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Shadows of Evil: Chapter Ten

The Technomancers


Angel Grove nights were always cold, especially at the Aleister Building. The building was home to the Technomancer Corporation. Considered one of the most powerful institutions in the world, its agents and attorneys were the most respected in their fields. But that was just a mask.


The corporation was actually a front for the Order of the Brotherhood of Technomancers, a secret society of scientists bent on a mad quest for unfathomable power, both natural and supernatural, using a mixture of the technology and the arcane.


A helicopter flew in towards the roof of the building. The helicopter landed on the roof as a small group of men, dressed in red body suits with dark purple masks and vests, waved them down. The guards carried machine guns.


The helicopter door opened, and a bald, German man in a suit walked down.


“Greetings, Maegis Om,” one of the soldiers said to the man. “Maegis Senreich awaits your return at the Babylon Portal in sub-basement 2.”


“Very good,” Om said. “I vill go down to him at vunce. See that the…artifact…is brought up to the Astrium Theater. I am certain Maegis Senreich vill vant it immediately.”


One of the soldiers carried a stone-crafted box from the chopper.


“You!” Om yelled at him. “Neomancer! Have care vith that. Any damage the artifact should sustain vill be paid vith your life.”


The Technomancer shook. “Y-Y-Yes, Maegis.”




Om walked down to the subbasement and knocked on a large wooden door. No one answered, so he opened it up and let himself in. “Maegis Senreich…?”


He walked further into the stone room to see Senreich standing in front of a large, mechanical gate of some sort. The gate was humming with power.


“Gunther,” Om said. “I have it.”


Gunther pulled back the hood of his dark purple robe and smiled wickedly. “It’s…it’s here? “


Ve arrived moments ago. It is being delivered to the observatory as ve speak.”


“Wonderful! Finally, Om…after so many years of search and study we have it! One of the most powerful and elusive talismans only whispered about in the Circles of the Seven Magicks! The Sphere of Sara-Kath! Surly there will be a seat for me within the Dark Chamber! Come!” the two started walking out the door. “We must tend to the Sphere at once!”


“Should you terminate the program running vithin the Babylon Portal?” Om asked.


Gunther shook his head as they walked out the door. “No. The system is merely scanning the reality frequencies. Even if it were to align the proper combination, it would have to access an incredible amount of energy to open even the smallest of dimensional doorways. It’ll be fine.”


They left the room as the portal stirred and crackled with energy. A dark hole then appeared within its rings.




The winds whipped around as the energy faded. The five Rangers stood as fires burned around them. Trees were broken in half, and the grass was ripped from the ground. They had just defeated another monster.


“For once,” Tenma Ranger said, “I’d like to have a fight where we don’t tear up the landscape.”


Dragon Ranger sighed. “Let’s go home, guys.”


The five Rangers teleported out.




Back at the Technomancer building, two guards stood outside of the wooden door, protecting the Babylon Portal.


“What I don’t understand,” one of the Technomancers said to another, “is why everybody else is way up in the Astrium Theater attending to Maegis Senreich and his cool new toy, and we’re stuck down here in the dungeon guarding nothing but a big empty room with a computer in it.”


“I don’t care,” the other guard said. “All that guy Om has to do is look at me and I…hey! Did you hear something?!”


“Quit teasing man, that ain’t funny!”


The two Neomancers looked at the door. “No really. It sounded like it came from inside the lab.”


“C’mon, really. Cut it out.”


S’like a chitterin sound’r something…like water runnin.”


The guard started opening the door.


“Stop it, or I’ll…”


Waddaya going to do?” the guard asked as he opened the door. “Tell on me? I’m so-”


Several pairs of claws raced towards them and covered their faces.




On the highest level of the Technomancer building, Om and Gunther stood observing the sphere as it hovered in a small repulser field.


“Om,” Gunther said. “It’s beautiful! To think we have the legendary Sphere of Sara-Kath! In our possession…a reservoir of unimaginable, unlimited mystical energies! Once our technology can map its parameters, tap into its potential, the Technomancer agency will be virtually unstoppable. In both the fields of international financial development and arcane corporate takeovers!”


The doors busted open, and two soldiers barged in. “ARRGGHH! Maegis! Maegis Seinreich!”


“Who dares…”


“It’s the Babylon Portal, Sir! ARRGH! It’s opened…and something…”


The guard stepped forward from the shadows, and a wolf head was growing on the side of his head. “God help us, something’s here!” the guard screamed.




