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Ultimate Time Rangers: Chapter Four



The Londaraz tower was as dark as the night sky. Dorunero and Lira were asleep in their quarters, and Gien did not even want to think about what they were doing inside. The thought disgusted him.


The golden droid entered the main room of the tower. Capsules filled with shrunk, suspended criminals lined the walls. Gien was searching for a particular criminal, one that would serve his purposes well.


He slowly lifted one of the prisoner cylinders and carried the prisoner to the cryogenic matrix. He placed the cylinder on the matrix platform and slid the chamber shut.


The matrix filled with steam as strands of energy twirled inside. Genetic material unraveled and reassembled The prisoner returned to his normal size and revived.


The villain’s upper body resembled a cross between a catfish and a frog. Its skin was sickly green and yellow. A black visor covered his eyes. The visor was set above thick yellow lips that took up most of his face.


His right arm was replaced with a rotating multi-barrel gattling gun. Various trinkets such as bracelets were attached to the suit he wore over his body. His slacks were dull silver. The press would call him MadBlast.


MadBlast stepped forward from the matrix. He tilted his head while looking at Gien. The villain turned up his lips. “Dorunero sent you to kill me? Get it over with, stinking droid.”


“Dorunero has forgotten all about you,” Gien said.


“Then what do you want, droid?” the villain asked. “Who do you work for? Ransik? The Yakikaze Family?”


Gien ignored the question. “You still like killing people? Don’t you?”




Wes stretched as he, Damien, and Lucas walked into the office the next morning. Sion was awake at a computer, running through a set of computer algorithms that flashed across the screen.   


“Do you ever sleep?” Wes asked his friend as he straddled a chair backwards and leaned on its edge. He was still not used to waking up earlier than his own schedule called for, which was rarely before 10 a.m.


“Just once a year,” Sion answered.


Wes opened his eyes wide. “Are you serious? That’s incredible…what kind of alien are you?”


“Hey,” Damien said. “He’s a Hummardian. Don’t call him ‘alien.’”


“It’s alright, Damien,” Sion said with his typical, boyish grin. He looked to Wes. “I hibernate once a year. My physiology is designed to constantly keep moving, and I don’t require REM sleep like humans.”


“Huh,” Wes said. “You must get a lot done.”


Wes looked to Jenn’s door and noticed she had not come out from her room yet. “Where’s Jenn?”


“She left for work an hour ago,” Sion said. “She’s cleaning the lobby of the Baxter Building.”


“Already?” Wes asked. “She left for work already? And what’s she doing cleaning? She’s supposed to be an investigator.”


“You’re the one who wrote miscellaneous at the end of her job description,” Damien said.


“I’m just trying to keep our options open,” Wes said. “We should go help her…”




Jenn slowly mopped the huge lobby’s floor tiling. She kept her eyes downward, watching her work unfold.


Wes and the others stepped into the lobby.


“Hey…” Wes said as they walked towards her. They carried buckets of cleaning supplies with them. “Now why do you get all the fun?”


Jenn arced an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”


“Relax,” Wes said with a smile. “We’re just here to help.”


Jenn turned back to her mopping.


Sion picked up a mop of his own and started racing back and forth across the floor while streaking the mop. “Hey Damien, think you can keep up with me?”


Sion slid and tipped over a bucket of water. Jenn sighed with frustration. “I thought you boys said you were here to help? So help.”


“Man…” Damien whispered besides Wes. “What’s eating her?”




The latest prisoner moved through the streets nearby with his weapon arm aimed forward.


MadBlast stalked across a city plaza, shooting down anything that moved. Citizens screamed and ran in panic as the villain’s gun arm unloaded countless clips, blazing with the sound of a chainsaw.


A group of people ran into the Baxter building for cover. Bullets shattered the glass door and wall, showering glass across the floor near the rangers.


“Londaraz Family…” Jenn cursed.


