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Champions Saga: Chapter Two

Champions Saga: Chapter Three

Rise of the Shadows


Angel Grove, 3008AD


Capt. Logan stood before his board of superiors. The captain had just finished presenting them with evidence suggesting that events in the year 2008 were leading to the collapse of time.


“I can only assume that someone has traveled to the year 2008 and set events into motion that will result in the collapse of all time,” Logan concluded.


The board director deactivated his data pad and sighed. “Very well. Assemble a team and send them to 2008.”


Logan nodded. “I already have the candidates selected. I’m sure you’ll recognize all their names. Jenn, Lucas, Sion and Damien were all assigned to the Dorunero incident in 2006 and 2007. Tatsuya was assigned to the Egos incident of 1984.”


The director nodded. “Very well. Send in the Time Rangers.”




Angel Grove, 2008AD


Simon sat up in his bed and screamed. He breathed heavily as he ran his fingers through his hair and tried to calm himself. Beads of cold sweat were dripping down his forehead.


His mother barged into the room. “What is it, Simon?”


“Bad dream, that’s all,” Simon said.


His mother nodded. “Are you sure?”


“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, mom I’m fine.”


“Okay…get some sleep.”


Simon nodded as his mother left the room.


As soon as his mother was gone, Simon reached over and grabbed the phone, dialing Saiya’s number.


“Hello,” Saiya said in a groggy voice.


“Saiya, this is Simon,” he said. “Sorry to wake you.”


“Not as sorry as I am.”


“Saiya, something’s wrong. We need to get the Rangers together, and we need to do it fast.”




Triforia was located in the northern quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy near such planets as Eltar and Aquitar. The prince of Triforia was Trey, otherwise known as the Gold Zeo Ranger.


Being prince and keeper of the Gold Ranger powers was a tremendous responsibility, one that the young ranger chose to take a break from, from time to time.


The Triforian prince was walking through the open market plaza in his civilian garb. Few recognized him when he was not wearing his usual gold and black armor. There were some however that could spot him from a mile away. Such people unfortunately were usually his enemies. One such enemy was Mace Falcor.


Mace Falcor was a wanna-be crimelord on Triforia. He had only few people working under him and hardly any influence in the workings of the planet's economy. However, he had come up with a plan that would soon put him on top of things, not just on Triforia, but throughout the whole known universe.


Mace's little assistant, Moloj, walked over to his master while wearing a brown cloak and pair of green goggles. Moloj, like Mace, was not a native to Triforia. The three-foot-tall, bald servant was from a planet where civilization was based underground.


Mace walked over to the little underling once Trey had gone far enough away down the plaza. “Do you have it?”


The little troll nodded. “Yes.”


“Good. The time is near. Come with me.”


The two walked through the plaza to finish constructing their plan.




The Prophet kneeled before his unseen Leader yet again.


The Leader spoke from the shadows. “Is it true that the next fragment has appeared on the planet of Triforia?”


The Prophet nodded. “Yes, my Master.” When will it end? “Shall I dispatch Darkheart to take the tablet from...”


“No!” The insanity in was voice was unmistakably evil. “Darkheart is to continue his efforts to keep the Astro Rangers from meddling in my affairs. I know exactly who I will hire to steal the tablet.....”




Mace was handed a dirty and worn pouch by his servant Moloj. He opened the pouch and pulled out the stone tablet held within. The tablet was said to be a piece of the legendary Tablet of Chakra. Mace had no interest in any of the other fragments, only the one he had just found. It held secrets that would give him the powers of a demi-God. It was the key to reestablishing the Shadow Clan.


Mace laid the tablet on top of the sole table he had in his small household. “It is time...”


Moloj took a few steps back. He feared the consequences of the power that his master was dealing with.


Mace began to read the inscription on the tablet that would open up the key for drawing upon the very powers that the Shadow Clan had wielded eons ago. The Shadow Clan had been devised of fierce black magick users that received their powers from the depths of Hell.


The Clan had vanished around the same time as the original Red Star and had not been head from since. Zedd’s former servant Levina had been a practicer of Shadow Clan magick.


The practices and teaching of the Clan had been inscribed on the Tablet piece that Mace possessed, and he planned to use it.


He whispered the incantations as the air around his home began to howl. Moloj hid himself underneath a desk as his master continued.


A black swirling portal appeared above Mace's head, and dark lightning began to shoot out from it and surround Mace. He felt the power of the Shadow enter every pore in his body and become one with his being.


His body began to glow in a dark light as thunder clapped from the portal.


Then suddenly, all was silent.


Moloj crawled out from under the desk and was shocked by the sight of his newly transformed master. Mace was wearing a light metallic armor that gleamed black as night. His head was now bald and his eyes were completely black and featureless. He wore a long dark cape that swirled around his body.


Moloj dared to take a few steps closer. “.....Mace?”


Mace laughed. “No....I am no longer the man you knew as Mace Falcor. I am the Shadow King.”


“ worked?”


The Shadow King shook his head. “Not fully. There is still one more ceremony I have to perform to reawaken the Shadow Clan, but I have a little something I must do first.”




Princess Tetomu was awakened from her sleep, a sleep that had only lasted for a little over a month. She was resting in Gao Rock on top of the Sky Island Anamarium.


She stretched as she rose from her stone bed. “I can’t be up this early,” she said to herself as she walked to the small stone pond of the Sacred Pool. The pond was still, showing no signs of Org activity.


“I wonder what it was that woke me?” she asked herself.