Gunther and Om stormed to the sub levels and ran towards the Babylon Portal room. “Gunther, slow down!” Om yelled. “Do not get ahead of me…”


“There’s no time for that, Om!” he called as he entered the room. “The portal, it's-.”


They entered the room and stopped in their tracks.


“Vas is…” Om said. “Oh my…God?”


A strange, tall man with goblin-like features laughed. He wore dark-purple robes that matched the light amethyst color of his skin. His eyes were blood red. “God? No. Not yet!” he said as a squid-like creature covered the room, and short goblins surrounded him.


“Although once I’ve mastered the workings of this dimensional doorway device, I won’t hesitate to add that title to my resume: Buel!…Gremlyn Lord…Plasmage…God! Yessss…I like that. I like that a lot.”




Strange sat in his home meditating as his red cloak hung behind him. He appeared as a 20-year-old man with short white hair and dark round sunglasses. His body suit’s collar rose above his mouth and up to his nose, covering the bottom half of his face.


The amulet on his cloak opened and began to shine as Strange arose from his trance. “By the hosts…” he collapsed to the ground. “Ungh…Caught me unaware…such power…the Eye saw it too…A rift.”


“Master Strange!” Strange’s servant Wong ran into the room. “I heard a crash. Are you all right? Here, let me help.”


Strange stood up. “No, Wong. I am all right.” He extended his arm, and his hand emanated with mystical energy as his cloak flew behind him, and he strapped it on. “I felt a rift, Wong. A fissure in our reality…with all manner of beings pushing, tearing their way into our reality. The hole is getting bigger.


“My amulet, the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, reveals more.” His amulet began to glow as he closed his eyes. “The anomaly isn’t far from here. Centered around the Aleister Building.”


He opened his eyes. “I must go immediately and mend the rift before it has the opportunity to grow any larger and spill any more denizens of the darker dimensions onto the streets of Angel Grove.”


“Be careful, my friend,” Wong said.


“Don’t worry,” he said as he flew and phased through the roof. “After all. I am a doctor.”




The Rangers stood across from the Aleister building on a rooftop.


“It doesn’t look too freaky,” Tenma Ranger said.


“There has to be something about this place, or Zordon wouldn’t have sent us here,” Kirin Ranger said.


“Power Rangers?!” a voice said from behind them. The Rangers assumed defensive stances as Strange hovered to the ground. “I mean you no harm, Rangers.” Strange said. “I feel the pure powers of the Magick emanating from you.”


“The who?” Tenma Ranger asked.


“The Magick,” Strange said. “A universe of mystical power.”


“Sounds like the same thing as the Morphing Grid,” Kirin Ranger said.


“So who are you?” Dragon Ranger asked.


“Let me guess,” Tenma Ranger said. “You’re a mage from 6,000 years ago and you just recently returned to combat this threat.”


“Actually,” Strange said. “I’m 21, and I was a doctor in my past life. I have come here to investigate the arcane forces that I sense are at work in this area. But tell me, what has brought you here?”


“Well,” Tenma Ranger said. “Teleportation mostly.”


“Actually,” Dragon Ranger said. “We were sent here to investigate this building too. But it doesn’t seem like anything…I don’t know…big is going on.”


“You don’t see it then, do you?” Strange asked.


“See what?” Lion Ranger asked.


Strange held his arm towards the building as his hand illuminated with golden energy. “I will remove the spell that masks it.”


The Rangers then saw the building as it was. Huge, dark bats were circling around the thunderous skies above as large, gelatinous creatures protruded from the building and growled.


“The tower has become a thing of chaos! A point of egress for the cancerous evils of the dark nether-realms to spread out into our own unsuspecting reality,” Strange said. “It is shifting and growing by the second!”


“No way,” Tenma Ranger said.


“I believe the correct response is…way,” Strange said.




Meanwhile, inside the shifting building, Gunther and Om were being held to the ground by a group of small gremlins.


Wh-who are you?” Gunther asked.


“Hel-lo?” the Gremlyn Lord said. “I believe I already answered that. Remember? Buel! Gremlyn Lord! Plasmage! And soon to be…I’m hoping, unless I screwed up the application…God! But those are just titles. You’re looking for something more aren’t you? Okay, how’s this?


“Once, in my own realm, I was a well respected noble. But as anyone will tell you, the idyllic life is boring as porridge. I yearned for more. More experience. More knowledge. More power!


