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Ultimate Time Rangers: Chapter 11

Enter: Time Fire


V-Rex charged forward towards the Time-Force Megazord and Time Shadow.


V-Rex spun forward, whipping its massive tail across the Megazord and Time Shadow. Sparks flashed on impact, forcing the two zords backward.


V-Rex continued its advance and bit down hard on the Megazord’s sword arm. V-Rex’s teeth punctured the zord’s armor with a burst of spark, tearing into the robo and knocking the saber free.


V-Rex pulled hard and whipped the Megazord off its feet. Time-Force Megazord crashed against the ground and slid across the pavement.


Time Shadow locked its arms backward and swooped down towards V-Rex. Shoulder-mounted launchers opened fire. The missiles streaked towards V-Rex and exploded against the rogue zord, thrashing across its armor with massive bursts of spark and smoke.


V-Rex roared as if in pain while secondary explosions erupted around the streets.


Time Shadow swooped around V-Rex and opened fire again from a different angle. Missiles exploded against the zord, tearing through a segment of armor on V-Rex’s neck. 


Time Shadow moved in and attacked close range. Time Shadow thrashed its blade across V-Rex’s wound. The saber sparked on impact, tearing across the rogue zord’s damaged armor.


V-Rex stumbled backward but kept its balance.


Time Shadow moved in to attack again, but V-Rex fired a pair of crimson optic blasts. The optic blasts exploded against Time Shadow’s chest armor, knocking the dark zord backward.


V-Rex turned back towards the Megazord and fired its shoulder-mounted cannons. Lances of red energy shot forth and exploded against the Megazord’s armor with bursts of spark.


“Takku,” Time Red said over his helmet communicator. “How are we supposed to beat this thing?”


“The V-Rex is equipped with a wrist command unit stored in its head,” Takku explained. “If you access the command unit, you will be able to tame the V-Rex.”


Time Green activated his helmet’s scanner. “Chrono search…”


The Green Ranger’s visor zeroed in on the head of the V-Rex. His scan showed no sign of a wrist command unit. “It’s not there!”




Dr. William “Billy” Cranston sat in the center of a dark room. He leaned forward on a sleek rectangular table of black marble. A holographic projection of a black slab appeared. It was the slab labeled 011.


Billy held a small data pad in his hand. The pad showed a map of the industrial park along the northern outskirts of the city. The map had a red x inside of a half-vacant warehouse.


The x was labeled with the words: “V-Commander brace.”




V-Rex fired its shoulder cannons. The blasts exploded against the Time-Force Megazord with a massive burst of spark that knocked the zord off its feet and jarred the Rangers from their cockpit.


The five Rangers crashed onto the streets below. Their armor shimmered like static and forcibly powered down. Wes was the most injured of the team. His vision blurred, and intense dizziness kept him off his feet. The ranger quickly slid into unconsciousness.


The V-Rex roared with pain and started digging through the ground, burrowing out of sight. The injured zord was escaping the battle scene to hide.




Eric opened his locker and hung his gun belt onto a hook. A data pad at the bottom of the locker caught his eye. He leaned down and lifted the pad.


The pad was a map of the industrial park along the northern outskirts of the city. A message was beneath the map: The Tyrannosaurus zord is called the V-Rex. This map will lead you to the zord’s command brace, allowing you to control the V-Rex.


The note was signed by Dr. Cranston.


Eric smiled. The V-Rex would be his.




The V-Rex laid itself down in a massive cave. The zord growled softly as if in pain. The zord flicked its tail as its eyes flickered. The wound on its neck was still smoking. V-Rex flicked its tail a final time and went limp, shutting down all its systems except for its self-repair functions.




Gien walked into the main prison tower room at night to find Dorunero and Lira waiting up for him.


Lira narrowed her eyes at Gien. She pulled out a key to the X Vault, a key Gien had tried to keep secret. “Why were you hiding a Hell’s Gate key? And what was that dinosaur doing in the city?”


Gien’s eyes glowed slightly brighter with amusement. “I was saving the key for…special occasions like this one.”


“Explain, droid,” Dorunero said in between puffs of his cigar.


“The V-Rex,” Gien said. “We can bring the zord under our control…”




Wes rested on the couch back at the office. He was still unconscious. Jenn gently laid a cold compress across his forehead.


Takku stood in his computer on his computer plug in console at Sion’s desk. The droid explained the story of the V-Rex to the gathered rangers.