Outside, the villain leaned over a corpse and removed the dead man’s gold watch. “Ah…an addition to my collection…”


The criminal placed the watch onto his vest and continued stalking forward. He opened fire on a fleeing crowd of people.


The Time Rangers suddenly leapt down from a nearby building. They landed on the streets and blocked the criminal’s path. Time Pink armed her Vol Sniper and aimed the weapon forward. “You’re under arrest for breaking the Temporal Accords…”


The villain scoffed. “Well…it was fun while it lasted.” He put his arms up and turned around, his back facing the Rangers.


Time Pink slightly lowered her weapon. What was the villain up to?


MadBlast whipped back around and opened fire. Blasts exploded against the Rangers’ armor with bursts of spark that knocked them backward. The criminal laughed and stalked forward. With each step, his boot clanked against the ground, making a sound like loose change in a pocket.


Time Pink immediately recognized the sound. Sorrow and anger welled up inside of her. That sound…


Time Pink looked up to face the criminal. Her teammates scrambled around the villain while launching flurries of kicks and punches. The Pink Ranger noticed the collection of bracelets and braces on the criminal’s chest. One bracelet in particular caught her eye. She knew that bracelet.


Time Pink slowly rose to her feet and tightened her hands into fists. She glared at the criminal through her visor. “Chrono Trigger!” Time Pink shouted. Twin Vector Sabers appeared in her hands.


Time Pink dashed forward with her blades extended. She practically shoved her teammates aside and pounced towards the criminal. She chopped her blades down hard against the villain, sparks exploding across the criminal’s body on impact. The Pink ranger spun forward while thrashing both sabers across the criminal’s midsection.


The Pink Ranger turned and slashed upward, twisted her wrist, and brought the blades back down across the villain’s body, sparking on impact.


Time Pink extended both blades in an ‘x’ formation and speared the weapons against the criminal, knocking him off his feet.


Time Pink armed her Vol Sniper and started opening fire with bursts of energy that exploded across the villain while he was done.


“Whoa, whoa,” Time Red shouted as he ran over to her and tried to lower her weapon. “You’ve got him.”


“Let me go, Wes,” Time Pink said firmly through a clenched jaw as she slammed the weapon against the Red Ranger. She powered her weapon to full.


“Stop,” Time Blue said as he grabbed her weapon by the barrel. “You’re going to kill him.”


“I said let go!” she shouted as she knocked Time Blue aside. Her Vol Sniper discharged a burst of energy that collapsed a column in the plaza. The criminal used the column’s collapse as cover to sprint off.


“He’s getting away,” Time Green said to the others.


Time Pink yelled with frustration and tossed her Vol Sniper aside. She collapsed to her knees. “It was him…” She slammed her fists against the ground. “I can’t believe it was him!”




Jenn leaned over on a couch within the office. Wes and the others stood nearby, wanting to give her some space. But they were worried.


Wes took a step forward. “Jenn…what’s wrong?”


She said nothing.


“Rangers…” Takku said from a desk. The guys gathered around the droid. “I believe I know what is wrong…”


Takku told them Jenn’s story…


Ten-year-old Jenn descended hovering steps that led to a plaza area within Angel Grove.  She was returning home from summer camp at Orbital Colony One.


Jenn smiled when she saw her family up ahead. Her father was standing in his Inter-City Police uniform. He waved at his daughter to get her attention, smiling proudly. Jenn’s mother stood next to the man. She held the hand of Jenn’s younger sister, Kari.


Jenn smiled and ran towards her family. She had so many stories to tell!


Kari would love to hear about the Fray’loth that ran the station. Kari loved members of the cat-like species. Jenn’s father would be proud to know about the self defense tactics she mastered in a matter of weeks! Her instructor had been a Rigelian. And her mother! Jenn could not wait to give her mother her present.


The sound of gunfire tore through the plaza. 


