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Zeo Cycles



Zeo Power Weapons



Zeo Sabers/Zeo Blasters/Zeo Rifles: Each Zeo Saber could combine with a Zeo Blaster to form a Zeo Rifle.






MegaWarriorzord: The five Warriorzords could combine to form the MegaWarriorzord with the command: "Warriorzord Fusion!"



Pyramidus: Zord of Zeo Gold.



Red Battlezord: A prototype for the Warriorzords. 






Zeo-zords: The five Zeo-zords were constructed by Zordon and Billy, along with help from Billy's fledgling INET business. The Rangers called for their zords with the command: "Zeo-zords mobilize!"



ZeoMegazord: The five Zeo-zords could combine into a Megazord at the command: "Ultra Fusion!" The Megazord used its saber for the finishing move: "Super Crown Sword! Grand Final Crash!"



Zeo MegaBattlezord: The ZeoMegazord and Red Battlezord could combine at the command: "MegaBattlezord Fusion!" Its finishing move was the: "Battle Cannons! Ultra Blast!"



ZeoUltrazord: The Zeo-zords, Red Battlezord, and Pyramidus could combine to form the ZeoUltrazord at the command: "Golden Fusion!" The Ultrazord had two modes: carrier mode and battle mode.






Angel Grove City: Sat on a nexus of magical energy that ran through the Earth. The California city was five-times larger than Los Angeles and divided into five main districts: Angel Grove North, Angel Grove South, Angel Grove Central, Angel Grove East, and Angel Grove West.


Aquitar: A planet of water-dwelling humanoids.


Dragon, the: A prophecy from Eltar foretells that someone called the Dragon will bring about the end of the galaxy. The prophecy reads as follows: “Tragedy will set his path. The Dragon, born of rage, born of hate, will rise on the winds of death. The earth will shake. The heavens will tremble. And all will know fear. His pain will blanket the skies.   Born of The Light. Born of The Shadow. His path to redemption will herald the End of All Things. The savior. The destroyer. The end to us all.” The prophecy was known by Professor Koji, who had a laptop with information and history about the Power Rangers. How he stumbled upon the information was a mystery.


Eltar: A planet near the Galactic Core, often thought of as the hub of trade and commerce across the galaxy. The planet had two main races, the human-like Eltarians and the elf-like Moon Elves. Zordon was from this world, which had one of the few remaining mage academies and praxiums in the galaxy.


Government- The planet was governed by the Eltarian Court, which had a five-member Ruling Council. The Ruling Council was the executive branch of the planetary government. The other two branches of the Eltarian Court were the legislative Parliament and the judiciary Judges of Thymis. Eltar had four main continents divided into 13 peripheries, which were further divided into 54 prefectures.


Capital- Zygria. A description of the capital city: “A Greco-Roman type city within a valley. A network of waterways and canals stemmed from a massive, flat-topped pyramid in the center of the city. A dome-shaped building, surrounded by columns, rested on the top of the structure. The pyramid was made of the same tan-colored marble as the city's other buildings, most of which had columned, elaborate entryways and rooftops of deep emerald. The city was dotted with spots of greenspace, which were decorated with trees and statues.”


Religion - The main religion of the planet was the Church of the Light. The Church of the Light was more of a philosophy, in that its followers didn't worship a specific deity. They followed the Light, the force of good in the universe. The Church of the Light was established after Zordon defeated and imprisoned Lord Zedd. The Church of the Light was to ensure that the shadow of evil would never again fall on the world.


The Church of the Light replaced the Church of the One God. The Church of the One God and its beliefs were brought to Eltar by invading forces from the planet Zarkadia, homeworld of Lord Zedd, before Zedd fully turned to the forces of evil.


The Church of the One God still exists, but its followers are only about a third in number compared to the Church of the Light. Before the Church of the One God, the people of Eltar worshiped a pantheon of gods similar to the Greek gods on Earth. Some still worship the pantheon of gods. The Moon Elves worshiped the Goddess of the Moon, Alune, who they believed saved them from being wiped out by Sauron eons ago, at the beginning of recorded time.


Races- The native species were Eltarians and Moon Elves. The Eltarians appear human and have an average lifespan of 1,000 years. The Moon Elves were said to be the first humanoid race to evolve on Eltar. Their skin was tinted with shades of blue or violet. They had long, pointed ears. They were mostly secluded on a northern continent but took part in the planet’s government and economics. 


Five Stars of Heaven: Angel Grove was on a nexus of magical energy that ran through the Earth. The Five Stars of Heaven were the guardians of that nexus. Each star was from a specific area of the city: North, south, east, west, and central. This information was known by Professor Koji, based on a prophecy about the final battle between good and evil. This prophecy refers to the Heaven Star Task Force Power Rangers that assembled in 2002. Tommy was from Angel Grove North, Kimberly was from Angel Grove South, Adam was from Angel Grove East, Rocky was from Angel Grove West, and Billy was from Angel Grove Central. The wording of the prophecy is as follows: “To each generation, five stars will rise, and they will guard the Holy Ground, where the Sacred Walked, before the Wheel of Time.”