“Turning to the Magicks, I immersed myself in the dark studies, pouring over every dusty tomb I could find, soon discovering that the power I sought could be had, but not without certain sacrifice. Liberated, transformed, I was granted malevolent power beyond my imaginings!


“The governing council however did not approve of my venturing into such dark, deviant, and aberrant waters. Out of fear and jealousy, they branded me a madman and banished me to an equally dark, deviant, and aberrant backwater dimension!


“And there I have waited, surrounded by Gremlyns, plotting the day when I could return and exact my revenge on those arrogant, pretentious, officious, condescending, stuck up…did I say pretentious?… pompous jerks!” He crouched over his two prisoners. “The end! And what, you might ask, was the insidious evil power that caused them to tremble and quake with the knowing of it? With my Magick, I control all things…flesh! See…?”


The side of Om’s face began to distort as the head of a goblin appeared, and then disappeared.


“Isn’t that cool?”


Buel then placed his hand on Gunther’s face. “And you have such nice skin…”


Gunther’s face began to distort and stretch towards Buel’s mouth, but then he stopped. “But that doesn’t interest me right now,” Buel said. “There’s something else here, isn’t there? I can feel it…something of unimaginable…Magickal…power!”




Strange hovered in the air as his hands shimmered with golden energy. “By the Hoary Host of Hoggoth!,” he said. “They have the Sphere!”


“Now, when you say ‘sphere,’” Tenma Ranger said. “I’m hoping you mean like…a basketball…cause, ya know, between the six of us in a pick-up game? We could probably shoot some serious hoop.”


“The Sphere of Sara-Kath!” Strange said as he landed. “Potentially one of the most powerful objects in the known dimensions! Its true origins remain a mystery. Its purpose is to augment by a hundred fold the Magickal abilities of any who posses it!”


“Well if it's in there,” Lion Ranger said. “Let’s just go in and get it.”


“Were it that simple,” Strange said. “The Eye showed me that the occupants of this building had constructed a dimensional portal, born of science and Magick, unsuccessful at first until it became energized by the sphere!”


Strange showed the Rangers a holographic image of the sphere.


“The interior of the entire structure is now in a constant state of flux, continuously shifting, opening doorways into realities both known and unknown, letting ‘things’ through. To enter the building now would mean becoming a plaything of that chaos!”


“And we don’t want that,” Tenma Ranger said.


“Listen, Doc,” Dragon Ranger said. “You’re the magic guy. Can’t you just whip up a spell to pause it or something? At least long enough for us to get in and grab the sphere?”


Strange nodded. “I believe I could Magickally maintain the shifting planes, in a sense, ‘freeze’ the flux, but it would require a great deal of concentration and effort, and that I remain out here! You would have to do the actual grabbing while I kept the realities static.”


Dragon Ranger nodded. “No Problem. Let’s do it.”




Minutes later, Strange sat in a meditative pose and hovered in the air as his hands illuminated with cyan energy.


“So what’s up, Doc?” Tenma Ranger asked. “Are we going to do this, cause I’m ready when you…”


In a flash of blue light, the Rangers were teleported into the room of the Babylon Portal in the basement.


A blue transparent image of Strange then appeared hovering in the air.


“I thought you were waiting outside,” Dragon Ranger said.


Ya know, we can see right through you…” Tenma Ranger said.


“This is my astral self,” Strange answered. “Separated from my physical body. This way I can accompany all of you through this labyrinth of chaos….” Strange hovered in front of a wooden door. “…and identify the doors you’ll need to make it to the sphere.”


“Well I don’t want to hurt your feelings, Doc,” Tenma Ranger said, “but we had this one identified as a door right off.”


They entered the door and were immediately stunned as they found themselves in a pitch-black dimension with a yellow hue, standing on one of many flat-topped, floating stones.


There were two pterodactyl-like creatures flying through the air and a dark ape-like creature crouching on another stone.


“Now have a care, Rangers,” Strange said. “These realms can be breathtaking and full of peril!”


“Gotcha,” Tenma Ranger said.


“Is that oddly glowing rectangle way up there the doorway into the next level?” Kirin Ranger asked.


“Yes it is,” Strange said.


“Then let’s go!” Dragon Ranger said as the Rangers began leaping from rock to rock towards the doorway.


“Rangers, be careful!” Strange said. “There are-”


“Look Doc,” Tenma Ranger said as a blue ape-like creature leapt towards them. “Don’t worry about us. We’ve got the danger thing covered.”


