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Shadows of Evil: Chapter Six

Two Days, Two Nights


The teens teleported to the Command Chamber expecting to hear about a new plot of Zedd or Levina’s. They received news even more shocking instead.


“What is it, Zordon?” Tommy asked with the normal look of concern on his face. “It sounded important.”


“It is very important, Tommy,” Zordon said. “Alpha and I have decided that the five of you need a vacation.”


Tommy shook his head. “Huh?”


“You have been under a tremendous amount of stress since Zedd began his attacks…I am willing to allow you the use of your teleportation abilities to travel anywhere on the planet for a vacation,” Zordon explained.


“What if Zedd attacks while we’re away?” Adam asked.


“Right,” Tommy said. “We can’t just leave.”


“Why not?” Rocky asked as he shrugged. “If anything happens, we can teleport back here.”


Billy nodded. “Rocky does have a point.”


“No,” Adam and Tommy said in unison.


“Rangers, it is important for you to remember what you are fighting for,” Zordon said. “You are young, and although protecting the planet is of the utmost importance, you cannot let it consume you. You must continue to live your lives.”


“Just a couple days shouldn’t hurt,” Rocky said. “How about three?”


Tommy thought for a moment. “Two days.”


“Two days and two nights?” Rocky said. “Final answer.”


Tommy sighed. “All right, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea.”


“I do,” Kimberly said with a grin as she grabbed his hand. “Come on Tommy, we can go anywhere we want in the blink of an eye.”


Tommy sighed. “All right…where to?”


After deliberating, the rangers chose London.


“London, baby, here we come,” Rocky said.


Tommy and Adam couldn’t help but smile.




Tommy walked into Simon’s house, where his family was still staying as a result of the fire. Simon and Teddy sat on the floor across from each other. The two preteens were playing a Digimon card game.


“Power activate!” Teddy shouted.


“Damn,” Simon said.


“You guys still into that?” Tommy asked with a smile.


Teddy smiled and rolled his eyes. “This coming from a guy who spends half his time dressed in tights.”


Tommy chuckled and ruffled his brother’s hair while playfully tackling him.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Teddy said as he giggled.


The two brothers had become a lot closer since Teddy found out Tommy was a Ranger. Almost losing Teddy had drawn Tommy closer to his little brother as well.


“You’re in an unusually good mood,” Tommy’s sister Chelsea said as she walked in.


Tommy shrugged. “Apparently I’m going on a vacation.”


“To where?” she asked with peaked interest.


“Official or un-official explanation?” Tommy asked.


“Un-official,” Chelsea said.




“Cool!” Teddy said.


“Can we come?” Simon asked. “Maya’s in London this year!”


“Is she?” Tommy asked. He hadn’t seen Maya, Simon’s older sister, in more than a year.


Simon nodded with a gleam of excitement in his eye.


Tommy shook his head. “I don’t know…”


“Come on,” Simon said. “Maya will watch me and Teddy…we’ll stay out of your hair.”


Tommy sighed. “Oh, all right.” He looked to his sister. “I suppose you want to come too, huh?”


Chelsea smiled.




Tommy cleared it with Zordon and the others first, then Simon, Chelsea, Teddy, and Tommy joined the other teens in the Command Chamber. They each had a few bags full of clothes and luggage.


“Zordon!” Simon said. “How are you?”


Zordon grinned. “I am well…you have grown, Simon.”


Simon shrugged. “It’s what I do.”


“Come on guys, let’s go!” Rocky said as he impatiently swayed back and forth.


“Alright, alright,” Tommy said. “Zordon, you’ll contact us if there’s trouble?”


“Yes, Tommy…do not worry.”


Tommy nodded, and the group teleported to London.




The group teleported to a secluded alley near the Ritz London. They picked up their things and left the alley, stepping onto the bustling city streets of London.


The Ritz was in St. James, the fashionable heart of London, and looked out upon Piccadilly and Green Park, one of London’s most beautiful Royal Parks. The shops and galleries of Bond Street, Cork Street, and the Burlington Arcade were nearby.


“London, baby!” Rocky said.


“That really needs to stop,” Tommy said.


The group laughed.


“There’s our hotel,” Billy said. “Maya’s meeting us there.”


“Let’s go,” Tommy said.




The group entered the wide lobby of the Ritz. Maya was standing near the front desk along with a friend. He appeared at least half Asian, with dark, shaggy hair, and a slender build.


