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Author's Note: The following takes place in 2006, several weeks after the Countdown to Destruction.


Ultimate Time Rangers: Chapter One

Time’s Convicts


Angel Grove 3006AD


Ornate towers of steel and technology extended into the orange-tinted city skies as hover cars flew through the air. Some towers held small parks of freshly cut green grass, while others served as business observatories.


In the north section of the city sat a circular command complex with several rectangular buildings webbing out from the main compound. A yellow and black giant-sized robo stomped around the perimeter of the compound near a tall gate shaped like an upside down ‘V.’ A runway connected the gate to the complex.


Inside the complex was a wide atrium that looked out upon a part of the city teeming with trees and grass interlaced peacefully with towers of concrete and steel.


Lines of young men and women stood with their backs to the atrium. They each wore neatly trimmed white body suits made of a plastic leathery type material. Most were human, but other species were thrown into the mix as well. Aquitions, Kerovians, Triforians, Zentron, Rigelians, and even a Titan.


A life-sized hologram of a man in similar attire appeared before them. His uniform was trimmed with black and he wore a pair of small black lenses over his eyes. His name was Alex.


“Welcome to Time Force,” he told the new recruits as he started their initiation. “You were chosen from among your peers because you are the best at what you do. Let this fact go to your head, and you will be killed in the line of duty. Guaranteed. You all still have a lot to learn about operating in the field, and you don’t need your egos getting in the way. Understood?”


“Yes sir,” the assembled said.


Not all answered however.


A young man with shaggy, sandy blonde hair and sideburns was too busy checking out one of the female recruits in front of him, his olive-green eyes looking up and down her body. She had long dark hair and deep brown eyes accentuated by her tan skin. His name was Damien, and hers was Jenn.


The Captain continued.


“…Our forces will respond to any threat that disrupts the normal course of time, using conventional means whenever possible. For emergencies involving metas, or gene-beasts, we are capable of assembling a Ranger team of five, which you’ll learn more about as our orientation continues…” 




Off the coast of Angel Grove was a small prison building resting on an artificially created island. The building extended into the sky like a mushroom as a hover transport flew towards its upper docking bay.


Inside the steel-gray prison walls was a small room equipped with a cylinder-shaped cryogenic unit. Prisoners were shrunk and placed in suspended animation by using the unit.


A blue-scaled creature with four red eyes and long tentacles was in the transparent chamber as sprouts of mists surrounded him, and every cell in his body shrunk, freezing him in a state of suspended animation.


A heavily armored guard manned a podium control console nearby and looked over a holo diagram of the prisoner to make sure the stasis was complete.


The guard nodded to one of the other three officers in the room, and that guard walked forward to the chamber as it slid open with a loud hiss. He placed the prisoner in a small transparasteel canister and placed it on a temporary storage shelf nearby.


The guard at the podium scrolled down to the next prisoner as a grin spread across his face. “Prisoner 35273…”


The rear doors slid open as three guards escorted in a creature resembling an overgrown blowfish. He had blue skin and narrow eyes.


“Dorunero…” the guard said as he prepped the cryogenic unit. “We’ve been waiting a long time for this…”




Alex’s holographic gaze spanned across the candidates as he finished his introduction.


“That will be all for now,” he said. “Take a 30 minute break and reconvene in chamber B-13.”


The holograph vanished and the recruits relaxed after more than an hour of standing at attention.


Jenn crossed her arms as she stared contemplatively at where the hologram had stood. Damien ran his hand through his hair to straighten him as he walked up besides her. “Hey,” he said. “How about when we’re done here, we head out for some caf?”


Jenn raised her eyebrow with annoyance as she looked to Damien. “No thank you,” she said coldly as she turned and walked away.


Damien heard a slight chuckle from behind him and turned to see a dark haired young man leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. His name was Lucas.


“With tact like that you’ll never get a girl in our time,” Lucas said with a teasing grin on his face. “You’d have to go back to the stone age.”


“I didn’t ask,” Damien said, merely shrugging Lucas off.


A young bright-eyed male from a species Damien didn’t recognize walked up to him. The young off-worlder appeared Asian at first glance, only with shaggy pale-green hair. His name was Sion.


“Are you Damien?” Sion asked as he looked up to the taller recruit with his eyes wide with excitement. “The pro fighter?”


Damien was slightly taken aback, but managed a nod. “I am that.”


Sion’s smile brightened as he pulled out a small pen. “Could I have your autograph?”




