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Ultimate Time Rangers: Chapter 10

V-Rex Stampede


Bullets shattered through a hotel lobby’s glass door as customers ran and screamed in panic. Lira walked through the broken glass doors and stepped outside along with her junk droid escorts. She took a moment to admire the fine diamond rings on her fingers, each ring stolen from the hotel’s upper-class clientele.


She loved such extravagancies. Never in her life had she been able to amass so much wealth.


As a child, Lira had lived on the streets as an orphan. She grew up stealing her food, living in stairwells, or selling her body for a warm place to sleep during harsh winters. She had several run ins with the law. They were always more interested in arresting her than actually helping her.


Dorunero was the only person who ever cared about her. The crime boss originally hired her as a concubine, but took pity on her. Lira had lived in luxury ever since.


Sirens suddenly cut through the air.


Three black SUVs and four sleek-black cars skid to a stop in front of the hotel. Vehicle doors opened and more than a dozen soldiers piled out. Each soldier dressed in a black jumpsuit with dark sunglasses. They wore caps on their heads, covering an earphone headpiece.


Handguns that rivaled police officers were strapped to the soldiers’ legs. They upholstered their guns and aimed the sleek barrels forward towards the villains while crouching on the ground or standing in firing position behind open doors.


The soldiers’ leader stood firm with his arms crossed behind his back. He wore a uniform identical to the others, only he wore a red beret.


Lira scoffed at the soldiers. They were at best, a minor annoyance.


The rangers heard the sirens from the distance. They started sprinting towards the hotel but did not think they would make it in time.


Lira scoffed at the soldiers. “Come on,” she said to the Zenitto. “They’re not worth wasting the bullets.”


The man in the red beret narrowed his eyes beneath his shades and tightened his grip on his hand. “Open fire!”


The Silver Guardians triggered their weapons. Bullets shot forward with a sound like thunder. Each bullet was explosive tipped and energized with a sonic, vibration field. Bullets punctured through the junk droids and exploded with massive bursts of spark, thrashing through wiring and circuitry, blasting holes in the soldiers.


Lira wrinkled her nose with anger as junk droids crashed around her like piles of scrap metal. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


Nearby, the rangers skid to a halt at what they saw. They thought they were the only ones with weapons that could pierce droid armor. Apparently they were wrong.


The man in the red beret aimed his weapon at Lira. “Stand down or you’re next.”


Lira snarled and twirled while teleporting away in beams of pink light.  


The men lowered their weapons. They moved over to the wrecked droids and expected their handiwork. The man in the red beret nodded approvingly and looked at his gun. “Looks like these weapons passed their first field test…”


The hotel concierge walked out with a look of relief in his face. He moved towards the man with the red beret. “Thank you, thank you…” he stammered. “They’ve been stealing from our guests for days! The police could never do a thing!”


The man in the red beret nodded with pride. “That’s why we’re here.” He looked to his men and started moving back towards the vehicles. “Silver Guardians…move out!”


The Guardians started to pile into their vehicles. One of the young soldiers stopped in his tracks when he spotted the rangers through the corner of his eye. He turned and looked to Wes. Wes opened his eyes wide with recognition as the soldier walked towards him.


“Collins…” the soldier said, his face stone cold. “It’s been a long time…”


“Eric…” Wes said as he stepped forward. “What’s going on here.


“Exactly what it looks like,” Eric said. “We do what ordinary police can’t. We’re your father’s group…I didn‘t think you‘d be so surprised.”


Wes narrowed his eyes at the mention of his father. “I don’t have anything to do with him anymore.”


Eric smiled coldly and nodded. “Sorry to hear that…” he turned and started to walk towards his vehicle. “See you around, Collins.”


Damien leaned towards Wes, his eyes still fixated on the Silver Guardian vehicles driving away.


“You know that guy?” Damien said.


Wes nodded. “We went to prep school together…”


His mind flashed back…




Four years earlier


Wes’s prep school was in a small city of 3,000 called Silver Hills, southeast of Angel Grove. A large lake separated Angel Grove from the smaller city, which was mostly developed with upscale homes.


Wes walked across campus with a book bag slung over his shoulder. His tie was loose around his neck and his shirt was partially un-tucked.  