“Maya!” Simon said as he ran over and gave his big sister a hug. Maya had been traveling the world with an archeological expedition for more than a year.


“It’s good to see you again, Maya,” Billy said. He had developed a crush on Maya rather quickly. She shared his scientific curiosity, and they often compared notes about Ranger-related business during the war against Bandora.


“Thank you. You too…guys…this is Kouishiro, my friend,” Maya said. Kouishiro was also known as Kamen Rider Kuuga. He received his powers while on a dig in Egypt.


“It’s an honor to meet you,” Kouishiro said. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”


Billy looked at Maya and Kouishiro with a slight sting of jealousy.


“We’ve heard a bit about you too,” Tommy said. “That cult you fought sounded like a lot of trouble.”


He nodded. “They nearly brought about the end of humanity on more than one occasion.”


“Yeah, yeah,” Rocky said dismissively. “No more superhero talk…let’s go eat!”


“Always thinking with your stomach,” Tommy said as he patted Rocky on the back and led the teens out.




The teens slit up into groups. Simon, Teddy, Maya, and Kouishiro walked through the streets aimlessly. The two young boys just wanted to look around.


A young boy ran past Kouishiro from behind while bumping into him. “Hey!” Kouishiro shouted. “That kid took my wallet!”


The group ran after the young thief. Simon and Teddy sprinted ahead of Maya and Kouishiro. “Simon, wait!” Maya called out as Simon and Teddy followed the thief into an alleyway.


Teddy and Simon followed the thief through a series of turns and corners before coming to a dead end. They had the thief cornered.


“Come on,” Teddy said, somewhat out of breath. “Just give us the wallet back.”


“Yeah,” Simon said. “I’d hate to cause an international incident.”


“Gwenador,” the boy whispered.


“Huh?” Simon said.


A dark tornado suddenly whirled to life in the center of the alley. The wind slammed against Simon and Teddy, knocking them backward and sending them skidding across the ground.


Simon and Teddy rolled into crouched positions and braced themselves as the wind continued to howl around them.


“What is that thing?” Simon asked.


A small group of warriors leapt from the cyclone and landed in the alley. The soldiers resembled skeletons, only their bodies were transparent like ghosts. The young thief dashed out from behind the soldiers and fled through the alleys.


Kouishiro and Maya arrived in the alleyway as the cyclone vanished.


“Kouishiro can handle those freaky things that popped up,” Simon said. “Let’s follow that guy, Teddy.”


Teddy nodded, and the two boys ran after the thief.


“Wait!” Maya shouted, but the soldiers surrounded Maya and Kouishiro and blocked their path.


“Maya, stay behind me,” Kouishiro said. He closed his eyes and held his right fist by his waist while thrusting his left hand forward. “Kuuga Awaken!”


Kuuga’s armor flashed into existence as he snapped into a fighting stance. The skeleton soldiers charged forward to attack.


Kuuga spun forward with a reverse sidekick that slammed against a grunt’s chest, knocking the villain backward and sending it crashing against a wall. A second soldier moved in towards Kuuga’s side. Kuuga smashed the back of his fist against the soldier’s head and snapped a hook kick across the grunt’s face.




“You think they could get English Muffins right in England,” Rocky said as he placed the muffin down and shook his head. “I should have went with the tea and crumpets.”


The teens laughed.


“I’ll be back in a sec,” Tommy said as he started to get up.


“Tommy Oliver, don’t you dare,” Kimberly said.


Tommy shrugged. “What? Nature’s calling.”


“Nice try,” Kimberly said with a smile. “There’s no need to check in with Zordon…he’ll call if he needs us.”


“Oh all right…” Tommy said.


Rocky and Billy looked at each other and smiled. Rocky made a whip noise.


“One more crack like that, I’ll volunteer you to clean the Command Chamber top to bottom,” Tommy said, “with a toothbrush.”


“Just as long as it’s your toothbrush,” Rocky said.


They laughed again.


Kimberly sighed. “Zordon was right…it feels good to get away.”


“Is what you all do…worth it?” Chelsea asked.


Adam was the first to answer. “Absolutely. It’s a lot of responsibility…a large burden…but it’s worth it.”


Tommy nodded. “I agree…we’ve all been through hell and back, some of us literally, but we did what was right. That’s all that matters.”