Back at the ocean prison, the guard commander slapped a small twisted patch onto Dorunero’s arm as he led the crime boss towards the suspension chamber.


A grin flashed across the guard’s face. “Oh, this is going to hurt…”


Dorunero remained steady and calm as he entered the chamber. The chamber’s transparent doors slid shut as the podium officer began the cryogenic startup sequence.


One of the guards suddenly aimed his blaster rifle at the control officer and opened fire. Phased energy blasts ripped through the officer and knocked him away from the podium. The other guards in the room opened their eyes wide with shock as the assailant’s holo-cloak dropped. A gold-plated droid stood and extended his hand forward. His metal fingers morphed into blaster cannons that opened fire. The pulse shots ripped through the guards, and their lifeless bodies collapsed.


The android moved towards the podium and used it to release Dorunero. Alarms started blaring just as the crime boss stepped from his chamber and lifted one of the fallen guards blaster rifles.


“Good work, Gien,” Dorunero said.


The rear chamber doors opened as another group of soldiers and guard droids poured in. Dorunero and Gien opened fire.




Time Force’s new recruits gathered in chamber B-13. A holographic image of a wrist brace twirled in midair as a computerized voice gave them information. The brace was a Chrono Morpher, the transformation device used to create Time Force’s Ranger team.


Sirens suddenly started to blare as the image of the morpher vanished. The chamber doors opened as Alex walked in. The cadets immediately snapped to attention.


Alex looked over the recruits through the black lenses covering his eyes.


“We have a Level Eight Incursion,” he said. “2006 AD. Looks like some of you will be getting your first assignment earlier than expected…”


Alex looked over the cadets and started choosing a team, seemingly at random.


“You,” Alex said while pointing at Damien.


“You’re kidding,” Damien said quietly in shock.


“You,” Alex said while pointing at Sion.


The young extraterrestrial’s eyes opened with surprise and joy.


“You.” Alex pointed at Lucas.


Lucas’s jaw actually dropped.


“And…” Alex hesitated as he scanned for the next recruit.


“Sir,” Jenn said while stepping forward. “Let me take this mission. The 21st century was my prime area of study.”


Alex hesitated before nodding.


A hologram shimmered to life behind Alex. The image showed three older men sitting behind a rectangular table.


“These are cadets,” the center man said firmly.


“I’m well aware of their rank,” Alex said without looking back at the hologram. He tilted his head up to address the compound’s intercom system. “Captain to Launch Control. Bring the Providus System online.”




Dorunero and Gien tossed their weapons aside. Corpses and scrap piles that used to be soldiers and droids littered the prison bay floor.


“I enjoy it when opportunity lets me get my own hands dirty,” Dorunero said. He peeled the patch from his body. The patch would have allowed him to shrink and freeze in stasis. “Gien…set up the device.”


Gien pulled a small golden sphere from his waist and placed the sphere on the nearest control console. The sphere sent out a pulse that penetrated the fortress’ systems. The prison fortress shimmered and vanished from thin air.




Alex and his new team walked at a quickened pace down a corridor. The corridor led to the docking pad for the Time Ship Becket.


Outside, the bulky Time Ship raised onto the circular launch platform. A yellow-plated zord stood in position behind the Time Ship and raised its right arm like a catapult. The base’s computer spoke over the comm system. “Providus, stand by…Providus, stand by…”


Alex led his team into a small circular room. The room was lined with a dozen smooth control panels. Each panel came with neuro-transmitters and replicators.


Damien stammered with frustration, not like being rushed, as Alex pushed him over to one of the panels.


“Everyone, interface with the system,” Alex said. They each placed their right palms on the control panels. “Computer: early 21st century clothing.”


Blue light flooded the room as clothing synthesized around the rangers. Neuro transmitters dumped information about the early 21st century directly into the rangers’ brains, causing discomfort to all but Alex. Images flashed before their minds’ eyes. The Statue of Liberty. Baseball. Presidents. Slang.


Sion was dressed in white khaki pants and a drab-green hooded sweatshirt. Lucas wore a black leather jacket with a dark navy blue undershirt. Damien was given a brown jacket. Jenn was given brown leather jacket and skirt, with a black undershirt. Alex was dressed in a black shirt with black dress pants.


The five rangers teleported with a flash of yellow energy into the Time Ship’s cockpit. They each sat around the ship’s circular control station. The center station irised open and a small, blue robotic owl rose to the platform.


“I am Takku…data and navigation droid,” the owl said. “Coordinates set for 2006 AD.”