The teenager noticed a young freshman getting cornered against a brick wall by three clean-cut upperclassmen. One of the bullies patted the boy on the side of the face. “This little kid was snooping around where he shouldn’t have…again.”


The freshman opened his eyes wide with fear. “I didn’t see anything. Honest. I…I just take a short cut through that alley between classes. I…wasn’t spying. Honest. It‘s no big deal anyway…it‘s just pot…I-”


“Thought ya didn’t see anything?” the bully said as he and his two friends stepped closer to the freshman. “Especially anything that could get us expelled.”


Wes was about to go break the group up, but someone beat him to it. Another teenager walked past the group. He kept moving past them while giving the bullies a cold stare.


The lead bully looked at him and scoffed. “What are you looking at, Myers.”


Eric stopped in his tracks. “Three Neanderthals picking on someone smaller than them.”


The bully laughed and looked to his friends. “You know who this kid is? His dad actually works at a steel mill for a living, probably didn‘t even finish high school. Myers is barely worth the clothes he wears.”


Eric stalked over towards the bullies. “Should I be flattered that you know my family’s history?”


The bully laughed again. “No, you should be-”


Eric slammed a hook punch across the bully’s face. The bully crashed against the ground, slamming on his tailbone.


Wes moved over to them before the fight could get out of hand. “Hey, hey…” he said as he looked to the bullies. “Why don’t you three leave before you cause anymore trouble.


The bullies scoffed and walked away.


The freshman readjusted his tie and smiled sheepishly as he looked to Eric. “Hey, uh…thanks.”


“Don’t thank me,” Eric said as he turned and started to walk away. “You’re all a bunch of snobs.”


The freshman snorted. “What’s his problem?”


Wes shook his head. “I have no idea.”




Gien was alone in the main prison tower chamber. He stood at a holographic projection table and hunched over while staring at an image of the city. The droid laughed quietly to himself as the projection slowly spun above the table.


The droid activated a small holographic simulation. A circular vortex slowly spun above the artificial city.


The chamber door slid open, and Gien quickly shut off the projector. Lira stormed inside, still upset over her humiliation at the hotel. “Dorunero! Where are you, you bloated fish?”


She turned her gaze towards Gien after realizing Dorunero was gone. “Where is he, droid?”


“I believe he went out to the city for work,” Gien explained. “Perhaps you should go and look for him?”


“Bah!” Lira scoffed. “I’ve had enough of this century for one day. A group of…”


Lira scowled when she noticed Gien was not paying attention. The droid’s gaze was fixed to the holographic projector. “Listen to me, droid!”


Gien looked up to her. “I’m researching something important, Lira…”


“Bah,” Lira said as she turned and stormed away.


Gien activated the holographic projector again after Lira left. The villain’s eyes started to glow a little brighter, whining with a hint of madness.




Takku called for the rangers’ attention as soon as they entered the office. The Silver Guardians were on the news. Lynn Holtkamp was covering a press conference in a wide auditorium within the INET building.


Wes narrowed his eyes at the television when he saw his father step up to the auditorium podium. “You have to be kidding me…?”


Mr. Collins stood tall and proud at the podium. “A new type of danger calls for a new type of protection. The Silver Guardians are an elite policing force, that will protect our city’s businesses and real estate against these meta-criminals, who are jeopardizing our safety and well being.


“It’s time to stop placing our fate in the hands of nameless protectors who call themselves Rangers. It’s time to act. And through this partnership with INET, my company, and my Silver Guardians, will do everything in their power to keep this city safe from those who seek to harm us.”


Sion opened his eyes wide and smiled. “Wes…it sounds like your Dad is a good person. We could really use the help from this team.”


“No,” Wes said firmly. “You don’t understand. This is my father. He’s only doing this because there’s some sort of profit in it for him. He doesn’t care about protecting the city. He just cares about money.”


“Either way,” Jenn said. “These Silver Guardians are not Rangers. They’re going to get themselves killed.”


They turned their attention back to the television. A member of the print media had brought up a touchy subject Collins had tried to avoid. The question was about the Silver Guardians charging a fee for their protection.


Collin’s face turned slightly red. “We are a growing organization that hopes to be available for everyone, free of charge. But for now…it’s necessary to charge a slight fee to any business or organization that calls for our talents.”


Wes looked to Sion. “See.”


Sion’s shoulders sank in disappointment.