“Jenn!” Her father shouted. He moved forward and wrapped his arms around his daughter while turning his back towards the gunshots.


Bullets punctured through his body.


Jenn’s mother tried to protect Kari, but bullet shot through both of them, ripping apart their bodies. Jenn watched in horror as her mother and younger sister fell limp to the ground.


Jenn’s father keeled over and landed on top of her. He was no longer breathing or moving.


Jenn was covered from sight by her father’s body as the shooter stalked forward. With each step, his boot clanked against the ground, making a sound like loose change in a pocket.


The criminal stopped at Jenn’s father’s body. Jenn’s eyes opened wide with fear. She could only see the criminal by his ankles. She watched the villain reach down and lift her father’s limp hand. The criminal pulled the green-trimmed silver command bracelet from her father’s wrist, and dropped her father’s arm.


The villain turned and started walking away, laughing at his latest kill.


Jenn waited until she could no longer hear the villain’s footsteps. She slowly crawled out from under her father’s body. She bent down and started pulling at his arm. “Dad…dad, get up…”


Tears streamed down her cheeks. She moved over to her mother and her younger sister. “Mom…Kari…” she tried to shake them awake, but they didn’t move.


Jenn stood alone in the plaza.


Jenn stood as Takku was still talking. “He killed my family…in cold blood.”


“Jenn…” Lucas said cautiously. “How can you be sure this is the same guy?”


Takku hovered over and landed on his computer interface. Data on the criminal flashed across the screen as the computer downloaded the prisoner file from Takku. “Prisoner number AG-31M. Maboltasai. Convicted of 31 Class-M murders. An assassin…but according to his file, he was in suspension when your father was killed.”


Jenn shook her head. “I don’t care what the file says. I know it was him. I recognize the voice…and he has my father’s brace. He‘s the criminal who murdered my family. I‘ll fight him alone if I have to.”


“Jenn…” Takku said softly. “You don’t have the right to kill him.”


“Yeah,” Damien said. “We’ll put him on ice like the rest if them.”


“Then it looks like I’m doing this alone.” Jenn stormed into her room and slammed the door.




Jenn leaned against the door and sighed with frustration. Her mind drifted to her father, her inspiration. Her mother, a strong and vibrant woman. Her younger sister…so innocent.   


She remembered the last time she spoke with her father.


“Dad, I’m going to learn so much! And when I’m old enough, I’m going to be an officer just like you,” young Jenn told her father.


Her father smiled with pride. “If you do that, I’ll give you my brace. I promise…”


She spun and slammed the door with her fist.




The night passed. Sion was sitting at his computer terminal early the next morning, working on another software program he planned to sell. He suddenly picked up an alert on the satellites he had tapped into. MadBlast was back.


Sion darted towards the guys’ room and barged in. “He’s back. At the Westside amusement park.”


Jenn was already headed out the door.




Jenn bolted out of the office building and armed her morpher. “Chrono! Trigger!” She slapped her brace’s activation panel. Strands of data and energy circled around her as she morphed into her Ranger form.


“Time Flier!” the Pink Ranger shouted. The Flier streaked downward from the air. Time Pink leapt into the air and landed on the Flier. She streaked off towards the distance.


 The other four rangers ran outside just in time to see the Flier disappear over the skyline.




MadBlast stalked through the amusement park, shooting at everyone he could with slow sweeps. There was no hurry. And he liked to give people a chance to run.


The villain spotted a mother and child ducking for cover in a corner. The criminal smiled with delight and slowly walked towards them with his gun aimed forward.


The Time Flier swooped down from the skies and angled down towards MadBlast. Time Pink triggered the Flier’s weapon systems, and lances of blue energy shot towards the villain. The energy blasts exploded around the criminal with bursts of spark, knocking the villain backward.


Time Pink leapt from the Flier and landed at the fallen villain’s side. She held her Vol Sniper an inch away from the criminal’s face. “The spark is set on full charge. I fire, I blow your head off.”


