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This timeline leads up to the events in Book Eight. Each book will have an updated timeline to include new information and newly-revealed history.


Beginning of recorded time:


- An evil being named Sauron ruled the entire galaxy from the planet Eltar. A group of Eltarians banded together using a magick force called the One Power to defeat Sauron. One of the Eltarians, Jestin, became the first Ranger.


- An Order of Masters and Rangers was established across the galaxy.


1.7-million years ago:


- A warlord named Lord Zedd came to power and used his forces to kill all the Rangers and Masters in the galaxy. He ruled an evil empire for 1,000 years.


- A soldier for Zedd’s forces, Zordon, turned to the side of light. He formed a resistance against Zedd. Zordon became a Ranger, and later, a Master. He banished Lord Zedd into a dimensional limbo.


- Zordon followed an evil spirit named DaiSatan to Earth. DaiSatan attacked an ancient civilization, the Ryujinn, that lived alongside the dinosaurs. The conflict was known to the Ryujinn as the First Great War.


- The Second Great War began when DaiSatan selected Bandora as the witch to lead his forces. Zordon used the dinosaurs as a template to make a Ranger team, Zyuranger. He recruited six Ryujinn to become Rangers. Zordon banished DaiSatan and imprisoned Bandora in a pocket dimension beneath the moon’s surface.


20,000 years ago:


- The planet Triforia was ruled by a planet-wide empire of good. But the empire fell apart and split into separate nation states that were hostile with one another.


15,000 years ago:


- The first Gold Zeo Ranger on Triforia used his power to secure his wife upon a throne and unite the planet's kingdoms.


10,000 years ago:


- The Gold Ranger's Zeo Power Staff was the basis of the Zeo Crystal, which was used to fashion a Ranger team to fight off the Machine Empire. Prince Trey of Triforia, who had assumed the power of the Gold Ranger, was placed in suspended animation to fight against the Machines when they returned.    


6000 BC (8,000 years ago):


- The Daos Civilization flourished in southern China. The civilization was made up of three tribes: The Dai, Gorma, and Shura. At its peak, the civilization reached 200,000 people strong.


- A member of the Shura named Meduya stumbled upon a book that belonged to an ancient cult called the Ka’zuul, which worshipped an evil spirit known as DaiSatan. Meduya used the book to become a warlock, and he was defeated by the Gorma. The Gorma could not physically destroy the book so they kept it in their care.


4000 BC (6,000 years ago):


- A Gorma named Matoi used the book of the Ka’zuul to commune with the Mogralord, who granted the Gorma new power. Matoi took control of the Gorma and led them to attack the Dai. The two sides nearly wiped each other out during the 500 Year War. A team known as the Gosei Sentai Dairanger rose to fight the Gorma.


- A man named Kaku defected from the Gorma and went into hiding, and with the help of Zordon, prepared for the Gorma’s return. The Shura scattered the Earth, but the last of the Dai tribe remained in China.


2800 BC:


- Three survivors of the Dai tribe became the Three Culture Heroes of Chinese legend, the first to bring civilization to the rest of the country, around 2800 BC. They were followed by the Three Sage Kings, also survivors of the Dai tribe. These Sage Kings were said to rule with perfect clarity, wisdom, and virtue from 2350 to 2205 BC.



1000 BC (3,000 years ago):


- A tribe in the Ginga Forest fought against space pirates called the Balban. The shaman of the Ginga Tribe encountered Zordon on the Astral Plane, and Zordon helped the shaman create a Ranger team called Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. The Balban were defeated and sealed on their ship beneath the ocean, and the Ginga Tribe decided to seclude themselves for protection, so they encased their Ginga Forest in a pocket dimension.


1495 AD:

- During the Muromachi Era in Japan, the Hayate Way and Ikkazuchi schools competed in a tournament presided over by the emperor of Japan himself. The Hayate Way won, becoming the leading martial arts school in the nation. The Hayate Way and Ikkazuchi Way continued competing into the Sengoku Era, improving and testing their techniques against each other. The Hayate Way was chosen during the Edo period as the select school of the Emperor, and the best of its warriors became his secret guard. Secret warriors of virtue and justice, shrouded in darkness. The Ikkazuchi became a group of assassins, often recruited by members of the Japanese underworld. They were without honor.

1600 AD (400 years ago):


- The Sanshinshou were born from The Power on earth and selected a warrior named Ninjor as their first student to teach the art of Ninpo. Ninjor was defeated by the Youkai and sealed away in a blue vase.


- The Sanshinshou chose five ninja to become Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. They sacrificed their lives to trap the Youkai in a tomb. The Sanshinshou saved the spirits of the Kakuranger after their deaths. The Sanshinshou contacted Zordon through the Astral Plane, and Zordon sealed the spirits’ Life Energy into five Power Coins. The Kakuranger’s dispatcher, Sandaya, learned enough to become a Master, and his powers granted him a long life span. He promised Zordon he would watch over the Youkai tomb.


1985 AD:


- Jason Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Tommy Oliver were born.




- Tommy was adopted by the Oliver family after his parents died. 


1990 AD:


- Elliot “Hunter” Lee was born.


1991 AD:


- Simon Kaden, Justin Stewart, Rachel Gray, and Steven “Blake” Lee were born.


