“We can’t be afraid of him…” Kimberly said.


“Rangers,” Zordon said. “I believe I will be able to distract Zedd long enough for one of you to slip into the palace.”


“How Zordon?” Billy asked.


“Leave that to me,” Zordon said.




The two Dragon Rangers snapped roundkicks that they each blocked. The Red Ranger jumped with a spinning heel kick as Green Ranger spun low with a sweep kick at the same time.


The Red Ranger pressed forward with a double-jump kick that the Green Ranger blocked. The Green Ranger followed with a double-jump sidekick that the Red Ranger blocked.


“Star Fire!” Red Ranger shouted as he thrust his arms forward, shooting a comet of fiery energy towards his opponent.


“Dragon’s Fang!” Green Ranger shouted as he thrust his arms forward. He shot a crackling sphere of jade-colored energy towards his opponent.


The blasts intercepted and exploded against each other. The shockwave slammed against the Rangers and knocked them backward.


“We could keep this up all day,” Green Ranger said as he rose back to his feet. “Just give up.”


“If you’re really me, you know I don’t give up that easily,” Red Ranger said as he rose back to his feet.


Green Ranger nodded, then dropped to his knees. “Then I will.”


Red Ranger tilted his head. “What?”


“I give up…fighting you proves nothing.”


Red Ranger shook his head. “What are you up to?”


“I will ask you this one thing, Red Ranger…look into my mind. If you don’t believe you’re evil, you have nothing to fear.”


Red Ranger shook his head. “It’s a trick. One I’m not falling for.”


“You know that’s not true.”


He did.


“I am the persona of your darkest emotions…aren’t you even a little curious to see what’s buried in your own head?”


He was.


Red Ranger kneeled across from Green Ranger and placed his hands on his counterpart’s helmet.




Zedd was watching Tommy’s mind battle through a crystal sphere. “Yes Tommy…look inside of your...”


Zedd was suddenly surrounded by a white light. “What?” he said as he looked at his body. “Someone has pulled my mind onto the astral plane…that could only be one person…”


“We meet again, Zedd,” Zordon said. Zordon’s astral form was covered in a white cloak and hood that concealed his face. He carried a long staff.


Zedd laughed. “If it isn’t Zordon…”


“How is it you have managed to return, Zedd?” Zordon asked.


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Zedd said. “Now, to what pleasure do I owe this visit?”


“I have come to warn you,” Zordon said. “If you do not cease your attempts to capture this world, my Rangers will destroy you.”


Zedd laughed again. “Why Zordon, it’s not like you to make empty threats…What you don’t realize is that I’m more than I ever was. More than enough to kill all of your children…and you.”


Zedd aimed his staff and fired an electric energy burst that Zordon blocked with his staff.




Two Golems were walking through the lower chambers of Zedd’s palace. Tenma Ranger dropped on top of the soldiers and kicked them to the ground. The Blue Ranger returned to the shadows and continued to creep along towards Tommy’s cell.




Tommy’s mind was on fire as thousands of thoughts and images flashed before him.


Angel Grove was burning as he stood on top of Angel’s Square and held his bloody dragon dagger. His teammates lay dead at his feet.


Goldar slit Shannon’s throat…Dragon Ranger launched at the simian and incinerated him, taking out half the city in the process.


Tommy slammed his fists into his father’s face repeatedly, anger from his abandonment and betrayal pouring from his heart.


Angel Grove was burning as he stood on top of Angel’s Square and held his bloody dragon dagger. His teammates lay dead at his feet.


Tommy lined up all the bullies that had ever picked on him when he was younger and vaporized them with his Dragon Fang attack.


Tommy ripped out Bandora’s throat and kicked her backwards as he turned to knife down Shadam.


Tommy ripped the hearts out from the Dark Warlords’ chests.


Angel Grove was burning as he stood on top of Angel’s Square and held his bloody dragon dagger. His teammates lay dead at his feet.


Angel Grove was burning as he stood on top of Angel’s Square and held his bloody dragon dagger. His teammates lay dead at his feet…




Trakeena stared down at Earth from the palace’s balcony. “If Tommy is here, Tenma Ranger is here, and Zedd is occupied…” she grinned. That meant only three Power Rangers were on Earth, and no one could stop her from attacking.