The whine of the Time Ship’s power systems filled the control room. The ship’s hover pads activated, lifting the hull from the launch platform. The Time gate radiated with power as the portal formed.


“Providus system,” Takku said, “launch.”


The Providus zord swung its massive fist towards the Time Ship. The fist smashed against the Time Ship and throttled the vessel forward. The ship accelerated closer to the Time Gate. But suddenly, the prison fortress shimmered to life between the Time Ship and Time Gate.


“A teleportation!” Takku said in alarm. “Aborting lau-”


Alex pulled a slender blaster out and shot Takku with a disrupter pulse. The blast slammed against Takku and knocked the droid from the control station. Before the other rangers could respond, the Time Ship slammed against the prison fortress. The Time Ship and fortress shot through the Time Gate and vanished with a streak of dissipating light.


A tunnel of pastel violet and pink lights surrounded the ship and fortress while the two structures blasted through the time stream. The rangers were disoriented by the experience, throttling through hundreds of years in a matter of seconds.




Angel Grove 2006AD


The Time Ship’s control room was in shambles. Sparks flew in every direction. Panels and light fixtures hung from the ceilings and walls. The rangers were each thrown across the floor.


Lucas pulled himself to his feet, moaning while he felt the back of his injures head. He staggered over to the control room’s view port. He looked outside and saw a rocky shore, lined with moss and plant life. He turned and looked at the nearest console. A console filled with digital static displayed the date: April 23, 2006.


“We’re here…” he said in shock as the others staggered to their feet. He turned to face them, and felt the sensation of cold steel against his temple. It was Alex, holding a weapon to Lucas’s head.


“Too bad you won’t be alive long to appreciate it,” Alex said, a cold grin on his face.


“Stop!” a voice shouted. It was Jenn.


Alex turned to see her, moving his blaster slightly away from Lucas. Jenn struck at that moment, kicking the blaster out of Alex’s hand.


The blaster bounced off the control table and landed on Damien’s head. He winced at the shock of the blow as he sat up. Sion stirred to consciousness besides him.


Jenn grabbed Alex’s arm and twisted, locking the arm into position behind the captain as she slapped an energy cuff from his wrist to the control station. Jenn pulled a badge from her jacket.


“I’m Jenn Yuuri with the Inter-City Police. I’ve been watching you for some time now, imposter,” Jenn said, snapping into an authoritative voice that the other rangers didn’t think the seemingly gentle girl could ever have.


Alex wrinkled his brow and glared at her. “What did you-”


“Don’t be surprised,” Jenn said, not having patience for any of the imposter’s nonsense. “The word on the street was that your group had infiltrated the Time Savers Project to upset the balance of time. I went undercover to find you.”


 Alex smiled sarcastically. “Fascinating story…”


He snapped free from the cuffs and slammed a palm-heel strike against Jenn’s chest. Jenn tripped backward and fell against Damien, Sion and Lucas.


Alex sneered at them and lifted his hand. His body appeared to shimmer as his nanite cloak dropped, revealing a woman with dark pink hair and a suit of glistening white body armor.


“You! Lira!” Jenn shouted.


Lira kicked Jenn upside the head, then turned her attention to the other rangers.




The crashed prison ship lied among heavy green foliage in the woods outside the city. Dorunero and Gien stepped outside the damaged fortress and surveyed their surroundings.


“We made it, Gien,” Dorunero said.


Before the crime boss could finish speaking, he heard someone approach through the woods. Gien’s eyes turned red. He snapped his hand blasters into position and aimed forward. Dorunero stood at attention too, ready for whatever dangers the 21st century had in store.


“You can relax, boys,” a voice said. It was Lira, walking through the trees. “It’s just me.”


Gien smiled mischievously. They had done it. No one could stop them now. “Come, Lira. We have work to do…”




The Time Ship’s auto destruct sequence kept counting down. Lira had the rangers bound with their hands behind their backs. Damien struggled to snap the metal bindings free, but the metal only dug into his wrist.


He noticed Sion in what looked like deep concentration as he stared ahead. The fallen droid Takku was laying near the off-worlder’s back. Sion was reaching back with his hands and tinkering with wiring behind a panel on the droid.


“What are you doing?” Damien asked. “This ship is about to explode!”


“I know these droids,” Sion said. “I can reactivate him.”


Takku’s eyes blinked on. The owl-shaped droid hovered off the floor. “What has happened?”


“Takku,” Sion said. “Stop the ship‘s self destruct.”


But it was too late. The timer reached zero.