Gears of Fate: According to an Eltarian philosophy, the Gears of Fate turn the Wheel of Time, which weaves the Pattern of Ages. Each individual’s life is a thread in the pattern of an age.


Gorma: The military arm of the Daos civilization. About 6,000 years ago, the ruling Dai Tribe tried to disband the Gorma. The Gorma rebelled and launched an assault on the Dai and Shura tribes, which started the 500 Year War. The Gorma could use their dark chi, Rinki, to channel The Power and transform into one-eyed monsters.


Gosei Sentai Dairanger: The Kiryoku, Chi power, of five individuals rose to the point where they could control five mystical beasts called the Kidenjuu. These individuals became the Gosei Sentai Dairanger during the war between the Gorma and Dai tribes 6,000 years ago.


Hayate Way: The Hayate Way had four schools across the world: Angel Grove’s Little Tokyo, Japan, Korea, and China. The Hayate Way taught three fighting styles: Hakkyokuseiken, Koppouken, and Shiranui. Tommy Oliver studied the Hakkyokuseiken at the Angel Grove Hayate Way. 


Hakkyokuseiken style: One of three styles taught at the Hayate Way in Little Tokyo. Hakkyokuseiken was a mix of Dragon-Fist Kung-Fu, karate, Tae Kwan-do, and ninjutsu. Tommy Oliver learned the Hakkyokuseiken style as a student of the Hayate Way.  


Heaven Star Task Force Power Rangers: Master Kaku survived the war between the Gorma and Dai 6,000 years ago but prepared for the war to begin anew. He was contacted by Zordon via the Astral Plane, and the two Masters worked together to develop the Aura Morphers in preparation for the Gorma’s return. The Gorma returned in 2002, and the Aura Morphers were given to five teens to become the Heaven Star Task Force Power Rangers. The Power Rangers were Red Dragon Ranger Tommy Oliver, Green Lion Ranger Adam Park, Yellow Kirin Ranger Billy Cranston, Blue Tenma Ranger Rocky DeSantos, and Pink Phoenix Ranger Kimberly Hart.


Hergon: A planet conquered by Lord Zedd during his early days as a warlord. He enslaved the planet’s wolf-like race and turned them into mindless soldiers for his army.


Ikkazuchi Way: It is unknown how many Ikkazuchi Way schools were across the world. One was in Angel Grove’s Little Tokyo, and at least one was in Japan. The Ikkazuchi Way taught two fighting styles: Kukishin and Jinenkan. Billy Cranston learned the Jinenkan style from Master Kosugi, who fled from Japan’s Ikkazuchi Way.


INET: A technology/internet/computer repair business that Billy operated out of his father’s garage.


Jinenkan style: One of two styles taught at the Ikkazuchi Way in Little Tokyo. Jinenkan was a mix of Zui Quan Kung Fu, koppojutsu, ninjutsu, bojutsu and judo. Billy Cranston learned the Jinenkan style from Master Kosugi, a janitor for the Center Grove Community School District in Angel Grove Central.  


Ka’zuul: The Ryujinn followers of an evil spirit known as DaiSatan 1.7 million years ago. The Ryujinn were an ancient race that lived alongside the dinosaurs. DaiSatan could channel his energy through his followers. One of the cult’s manuals was found by the member of the Daos civilization, which reached its peak about 8,000 years ago. The Shura named Meduya used the book to become a warlock, but he was defeated by the Gorma, which took possession of the book for safekeeping. The Gorma later used the book to make contact with the Mogralord and unlock their dark powers to attack the Daos Civilization about 6,000 years ago.


Kiryoku: Chi power. The Spirit, Soul, Body, and Mind work in conjunction to create Life Energy called Chi. Chi flows through the body in its own circulatory system, connected by 64 Chakra points. The flow of Chi is controlled by eight specific Chakra points called the Eight Gates.


Koppouken style: One of three styles taught at the Hayate Way in Little Tokyo. A mix of Long-Fist Kung-Fu, kick boxing, and ninjutsu. Rocky DeSantos studied Koppouken.


Kukishin style: One of two styles taught at the Ikkazuchi Way in Little Tokyo. A mix of Jow-Ga Kung Fu, taijutsu, ninjutsu, bojutsu and an ancient form of karate.


Machine Empire: Created on a world much like Earth to preserve life on the planet, thousands of years ago. They were taken over by their own directive when they decided the best way to preserve their planet was to wipe out its humanoid population. 


Morphing: A Ranger can channel the One Power to transform, which is called morphing. Morphing increases the body’s natural attributes such as strength and stamina, creates protective armor out of energy, and allows the Ranger greater access to The Power for special attacks.