“V-Rex was created as a battle zord for the most elite member of Time Force,” Takku said as the computer monitor displayed a picture of the V-Rex. “But no one was ever chosen to command the zord.”


The computer image shifted to the futuristic landscape of Angel Grove. The massive V-Rex sprinted down the runway towards the V-shaped Time Gate. Seconds before the zord even entered the gate, V-Rex started to blur like static. The zord splashed through the invisible portal with a massive burst of crimson light.


“Time Force tested the V-Rex to see if it could travel through time,” Takku explained. “The test failed. V-Rex has been lost in the time stream ever since. The controller must have been jarred from the V-Rex by the time hole, and lost as well.”


“Why did the V-Rex come here?” Jenn asked.


It must have been searching for a way out, and found the time hole here,” Takku said. “I am uncertain.”


Lucas narrowed his eyes. “Why don’t you know?”


“That data was not downloaded into me,” Takku explained. “I am not even certain if this event was supposed to happen.”


Odd, the rangers thought. The words “I don’t know” rarely came from Takku. Either an event was supposed to happen in time, or it wasn’t.


Damien cursed beneath his breath. He was beginning to hate time travel. “Who cares why it’s here. We need to find that controller and stop it.”


“Agreed,” Jenn said.        


Takku activated his scanners. “The controller will likely appear in this time period like the V-Rex did. I will start scanning the city.”


“We’ll go out on foot,” Jenn said. Her gaze drifted to Wes, still out cold on the couch. “Takku…take care of Wes.”




Dorunero was less than impressed with Gien’s plan to gain control of the V-Rex. The crime boss leaned back and took a puff from his cigar. “Gien…your plan is missing something important.”


Gien tilted his head. “And what is that?”


Dorunero slowly walked over to the droid. The crime boss put out his cigar on Gien’s golden arm. “A plan! How can we gain control of the V-Rex?”


Gien turned to the racks of prisoners along the wall. He reached out and took one of the prisoner capsules. “Bri’nek can search for the V-Rex controller. He’s good at that sort of thing…”


The droid set the containment unit into the cryogenic matrix. The matrix sealed shut as Gien walked over to the matrix control station.


The matrix filled with steam as twirling strands of energy twirled inside. Genetic material unraveled and reassembled The prisoner returned to his normal size.


The matrix hissed open as the criminal stepped forward. Bri’nek wore slender, dark-blue body armor. The villain had purple bug eyes on the sides of his white head. The skin on his neck was rough and segmented like small, dirt-gold bricks. 


The criminal was armed with a blaster and double-edged blade.




The next day.


Mr. Collins walked down a hallway along with a business associate and Silver Guardian escort. The associate had a manila folder open and was reviewing paperwork while speaking.


“The Time Rangers keep interfering with our work,” the businessman said. “Our productivity is…lacking.”


Collins silently cursed. His thoughts drifted to Wes. The son who abandoned him. The son who was now, in a sense, working for the competition. Mr. Collins buried his emotions deep down and got back to business. “What’s the status of the captain?”


“He’s dead, sir,” the businessman said. “He didn’t stand a chance…if only we had access to the Time Ranger’s weapons.”


Collins sighed with frustration. “The Time Rangers…I’m beginning to hate the sound of that name.”


Collins and his men slowly came to a stop when they noticed Eric walking straight towards them. The young man had a hard look of determination about him.


Eric saluted. “Sir…do you have a moment?”


“Say it quickly,” Collins said.


“I want you to make me captain,” Eric said. The young man took a bold step forward when he noticed Mr. Collins raise his eyebrows in disbelief. “I have the will to fight against Time Red.”


A slight grin curled on Eric’s lips.


Collins looked back to his escort. “I want you to be the captain.”


Eric’s grin sank into an expression of stone-cold anger.


Collins looked back to Eric. “I won’t let some stranger take the position. You’re dismissed.”


Eric rolled his hands into fists as Mr. Collins and his men walked by. The young man slowly pulled out the data pad from Dr. Cranston. “We’ll see…”




Bri’nek held a portable scanner while walking through a group of warehouses on the northern edge of the city. A group of junk droids accompanied him. The villain had tracked an energy signal believed to be the V-Commander to this location.


The villain stopped in his tracks and looked up when he saw Jenn and the other three rangers blocking his path.


“You won’t get what you’re looking for…” Jenn said as she and the others activated their braces.