“Break!” Dragon Ranger yelled as the Rangers jumped and split up.


“Cyclone!” Phoenix Ranger shouted as she produced an energy cyclone that knocked the gorilla off his feet towards a rock close by.


“Time Flare!” Kirin Ranger shouted.


“Gravity Pulse!” Tenma Ranger yelled. Their blasts shattered the other rock as Dragon Ranger called out “Fire Stream!” and his blast slammed into the creature, sending him hurling backwards. The Rangers entered the doorway.


Then they plummeted into a pile of snow in a blizzard dimension.


“Snow?” Tenma Ranger asked.


“It’s freezing here…” Dragon Ranger said.


“There’s the doorway,” Lion Ranger said. The door was high in the air.


“How are we going to reach way up there?” Phoenix Ranger asked.


Three large green snakes then appeared that were the size of the Kidenjuu.


“Snow Snakes!” Strange shouted.


Dragon Ranger armed his Twin Dragon Swords. “Saber Flare!” he shouted as he produced a wave of heat energy that crashed into the snakes and superheated the snow around them. But the snakes remained.


“Tommy,” Kirin Ranger said. “We can use the snakes to get to the doorway!”


Kirin Ranger hopped up the back of one of the snakes, and the other Rangers followed.


The other two snakes prepared to strike.


“Adam, some cover please,” Dragon Ranger said.


Lion Ranger nodded. “Illusion mask!”


Adam created an illusion of two giant red snakes that slithered past them and distracted the real snow snakes long enough for the Rangers to jump through. The Rangers landed on the ground in the main building.


“See, Doc,” Tenma Ranger said. “Nothing to worry about.”


“Except…” Dragon Ranger said. “Him.”


The Rangers stood facing Buel and a few of his Gremlyns.


“Unfortunately,” Strange said. “This creature is not known to me.”


“Great,” Dragon Ranger said under his breath.


“I must commend you, strangers,” Buel said. “You must all be powerful sorcerers to have been able to stabilize the reality storm in this place. My thanks. It helped me out considerably. I’ve marked your progress. You’re quite good. Unfortunately for you however…I am much better.


“Look, mages, I’m not completely stupid. I know why you are here. The Sphere of Sara-Kath is a legendary power! It will no doubt attract countless two-bit wizards such as all of you!” he yelled as he pointed at the Rangers.


“That’s okay,” he said as he collected a sphere of green energy in his hand. “I have a collection of two-bit wizards at home!”


He hurled the sphere like a comet as the Rangers leapt out of the way.


“Thunder Blaster!” Dragon Ranger yelled as he fired his side arm. One of the Gremlyns jumped in the way and took the blast, causing him to be vaporized.


“My boys are very loyal,” Buel said. “It’s not uncommon for any of them to take one for the team.”


“This guy is a little out of our league,” Tenma Ranger said.


Dragon Ranger shook his head. “We’ll show him.” He leapt through the air and executed a flying sidekick that was blocked by a green force screen.


Buel then kicked Dragon Ranger in the faceplate, sending him crashing backward.


Buel fired his green blast again, and the Rangers scattered.


“Hey, Doc,” Dragon Ranger said. “We could use some help here.”


“I’m trying, Rangers,” Strange said. “His Magiks are…”


“Doc?!” Buel said. “Help? So, the five of you aren’t alone. That changes things!” Buel disappeared in a puff of smoke.


Ya think maybe he’s afraid of doctors?” Tenma Ranger asked.


Strange’s real body sat outside as his brow wrinkled with strain. A large blue orge then snuck up behind him.


Back inside, Strange was disappearing.


“His Magiks are internalized, making it difficult to…” He began to break up.


“Hey Doc,” Tenma Ranger said. “We’re getting some interference here. You’re…gone.”


“Now that that’s taken care of.” The Rangers stood to see Buel standing behind them. “Let’s pick up where we left off.”


His hand was glowing with green energy.


Outside, The blue orge was standing over Strange’s body as his astral form raced to his body.


“By the hosts!” Strange said. “In helping the Rangers in my astral form, I’ve left my physical self vulnerable for ambush! Have to hurry…merge with my body before…”


The Orge leapt down towards Strange just as he returned to his body, opened his eyes, and turned around. “Not today Ogre! You’ll not have Stephen Strange as your mid-morning morsel.”


He held up his hand, and red energy flashed towards the beast. “Although I believe I have a spell that will sate your Ogerish appetite.”


The red blast slammed into the Ogre, but the creature was unaffected.