Nearby, a teen jogged down an old road, passing through a tunnel beneath the bridge. He pulled back the hood of his sweatshirt when he reached the end of the tunnel, and wiped sweat from his brow.


In the distance, he saw plumes of smoke rising from the shore. He knitted his brow, his curiosity peaked. He ran towards the smoke to investigate.




Takku had freed the rangers from their bindings. They left the Time Ship seconds before it exploded in a sphere of flame. The shockwave slammed against the rangers, knocking them off their feet and shooting them through the air. The rangers tumbled across the ground.




The teenage jogger ran towards the site of the explosion. He noticed five people laying across the ground among debris. Smoke still clouded the air and small pieces of fiery debris dotted the landscape.


He moved over to the young woman, no more than a year or two older than him. He saw the rise and fall of her chest and reached down, gently shaking her shoulders. “Hey…are you alright?”


Jenn’s vision slowly blurred into focus as she lifted her head. A wave of dizziness immediately struck her, but when it cleared, she noticed the face staring down at her. It was the face of Alex.


Jenn acted on instinct, springing to her feet while slamming a knifehand strike against his neck, and a roundkick against his side. She pushed forward as the teen started defending himself.


He reached down to block a kick and back up to block a kick aimed towards his head. “Calm down,” he said as she forced him back with a flurry of kicks. “What are you-” Her heel slammed against his jaw.


The other rangers slowly regained consciousness and rose to their feet. Their minds cleared as they noticed Jenn attacking a young man who looked identical to Alex. Just as Jenn did, they assumed it was Lira in disguise.


Damien and Lucas charged forward to help Jenn. The teen noticed Lucas and Damien charged forward through the corner of his eye. He knew he would have to start fighting back.


The teen spun forward with a reverse crescent kick that Jenn ducked under. He continued past her to gain distance, but Damien and Lucas lunged towards him.


Damien swung a hook punch towards the teen’s face. The jogger sidestepped past the punch while knocking his attacker’s fist away. Lucas launched a jump kick towards the teen, which he blocked.


The teen turned to his right to see Sion standing with his arms at his sides, a child-like grin on his face. “Hello,” he said. He lifted a small gold pin and pressed a button on its side. A light flashed that knocked the teen unconscious.




Lira entered the wrecked prison tower alongside Dorunero and Gien. Gien pulled a metal case from the wall nearby. He pried the case open and dumped its contents onto the deck. Gold pellets, bolts. And rings scattered across the floor.


The objects liquefied and joined together in a massive puddle. The puddle of metal started shifting into various shapes. Dozens of humanoid figures rose and solidified, transforming into droid soldiers.


Lira knitted her brow at the sight of the soldiers. “What are they?”


“Junk Droids,” Gien cheerfully replied. “Zenitto.”


Gien was a droid himself, only highly sophisticated and intelligent. The Zenitto were his own creation. Each was surprisingly cheap to manufacture and destructive. The dirt-gold droids were stiff bodied and each armed with short, round-edged swords.


Lira walked across the line of soldiers while running her hands along the droids. “Interesting…” she purred.


“They will do,” Dorunero said. It was time for them to enter the city. The crime lord was curious as to what riches and treasures the 21st century had.




The city’s northern financial district was ripe for the taking. Zenitto spread across the streets. The droids barged through the wide glass doors of a bank. The soldiers marched forward and aimed their mechanical swords forward. The swords fired a volley of armor-piercing bullets that tore through the bank as tellers and customers ran in panic and dove for cover.


Glass and wood splintered as the droids moved towards the bank vault.


Down the street, a group of droids marched into a jewelry store and used the handles of their weapons to shatter display cases. The droids gathered all the jewels and gems they could.


Dorunero, Lira, and Gien walked along the streets as Zenitto raided everything in site. The trio was not used to such blatantly obvious, destructive crime sprees. They had almost forgotten how much they enjoyed it.


A squad of five police cars and a SWAT van swerved to a stop on the streets. Cops dressed in heavy body armor piled out of their vehicles and aimed their weapons at the droid.


“Open fire!” one of the officers shouted.


Their guns unloaded clip after clip of bullets that slammed harmlessly against the droids, sparking on impact. The droids returned fire, their bullets puncturing armor, shattering bone and piercing flesh. One of the car’s gas tanks exploded with a sphere of flame, the shockwave blasting several cops backward.


Dorunero smiled with amusement as the droids marched on.




The jogger sat on the shore as Damien made sure the teen’s hands were still tied securely behind the back. Jenn was standing over him, her eyes staring down like daggers.