Lucas noted Eric among the ranks of Silver Guardians. “What else do you know about this Eric?” he asked Wes. “Would he be willing to give us some inside information about these Guardians?”


“Doubtful,” Wes said. “We never really…got along.”


Wes’s mind flashed back…




Wes and Eric were enrolled in a karate class that started two weeks after their first meeting. The class was for beginners, but Eric and Wes were anything but that.


The two teens were teamed up for sparring practice. They slowly circled around each other, eyeing stances and defense for weaknesses.


Eric narrowed his eyes, fierce intensity burning in his eyes. He snapped forward with a jumpkick that Wes blocked. Wes spun forward with a reverse sidekick aimed towards Eric’s chest. Eric stepped aside and knocked Wes’s leg away.


Eric struck back with a flurry of quick punches that Wes slapped aside while stepping backward.  Both clearly had previous training and appeared evenly matched.


The fight continued, Eric’s eyes burning with fire.




Mr. Collins walked down a side hallway away from the auditorium. He had finished his speech to the Silver Guardians. Everything was working perfectly.


“Mr. Collins!” a voice called from behind him. Collins and his escorts turned to see Eric walk towards him. “Could I have a word with you, sir?”


Collins turned and faced Eric. He raised an eyebrow at the young man. The man‘s gaze was condescending. “And you are?”


“Eric Myers. Second squad,” he said. “I went to prep school with your son, Wes.”


Collin’s face hardened even more. “And?”


“I ran into him yesterday,” Eric explained. “He said he’s walked away from you. I just wanted you to know, I’d be willing to track him down for you.”


Collins took a deep breath in a failed effort to hide his annoyance. “I don’t plan to look for Wes. And I certainly don’t need you to do it for me.”


Collins turned and walked away with his escorts.


A cold smile crossed Eric’s face.




Eric sat on a campus bench while looking over a sheet of paper from the Registrar‘s Office. The paper was one of several withdraw forms he had to complete.


“Hey Eric!” Wes called out as he moved towards the bench and took a seat next to Eric.


Eric didn’t bother to look up. “What do you want, Collins?”


Wes shrugged. “I thought maybe we could hang out after practice. A few of us are going to Silver Hills for dinner.”


“I don’t need charity,” Eric said.


“It’s not charity,” Wes said. “You just look like you could use a friend.”


“Friend?” Eric said as he stood and stuffed the paper into his pocket. “These people aren’t your friends. You’re all the same.”


“You keep saying that…” Wes said.


“That’s because it’s true,” Eric said. “Besides…I’m out of here after today. I’m dropping out.”


“Why?” Wes asked.


Eric started to walk away. “Don’t pretend like you care. Just go play with your spoiled friends.”


Wes followed, but three of their classmates came over, blocking their path. “Hey Wes, there ya are.” He handed Wes an embroidered invitation. “You should come to my parents’ party this weekend. Everyone will be there.”


The student glanced to Eric, then looked back to Wes. “Penniless isn’t invited.”


His friends snickered.


Eric shoved past them and walked towards the Registrar’s office.


Wes handed the invitation back to the student and followed Eric.




Eric stood in a dark firing range. A holographic target was in the distance. Eric held his assault handgun in his right hand. He slowly tapped the pistol against the back of his hand while staring ahead at his target.


Eric snapped the weapon forward and fired. Each shot ripped through the bull’s-eye.




The criminal named Jyaguru stalked across the pavement of a landscaped patio. A group of junk droids carried a massive generator while trailing behind the criminal.


The criminal’s lean, toned body was covered in brown armor from head to toe. The villain’s head was shaped like a saucer with a single faded-blue eyepiece.


Jyaguru was the instrument of Gien’s plan. The Meta-criminal was from the X Vault, where the most dangerous prisoners were kept.


Citizens ran and screamed in panic, but Jyaguru paid them no mind. He had a job to do. “Set the generator here…”


Junk droids set the massive generator onto the patio ground. The machine extended a large satellite that aimed towards the sky. The machine whined as it powered up.


The satellite fired rings of energy upward. The rings splashed across the skies like lightning as thunder boomed throughout the air.


The five Rangers were on the scene in an instant. The heroes charged forward towards the generator, running against the panicked crowd fleeing the scene.


A swarm of junk droids marched forward to stop the Time Rangers.  


