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Shadows of Evil: Chapter Seventeen

Trakeena Betrayed


“What is that insect-a-witch doing?” Tenma Ranger asked as lightning scorched the skies, and the dark spire of DaiSatan started to reverberate with power.


Kirin Ranger looked off into the distance at the spire. “It seems to be serving as an energy collector…rounding up DaiSatan’s energy that was scattered when Tommy destroyed him.”


Lightning streamed from the spire and struck Trakeena as her body started to pulse with power.


Dragon Ranger looked to Ninjared. “Jason, take your team and knock out that spire. We’ll hold off Trakeena.”


“All right,” Ninjared said. “Be careful, bro…”


The Ninja Rangers leapt from the park in blurs of motion as the six Power Rangers stayed to face off with Trakeena.


Trakeena transformed before the Rangers’ eyes as her body became slim and even more insect-like. Her face became dark black and her eyes blood red. She grew two extra pairs of eyes as mandibles protruded from her mouth. Columns of spikes ran up her back and along her forearms and legs.


The lightning danced across the spikes on Trakeena’s exoskeleton before shooting towards the Rangers. The blasts exploded against their chests, and they were tossed to the ground.




The Ninja Rangers ran to the base of the spire within the city as a purple cyclone of energy hurled debris across the streets.


“Take out the spire…” Ninjayellow said. “Right…”


An army of Finster’s Golems dropped from the skies alongside a monster that appeared like a white-furred gorilla covered with a light suit of silver armor, and silver spikes extended from his head, down his back, and to his waist.


The monster laughed maniacally as it leaned forward and fired energy blasts from the spikes on his head. The blasts exploded against the Rangers’ armor.


The Golems charged forward as the Rangers rose to their feet and unsheathed their Ninja swords.


“Let’s take care of these rock heads first,” Ninjared said as he dashed forward with Ninjablack falling into place besides him. The two Rangers moved through the front lines of soldiers, hacking and slashing through their stone flesh in a blur of motion.


Ninjayellow and Ninjawhite leapt towards the ape monster and threw a volley of throwing stars at the creature. The stars struck against his armor and caused sparks to fly, but the monster quickly recovered and charged towards the Rangers while howling a war cry.




Zedd watched the battle unfold from his moon-palace balcony. “Trakeena seems to be getting desperate,” Zedd said with amusement. “What a wonderful turn of events.”


He had no doubt Trakeena would be destroyed, and the Rangers would be weakened in the process. “After Trakeena softens them up, I’ll move in for the kill…”




Trakeena sprang towards Phoenix Ranger with her claws and mandibles ready for the kill. Phoenix Ranger executed a back-flip that caught the villain upside the head. Trakeena was tossed backward, but she flipped through the air and managed to land on her feet.


As soon as she landed, Kiba Ranger and Tenma Ranger moved in from opposite sides of her to attack. Tenma Ranger launched a tornado kick towards her head as Kiba Ranger swung his saber horizontally towards her midsection. Before their blows could connect, Trakeena energized her spikes and fired an energy pulse that blasted the two Rangers backward.


Lion Ranger moved in with his staff as Dragon Ranger and Kirin Ranger stayed back.


“I don’t get it…” Dragon Ranger said. “DaiSatan was never this strong, how can Trakeena be?”


“He was probably weakened from assuming human form when you faced him two years ago,” Kirin Ranger said. “Trakeena is harnessing his raw energy.”


Lion Ranger spun while swinging his staff horizontally towards Trakeena’s head. She grabbed the weapon with her jaws and used her hold to pull Lion Ranger from his feet and toss him through the air.




Finster hid behind a tree as he watched the battle unfold while carrying the book underneath his arm. He knew the Rangers would probably defeat Trakeena, but she would likely survive. She would likely begin plotting another plan to defeat her enemies. Finster would be her servant again.


When will it end? He asked himself. He was sick of the pointless war that had claimed his soul. He wanted to be free.




Ninjared and Ninjawhite dashed towards the monster head on, but from opposite sides as they spun forward and struck their blades horizontally across the ape’s armor.