Chrono Trigger!” They slapped their braces’ activation panels. Streams of data swirled around them as they morphed into their Ranger forms, their backs towards the villain when they landed.


The four Rangers snapped around to face the villain while shouting their names.


“Time Pink!”








They thrust their badges forward. “Time Ranger!”


“Time Ranger…” Bri’nek said with amusement as he unsheathed a slender, double-bladed sword. “Care to test your metal against mine?”


“Vector Sabers!“ Time Pink commanded. The four Rangers armed their double-blades Vector Sabers and charged towards the villain to attack.


Bri’nek sprinted towards the Rangers. The villain blocked a blow from Time Pink and slapped her blade away while dashing past her. Time Blue and Time Yellow moved in from opposite sides, but Bri’nek quickly parried their blows with two swipes of his sword.


Bri’nek swung his weapon upward, the blade slashing across Time Blue’s chest with a burst of spark, and swung to the left, slashing his blade across Time Yellow’s helmet.


Time Green moved in from behind and swung his sword towards the criminal’s neck. Bri’nek spun around and dodged the saber while slashing the Green Ranger across the chest, the villain’s blade sparking against Time Green’s armor.


Time Pink and Time Yellow moved back in to attack. Bri’nek swung his blades in an ‘x’ pattern to parry the Rangers’ blows. The villain spun past Time Pink while slashing across her armor and cutting across Time Yellow’s armor with a single move, sparks thrashing across the Rangers’ armor from the strike.


Time Blue swung the right end of his saber downward. The criminal blocked the blow, but Time Blue twisted his wrist and used the other end of his saber to knock the villain’s sword away. The Blue ranger pressed forward with a roundkick that slammed against the criminal’s side.


Bri’nek ducked under Time Blue’s crescent kick, and leapt over the Blue Ranger’s sweep kick. Bri’nek jumped over Time Blue while kicking the Ranger in the back.


Bri’nek leapt through the air and landed on a nearby boxcar. The villain drew his blaster and aimed downward, firing lances of blue energy that exploded against the Rangers’ armor with bursts of spark, whipping them off their feet.




Wes eyes slowly opened as he sat up on the couch. “God…my head.” He looked to Takku. “Where are the others?”


“They are trying to stop the Londaraz from getting control of the V-Commander, which will allow them to control the V-Rex,” Takku said.


Wes sprang to his feet and grabbed his jacket. “Why didn’t you wake me.


Takku was about to explain, but Wes was already out the door. Takku hovered off his perch and followed.




Back at the industrial park, junk droids with portable scanners moved to the base of an old warehouse. Their scanners lit up, indicating that the V-Commander was near. The soldiers moved to a fire escape along the outside of the warehouse and started marching upward in small groups.


Takku hovered in the air nearby, almost frantic to get the rangers to stop Dorunero’s people from gaining control of the control brace.


Some of the soldiers stayed on the ground when their sensors heard the roaring sound of a motorcycle approach. They looked to see Eric riding towards the warehouse.


Eric skid his motorcycle to a halt, broadside facing the soldiers. Eric drew his gun and opened fire. High-tech bullets blasted through the droids, their armor bursting with sparks as the weapon tore through their circuitry.


Eric adjusted his aim to the right and opened fire again. Rounds of bullets punctured through junk droids with bursts of spark, knocking the soldiers down like heaps of scrap metal.


Eric removed his helmet and looked down at the map. “This is the right place…”


He looked up just as three junk droids rushed towards him. Eric swung himself off his cycle while bashing his weapon’s handle across a droid’s head. He ducked underneath a second soldier’s outstretched arms and sprang forward, dashing towards the catwalk.


Takku watched with growing concern as Eric sprinted up the catwalk, closer to the V-Commander. The droid opened his comm line with the Rangers. “A Guardian is after the control brace too. They can not be allowed to gain control of the V-Rex either.”


Eric ran as fast as he could up the winding steps.


“Hurry,” Takku warned the Rangers.




Time Blue and the Rangers had other problems. They rolled across the ground and regrouped as Bri’nek stalked towards them.


“Vector Saber!” Time Blue shouted as he swung his weapon forward and triggered it.


The Blue Ranger fired a blue energy blade that shot towards the villain like a bullet. But Bri’nek used his sword to deflect the blast and opened fire with his blaster. Lances of blue energy exploded against the Rangers’ armor, knocking them off their feet.




Eric moved onto the third level of the fire escape and saw four junk droids on the steps above. Eric immediately raised his weapon and opened fire. Bullets shot through the droids, puncturing their armor and exploding through circuitry.


