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Monster Index


Monsters are listed in the order they appeared. Finster channeled the One Power to create monsters out of clay. Lord Zedd channeled The Power to create monsters out of various animals and sometimes objects. Levina used her crystal ball to summon monsters from the Shadow Clan in Hell.


Blak’wergremon: Created by Finster. Resembled a two-legged dragon covered in black armor. The creature had armored claws along his arms and carried a golden, two-part shield. (Chapters 01 and 02)


Beetamon: Created by Finster. A beetle creature in a bulky suit of blue-colored armor. Packed with mystical artillery. (Chapter 03)


Varzockithon: Summoned by Levina. The creature had four short wings of black blades extending from its back. Its scarred body was covered with dark gray armor that appeared to be burnt onto the villain’s skin. The demon wore a grated helmet that concealed his face. Various spikes protruded from its body. (Chapter 04)


Garmu: Created by Finster. Armored, gray wolf. (Chapter 04)


Monster Ogre: Created by Finster. It had the lower body and legs of a mammoth, a reptilian body with long, bat-like wings, and the head of an ogre. (Chapter 05)


Mole Youkai: One of the last remaining Youkai. (Chapter 06)


Fire Ant: Created by Lord Zedd. A humanoid, red ant. (Chapter 07)


Onyx Monster: Created by Finster by using the Onyx Stone, which could repel The Power. (Chapter 08)


Drill-Mole: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 09)


Tri Lion: A three-headed, four-armed lion creature created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 11)


Skeleton Mammoth: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 12)


Stag Beetle: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 13)


Shark: Created by Finster. Modeled after a great-white shark. (Chapter 13)


Sphinx: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 13)


White Tiger: Created by Lord Zedd. Humanoid tiger with a plate of silver armor covering its black-striped white fur. The monster was armed with a broad axe. (Chapter 14)


Wolf: Created by Finster. A mesh of black muscle covered in white bone with the skeletal head of a wolf. (Chapter 14)


Mantis: Created by Finster. (Chapter 15)


Nightmare: A demonic spirit that traps people within their nightmares.


Ape: Created by Finster.


Dark Samurai: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 20)


Fire Skull: Created by Lord Zedd. (Chapter 20)