Ninjayellow and Ninjablack flipped through the air towards the monster and swung their blades vertically across the creature’s chest while landing.


Ninjablue then moved in with a flying sidekick against the monster’s chest.


The Rangers regrouped.


“Let’s finish this,” Ninjared said as they all readied their Ninja Swords.


Shinobi Spear!” they shouted as they held their blades together and fired a lance of golden energy that pierced through the monster and caused him to explode.


The Rangers looked up to the spire as it continued to pulse with energy.


Ninjablack turned to Ninjared. “We could use the heavy-hitters.”


“Right,” Ninjared said as he and the other Rangers pulled out their scrolls.


“Shogunzords, awaken!” The warrior Shogunzords appeared as the Rangers melded with them.


“Shogunzord fusion!” they shouted as the five zords combined to form one giant Megazord.


The Megazord summoned its golden saber and stomped towards the spire. The energy cyclone surrounding the spire caused some resistance, but ShogunMegazord managed to move in to fighting range.


“ShogunMegazord saber, ignite!” the rangers shouted as the saber energized with fiery energy and swung towards the spire. The sword crashed against the energy cyclone, and the resulting backlash crashed against the Megazord and sent it tumbling across the streets below.


The spire still stood, and its cyclone was even more powerful after the energy exposure from the Megazord saber.




Trakeena arced her head to stare off into the distance as the ShogunMegazord was blasted away from the spire.


She hissed as she summoned a bolt of energy from the spire that slammed against her exoskeleton. She used the energy to grow into a giant-sized creature with massive claws and thrashing tentacles. She looked to where the ShogunMegazord was making a second attempt at attacking the spire and launched optic blasts of fiery crimson that smashed against the Megazord with bursts of spark.


The ShogunMegazord was smashed to the ground and split back into its five separate zords as the Ninja Rangers fell to the city streets below.


The Power Rangers leapt to the city rooftops to summon their zords.


“She just keeps getting uglier and uglier…” Tenma Ranger said as they raised their swords towards the sky.


“Thunderzords arise!” The six zords stomped through the streets as the Rangers entered their cockpits.


“White Tiger, rise up!” Kiba Ranger shouted as he inserted Byakko into his forward control console, and his zord assumed its warrior mode.


“Thunder-star Fusion!” Dragon Ranger shouted as the other five zords crackled with energy and formed the MegaThunderzord.


“MegaThunderzord, Choi Dairenou!”


Below, the Ninja Rangers rose to their feet.


“Do we have a plan ‘B’?” Ninjayellow asked.


“Our Ninjazords,” Ninjawhite said.


“Right,” Ninjared said.


Before the Ninja Rangers could summon their zords, a group of Golems started dropping to the streets and charging towards them.


“Company,” Ninjablack said as the Golems charged towards them.


“Call on your Battlezords to help Tommy and his team while we mop these soldiers up,” Ninjawhite said.


The five Ninja Rangers energized their coins and tossed them to the sky while shouting “Battlezords power up!”


The five slender Battlezords appeared around Trakeena as the Ninja Rangers did battle with the Golems below.




Battle Ape leapt towards Trakeena with a double sidekick, but she latched onto the zord’s legs with her tentacles and swung it through the air, slamming the zord against Battle Frog and Battle Wolf.


The MegaThunderzord flew straight towards Trakeena while firing a volley of Kirin Flares and then blasting the villain with a Tenma gravity pulse. The blasts slammed against the monster with seemingly no effect, and she blasted the MegaThunderzord back with optic blasts.


“We have to shut down that spire,” Dragon Ranger said.


“It’s defenses nearly impenetrable,” Kirin Ranger said.


“Nearly,” Lion Ranger said.


“Right,” Phoenix Ranger said. “There has to be some way.”


Their zord was hit again.


Kiba Ranger moved his White Tiger in to strike. The Tigerzord swung its golden saber at one of Trakeena’s tentacles. The result was a surge of energy that exploded across the White Tiger’s armor.


Dragon Ranger held the black Heaven Thunder Star Gem of the fallen Shadow Ranger as he shouted “Shadow Dragon, arise!”