“Or not…” Strange said.


Back inside, Buel fired a blast of his green energy towards the Rangers as they leapt out of the way.


“Cursed Fleas!” Buel shouted. “Would it kill you all to stay put for just a second.”


“Probably,” Dragon Ranger said.


One of Buel’s blast struck one of his own creatures and it transformed into a fleshy moving blob.


“We definitely don’t need a dose of that!” Tenma Ranger said.


The Gremlyns leapt at the Rangers in masses.


“Disgusting!” Phoenix Ranger said.


“Adam,” Dragon Ranger said. “You and the others keep these Gremlyn things off my back, and I’ll take on that Buel creep.”


Dragon Ranger leapt towards Buel and shouted “Fire Stream!”


Buel ducked to avoid the blast as Dragon Ranger took advantage of it to execute a flying hook kick across the villains face. He then executed a round kick, but Buel grabbed his foot and hurled him into a wall.


Buel then fired another one of his green plasma blasts that Dragon Ranger barely managed to duck under.


Dragon Ranger then placed his hand to the ground and shouted “Fire Stream!”


Flames erupted from the ground towards Buel, causing him to fly backward through the doorway to the snow snakes.


The Gremlyns then panicked and leapt through the portal as well.


“Well that was fun,” Dragon Ranger said as Gunther and Om walked from a corner, scared for their lives.


Outside, Strange hovered in the air avoiding the attacks of the Ogre. He then held his hands towards the creature and fired a green blast towards the Ogre.


The blast released the spell Strange had found around the creature and revealed the creature in its true form: two little Gremlyns standing on top of each other.


“As I suspected,” Strange said. “Buel employed a spell of transmogrification on his gremlins to distract me.”


Strange then left his body again and traveled inside to meet the Rangers in his astral form.


“Hey Doc!” Tenma Ranger said. “It’s about time.”


“We have no time for that, Rangers,” Strange said. “I must hear from this one. He may posses knowledge that we want to know. I will reveal my astral form to them.”


“Gunther,” Om said.


“It’s all right, Om,” Gunther said.


“You Technomancers!” Strange shouted at them, “are responsible for this chaos!”


The Rangers stood by as Strange lectured the two villains. Strange walked back over to the Rangers while shaking his astral head. “We’ll learn nothing from them. They are consumed by their own egos.”


“Well,” Dragon Ranger said, “we still have a job to do.”


Strange nodded. “Let us continue with the task at hand.”


The six vanished through a portal.


“I’m afraid, Om,” Gunther said, “that we might...”


Shh..” Om said. “The Buel returns.”


Buel walked out from the portal. “Pah! Snow snakes! More like snow-little-baby-flesh-things-that-don’t-wanna-mess-with-Buel-anymore…right, boys?” he asked as his Gremlyns left the portal too.


“Now, I’m going to find those little mage punks, and when I get them, I’m going to kill them! I’m going to kill them a lot. Come on boys!”


Buel and his gremlins leapt through a portal, but then Buel peaked his head back out. “Oh yes…and bring them along. I’ve got plans for those too.”


The gremlins pushed the two Technomancers through a portal.




The Rangers, led by Strange, walked through a vast desert dimension, a fiery hell, a grassy forest dimension full of cute talking animals, and an ocean of darkness. After a long trek, they arrived into the room that held the sphere in a column of light.


“That’s it, Rangers. We’ve arrived. Behold the Sphere of Sara-Kah!”


“It doesn’t look too tough,” Tenma Ranger said.


“Quickly,” Strange said, “grab the sphere!”


The Rangers moved to grab the sphere, but before they could reach it, Buel popped out of no where and grabbed the artifact.


“And now it’s all mine! Finally I possess the Power of the Sphere! Now I can get revenge on everyone who torqued me off! You…? Yes, but first the governing council, of my own realm, who had the audacity to exile me! Although now that I have the Sphere, rather than use its immeasurable power to return to my homeworld, I think I’ll just bring my homeworld here!”


Back outside, Strange returned to his body. “Buel is using the Sphere to energize the dimensional portal…aggravating the rift in our reality to make way for his world to come through! And all sorts of other dimensional debris is seeping through as well!”


Strange began flying towards the building. “So since I’m not needed out here any longer, I’d best get inside!”


Inside, the Rangers stood defiantly against Buel as he held the Sphere.


“Go guys!” Tommy shouted. “Nova Force!”




“Gravity Well!”


“Time Flare!”