As one, the Rangers slammed against a group of junk droids. Their fists and kicks smashed the droids’ feeble armor and dented their bodies. Their movements were fluid, but edged, honed after dozens of battles against the drone grunts.


The Rangers pushed forward as the enemy ranks started to thin. The team split up and attacked individually, each with their own style that the junk droids could never hope to match.


Time Blue armed his double-bladed Vector Saber and moved through a group of five junk droids sparks flying as his blade cut through cold steel.


The Blue Ranger dashed past a droid while slashing through its body, gutting out its circuitry. Time Blue swung his blade upward in an ’x’ pattern to slash through two more of the droids, as a fourth soldier closed in from the side.


Time Blue snapped around and parried a blow. The Blue Ranger chopped his blade down hard, running the weapon down from the soldier’s neck to its hip. The Blue Ranger quickly cut down the fifth soldier, thrashing open its chest with his blade, exposing wiring that sparked from the impact.


Time Pink armed her Vol Sniper, a massive cannon that took two hands to hold.


The Pink Ranger aimed her weapon at a group of oncoming soldiers and fired. Bursts of pink energy shot forward and exploded against the grunts, blasting through their armor with bursts of spark that vaporized circuitry and wiring.


Time Pink shifted her aim to the right and opened fire on another group of soldiers. Six junk droids. Six pulse blasts ripped through the grunts’ chests with massive bursts of spark. The droids crashed to the ground like scraps of metal.


Time Yellow slammed a kick against a soldier’s chest. The Yellow Ranger smashed a knifehand chop against the back of the grunt’s neck, knocking the droid to the ground.


Two soldiers closed in on the Yellow Ranger from behind. Time Yellow did not even have to turn to face them. Time Yellow leaned back and slammed his elbows against the two grunts’ heads, shattering their faceplates and smashing their robotic skulls.


Another villain moved in for a frontal assault. Time Yellow swung his fist forward. His punch punctured through the villain’s chest with a massive burst of spark.  


Nearby, Time Green activated his Chrono Trigger’s power.


The Green Ranger armed his twin Vector Sabers and spun like a tornado, a blur of motion while zipping back and forth across a group of junk droids, leaving a trail of spark and thrashed circuitry in his wake.


Time Red armed his twin Vector Sabers.


The Red Ranger used his left blade to parry a blow and smashed the handle of his right blade across the grunt’s head. A second soldier charged forward. Time Red snapped an outer crescent kick that bashed the grunt aside.


Junk droids swarmed around him.


“Assault Vector!” Time Red shouted. Armor segments wrapped around a saber and formed the Red ranger’s assault rifle.


Time Red charged forward and aimed his rifle steady. He triggered a volley of golden pulse blasts that splashed across a group of junk droids. The energy formed a shell around the villain’s and shattered with a burst of light, vaporizing the soldiers.


Another wave of the grunts closed in towards Time Red from the side. Time Red continued his charge forward while swinging his weapon to the side and trigging another volley of pulse blasts. The blasts splashed across the junk droids and vaporized them with bursts of light.


Another wave of soldiers swarmed in from all side. Time Red rolled across the ground and rose to his knees, swinging his weapon around while triggering a volley of pulse blasts. The blasts vaporized the soldiers.


The Red Ranger rose to his feet and charged forward towards Jyaguru and the generator. The other Rangers formed around their leader. Jyaguru stood firm while watching their advance.


The Ranger stopped within several meters and snapped into fighting stances.


“I don’t know what that is,” Time Red shouted, “but you have ten seconds to shut it off!”


“Ten seconds?” The criminal raised his rifle. “I’m afraid you’ll be dead by then.”


Jyaguru triggered a volley of blasts with his rifle. The Rangers dove aside to avoid the blasts, which exploded against the pavement with massive bursts of spark, blowing craters in the ground.


Sirens blared from down the streets as police cars drove towards the scene. Jyaguru slowly swung his weapon towards the vehicles and fired. His bullets pierced through the cars’ engines and exploded through the gas tanks, causing the cars to erupt and exploded with massive plumes of flame and smoke.


The Silver Guardians’ black SUVs suddenly skid to a halt behind the burning wreckage of the patrol cars. The doors swung open, and soldiers dressed in black jumpsuits piled out. The Guardians split into three squads and spread out.