The black dragon of the former Shadow Ranger dropped from the dark skies and descended towards Trakeena, firing a torrent of black flame that exploded around her.


“Shadow Dragon, rise up!” Dragon Ranger shouted as the zord transformed into warrior mode. “The Shadow Dragon and Battlezords can keep Trakeena busy. Teddy, let’s combine and take out that spire.”


“Gotcha, big brother,” Kiba Ranger said.


“MegaThunderzord…” the Rangers shouted as their Megazord crackled with crimson energy.


“White Tigerzord…” Kiba Ranger shouted as the tiger crackled with white energy.


The two zords shot up into the sky and started to circle around one another while in comets of energy.


“Armor merge to…”


The two zords fused. White armor covered the MegaThunderzord as the head of the White Tiger formed around the head of the dragon on the zord’s chest. The wings detached and transformed into two broad blades of gold that the Megazord held in its hands.


“…Fang Megazord!!”


The Fang Megazord dashed towards the cyclone surrounding the spire while charging its blades with golden energy.


Fang blades, sonic strike!” the Rangers shouted as they swung their weapons towards the cyclone. The resulting feedback blasted the Megazord backward as its power overloaded, causing the Megazord to split back into its six separate zords.




Below, Ninjared swung a hook kick across a Golem’s head before cutting the creature upside the chest with his Ninja Sword.


“That’s the last of ‘em,” Ninjared said as the five Rangers regrouped and looked up to where Trakeena was slashing against the five Battlezords and Shadow Dragon. “Let’s help them out.”


“Ninjazords awaken!” the Rangers shouted as their five Ninjazords stomped through the streets. They entered their cockpits.


“Ninja fusion!” Ninjared commanded the zords to combine into the NinjaMegazord.


The NinjaMegazord leapt towards Trakeena and slammed a sidekick against the creature’s chest before being knocked away with her massive claws.




Finster watched the battle unfold as he clutched on to the book.


“She must be stopped,” he said quietly to himself as he looked over the book.


As long as the spire had power, Trakeena would be invincible, and it didn’t seem the Rangers were capable of breaking through the spire’s defensive magick.


“She must be stopped,” he said again. He was tired. So tired…


Finster set the book down and prepared to cast his final spell.




Dragon Ranger rose to his feet within his cockpit. “Let’s try that one more time…Thunder-star fusion!”


The five zords combined. “MegaThunderzord, ChoiDairenou!”


The MegaThunderzord flew towards the spire. “MegaThunderzord, armor up!”


The zord crackled with energy as it transformed into a silver suit of armor. “MegaThunderzord, Paladin mode!”


Before they could strike, the spire vanished as quickly as it appeared.


“Where did it go?” Tenma Ranger exclaimed. “Not that I’m complaining…”


“We’ll figure it out later,” Dragon Ranger said. “Trakeena is going down…”


The Paladin swooped towards Trakeena as its saber energized.


“Hit her at once,” Dragon Ranger commanded.


“White Tiger Thunderbolt!” Kiba Ranger shouted as his zord launched a sphere of fiery energy.


The Shadow Dragon fired twin streams of dark fire.


The NinjaMegazord energized its fists and slammed them against the creature.


“Star Saber, Divine Justice!” the Rangers shouted as their blade energized and slashed through Trakeena, causing her to explode.




Trakeena returned to her normal form, bruised and battered on the streets below as she tried to crawl forward, pain overloading her every nerve. She looked up to see Finster standing over her with the book. He had a look in his eyes Trakeena didn’t recognize. “What did you do?” she asked weakly.


“Destroyed the spire,” Finster said simply. “As well as the book…”


Finster let go of the book as it pages all fell loose from the binding and slowly dissolved.


Trakeena wrinkled her brow as she glared at Finster. “Traitor…”


“You are the traitor, Trakeena,” Finster said. “A traitor to life…”


Trakeena used the last of her energy to lunge forward and drive one of her daggers through Finster’s chest.


Finster smiled as he felt his life ebb away, and his vision tunnel closed.


Trakeena coughed her last breath before she collapsed on top of Finster. The two slowly villains dissolved into fiery ashes.


To be continued…Chapter 18