“Excellent,” she said. She took Vex and headed towards the Earth. “Come with me, Vex. Let’s have a little fun.”




Alarms blared in the Command Chamber. “Ayi-yi-yi! Rangers…Trakeena and Vex are attacking Angel Grove!”


“Where?” Adam asked.


“Moon River Park,” Alpha said.


An image came up on the Viewing Globe. The villains were attacking a lengthy park that spanned between rising skyscrapers. The park was dotted with tress, gardens, and statues. A river cut through the center of the park.


“It can’t be coincidence that they’re attacking now,” Billy said.


Adam shook his head. “We’d better go.”




There were two guards protecting Tommy’s cell. Tommy was being held in a cage. He was on his knees, holding his head in his hands while rocking back and forth.


Tenma Ranger leapt from the shadows while holding his Star Blade. “Boo!” he shouted as he cut down the first soldier, then he spun while striking down the second grunt.


Tenma Ranger cut open the cell and kneeled down next to Tommy. “Tommy, come on, we have to get out of here.”


Tommy shook his head. “No…I…no…” he curled into the fetal position.


“Come on man, get it together,” Tenma Ranger said. Tommy rocked back and forth, shaking his head.


Another group of guards entered the cell area. Tenma Ranger rose and used his Star Blade as a boomerang to cut the soldiers down. The blade sparked across the soldiers while slashing by the grunts.


An optic blast suddenly exploded against Tenma Ranger’s chest as Draklith entered the room. “Tenma Ranger…you were foolish to come here.”


“You were foolish for hitting me in the chest!” Tenma Ranger shouted as he ran towards the villain.


Draklith fired another eye blast, but Tenma Ranger dropped to the ground in time to dodge the blast. “Thunder Blaster!” he pulled out his sidearm and fired lances of blue energy at the villain.




Zedd and Zordon danced through the astral plane while exchanging energy blasts. A blast hit Zedd and knocked him off his feet. Zordon held his staff down towards Zedd’s throat.


“Go ahead, Zordon,” Zedd said. “Kill me.”


Zordon lifted his staff away as Zedd laughed. “Still too afraid your own powers will corrupt you? You Masters are all the same. Can’t get your own hands dirty.”


Zordon wrinkled his brow.




Lion Ranger, Kirin Ranger, and Phoenix Ranger dropped in front of the path of Trakeena and Vex. “Stop!” Lion Ranger shouted.


Hmph,” Trakeena said. “Only three of you…” She raised her staff in a fighting position. “Get ready to join the White Ranger in hell.”


Phoenix Ranger armed her spear and pounced forward towards Trakeena. “You witch!”


Phoenix Ranger speared her weapon towards the villain. Trakeena sidestepped and parried the spear aside. The villain spun her staff and swung its end towards the Pink Ranger’s head. Phoenix Ranger blocked the blow.


Trakeena pressed forward. “Such a tongue…not very lady like.”


Phoenix Ranger pushed the villain aside. “You’re one to talk.”


Meanwhile, Vex charged towards the other two Rangers. The villain dashed forward at blinding speed and swung his sword horizontally. The blade emitted a blue energy wave that streaked towards the Rangers and exploded against their armor with bursts of spark that knocked them backward.


“This one’s quick,” Kirin Ranger said as he rose to his feet.


“We’ll just have to slow him down,” Lion Ranger said as he armed his Thunder Staff.




“Tenma Flash Kick!” The Blue Ranger shouted as he spun forward with an energized kick towards Draklith’s head.


Draklith grabbed the Blue Ranger by the leg and swung him off his feet. The villain slammed Tenma Ranger against the walls repeatedly before crashing him back against the ground.


Tenma Ranger rolled aside and rose into a crouched position. “Tommy, I could use some help!” Tenma Ranger shouted.


“You’ll need it,” Draklith said as he pounced forward and swung his sword upward, the blade slashing against the Blue Ranger’s armor with a burst of spark and knocking him to the ground.