Time Pink looked over her shoulder to the remaining civilians. “Run. Now…”


The criminal stammered as he looked up at his assailant. “What? You’re going to shoot me? I’m a suspect! What about Trails? Evidence.”


“Shut up,” Time Pink said as she jammed the barrel against the criminal’s face.


The other Rangers arrived at the scene from the distance.


“Jenn, don’t!” Time Red called out.


“If you kill him,” Time Green shouted, “you’ll be a murder!”


Time Pink pressed the weapon of her barrel down harder. “I don’t care. I won’t let him escape.” She looked down at the criminal, pressing her weapon down harder with each word. “You killed my family, remember?”


“No!” he shouted.




“It wasn’t me!”


“You killed them!”




“You murdered my family!”


“N-, I was ordered to!”


Time Pink backed her weapon away by an inch.


“Look, look!“ The criminally slowly pulled out a small data disk from his pouch. The disk displayed a small holographic image of Dorunero.


The recording spoke. “Your next target is Capt. Yuuri. He’s after my black market in Demon City. Kill him, and his family…”


Time Pink tightened her grip on her blaster and pressed the weapon hard against the villain’s face.


“Jenn, don’t do it!” Time Red shouted again.


Time Pink lowered her weapon and grabbed the data disk from Dorunero. Her evidence. “That’s all I wanted to hear…who wanted my family dead.”


Time Red breathed a sigh of relief and actually sat on the ground, leaning back and sighing. “Jenn, you scared us to death!”


MadBlast slammed his gun arm across Time Pink’s body. The Pink Ranger went crashing backward. She rose to her feet as the others regrouped around her.


Time Pink thrust her badge forward. The Rangers took steps closer towards the villain. “Maboltasai, you’re under arrest for breaking the Temporal Accords. And for murder…”


The villain opened fire with his gattling cannon. The Rangers dove and rolled aside as blasts sparked around them. Time Pink Rolled into a crouched position and armed her Vector Sabers before springing forward through the air. The Vector Saber was in its double-blade mode, with the ends of the two weapons’ handles connected.


Time Pink leapt towards the criminal while aiming her blade downward. She triggered a pink-blade energy burst that exploded against the criminal, pushing him back.


The Pink Ranger somersaulted forward through the air and slammed a combo of flying kicks against the criminal, each kick combo pushing the villain farther backward.


Time Pink flipped backward and landed in a fighting stance. She traced her fingers along the edge of a blade on her Vector Saber, causing the blade to grow with pink energy. “Time Strike!”


She thrashed the blade downward, and upward, tearing through the criminal with massive bursts of spark that knocked him off his feet.


The bracelets and braces on the villain’s chest were knocked free. Time Pink’s fathers braces went arcing through the air. She reached up and caught the brace. 


The villain’s cryogenic patch was torn free from the blast. With the patch torn, the villain’s DNA started to flux and expand every cell in his body. The criminal grew giant.


Time Red activated his communicator. “Takku!”


“Yokai,” Takku answered. The droid activated his temporal transceiver. “3-D system, stand by for launch!”




Angel Grove, 3006AD


In the north section of the city sat a circular command complex with several rectangular buildings webbing out from the main compound. A yellow and black giant-sized robo stomped around the perimeter of the compound near a tall gate shaped like an upside down ‘V.’ A runway connected the gate to the complex.


A lone figure sat in the observatory that looked out upon the runway. He answered Takku’s call.


A platform of five Time Jets surfaced at the end of the runway. The platform rotated and lined the red-trimmed jet into position.


The Providus zord swung its massive fist towards the Time Jet. The fist smashed against the Time Jet and throttled the vessel forward. The Time Jet accelerated closer to the Time Gate, and disappeared through the gate, leaving a trail of energy vapor in its wake.


One-by-one, Providus slammed the Time Jets through the Gate. The five zords flew in tight formation and throttled backward through the time stream.