Alpha Squad took formation on top of a concrete staircase leading away from the patio. They assumed firing formation and aimed their weapons at the junk droids gathered around the generator below.


Nine of the Alpha Squad soldiers crouched and assembled three grenade launchers on tripods.


“Fire!” the leader shouted.


Alpha Squad triggered their weapons. Bullets shot forward with a sound like thunder. Each bullet was explosive tipped and energized with a sonic, vibration field. Bullets punctured through the junk droids and exploded with massive bursts of spark, thrashing through wiring and circuitry, blasting holes in the soldiers.


The grenade launcher launched spheres that exploded among the droids with bursts of spark, sending shrapnel ripping through each of the soldiers.


Jyaguru stalked towards the second squad of Guardians.


Three of the soldier stepped forward. The three Guardians wore a high-tech disks embedded on their chests. They placed their palms over the discs. “SWAT mode!”


The disks flashed with energy, activating the soldiers variable gears. Black armor that resembled high-tech SWAT uniforms wrapped around their bodies. The three Guardians armed double-barreled assault rifles.


Jyaguru was not impressed. The villain extended his rifle and fired. Explosions sparked around the three Guardians as they dove and rolled for cover, their armor flooding their bodies with adrenaline, strengthen their muscles to make them move faster than an Olympian-level athlete.


The armored Guardians rolled into crouched positions as data flashed across their black visors. Targeting sensors locked onto the villain’s weak points.


The three Guardians opened fire. Their rapid-fire rifles sounded like chainsaws, spraying vibro-coated, explosive-tipped bullets. The bullets exploded against Jyaguru, but the villain barely budged.


Jyaguru fired his weapon. Explosions sparked around the three Guardians, knocking them off their feet.


One of the armored Guardians rolled into a crouched position before springing forward and charging towards the villain. The Guardian opened fire with his weapon, spraying bullets at the criminal.


Jyaguru dove aside and triggered a blast from his rifle. The blast exploded against the Guardian’s hand with a massive burst of spark that incinerated the soldier’s gauntlet, tore through his flesh, and shattered his bones.


The Guardian dropped to the ground, screaming as he clutched the stump that used to be his left hand.


Jyaguru laughed as he blasted the Guardian’s head off with a single shot from his rifle.


The second Guardian charged forward, screaming at the top of his lungs while holding his SWAT rifle above his head. The soldier swung the end of his weapon towards the villain’s head.


Jyaguru grabbed the rifle with one hand, and used his other hand to aim his rifle forward and blast a gaping hole through the center of the Guardian’s chest.


Nearby, a black sedan pulled to a stop. A window in the back of the vehicle rolled down. Mr. Collins sat in the back of the car. He watched as the Time rangers surrounded the criminal and attacked with flurries of kicks and punches.


Collins narrowed his eyes. “Time Rangers…”


What was he paying his men for? To sit back and watch the rangers do all the fighting?


Jyaguru grabbed Time Yellow and Time Blue by their necks and slammed them against each other repeatedly before tossing them aside. Time Blue and Time Yellow tumbled across the ground as the Rangers regrouped.


Time Red pounced forward and snapped a jumpkick towards the villain’s head. The kick slammed against the villain’s armor, but the criminal stood his ground. Jyaguru thrust his hands back and forth against the Red Ranger’s chest. The villain’s armored gauntlet sparked with each impact, thrashing across the Red Ranger’s armor.


Jyaguru followed with a powerful punch that bashed Time Red off his feet and sent the Red Ranger tumbling across the ground.


Time Red struggled to rise to his feet as the criminal stalked towards him.


Then Alpha squad filed in line in front of the Red ranger while facing the villain. Eric was among the soldiers that aimed their weapons at the criminals.


“Don’t,” Time Red said as he stepped forward between the soldiers’ ranks. “You’ll get yourselves killed.”


Eric narrowed his eyes. Something about the Red ranger’s voice sounded familiar.


The squad leader ignored the Red ranger’s warning and tightened his grip on his weapon. “Fire!”


The Guardians opened fire. Their bullets cut through the air, blasting against the criminal’s armor with bursts of spark.


Jyaguru laughed mockingly and fired at the soldiers’ feet, sparks tearing across the pavement and knocking the soldiers and Red Ranger backward. They crashed against the ground as the criminal stalked towards them.