“No, really,” he said again, his voice filled with frustration. “My name is Wes. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now untie me. I’ve had enough crazy for the day.”


“We’re not finished yet,” Jenn said.


Sion tilted his head as he looked at Wes. The ranger walked over to Damien, who was standing behind Wes with his arms crossed over his chest. Sion looked to Damien. “I think he’s telling the truth.”


Damien scoffed. “We believed Lira was Alex too.”


Takku suddenly hovered up from the wreckage, startling Wes. “What is that?”


Jenn did not bother answering him. He had already drawn the last of her patience.


The owl hung in midair above them. “I have used this century’s communications network…” The droid projected an image of the crime boss and his junk droids ravaging the city. “Dorunero has arrived at this time too.”


Wes knitted his brow as he watched the images. “Who are you people? I deserve an explanation. Now.”


Jenn watched in horror as the droids spread carnage across an entire city block. “There’s nothing we can do…” she whispered.


Takku’s eye sensors blinked as he switched off his projection and swooped down towards the wreckage. The owl-shaped droid recovered a yellow suitcase made of a strange metal. The droid wrapped its talons around the suitcase and lifted it from the ground while floating back over towards Wes and the rangers.


“Here!” Takku called to them as he carried the case. “The Chrono Morphers are here!”


The droid dropped the case against the ground. The case flipped open upon landing, and five braces were inside. “You need to activate all five at the same time to unlock them.”


Jenn acted without hesitation and gathered the morphers from the case. She handed a morpher to Damien, Lucas, and Sion. She looked down at Wes, still bound and tied. He had put up a good fight, considering he was a teenage civilian. And he clearly wasn’t Lira since she was in the city’s financial district.


“Untie him,” she said.


Lucas raised an eyebrow. “Him? We can’t use some 21th century guy.”


“Untie him,” Jenn said again. She did not have time for debate. Dorunero had to be stopped. “It’s our only chance.”


Damien untied Wes. The teen sprang to his feet and rubbed his injured wrists. Jenn extended a morpher to him. “Help us,” she said. “We have to stop Dorunero and send him back where he belongs.”


“What?” Wes asked, knitting his brow with confusion.


Jenn grabbed Wes’s right and placed the morpher in his palm. “There’s no time to explain. You have to use this morpher and fight with us, or Dorunero will destroy your whole city and alter time.”


Wes shook his head, his mind clouded with confusion. “But I don’t-”


Jenn slapped the morpher onto Wes’s left wrist. A band of blue energy lashed from the morpher and wrapped around his wrist before solidifying into a metallic band. “You’re going to help us save the city. That’s all you need to know for know.”


Wes reluctantly nodded, rubbing his right hand along his wrist brace.


“Good,” Jenn said as her own morpher attached. She slapped her brace’s activation panel. “Chrono trigger,” she spoke into the brace.


The others did the same. Wes hesitated before pressing his own morpher’s activation panel. “Chrono trigger…”


A grid of digital energy swirled around him as a skin-tight virtual suit wrapped around his body. He felt the urge to jump and did as lines of blue energy slid across his body, covering him in a suit of Red Ranger armor.


Energy dissipated as Time Red landed back on the shore, the other Rangers in similar suits of armor. Time Red looked over his own suit in shock as excitement and adrenaline flooded his body. 


“This is incredible,” he practically shouted.


Damien looked over his Time Yellow armor in similar shock, as Sion and Lucas experienced morphing for the first time too, into Time Green and Time Blue respectively.


“Takku,” Time Pink said. “We have to get to the city. Now.”


The droid looked down towards the case at a small blaster-type device. “Time Flier, launch!”


The blaster hovered high into the air as it started to expand. The device transformed into a glider called the Time Flier. 


Time Pink grabbed Time Red by the arm and leapt into the air, dragging the new Red Ranger with her. They landed on the flier as Time Red struggled to keep his balance. The other three Rangers landed on the Flier as it shot forward towards the city.


Time Red smiled beneath his helmet as the velocity nearly knocked him from the Flier. What a rush…




Dorunero, Lira, and Gien continued to stalk down the city streets as their junk droids looted and vandalized. It was a good time to be alive.


Until a whine cut through the air above. The villains looked up to see the Time Flier pass by. The Flier fired lances of blue energy that exploded against a group of droids, tearing them apart and stopping the criminals’ advance.


Lira narrowed her brow as she stared at the Flier. “They are supposed to be dead.”


The five Rangers leapt from the Flier. They fell through the air and landed on their feet with their backs towards the villains. The Rangers each snapped around the face the criminals.