Angel Grove, 2006AD


A wormhole opened in the sky and the five zords streaked through, swooping down into the atmosphere.


“Time Flier,” Time Red commanded as the Time Flier hovered past their location.


The Time Rangers leapt onto the Flier. The Flier carried them over their five Time Jets, traveling at frightful speeds. Thankful he was not afraid of heights or prone to airsickness, Time Red and the others jumped off the Time Flier and fell into their cockpits.


“3-D Formation…” Time Red commanded as he grasped control levers to his side. “Time Robo, Beta!”


The Time Jets stayed in tight formation and flew across the streets as they streets, Each zord started to reassemble and combine into a giant, blue-armored zord. The 3-D formation completed as the Rangers activated their zord: the Time-Force Megazord, Mode Blue.


The Rangers stood in the zord’s central cockpit. Five tall rods extended from the floor to the Rangers’ waist levels. The Time Rangers reached forward and grabbed the Lancers.


“Flier Magnum,” Time Red commanded. The Time Flier transformed into a blaster that the Megazord gripped in its hand.


The Megazord flew downward towards the criminal while firing blue energy lances. The blasts exploded against the villain, but MadBlast stood his ground. The villain lifted his gattling arm and opened fire.


Bullets exploded against the Megazord, knocking the massive robo from the air. The Time-Force Megazord crashed hard against the streets below. The villain waited until the Megazord rose to its feet before opening fire again, spraying bullets across the Megazord’s armor with bursts of spark.


Takku spoke through the Rangers’ helmet communicators. “Rangers…I have found a new formation for your zords. Time Jet Gamma.


“Changing formation,” Time Red commanded as Takku uploaded information onto his visor. “Time Jet, Gamma!”


The Megazord disassembled and started to change shape into different formations. The Time Jets merged into a new form: Time Jet Gamma, a larger jet created by all five zords.


The massive jet swooped around and opened fire with pulse blasts that exploded against the villain. MadBlast returned fire with his gattling arm, but the Time Jet flew through a climbing evasive pattern to dodge the blow.


“Gamma Tornado!” Time Red commanded.


The Time Jet started to fly in circles, creating an artificial cyclone that started to push the villain backward.


Time Jet gamma burst forth from the tornado and opened fire with pulse blasts that exploded against the villain. 


“Changing formation,” Time Red commanded. “Time Robo, Alpha!”


The Megazord disassembled and started to change shape into different formations. The Time Jets merged into a new form: Time-Force Megazord, Mode Red. The red-armored Megazord landed on the streets and faced off with the criminal.


“Time-Force Megazord Saber!” Time Red commanded. A worm hole opened in the Megazord’s chest. A saber speared forward from the portal, and the Megazord wrapped his hand around the saber’s handle.


Time Red pulled the Control Lancer free from the ground. The lancer flashed with energy and formed a miniature replica of the zord’s saber. He handed the saber off to Time Pink. “This is your job, Jenn…”


She grasped the weapon.


Time Pink thrust the saber forward as the Megazord copied her movements. Two shorter blades opened from the Megazord saber like the hands of the clock, forming 90 degree angles with the sword.


“Time-Force Megazord Saber!” Time Pink shouted. “Final Strike!”


The zord’s saber energized and swung horizontally. The blade slashed through the criminal, but did not kill it. The attack caused a chain reaction within the villain that caused the insides of his body to freeze. The criminal fell backwards, and a large explosion surrounded the villain as he shrunk down to less than a foot tall, and entered a state of cryogenic suspension.


The Time Rangers leapt down to the streets below. Time Pink held a badge over the criminal. The badge flashed with golden light and formed a transparent cylinder that wrapped around the creature. 


They powered down their armor.


Jenn looked at the capsule she held in one hand. She held the brace in her other hand. She tightened her grip on the brace. The others stood silently behind her.


To be continued…Chapter Five