The red beret fell of the leader’s head as he looked up to see the criminal stalk towards him. 


Jyaguru raised his rifle and fired.


“No!” Time Red shouted as he pushed the leader aside.


The criminal’s blast exploded against the Red Ranger’s helmet with a massive burst of spark that shattered half his faceplate. The blast slammed Time Red backward, sending him crashing against the ground.


The Guardians slowly rose to their feet. They opened their eyes wide with shock beneath their shades, staring at the unmoving Red Ranger. Even Collins’ eyes were glued to the fallen Ranger’s form.


Then Time Red stirred. The Red Ranger slowly rose to his feet, his broken faceplate giving away a good part of his face.


Eric’s breath caught in his throat. He pulled off his shades to make sure his eyes weren’t fooling him. “Collins?” he said in disbelief.


Mr. Collins opened his eyes wide as he felt his own heart pound in his chest. He swung the car door open and stormed towards the battle scene. 


Jyaguru raised his rifle and aimed at the injured Red Ranger. “Time to die…”


Time Blue and Time Pink suddenly tackled the criminal and forced him back to keep him from firing.


Time Red pulled himself together, watching as his teammates slammed against the criminal. The Red Ranger started to jog forward to help his friends, but Eric called after him.


“Collins!” Eric shouted from behind.


Time Red stopped and turned to face Eric. Blood dripped down the Ranger’s face. Burn marks had scorched his helmet. Time Red and Eric made eye contact for a moment, not saying a word. Eric’s face was stone cold, his brow knitted with confusion.


Time Red turned and started running to help his friends. But this time, his father blocked his path. 


“Wesley…it…you’re a Time Ranger?” Mr. Collins stammered. “You’re…this is why…why you?”


“Father,” Time Red said, his voice surprisingly calm. “Fighting the Londaraz isn’t your business. You need to let it go.”


Time Red started past his father, but Mr. Collins grabbed his son by the arm. “Wait!“ The man’s brow knitted with confusion as his body shook with anger. “Explain this to me! How were you involved in this? What are the Time Rangers?”


“I can’t explain now,” Time Red said as he pulled his arm free. “Just call off your Guardians. Before they all get themselves killed.”


Time Red started to run off.


“Wesley!” Mr. Collins called after his son.


Eric watched the exchange from nearby and called out to the Red Ranger. “Wesley, you should listen to your father!”


Time Red was already gone.




Jyaguru toyed with the four Rangers. The villain smashed the end of his rifle against Time Green’s faceplate. The Green Ranger lost his balance, and the criminal slammed his rifle against Time Green’s gut.


Time Green crashed to the ground. Jyaguru merely kicked Time Green aside as Time Yellow and Time Blue charged towards him.


The villain triggered a volley of blasts. Time Blue and Time Yellow dove for cover as explosions sparked around them.


Time Pink energized her Vector Saber and swung the weapon forward while triggering an energy-blade blast. Jyaguru dodged the blast with ease. The criminal swung his weapon back around and fired a volley of blasts that exploded around the four Rangers with bursts of spark, knocking them off their feet.


Jyaguru stalked towards the four fallen Rangers with his rifle aimed forward.


An explosion suddenly sparked against the villain’s hand, blasting the criminal’s rifle away. “What in the nine hells?!”


The villain turned to see Time Red charging forward with his Assault Vector rifle in hand. Jyaguru extended his hand towards the Red Ranger. The villain’s gauntlet fired invisible energy pulses at Time Red.


Sparks exploded around Time Red as he continued his advance. Blasts ripped across the ground around him and thrashed across his armor, but he kept moving forward. Time Red triggered a volley of golden pulse blasts that splashed across the criminal. The energy formed a shell around the villain and shattered with a burst of light and sparks, thrashing across his armor.


Time Red leapt through the air and angled his descent towards the criminal while arming his double Vector Sabers.


“Time Strike!” Time Red shouted as he held both blades at a 12 o’clock position. The blades powered up with crimson energy and swung downward in streaks of red light, slashing across the monster’s armor and exploding with a burst of spark on impact.


Chrono Launcher,” Time Red commanded as the five Rangers regrouped.


The five Rangers combined their weapons into a bazooka. Time Green, Time Blue, Time Yellow, and Time Pin stood at the weapon’s sides, while Time Red grasped the weapon from behind.