Eric ran forward, stepping over the fallen soldiers and continuing his ascent. He looked over his shoulder and cursed beneath his breath when he noticed a group of junk droids following him.  


Eric made it to the L-shaped building’s lower roof and ran to the second catwalk. Bullets sparked around him as soon as his foot touched the steps. The Guardian ducked for cover and looked to see junk droids march onto the lower roof from the first catwalk.


Eric hopped off the steps as four soldiers started to surround him. He blocked a soldier’s blow and kicked the grunt in the chest, but the soldier barely budged. The Guardian snapped around and slammed the handle of his gun across a second soldier’s head.


Eric turned back to face the first soldier and pistol-whipped that grunt as well. Eric used his gun’s handle to strengthen his every strike, bashing the junk droids aside one-by-one, his muscles aching with every blow.


The last junk droid fell. Eric looked down at the fallen soldiers and took a moment to catch his breath.


“Later,” he said to the fallen soldiers as he turned and sprinted up the second catwalk.


Eric ran onto the roof, his eyes darting back and forth. He noticed a small metallic box trimmed with red and black nearby a group of crates. That had to be it, Eric told himself. The Guardian sprinted over and picked up the box with both hands.


The whining of gears sounded nearby. Eric looked up to see two junk droids marching towards him with their sword blasters aimed forward. Eric took a step back, knowing they would shoot him down the second he moved for his own weapon.  


Eric took another step back. He couldn’t run either. His legs were too tired to sprint fast enough. He was out of options.


The junk droids opened fire.


Time Red suddenly leapt onto the scene as if from nowhere and tackled Eric aside as bullets exploded around them.


Time Red and Eric went tumbling off the roof and falling towards a neighboring warehouse. They splintered through a wooden wall and crashed against a cement floor, rolling out of control before skidding to a halt in the dark room.


“Collins…” Eric said, still out of breath as he and Time Red rose to their feet. “What the hell are you doing here.


“Saving your butt,” Time Red said.


Junk droids suddenly marched through the hole in the warehouse wall and moved in to attack Eric and Time Red.


Time Red stood in front of Eric. “Get out of here. This is my job.”


Eric shoved Time Red aside. “You wish, Collins.”


The junk droids attacked.


Eric ducked and rolled underneath a soldier’s saber. The Guardian rose back to his feet and slammed the box across a soldier’s head. He looked to his right and smashed the end of the box against a second soldier’s faceplate.


Muscles burning with fatigue, Eric turned and used the box to block another soldier’s saber. Eric knocked the saber aside and slammed the box across the grunt’s head.


Nearby, Time Red high blocked a soldier’s blow and slammed a punch against the droid’s chest. The Red Ranger snapped a crescent kick that smashed the soldier aside. A second soldier moved in to attack, but Time Red knocked that grunt’s sword away and slammed a knifehand chop against the back of the droid’s neck.


The droid crashed to the ground. Time Red slammed a drop elbow against the droid to finish it off.


Eric was getting tired and sluggish. He slammed the box against a soldier’s gut and smashed the box across the back of the soldier’s head.


The Guardian took a few steps back to get enough distance to draw his weapon. Eric held the box with his left hand and aimed his gun with his right hand. The Guardian opened fire with a volley of bullets that ripped through several junk droids with bursts of spark.


Eric kept pulling the trigger, but ran out of ammo. He opened his eyes wide with shock.


Junk droids swarmed the Guardian when they realized he was out of bullets. Eric used the box to bash a soldier aside, but a second junk droid knocked him to the ground. The droid swung its saber down towards Eric’s head.


Eric used the box to block the blow and kick the droid aside.


“Eric!” Time Red shouted as he twisted a droid’s sword arm down.


A grunt took advantage of Time Red’s distraction and slammed the end of its saber against the back of the Red ranger’s neck. Time Red crashed to the ground from the blow’s impact.


Eric rolled to his feet and looked up to see a junk droid aiming its blaster sword. The droid opened fire. Eric ducked and lifted the box. Bullets exploded against the box with bursts of spark, shielding Eric.


The box pulsed with golden energy as if jarred awake by the junk droid’s attack. Eric narrowed his eyes as he looked down at the glowing box between his hands. “What the -”


The box emitted rays of golden light that crashed against all the junk droids, knocking them backward.


Time Red slowly rose to his feet as the light stopped.