Tommy looked up to see his friend get beaten. The teen narrowed his brow and rolled his hands into fists at the sight of Draklith striking the Blue Ranger. Tommy rose to his feet and armed his morphers. “Aura Power!”


Energy shimmered around him as he morphed into his Ranger form and dashed forward towards Draklith. “Star Fire!” Dragon Ranger shouted as he thrust his arms forward and fired a comet of energy towards Draklith.


Draklith used his sword to slash the comet away. Dragon Ranger pounced forward while the villain was distracted. “Burn Knuckle!”


Dragon Ranger’s fist radiated with fiery energy as he slammed a punch against Draklith’s chest. The villain was knocked off his feet and sent flying backward, slamming against a wall.


“Fire Wave!” Dragon Ranger shouted as he leaned down and punched the ground, producing a tearing wave of energy upon impact. The shockwave exploded against Draklith with a massive blast that shook the entire cave.


Dragon Ranger stalked towards the fallen villain and laughed, a laugh he had not bellowed since his days as the Green Ranger. “You fool,” Dragon Ranger said. “Do you really think your powers are a match for mine?”


Draklith slowly rose to his feet. “I’ll show you who-”


“Who asked you to talk!” The Red Ranger armed his Twin Dragon Swords and leapt forward, swinging the blades down in an ‘x’ pattern that slashed across the villain’s chest.


Dragon Ranger spun forward with a reverse sidekick that slammed against the villain and knocked him further backward.


Another wave of Golems started pouring into the cave from the side entrance. Dragon Ranger turned to face them and extended his hand. “Nova Force!” The Red Ranger fired a massive pulse blast from his palm that incinerated the soldiers with a burst of crimson light.


A wave of vertigo suddenly swept over Dragon Ranger. The Red Ranger collapsed to the ground.


Tenma Ranger walked over to his friend and lifted him up. “I’m getting you out of here…” The Blue Ranger said as they teleported away from Zedd’s palace.




“Just let go, Zordon,” Zedd said. “Try to strike me down with all of the power at your command.”


Zordon smiled, sensing that Rocky had taken Tommy away. “Another time, perhaps.”


Zedd returned to his body.




Tommy and Rocky stood before Zordon in the Command Chamber. Tommy hung his head low while he slumped his shoulders.


“Tommy, snap out of it,” Rocky said. “Our friends need us.”


“No,” Tommy said. “I won’t fight…”


“Knock it off,” Rocky said as he grabbed Tommy by the shoulders. Tommy knocked Rocky’s hands away and struck him to the ground.


“Ayi-yi-yi, Tommy!” Alpha said with alarm.


“Rocky,” Zordon said, “join the rest of the Rangers in battling Trakeena and Vex. I will speak to Tommy.”




Trakeena extended her staff and fired a jagged beam of green energy that exploded against Phoenix Ranger and knocked her backward. The Pink Ranger crashed against the ground.


Nearby, Vex swung his sword, emitting an energy wave that exploded against Lion Ranger and Tenma Ranger, sending sparks thrashing across their armor and slamming them backward.


The three Rangers regrouped and slowly rose to their feet as Trakeena and Vex stalked forward.


“Gravity Pulse!” One of Tenma Ranger’s jagged blue energy blasts lashed out from the distance and exploded against the two villains, knocking them aside as the Blue Ranger leapt to the scene and regrouped with his friends.


“Where’s Tommy?” Phoenix Ranger asked.


“He’s back at the Command Chamber with Zordon,” Tenma Ranger said. “He’s okay…I think.”


“You think?”


Vex dashed past the three Rangers with a burst of speed while slashing across their armor.




“Tommy,” Zordon said. “You must help your friends.”


Tommy shook his head. “I…”


“What is it, Tommy? Alpha said.


He shook his head. “I can’t…my powers…they’re evil…I saw things. I can’t do it, Zordon.” He rolled up on the ground. “I can’t fight anymore! I can’t be evil!”


“Tommy, you must listen closely…every Ranger eventually experiences what you are going through. Powers like you wield can be an overwhelming thing.”