Rocky nodded. “And besides, we never would have even met if not for this whole saving the world thing. That would have sucked.” He grinned. “I mean, imagine it guys, life without me…”


Tommy smiled. “We can only dream.”


They chuckled.




Simon and Teddy followed the younger boy to an old building on the outskirts of town. The building resembled an olden-style mansion of sorts. It was surrounded by lush gardens and trees. Simon and Teddy took cover behind one of the trees as they watched the young boy enter the building.


Simon shook his head. “We can’t just go barge in there.”


“I agree,” Teddy said. “Let’s check around back.”


The two boys crept to the back of the building and peered inside through a window. They saw the thief standing along with a group of children. They stood in front of a woman with silver hair and strange black robes. Her name was Gwenador.


The thief walked up to her. She tilted his chin up. “What troubles you, my child?”


The thief told the woman about his encounter in the alley.


The witch closed her eyes. “This…Kamen Rider you spoke of isn’t our only problem…I’m sensing a great power nearby…warriors strong in the arts of magick…find them, my children. Scour the streets. When you locate them, my creatures of darkness will descend upon them like flies.”


Simon and Teddy exchanged worried glances.


“We have to find my brother,” Teddy said.




“We’re not lost,” Rocky said as he led the others while carrying the map. “I know exactly where we’re going.”


“But do you know where we are, Einstein?” Chelsea asked.


“I plead the fifth,” Rocky said. Chelsea smiled.




The group straightened their bearings and joined at a grassy hill outside the city. Rocky and Chelsea were flying a kite and laughing. Kimberly was thankful Tommy was too busy sparring with Adam to notice. She sat besides Billy near a tree.


“You’ve been kind of quiet since we got here,” she said to Billy.


Billy nodded. “I’m just…enjoying myself.”


“It’s Maya isn’t it,” Kimberly said.


Billy nodded. “I know she’s older than me…but we always seemed to connect, ya know. That doesn’t happen with me and a lot of people…and it seems like every girl I’m ever interested in hooks up with someone else.”


“Like who?”


You… “Oh, no one in particular,” Billy answered.


Chelsea fell to the ground. Rocky went to help her up, but she pulled him down too. They laughed and lied on the ground for a moment.


“You better get up, slick,” Chelsea said. “If Tommy sees you laying next to me, he’ll get the wrong impression and throw you to the moon.”


Rocky shrugged. “I happen to like the moon…albeit I was only there once and had to storm Zedd’s stronghold in the meantime.”


Chelsea laughed.


“So is Tommy pretty protective?” Rocky asked.


Chelsea shook her head. “He never really used to be until he lost Shannon…I mean, he always cared about me, but after Shannon died, I couldn’t leave his sight for a minute without him panicking.”


Rocky nodded. “That was pretty hard on him, I hear.”


Chelsea nodded. “He was actually a lot like you before that happened…not nearly as much as a goof ball, but witty.”


Rocky grinned. “Why thank you.”




One of the few Youkai survivors was skipping through a park in Angel Grove. The creature resembled a humanoid, mutant mole. The Ninja Rangers arrived at the park and unsheathed their swords.


The Ninja Rangers combined their swords and aimed the blades forward. “Shinobi Strike!”


The blades flashed with golden power and shot a spear of energy forward. The energy spear pierced through the creature with a massive explosion. The mole fell backward and exploded, its body consumed by flame before turning to ash.


“Another one bites the dust,” Ninjablack said as he re-holstered his sword.


“Let’s get going,” Ninjared said.




Jason and his team powered down their armor and returned to the pool hall. They took their normal table near the side wall.


“I wonder if Tommy and the others are having a good time,” Zack said.


“I hope so,” Jason said. “They needed to get away for a while.”


“So do we,” Jonathan shot back. “It’s not like they’re the only ones putting their life on the line.”


“Jonathan,” Trini shot back. “That was our first monster attack in over a week. Tommy and the others have to fight almost every day.”


Jonathan was about to say something back, but kept his mouth shut. Ever since he had told Trini how he felt about her, things had been weird, to say the least. He sighed with frustration.


“I’m glad you two have worked everything out,” Zack said sarcastically, breaking the silence.


Trini shook her head and walked away. Jonathan ran after her.




Tommy and Kimberly sat on the balcony of their hotel, watching the stars and moon. Kimberly cuddled closer to Tommy. “It looks so peaceful up there.”


“Yeah…” Tommy said, trying his best to forget the homicidal maniac above who was trying to kill him and his friends.