“Target…locked on,” Time Red said as his visor zeroed in on the villain. “Chrono Launcher, fire!”


The bazooka shot an energy pulse that streaked towards the criminal. The blast exploded against the criminal, knocking him backward. Jyaguru’s body froze and shrunk down.


Time Red walked over and held his badge above the suspended criminal. The badge flashed with golden power and formed a containment tube, imprisoning the criminal. 




Mr. Collins and Eric stood in the distance. They watched as the other Rangers gathered around Time Red, asking if he was alright and congratulating him. The group laughed and started to walk off.


Collins was shocked beyond words.


Eric narrowed his eyes as the Time Rangers walked off.




The skies above suddenly started to crack as if made from glass. Flashes of light scorched the sky as thunder sounded, shaking the ground below.


The Rangers looked up to see tears continued to crack along the skies.


The thunder and quaking suddenly stopped.


The tears shattered, revealing an time portal. The portal flashed violently with energy as a massive figure erupted from the wormhole. The figure materialized on the streets below. It was a massive, armored zord that resembled a Tyrannosaurus. Twin cannons were mounted on the zord’s back.


The zord roared, a deafening sound that shattered windows nearby.


“What is that thing?” Time Red asked.


Time Green was the first to recognize it. “It’s the V-Rex! It was lost through the Time Gate because of an accident during our century.”


The massive zord charged forward aimlessly, shouldering his way through buildings, which exploded as V-Rex plowed through. The zord’s feet tore through walkways as rubble crashed onto the streets below.


Gien watched from afar, his eyes shining with amusement as the V-Rex approached the city bullet train. V-Rex lifted the train with both hands while biting down hard on its center, armored teeth tearing through the train with bursts of spark.


Time Red activated his communicator. “Takku!”


Yokai,” Takku answered. The droid activated his temporal transceiver. “3-D system, stand by for launch!”


As always, Takku wondered who the strange man was who sent them Time Jets when they were needed.




Angel Grove, 3006AD


In the north section of the city sat a circular command complex with several rectangular buildings webbing out from the main compound. A yellow and black giant-sized robo stomped around the perimeter of the compound near a tall gate shaped like an upside down ‘V.’ A runway connected the gate to the complex.


A lone figure sat in the observatory that looked out upon the runway. He answered Takku’s call.


A platform of five Time Jets surfaced at the end of the runway. The platform rotated and lined the red-trimmed jet into position.


The Providus zord swung its massive fist towards the Time Jet. The fist smashed against the Time Jet and throttled the vessel forward. The Time Jet accelerated closer to the Time Gate, and disappeared through the gate, leaving a trail of energy vapor in its wake.


One-by-one, Providus slammed the Time Jets through the Gate. The five zords flew in tight formation and throttled backward through the time stream as the Time Shadow lined up to launch next.




Angel Grove, 2006AD


A wormhole opened in the sky and the five zords streaked through, swooping down into the atmosphere.


“Time Flier,” Time Red commanded as the Time Flier hovered past their location.


The Time Rangers leapt onto the Flier. The Flier carried them over their five Time Jets, traveling at frightful speeds. Time Red and the others jumped off the Time Flier and fell into their cockpits.


“3-D Formation…” Time Red commanded as he grasped control levers to his side. “Time Robo, Alpha!”


The Time Jets stayed in tight formation and flew across the streets as they streets, Each zord started to reassemble and combine into a giant, red-armored zord. The 3-D formation completed as the Rangers activated their zord: the Time-Force Megazord, Mode Red.


A shadow started to cover the sun like an eclipse. The shadow darkened the streets below. Rangers and villains looked up, not sure what was happening. Then the eclipse revealed itself to be a time portal. A V-shaped ship blasted through the portal.


The zord climbed upward and twisted while in mid-flight. Time Shadow started to change shape and form a warrior mode. The black zord armed two double-edged blue blades, and its eyes pulsed with pale-blue energy.


The two zords landed side-by-side in front of the massive V-Rex. The V-Rex roared with all its fury as the Time-Force Megazord and Time Shadow stepped back into defensive stances.


Below, Collins and Eric looked up at the zords with alarm. The Silver Guardians were regrouping nearby. They lifted their squad leader’s dead body from the pavement. The man’s cold hand was clutched around his red beret.


To be continued…Chapter Eleven