Tommy shook his head. “I saw things, Zordon…I saw myself…and it scared me.”


“You were probably under a spell, Tommy,” Alpha said. “Everything will be fine now.”


He narrowed his eyes. “It wasn’t a spell Alpha. It was me…”


“Tommy,” Zordon said. “There is darkness inside of us all.”


“That doesn’t make it right! The Power inside of me…it’s tempting me…it wants me to lash out, destroy, give into my hate…like I did when I was the Green Ranger.”


“As I said, Tommy,” Zordon said. “Every Ranger goes through what you are. There comes a point when The Power does threaten to consume our very being, to corrupt us. This is not the nature of The Power, but the nature of humanity. Your sensei Kaku possessed enough power within himself to wipe out the entire Gorma Empire with a thought, but to use that power would have meant the corruption of his soul.”


“So I’m right,” Tommy said. “I can’t fight.”


“You can and you must,” Zordon said. “Your powers have not reached that point yet, Tommy. When they do, you will know, and will be forced to choose between the side of good and the side of evil.”


“My father chose evil,” Tommy said.


“Yes.” Zordon said.


“So how do you know I won’t?” Tommy asked.


“Because you are still young,” Zordon said.


“What does my age have to do with it?” Tommy asked.


“You are at an age when the corruption of The Power is very little,” Zordon said. “You still have an innocence inside of you that only comes with youth.”


“That’s why we chose teenagers to become Power Rangers,” Alpha said.


“But what happened back at Zedd’s palace…”


“That was the result of an intricate spell of Zedd’s designed to lure your darkest emotions into your conscious mind.”


“How do I know…what happens if…”


“Tommy,” Zordon said. “You must not be afraid, you can not have doubt…it is these emotions that lead to evil. You must have faith in yourself and in your friends.”


“My friends,” Tommy looked to the Viewing Globe and saw his team get hit hard by another blast from Trakeena.


“I have to help them,” Tommy said.


“Have faith in your spirit and you will not fail,” Zordon said. “May The Power Protect you.”




Trakeena and Vex stalked towards the fallen Rangers with their weapons held forward. A wicked smile crossed Trakeena’s face as she prepared to deliver a deathblow. “It’s been a blast.”


“Trakeena!” She turned to see Dragon Ranger standing behind her. “You messed with my friends, now you’re going to mess with me!”




“What does that horrible insect think she’s doing?” Zedd asked as he stared down at his minions on the Earth. “I did not allow her to attack the Rangers.”


“You were a bit occupied when they took their little trip,” Levina said.


“Silence, hag,” Zedd said. “Finster! Make me a monster to destroy those Rangers!”


“Because that worked so well last time,” Levina said sarcastically.


“That was before my plan came into fruition, witch,” Zedd said. “Tommy’s mind is weakened, Tenma Ranger was injured by Draklith, and the others have been worn down by Trakeena and Vex. Besides…they’re only children.”


Levina shook her head. “If you don’t stop underestimating these children, they will be the death of us all.”




The Rangers extended their hands into the air. Streaks of cyan energy formed spheres. They lowered the spheres to their chests. “Bomber, set.”


“Kiryoku!” Dragon Ranger shouted.


“Bomber!” they shouted together as they thrust the spheres forward. The energy spheres combined into a single golden energy blast that streaked towards the villains and exploded against them with a massive payload, smashing them backward as sparks ripped across their bodies.


Trakeena used her staff for balance as she rose to her feet. She narrowed her eyes at the Rangers. “You’re going to regret that…” she hissed.


“Tell me something I haven’t heard before,” Dragon Ranger said.


Explosions suddenly blasted around the Rangers and sent them crashing off their feet. They rose into crouched fighting stances and looked behind as a monster stalked towards them. The creature resembled a heavily-armored blue beetle. Its gauntlets and single horn appeared packed with weaponry. The monster’s name was Beetamon.


“Let’s go,” Trakeena said to Vex. The two villains teleported away.


The beetle monster extended the gattling cannon wrapped around his wrist.


“Move guys!” Dragon Ranger shouted as they dove for cover, just as the monster opened fire with a spread of gattling blasts that exploded around them with bursts of spark.