Eric looked at the box with a quizzical expression on his face.


Then a computerized, female voice spoke from the box. “Now, I’ll start up. Put your left hand into the box…” the computer’s voice instructed.


Eric inspected the box closely. “Do what…”


Takku hovered into the warehouse and spoke to Time Red. “Wes, stop him! If he puts that on, it will think he is its commander!”


Eric smirked when he overheard. He set the box down and slowly placed his hand into its opening. The box flashed with golden power and flowed across his forearm, materializing into a red, black-trimmed control brace. 


“V-Commander mounted. I’ll record your voice,” the brace’s computer said. “Input a start-up code. Quantum Fire. Quantum Fire.”


“Eric,” Time Red pleaded. “Take that thing off.”


Eric smirked as he rose back to his feet. He rolled his left hand into a fist and raised the brace closer to his mouth. He kept his eyes on Time Red the whole time. Eric twisted his wrist and took a deep breath before shouting. “Quantum Fire!”


The brace flashed with golden energy. Electric discharges lashed out, exploding inside the warehouse and collapsing the ceiling. Time Red rolled aside to avoid falling debris. He looked up to see a new warrior standing in the flames.


His armor was almost identical to Time Red’s, only edged liked flames, and black where Time Red’s armor was white.


Takku scanned the armor. “I’ve never heard of this suit…”


But why?




Eric felt like each cell in his body was burning with power. He tightened his muscles as the fiery sensation intensified. The feeling burned away his fatigue and pain. Only the fiery power remained. And the fiery power needed release.




Bri’nek fired lances of blue energy that exploded around the four Rangers as they rolled for cover. Time Pink rolled into a crouched position and activated her Vol weapon.


Vol Sniper!” she shouted while triggering the weapon.


Pink pulse blasts exploded around Bri’nek with bursts of spark as he dove across the ground and rolled top the side. The villain moved into a crouched position and fired a blue energy lance that exploded against Time Pink’s chest, the impact snapping her body backward and throwing her off her feet.


The others regrouped around Time Pink and helped her to her feet. Time Yellow tightened his fists. “We need the Chrono Launcher.”


Time Blue shook his head. “We can’t form it without Wes.”


Bri’nek laughed as he stalked towards the Rangers with his gun held forward. But a blast suddenly exploded against his hand with a burst of spark, knocking the gun to the ground and injuring the villain.


Bri’nek clutched his injured arm and looked around for his unseen attacker. “Show yourself, coward!”


A tapping noise sounded through the air. Bri’nek turned to see a red-armored Ranger standing on top of a fire escape. The Ranger was leaning back in an arrogant posture while tapping a blaster against the back of his hand.


Bri’nek rolled back his bug eyes with anger. “You! Time Ranger!”


The Ranger turned and looked down at the villain. “Not quite, brick neck,” the Ranger said in a cold, mocking voice. “I’m the Quantum Ranger…Time Fire.”


Bri’nek extended his hand and tossed a bunch of bolts onto the ground. “Zenitto!” The bolts formed a group of junk droids that marched towards the fire escape.


Time Fire slowly walked to the railing of the fire escape. “Good. Target practice.”


Time Fire snapped into a two-handed firing stance and extended his blaster downward. The Quantum Ranger fired lances of red energy that exploded through the junk droids below, burning through their armor and puncturing their bodies with massive bursts of spark.


Time Fire shifted his stance and held his weapon in his right hand. The Quantum Ranger triggered a volley of energy lances that exploded through another group of the junk droids.


Meanwhile, Time Red ran over to his teammates while clutching his injured arm. “Guys!”  


“Wes,” Time Pink said, relieved he was okay. “What’s going on?”


“That’s Eric,” Time Red explained. “He got the V-Commander.”


Time Fire leapt off the fire escape and landed on the pavement below as junk droids swarmed around him. The Quantum Ranger lifted his blaster as data scrolled across his visor. The weapon was called the DV-Defender, and had a vulcan mode and blade mode. “DV-Defender,” Time Fire commanded. “Vulcan mode.”


The Quantum Ranger looked to his left and triggered lances of red energy that burned through a group of junk droids, each high-powered blast sparking as it tore through circuits and wiring in the droids’ bodies.


Time Fire shifted his aim to the right and fired another volley of energy blasts that exploded against a wall of incoming junk droids, puncturing through their bodies and knocking them off their feet.


Junk droids closed in from all sides.