- A Gorma named Shadam (although he was unknowingly a false recreation of Shadam) seduced and impregnated a member of the Dai Tribe. His original intention was to use her to spawn a powerful offspring, with a mixture of Gorma and Dai powers, but he fell in love with her. Or perhaps he was just obsessed with her. The Dai woman gave birth to twins, Kou and Akomaru. No one knew she gave birth to twins. In the Gorma tradition, the weaker of the twins is killed so that all the energy is transferred to the stronger. She couldn't let that happen. She fled with Kou, believing him to be the stronger. She left Akomaru in the care of Dai tribe survivors in hopes that their healers would help him to grow strong. But the Gorma found Akomaru and took him. She knew that someday the Gorma would try to find her again. She also feared that they might be drawn to Kou’s power as they were to Akomaru’s. She placed a tiger brand on Kou to seal the energy inside of him so he could not be found, then she fled. Kou was left in the care of grocers in Angel Grove's Chinatown.


2001/2002 AD:


- The ancient spirits of the Zyuranger gave the five Power Coins to Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly to turn them into Power Rangers. They were all sophomores in high school. The Power Rangers fought against Bandora, who was freed from her imprisonment. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)


- In Japan, a teenager named Hikaru escaped the evil Gorgom Syndicate after it gave him the powers of Kamen Rider Black. He used the Kamen Rider powers to fight against the Syndicate. (Book Two: The Black Sun)


- A young girl named Maya and her younger brother Simon helped the Rangers track down Zordon. Maya’s grandfather had a computer packed with data about the history of Rangers in the galaxy. He was killed by Bandora’s forces before Maya could find out how he gathered the data. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)

- Tommy’s girlfriend Shannon was critically injured in Bandora’s first attack, and Tommy thought she was dead. Bandora placed a spell on Tommy and turned him into the Green Dragon Ranger, leader of her Dark Warlords. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)

-Tommy’s spell was broken and he joined the Power Rangers. He learned that Kyra, one of Bandora’s villains, was actually Shannon. She was taken from Earth and “reprogrammed” as Kyra by Bandora. Kyra/Shannon died at the hands of Goldar. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)

-Tommy met the Dark Man for the first time. The Dark Man was an elusive figure who could appear everywhere and knew much about the Rangers’ various conflicts. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)


-Bandora summoned DaiSatan back to Earth. Tommy lost his powers but was able to access his Kiryoku for the first time to kill DaiSatan. He proceeded to kill Bandora. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)

-The Power Coins and Dinozords returned to The Power. Zordon and Alpha returned to the planet of Eltar. (Book One: The Dragon’s Rise)


2002/2003 AD:


- Sensei Kaku recruited Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly, along with newcomers Rocky and Adam, to become Power Rangers and fight against an empire called the Gorma. The Rangers used their natural energy, Kiryoku, to access The Power. (Book Three: Five Stars of Heaven)


- Jason, Trini, and Zack studied in Japan for a year. They accidentally released a group of evil spirits known as the Youkai from imprisonment. Jason, Trini, and Zack, along with newcomers Jonathan and Richie, became Ninja Rangers to fight the Youkai. (Book Four: Land of the Rising Sun)


- Maya Koji partnered with Kouishiro on archeological expeditions across the world. Kouishiro discovered a King Stone that accidentally bonded with him and gave him the power to transform into Kamen Rider Kuuga. (Book Five: Ancient Awakenings)


- Tommy learned that his birth father, who died when Tommy was four, was actually the original Dragon Ranger 6,000 years ago. Tommy’s father turned to the Gorma and betrayed his friends during that war. In the end, he died saving his son’s life. (Book Three: Five Stars of Heaven)


- A young boy named Kou became the Kiba Ranger. (Book Three: Five Stars of Heaven)


- Trini learned that her father, who went missing when she was young and was presumed dead, was actually kidnapped and brainwashed by the Youkai. She was reunited with her father after he broke free from Youkai control. (Book Four: Land of the Rising Sun)


- The Rangers defeated the Gorma Empire. Kaku died at the hands of a Gorma general named Shadam. They discovered that Shadam and the other Gorma leaders were actually created by clay. Who recreated the Gorma hierarchy was a mystery. (Book Three: Five Stars of Heaven)


- Ninjor became one with the One Power after the Ninja Rangers defeated the Youkai leader Daimamou. The Ninja Rangers returned to the United States. (Book Four: Land of the Rising Sun)


- During the summer, Tommy and Jason’s teams responded to a distress call from Zordon on Eltar. Both teams traveled to Eltar and assisted with a battle on Edenoi. The Rangers helped Dex become Kamen Rider Ryuuki and fight against his evil uncle Dregen. Zordon and the Rangers returned to Earth after defeating a band of demons that Dregen released on Eltar. (Movie: Dying Planet)

2003/2004 AD:


- Lord Zedd was released from dimensional limbo and arrived at Earth. Zordon reassembled the Power Rangers to fight him. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)


- A group of space pirates from 3,000 years ago, the Balban, revived on Earth. An ancient tribe hidden in a pocket dimension north of Stone Canyon fought against the Balban with a team of Rangers called the Galaxy Rangers. (Book Seven: Battlefields of the Light)

- Three kids became the Beetleborgs. (Book Seven: Battlefields of the Light)

- Dex, Kamen Rider Ryuuki, followed his uncle Count Dregon to Earth and defeated him. (Book Seven: Battlefields of the Light)


-Billy’s small, private business got an unsuspected boost from a billionaire in Angel Grove named Anthony Starr. His business, INET, started to take off. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)


-Simon Kaden, under the tutelage of Tommy, enrolled at the Hayate Way School. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)

- Tommy’s brother by adoption, Teddy, became the new Kiba Ranger. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)

- Kimberly was possessed by a comic force known as the Phoenix. She died, but was revived by the Rangers. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)


- The Power Rangers killed Lord Zedd and his forces. (Book Six: Shadows of Evil)

- The Power Rangers graduated from high school.