Simon, Teddy, and the others burst into the room. They were out of breath and sat down on the bed. Tommy and Kimberly left the balcony and joined the others as Teddy and Simon explained what happened. They told the rangers about the old mansion and the children.


Tommy sighed. “We’ll check it out in the morning.”




“Trini, come on,” Jonathan said. “This has been going on for too long.”


Trini stopped and turned around. “It’s not as if it’s my fault.”


“Fault? It’s no one’s fault…look, I’m sorry about what I said…but I thought I was dying and I had to tell you.”


Trini shook her head and turned away.


Jonathan sighed. “I can’t help the way I feel…I can’t change it…but I just want you to know I have no intention of acting out my feelings. I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship…that means too much to me.”


“I-“ Trini shook her head.


“What?” Jonathan asked as he walked closer to her. “What?”


“That’s not it at all, Jonathan,” she said quietly.


“Then what is it?” he asked.


She shook her head. “When we thought we lost you…it hurt.”


“I would hope so,” he said as he smiled sheepishly.


Trini grinned. “I mean it hurt more than it should have, if that makes sense. And after you told me that…”


“What?” He asked as he moved in closer.


“I have feelings for you too…I’m not in love with you, but I think I’m getting there,” Trini said.


Jonathan opened his eyes wide. Trini grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him close, kissing him full on the mouth.


Jason and the others spied from a nearby tree. Zack smiled. “It’s about time…”




The next morning, Simon and Teddy led Tommy and the rangers by the mansion. Kouishiro and Maya had stayed behind in the hotel room with a pair of spare communicators Billy had given them.


The building had a sign on the front that read “School for the Gifted.”


“This is the place,” Simon said.


“Looks normal enough,” Adam said.


“Looks can be deceiving,” Teddy said.


A voice came from behind the group. “Can I help you?”


They snapped around to see a middle-aged woman standing behind them. She wore a professional black dress and carried books beneath her right arm. She was Gwenador.


“Yes,” Tommy said. “My name’s Tommy Oliver. My family and I just moved here from America-”


“And?” she asked cutting him off.


“And, we were looking for a place to send my little brother. This is Teddy….he’s quite the genius,” Tommy said.


Teddy grinned and waved.


“I’m sure,” the woman said skeptically.


“Oh yeah, you should see him,” Rocky said. “He can tell you the square root of 567 without using his fingers or toes.”


The woman wrinkled her brow.


“Perhaps I can arrange a tour,” she said. “Follow me.”


“Is this smart?” Billy asked Tommy quietly as they followed the woman.


“Not at all,” Tommy said.




Gwenador showed the group around the inside of the building. Most of the upper floors were laid out like dormitories. A wide area on the first floor was laid out like a mess hall. Dozens of students were eating breakfast within the mess hall.


“This is our cafeteria…we have some of the finest cooks in England,” the woman said.


Rocky licked his lips. “Ya know, Tommy, we didn’t have time for breakfast,” Rocky whispered.


“Now's not the time to be thinking with your stomach, Rocko,” Tommy said.


Rocky shrugged. Chelsea smiled at him.


“Now if you’ll follow me,” Gwenador said. “The most impressive of our facilities lies below.”


The group was led down a winding staircase. They entered a dimly-lit room lined with skulls on pedestals. Each skull had a candle sticking from the top of it. Children wore dark, crimson robes and had blank expressions on their faces.


Simon wrinkled his brow. “What the hell?”


“Watch your mouth,” Tommy said.


Dark light surrounded Gwenador, and her clothes turned to black robes.


Chelsea took a step backward. “His language is the least of our worries.”


Tommy and the others stood in front of Maya and the civilians. They snapped into fighting stances.


“This charade has gone off long enough,” Gwenador said. “The seven of you reek with magick…so tell me who you are or prepare to meet a fate worse than death.”


“Neither, you old hag,” Tommy said. “What have you done with these kids.


“They are followers of La Moghra, as I. I assure you, they are under no spells or mind control. They are here at the requests of their parents, who also serve La Moghra.”


“I don’t make it a habit of believing maniacal super villains,” Tommy said.


“Cramps his style,” Rocky added.


“Tell me who you are,” Gwenador said.


“We’re the Power Rangers,” Tommy said.


“And we’re your worst nightmare,” Adam added.


“Power Rangers?” Gwenador said. “Never heard of you.”