Dragon Ranger, Lion Ranger, and Tenma Ranger rolled into crouched positions and sprang through the air.


“Thunder Staff!” Dragon Ranger smashed his staff down across the monster’s armor while landing. The villain smashed the back of his fist across the Red Ranger’s helmet.


“Tenma Screw Kick!” Tenma Ranger shouted as he spun his body like a drill and aimed his heels towards the villain’s head. The monster blasted Tenma Ranger from the air with a burst of gattling blasts.


Lion Ranger unsheathed his Thunder Sword, but the monster fired a powerful cannon blast from its horn that exploded against Lion Ranger, knocking him from the air. Green Ranger crashed against the ground as the Rangers regrouped.


“His armor’s too strong,” Kirin Ranger said.


“We’ll just have to put a dent in it,” Dragon Ranger said.


“Easier said than done,” the monster said in a deep metallic voice. The monster’s body started to vibrate with energy and expand. The armored villain grew giant and started to stomp across the streets while taunting the Rangers.


The Rangers raised their Thunder Swords towards the skies while grasping their Thunder Gems. “Thunderzords arise!”


The five armored beasts streaked down from the skies in beams of light. They took shape, resembling giant animals covered in armor. The Kirin and Lion landed on the ground and charged forward. Red Dragon, the Phoenix, and the winged Tenma flew through the air above.


The Rangers energized and leapt into their cockpits, embedded within the zords’ armor. Dragon Ranger placed his hand over his zord’s control sphere. “Thunder-star fusion!”


The five zords pulsed with energy and combined. The Kirin and Tenma formed the arms, the dragon formed the body, with the Red Dragon head on the Megazord’s chest. The Lion formed the lower body and legs, and the Phoenix attached to the back of the Megazord as its wings extended outward and grew razor sharp. Red armor flashed and covered most of the Megazord.


The winged Megazord faced off with the monster as the Rangers joined in the cockpit. “MegaThunderzord! ChoiDairenou!”


The MegaThunderzord spread its wings and hovered above the ground.


The beetle opened fire with gattling cannons that tore across the city with a massive barrage of explosions. The Megazord snapped its wings and shot forward towards the monster while zigging and zagging around the enemy’s blasts.


“Thunder Whip!” the Rangers shouted. The MegaThunderzord armed a segmented, razor whip that formed from the Red Dragon’s tail. MegaThunderzord swung the whip horizontally. The whip slashed across the monster, sparking on impact.


“Thunder Whip! Lightning Slash!” The Thunder Whip flashed with yellow energy. MegaThunderzord swung the whip downward diagonally. The energized whip slashed through the monster, cutting the creature in half.


The monster tumbled backward, its energy overloading and exploding. The villain’s body was vaporized from the explosion.




Tommy sat at Bear Lake besides Kimberly. His gaze was distant, a look she had not seen on his face since Tommy discovered the truth about his father almost a year earlier. “What happened back there?” she asked.


He shook his head. “I don’t want to worry you…you have enough on your mind.”


“Tommy…we have enough on our minds. Whatever either of us goes through, we go through together.”


Tommy nodded. “I saw…myself…my dark side. I saw what I was really capable of, and it scared me.”


“Did you talk to Zordon?”


He nodded. “That just made it worse. He said our powers will eventually corrupt us…that it happens to every Ranger. That’s why he chose a group of 15-year olds. That’s why Kaku couldn’t fight and Zordon can’t.”


“But Kaku did fight,” Kimberly said.


“Not as well as he could have,” Tommy said. “And I never saw him kill…kill like we do. That’s why Zordon and Kaku needed us…If they were to kill, they would become corrupted by their own powers.”


Kimberly shook her head. “Tommy…you have a good heart, I know…you’re not the Green Ranger anymore.”


Tommy nodded. “Yeah…”


“And it’s like sensei told us, if we fight with our spirit and not with our emotions…we’ll be fine.”


Tommy nodded. “I guess so.”


Deep within Tommy’s mind, the Green Ranger laughed.


To be continued…Chapter 04