“Hand of Fate!”


A yellow force shield absorbed the blasts and channeled the energy directly back at the Rangers, throwing them across the ground.


Yellow electricity flew out from the Sphere and struck each Ranger in the chest as Buel laughed.


Suddenly, a blast of crimson energy slammed against Buel as he barely managed to erect a field to protect himself.


“Enough!” Strange shouted as he hovered in the air, his hands illuminating with red energy.


“Whoa, Strange is in the house!” Tenma Ranger said. “Good ta see ya doc…y’know, in the flesh…no pun intended.”


“Dr. Strange, huh?” Buel said. “Okay Dr. Strange, heal this!”


Buel fired a green plasma blast that Strange absorbed with a red energy vortex.


“We are in dire straits, Rangers!” Strange said. “Unless we can wrest the sphere from this lunatic’s control and neutralize the portal, the dark realms and their inhabitants will creep out into our world like a cancer! And we have no time to waste, because it’s already begun.”


“You’re no match for me, doctor!” Buel shouted. “This little baby gives me the power to rock your…”


Om suddenly rammed himself into Buel, causing the creature to drop the sphere.


“The Sphere!” Buel shouted. “You idiot! Take that!” Buel transformed Om into a large, globby pink creature.


Dragon Ranger leapt forward and grabbed the Sphere, and he felt its energy coarse through him.


“Dragon Ranger!” Strange shouted. “Go! Use the sphere to destroy the portal!”


“Right,” Dragon Ranger said. “Let’s go guys!”


“No!” Buel shouted. He fired a green energy blast that the Rangers dodged as they made their way to exit the room.


Strange wrapped a ring of red energy around Buel. “And now, Buel, lets see how formidable you are without the sphere.”


“Let’s take a short cut to the portal,” Dragon Ranger said.


“What short cut?” Lion Ranger asked.


“Out the window,” Dragon Ranger said as the Rangers looked down the window to where large, fleshy creatures lined the outside of the building.


“So are we supposed to think of those things as steps?” Tenma Ranger asked.


“Yes,” Dragon Ranger said as he jumped out the window.


The other Rangers followed as they bounced their way down the slimy long tendrils of creatures. They crashed through the sub basement to where the Babylon Portal was open, but they still had to make their way through a hallway packed with fleshy tendrils.


Ew,” Phoenix Ranger said.


Dragon Ranger armed his Twin Dragon Swords while still holding onto the sphere. “Let’s hack our way through.


“Saber Flare!” he shouted as he produced a large flare with his swords that wiped out half of the flesh creatures as the Rangers ran down the hall.


“Sting Strike!” Phoenix Ranger shouted as she used her spear to fight her way through.


“Gravity Dash!” Tenma Ranger shouted as he twirled his nunchuks, knocking obstacles out of his way.


“Flash Strike!” Kirin Ranger yelled as he used his Kirin Blade.


“Fang Attack!” Lion Ranger yelled while using his Lion Staff.


The five crashed through the doors as the portal produced a massive shockwave of energy that pushed the Rangers backwards.


They tried to move closer to the portal, but its force was too strong.


Dragon Ranger felt the sphere glow within his hands as the energy within it flowed through him.


Meanwhile, several stories up, Buel was pouring on the power. “It will be a cold day in hell when Buel is defeated by some ear nose and throat guy.”


Back downstairs, the sphere continued to glow in Dragon Ranger’s hand. He tossed the sphere into the portal, causing an energy vortex that sucked in all of the energy and evil creatures in the building.


“Well that was fun…” Tenma Ranger said.


At the top floor, Buel suddenly vanished. The destruction of the portal had ripped him from Earth’s dimension.


“Actually, I was a renowned neurosurgeon,” Strange said.


A few minutes later, the Rangers stood on the roof along with Strange and a few Technomancers.


“Well,” Dragon Ranger said. “Those Technomancers look like they’ll be shaken up from this for a long time.”


“Are you gunna put some kind of…whammy on em?” Tenma Ranger asked.


“No,” Strange said. “There only crime is their greed for power. But rest assured Rangers, now that I know they exist, I will be keeping an Eye of Agamotto on them.”


“Well…” Lion Ranger said. “It was nice working with you Doctor Strange.”


Strange nodded. “The pleasure was mine, Rangers. I am sure our paths will cross again. Farewell.”


Strange flew off as the Rangers returned to the Command Chamber.


Caught between a dimensional limbo, Buel laughed.




To be continued…Chapter 11