Tommy narrowed his eyes. “Then why don’t we show you…it’s morphin time!”


“Chakra ignite, Aura Power!” The teens connected their morphers. Energy shimmered around them as they morphed into their Ranger forms. They snapped into fighting stances and shouted their names.


“Dragon Ranger, Heaven Fire Star, Red!”


“Lion Ranger, Heaven Illusion Star, Green!”


“Tenma Ranger, Heaven Gravity Star, Blue!”


“Kirin Ranger, Heaven Time Star, Yellow!”


“Phoenix Ranger, Heaven Wind Star, Pink!”


Dragon Ranger lifted his hand towards the air. “Power of the stars, brought down.” Together, they shouted. “Heaven Star Task Force…Power Rangers.”


Hmph,” the witch said. She was not impressed. “Get them, my children.”


The kids rushed towards the Rangers.


“We can’t hurt them,” Kirin Ranger said. “Even if they are here under their own will.”


“They’re not,” Simon said as he held off a boy his own age. “They're under mind control.”


“How do you know?” Lion Ranger asked.


Simon hesitated. “I just do.”


Dragon Ranger leapt over the kids towards the witch. Gwenador extended her hand and fired a blast of violet-tinted energy from her palm. The blast exploded against Dragon Ranger’s armor and knocked him from the air.


“Your powers are weak,” Gwenador said.


“You have no idea who you’re talking to, lady,” Dragon Ranger said as he rose to his feet. He thrust his hand forward and fired a telekinetic pulse that slammed against Gwenador and crashed her against a wall.


Gwenador slowly rose to her feet. “Impressive.”


The villain snapped her fingers. An army of skeleton creatures appeared.




Outside, Kouishiro and Maya crouched behind a bush as they watched the building. Kouishiro narrowed his eyes. “They’re in trouble,” he said. “I can sense it.”


“We have to help them,” Maya said.


He placed his hand on her shoulder before she could move. “Not yet…”




Lion Ranger grabbed a grunt by the back of the head while kicking out its legs and pushing it to the ground. He snapped a hook kick backward across a second soldier’s head.


Tenma Ranger and Kirin Ranger armed their Thunder Staffs and spun forward. Tenma Ranger bashed a soldier across the head while Kirin Ranger knocked a soldier’s legs out.


Phoenix Ranger flipped backward while kicking a soldier upside the head. Meanwhile Dragon Ranger double-jump kicked two soldiers to the ground.


Gwenador glared at the Rangers. “You should not have interfered…”


The witch hurled a sphere of fire towards Dragon Ranger. The Red Ranger used his Thunder Sword to bat the blast towards Lion Ranger. “Coming your way, Adam.”


“Billy,” Lion Ranger said as he used his blade to bat the flame blast towards Kirin Ranger.






“Batter up!” Tenma Ranger shouted as he used his Thunder Staff to smash the energy sphere back towards Gwenador. The blast exploded against the witch with a burst of spark that knocked her backward.


“Looks like she’s a little weak in the knees,” Tenma Ranger said.


“In the head too,” Dragon Ranger said.


“Guys!” Simon shouted as he held off some kids. “I don’t think it’s time for jokes forgot about these zombie kids!”


Dragon Ranger walked towards Gwenador. “Release your hold on those kids before I get angry, witch. You don’t want to see me angry.”


She fired a few blasts of fire that Dragon Ranger easily deflected. The witch whispered an incantation and summoned a group of energy snakes from the ground that sprang towards Dragon Ranger. He slashed each one in half.


Gwenador took a few steps back until her back was against the wall. “What will you do?” Gwenador said with a grin. “Kill me?”


Dragon Ranger walked towards her and stared at her silently as fire flashed across his visor. Gwenador knew fear.


She held up her hand, and more soldiers appeared, coalescing into a monster. The monster appeared as a more bulky form of the skeleton soldiers. The creature slammed its fist against the ground, creating a tremor that knocked the Rangers off their feet.


Gwenador snuck out the back.


“Adam, follow her. We’ll take care of bone brain,” Dragon Ranger said.


“Right,” Lion Ranger said as he followed the witch.


“I will destroy you, followers of light,” the monster grumbled.


“Bring it on,” Dragon Ranger said as he twirled his Thunder Staff into a fighting position.