Time Pink extended her badge and took a step closer to the villains. “Dorunero…you’re under arrest for breaking the Temporal Accords.”


Dorunero waved the comment aside and looked to his droids. “Zenitto.”


The droids opened fire with a massive barrage of bullets. The Rangers from the future used their powers to dodge the bullets, moving in blurs of motion.


Time Red was not trained. The bullets exploded against his armor with bursts of spark, knocking the Red Ranger onto the ground.


The Rangers regrouped around Time Red as the droids lowered their weapons and charged forward to attack.


“Get up,” Time Pink said to Time Red. “Your armor will protect you.”


The Red Ranger smiled beneath his helmet. “You mean I’m invincible?”


“Hardly,” Time Pink said as the battle started.


Time Red grabbed droid by the arm and flipped the grunt over his shoulder. The Red Ranger sidestepped and slammed a sidekick against the soldier’s faceplate, shattering its round visor beneath his heel.


A Zenitto closed in behind Time Red. The Red ranger reached his arm back, slamming his elbow against the drone’s faceplate.


Time Green lured a group of Zenitto towards a pair of parked cars. He flipped a car door open, slamming it against the soldiers behind him as he snapped a sidekick against a soldier in front of him.


Time Green flipped another door open to block the soldiers in front of him. The Green Ranger leapt feet-first through the door window behind him, crashing through glass and slamming a double kick against a soldier’s chest.


Time Yellow slammed against group of soldiers with a flurry of punches. The Yellow Ranger’s natural strength was enhanced by his powers, making him stronger than steel.


The Yellow Ranger slammed a punch that punctured through a soldier’s chest and ripped through its back with a massive explosion.


Time Blue dashed through a group of droids. He launched a series of spin kicks that smashed the soldiers aside.


Time Pink moved forward with deadly efficiency and force. She slammed a roundkick against a droid’s chest and chopped a knifehand blow against the back of the grunt’s neck.


A droid swung its saber towards the Pink Ranger’s head. She used her arm to block the blow and slammed a kick upside the droid’s head.


Takku hovered over the battle scene. “Rangers, activate your Chrono Trigger’s weapon display to access your arsenal.”


“Chrono Trigger…” Time Red said as he pressed down on his brace. Twin swords shaped like the hands of a clock appeared on his hands. “Vector Sabers!”


Time Blue connected the ends of his twin swords to form a blade staff.


Time Pink armed the two swords as well, grabbing the handles tight.


“Vol Pulsar!” Time Green shouted. He armed a massive blaster he had to hold with two hands.


“Vol Vulcan!” Time Yellow shouted. He armed a double-barreled version of the same blaster weapon.


The Rangers dashed forward and slammed against the droids with even stronger force.


Time Yellow dashed forward while swinging his weapon left and right. The blaster fired rapid-volley bursts of yellow energy that exploded through droids with massive blasts of spark.


Time Green dashed forward and leapt onto a wall. He gained enough footing to dash across the wall for a few feet while firing jade energy pulses that tore through the droids below.


Time Blue dashed through a group of droids with a blur of motion. He used his blade staff to cut through three soldiers while spinning the weapon, and slammed a spin kick across another grunt’s head.


Time Red moved through a group of droids while parrying blows and striking through metal. He blocked a droid’s sword and ran his own blade through the grunt’s arm, severing its hand. 


Time Pink charged towards Don Dorunero with her blades held outward. The crime boss slowly lit a cigar.


Gien stepped forward and extended his robotic arm, fingers acting like barrels and blasting rounds of vibro-bullets against the Ranger’s armor with a burst of spark. She rolled into a crouched position as Lira charged forward to attack.


Time Pink extended her saber and fired two blades of pink energy. The blades exploded against Lira and Gien, knocking the villains backward.


The Rangers regrouped.


Gien and Lira rose to their feet and stood at the side of their leader. Time Pink extended her sword as the five Ranger slowly walked towards the criminals. “Give up, Dorunero. “It’s over.”


“For today, perhaps,” the crime boss said. He took another puff of his cigar. “But just for today. I am a patient one. Building a criminal empire does not happen over night.”


The criminals activated braces around their wrists. Golden energy shimmered around them as they teleported away.


“No!” Time Pink shouted. “They got away…”


Time Red dropped to the ground and sat cross legged as he sighed. “So…let’s try this one more time. Who are you people?”


Time Blue walked to Time Pink. “I suppose we should tell him,” he said quietly.


To be continued…Chapter Two