One Power, the: A river of power that permeates the universe, and the source of what humans call magick. The Power turns the Gears of Fate and provides the balance between good and evil. The One Power has different currents, and each current is a particular type of energy. A wielder of The Power will have a greater strength with channeling energy from one current. For example, the evil witch Bandora channeled shadow energy from The Power. Rangers can channel The Power to transform, which is called morphing.


Phoenix Force: A nearly omnipotent entity of cosmic power that feasted upon the stars themselves near the dawning of time and space. The entity was neither good nor evil; it simply was. It was a creature with the power to create. A creature with the power to destroy. Many civilizations across the universe came to worship the Phoenix Force as their goddess, even on Earth. Sometime shortly after time began, a powerful being imprisoned the Phoenix Force into a large red ruby called the Emcron Crystal. In order to contain the Phoenix, the ruby was actually a seal for a pocket dimension that spanned for infinity. The Emcron Crystal was guarded by an elite underground society known as the Knights of the Phoenix.


Power Cosmic: The mysterious Power Cosmic was older than the One Power. The Power Cosmic was said to be the energy of creation itself. Its power permeated the universe. No one could channel its energy, although few were said to have a “cosmic awareness,” a connection to the Power Cosmic on some level. The Phoenix Force was a being of cosmic energy.


Prophets: The Order of Prophets originated on Eltar nearly 2 million years ago. The Prophets compiled an accurate account of the galaxy's future up until the end of the universe.


Ranger: Can channel the One Power to transform, called morphing. Morphing increases the body’s natural attributes, such as strength and stamina, and creates protective armor out of energy. When in Ranger form, a person can channel more energy than a typical wielder of The Power, and the energy flow is constant.


Shiranui style: One of three styles taught at the Hayate Way in Little Tokyo. A combination of Eagle-Fist kung fu and ninjutsu.  


Starr Enterprises: An Angel Grove-based business led by Anthony Starr, a businessman and inventor. He took an interest in Billy Cranston's fledgling INET company.


Stone Canyon: A city south of Angel Grove. The two cities were bordered by a river surrounded on both sides by woods.


Triforia: The capital planet of the Triforian Consortium of Worlds, which was 50-worlds strong. The Triforians were human in appearance. Like the Eltarians, they had an average lifespan of about 1,000 years. The Triforians worshipped a pantheon of gods similar to the Egyptian gods of Earth.  


Beginning of recorded time (Age of Darkness)- The planet was divided into territories ruled over by tyrants called Varoahs. Each Varoah was worshiped as a god, and each answered to the Varoah-Hai, who was loyal to Sauron, ruler of a galaxywide empire of evil.


Eons ago (Age of Legends)- The Varoahs were defeated by a Ranger team of offworlders in what the Triforians called the Breaking of the Crowns. Territories were divided by the people and ruled by Kings, but the Kings had trouble maintaining control of their lands.


1.7 million years ago (Age of Sorrows)- Lord Zedd's forces took over Triforia as part of an empire of evil. After Zedd's forces were defeated by Zordon, a standard, polytheistic religion was established. The people decided that their world would no longer be ruled by men, who were blamed for all the atrocities from the Age of Darkness to the Age of Sorrows. Instead, the planet would have a Queen Mother.


Age of expansion- About 100 years after defeat of Zedd by Zordon, the Triforians decided that to ensure their survival, they would expand their territory to include surrounding worlds. They founded the Triforian Consortium.   


20,000 years ago (Age of Shattering)-  The planet Triforia was ruled by a planet-wide empire of good. But the empire fell apart and split into separate nation states that were hostile with one another.


15,000 years ago (Age of Mending)- The first Gold Zeo Ranger on Triforia used his power to secure his wife upon a throne and unite the planet's kingdoms.


10,000 years ago-  The Gold Ranger's Zeo Power Staff was the basis of the Zeo Crystal, which was used to fashion a Ranger team to fight off the Machine Empire. Prince Trey of Triforia, who had assumed the power of the Gold Ranger, was placed in suspended animation to fight against the Machines when they returned.   





Ultra Task Force Zeo Rangers: Tommy retrieved the Zeo Crystal and assembled a new team of Rangers to harness its power.



Verox: A race of cybernetic beings. They were divided into two classes: bounty hunters and soldiers. 



Wheel of Fate: Another term for the Gears of Fate. According to an Eltarian philosophy, the Gears of Fate turn the Wheel of Time, which weaves the Pattern of Ages. Each individual’s life is a thread in the pattern of an age.


Zeo Crystal: The people of the planet Triforia crafted the Zeo Crystal 10,000 years ago to combat the Machine Empire and banish them from this galaxy. The Crystal was divided into five separate components, each containing a hybrid of magick and technology. The Zeo sub-Crystals were used to form a Ranger team capable of battling of the Machines.