The monster pounced forward. Dragon Ranger leapt over the monster while jabbing the end of his staff against the back of the creature’s neck. Tenma Ranger moved in with a tornado kick that slammed across the villain’s head. The creature’s body whipped backward. Kirin Ranger jumpkicked the villain upside the head as Phoenix Ranger moved in with her Star Blade.


“Star Blade!” she shouted as she energized her blade with pink energy. She swung her blade around in a wide circular pattern, creating a swirling ring of energy. “Lightning Strike!”


Phoenix Ranger swung through the energy ring with a streak of power. Her weapon slashed across the monster, the blade’s energy exploding on impact with a massive burst of spark that sent the villain crashing backward and rolling across the floor.


The monster flashed with energy and disintegrated.




Gwenador stopped in her tracks as Kuuga stood in front of her. “Where do you think you’re off to?”


Lion Ranger ran up behind her. “What’s the rush?”


The villain erected a circle of fire around her.


Lion Ranger placed his fist against his palm as the lion eyes on his helmet flashed with pale green light. “Heaven Illusion Star! Mist concealment destruction!”


A cloud of fog surrounded the witch. An illusion of a woodpecker swooped down towards her and repeatedly poked its beak against her head. She backed away, screaming while trying to swat the bird illusion from the air.


The witch tripped over her own feet and collapsed to the ground.


The other rangers arrived and regrouped with Lion Ranger and Kuuga.


“Who are you?!” Gwenador said with panic.


“We told you once, Gwendy…” Dragon Ranger said. “We’re the Power Rangers!”


The amulet on her chest started to flash as she summoned the children from the home.


Phoenix Ranger hurled her Star Blade forward. The weapon cracked her amulet in half with a burst of spark. The broken amulet crashed against the ground. “My amulet! My powers!”


The kids from the mansion returned to normal, breaking free of her control. They slowly surrounded the witch. They looked pissed. The witch held her hand up. “Stay back…”


One of the boys wrinkled his brow. “Get her!” they jumped on the witch and tackled her.


“Gee, they don’t have any pent up anger,” Tenma Ranger said.


“Now what?” Lion Ranger asked.


“She’s powerless without her amulet,” Kirin Ranger said.


Dragon Ranger nodded. “I say we let the kids have some fun.”




The group walked back towards their hotel at night.


“That was actually kind of fun,” Rocky said.


Adam nodded. “Old witch didn’t even know what hit her.”


Tommy nodded. “She was scared out of her mind.”


“She deserved it after what happened to those kids” Billy said.


“What do you think will happen to them?” Kimberly asked.


“They’re with their families now…they’ll be okay,” Tommy said.


“Guys, we’re forgetting something,” Rocky said.


“What?” Tommy asked.


“It’s tea time,” Rocky said.


Tommy slapped his friend upside the head. “Jeez, Rocky.”


Rocky laughed.




The group gathered in a hotel room the next morning. Their luggage was packed, and they were checked out of their rooms.


“It was nice seeing you again,” Maya said.


“You too,” Billy said with a smile.


Tommy shook Kouishiro’s hand. “It was nice meeting you, Kouishiro. Thanks for the help...and look out for Maya.”


“I will,” he said as he placed a hand on Maya’s shoulder.


“No need to get too close,” Simon said. “That’s my sister, pal.”


They laughed, said their last goodbyes, and teleported back to the Command Chamber.




“Welcome back, Rangers!” Alpha said. “How was your trip?”


“We had a run in with a wanna-be super villain named Gwenador,” Rocky said. “It was no biggie.”


“Gwenador was a larger threat than you realize, Rangers,” Zordon said.


“Huh?” Tommy said. “How so…we kicked her butt and barely had to move a muscle.”


“The amulet she wore gave her powers equal to that of Bandora,” Zordon said.


“What?!” Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly said in unison.


“But Zordon,” Billy said. “How were we able to defeat her so easily?”


“Because your powers have all grown significantly since your battles with Bandora,” Zordon said.


Then, Jason and his team teleported in.


“Hey guys,” Jason said. “Just wanted to welcome you back.”


“Thanks, Jase,” Tommy said. “Anything happen why we were gone.”


“We ran into another Youkai, nothing major,” Jason said.


“Jonathan and Trini are together now,” Zack said.


“No need to broadcast it,” Trini said as she slugged Zack in the shoulder.


“That’s great,” Kimberly said. Jonathan grinned sheepishly.


Zordon smiled at his Rangers from his command tube.


To be continued…Chapter 07