Time Fire spun around while holding his finger down tightly against his weapon’s trigger. Lances of red energy shot forth and exploded through the droids.


Time Fire stepped back into a defensive stance as another wave of junk droids marched towards him. “DV-Defender. Blade Mode.”


Time Fire snapped his blaster out into its slender blade mode. The Quantum Ranger tightened his grip on the weapon and leapt through the air to attack the junk droids. Time Fire landed while chopping his blade through a junk droid, his blade a streak of golden energy.


Time Fire spun forward while slashing open a second soldier’s chest with a burst of spark. The Quantum Ranger twisted his wrist and swung his weapon through another arc with a streak of golden energy, slashing through a junk droid’s head.


The Quantum Ranger dashed forward, a blur of motion as his blade slashed through droid armor and circuitry like a heated knife through butter. The blazing sword thrashed away soldiers left and right before they could even attack, each strike sparking on impact, reducing the junk droids to scrap metal.


Time Fire let the burning in his veins fuel his every strike. The Quantum Ranger tore through the junk droids with a blaze of power and precision.


Time Fire dashed past three soldiers while swinging his blade through two powerful arcs, each blow tearing through the droids. The Quantum Ranger spun through a group of five droids, ripping through their chests with horizontal strikes and cleaving through their bodies with diagonal blows.


Time Fire finished his spin while snapping a roundhouse kick that smashed across a soldier’s head. The Quantum Ranger swung a backhand strike to thrash open that droid’s chest with a burst of spark.


Time Fire smashed sidekick against a soldier to his right and looked back to his left while using his blade to decapitate a droid. The Quantum Ranger kicked the headless grunt away.


Bri’nek closed in on Time Fire. The villain held his weapon tight and leapt through the air towards the Quantum Ranger.


Time Fire leapt against the side of a boxcar and pushed off, leaping through the air towards his opponent while holding his DV-Defender blade high.


The two opponents clashed blades in midair. Time Fire quickly twisted his sword and swung towards the villain’s head, but Bri’nek blocked the blow with his own saber.


Time Fire and Bri’nek pushed off of each other and backflipped through the air in opposite directions. They landed on the ground and snapped into fighting stances while facing each other.


Time Fire shifted his stance monitoring for weaknesses in the villain’s defense. The Quantum Ranger kept a close eyes on the villain’s upper body to try and anticipate his next move.


Bri’nek shifted his stance, holding his blade back. “Time Fire…your first fight will be your last…”


Bri’nek drew a blaster and fired a lance of blue energy at the Quantum Ranger.


Time Fire dropped onto his back as the blast passed over him and switched his weapon to vulcan mode, triggering lances of crimson energy that exploded against the villain’s chest armor. The blasts sparked on impact and whipped the villain off his feet, knocking his blaster from his hand as he tumbled across the ground, smoke still rising from his armor.


The Quantum Ranger stepped back in a fighting stance and waited for Bri’nek to rise back to his feet. The automated voice on his brace spoke again. “Final mode, DV Freezer, standing by…”


Data flashed across Time Fire’s helmet. “Freezer…?” He didn’t understand, but didn’t question. “DV-Defender…final mode.”


Time Fire extended his blade. The weapon pulsed with deep blue energy. The Quantum Ranger charged forward as Bri’nek stumbled back to his feet.


The villain chopped his weapon down towards the approaching Ranger. But Quantum Ranger high blocked the blow while spinning forward and slashing Bri’nek horizontally, his blade a streak of blue energy as it slashed across the villain’s body, sparking on impact. 


Time Fire turned back towards the villain, his blade pulsing with blue fire.


“DV Freezer!” Time Fire shouted as he swung his weapon downward in an x-shaped pattern, streaks of energy thrashing through the villain’s body.


Bri’nek stumbled backward as tendrils of blue energy danced across his body like electricity, exploding with bursts of spark that tore through his armor.


Time Fire holstered his weapon as Bri’nek fell backward and exploded with a final discharge of energy. The attack caused a chain reaction in the criminal, causing him to shrink down and enter a state similar to cryogenic suspension.


The computer on his brace spoke again. “Press: Freeze Completed.”


The other rangers started in amazement as Time Fire walked towards them.


Time Red slowly walked forward. The two red-armored Rangers stopped in their tracks and stood facing each other.


“Eric…” Time Red said quietly.


Beneath his helmet, a smug grin crossed Time Fire’s face.


To be continued…Chapter Twelve