A massive quake suddenly struck Gao Rock as stone from the ceiling started to collapse, and Tetomu was thrown off her feet.


Outside in the jungle of Anamarium, Kar was wreaking havoc with four of his demon monsters.


One of the monsters had a humanoid body, but the long neck and head of a dragon. The creature had dragon-like wings extending from his back.


The creature’s scales were brown and tinted rust-red, and its wings were fiery orange. Dull gray armor covered its chest, arms, and legs.


The demon monster’s name was Dra’cobtt.


The second demon was bug-like and covered in armor that highlighted every muscle of its body. The armor was predominately dark blue, except for patches of dirt-gold across the villain’s chest and down his arms.


A curved saw blade extended from the creature’s right forearm, and the villain had a thick scorpion-like tail. The creature’s bug-like head was elongated horizontally with two green eyes and a pair of antennae.


The demon monster’s name was roughly translated from Hell tongue into “Sting.”


The third-demon was a menacing warrior covered in dark-gray armor, which was made up of various-shaped blade segments. The creature’s helmet and mouthpiece were made of similar material, and only his blood red eyes were visible.


The demon carried a double-edged, dirt-gold colored saber. Demonic writing was etched along the blade.


The villain’s name was Xen’entor.


The final demon had the white face of a lion. Blades of armor flowed across his head and down his chest like a main. His face and main were tinted with sickly yellow.


The creature’s eyes were bright green, and its body was muscular. Segments of leather-like brown armor covered its shoulders, forearms, lower torso and legs.


The demon monster was called Tor’gh.


Kar led the demons in a massive assault.


Dra’cobtt opened its jaw and fired a torrent of flame that incinerated trees, burning a path of flame and smoke through the jungle lands around him.


Sting swung his blade arm, which emitted a twirling energy dagger that hacked the jungle with massive bursts of spark and explosions.


Kar smiled with arrogance as Tor’gh and Xen’entor hurled spheres of crimson energy through the jungle. The spheres exploded with massive shockwaves, shaking the island for miles around. 


“Destroy it all,” Kar said as he launched a massive energy wave that ripped into the soil.




Jason’s team and Wes sat in the INET briefing room as Billy and Miss. Fairweather showed them holographic displays of the abandoned warehouse district.


“What would these demons want with a bunch of old warehouses?” Jonathan asked. “Are they looking for a new vacation spot or something?”


“This isn’t a time to be joking around,” Trini said. “They’re obviously up to something dangerous.”


“Sor-ry,” Jonathan said.


“Guys,” Jason said. “Not now.”


“Do we have any way of knowing what they’re up to?” Wes asked.


“No,” Billy said. “But like Trini said, it can’t be good. The six of you should check it out.”


“We’ll go in and stay low to see what they’re up to. We won’t transform unless we have to,” Jason said.


“Let’s get to it,” Zack said.




There was a knock on Maya’s door in her small Japanese apartment. She got up from her computer desk and answered it. It was Tommy.


“Tommy! Oh my god, it’s so good to see you,” she said as they hugged.


“You too,” Tommy said as she led him inside. “How’s work been going?”


“Oh, pretty good,” she said. “Kouishiro and I have been taking a few weeks off, then we’re headed to South America.”


“You’re always on the move, huh?” Tommy said with a smile.


“Keeps life interesting. So what brings you here?” Maya asked.


Tommy sighed and took a seat. “I was hoping to see if you had any information about these new demons trying to take over Angel Grove.”


“I’ll see what I can find,” Maya said as her fingers danced across the keyboard. “Does this demon have a name?”


“Alcorn, son of Mephisto,” Tommy said. “Also…I’m not sure how you’d look for this but I’ve been led to believe he might have something to do with some big final conflict.”


Maya nodded. “That may help.”


Maya searched through her grandfather’s database as Tommy sat and waited.




The Shadow King stood on the tallest skyscraper in Triforia's capital city and looked down upon the people scattered below. They seemed so small and insignificant compared to the power he now held.


He stretched out his hand and snapped. Dozens of creatures appeared on the streets. Each creature was featureless and black as night. They had blood red collars around their necks and eyes that were deep crimson. They were called Wraiths, and for centuries they had served as the main warriors of the Shadow Clan.


The Wraiths immediately attacked the populace without mercy. The streets were thrown into chaos as the demons scattered throughout the capital.


The Shadow King descended from the skyscraper and joined his army on the streets below. He pulled out his broadsword and thrust it through the ground. An earthquake of immense power tore through the streets. Entire buildings collapsed, and roads tore open with fire.


He smiled with pleasure as he watched the civilians run for their pathetic lives. “These insects amuse me.”


“If ya like them, you'll love me!” a voice shouted from behind.


The Shadow King turned around to see Trey standing in his royal armor. The prince armed his transformation braces.


“Ultra Transform!” Golden light enveloped him as he connected his braces. His armor wrapped into place as he morphed into the Gold Zeo Ranger.


The Shadow King merely laughed and held his sword in hand. “So...the Gold Ranger. Defender of Triforia and Noble Prince. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.”


Shadow King pointed his sword at the Ranger. A bolt of black lightning sprang forth from the blade and impacted Zeo Gold on the chest with a massive burst of spark.


The Gold Ranger went flying backward and slammed into a wall. I'd better not underestimate this one.


Zeo Gold pulled out his staff and held it to the sky. “It's time for a Gold Rush!” He swung the weapon towards Shadow King. “Victory Flash!”


Globes of golden energy discharged from the staff and pounded against the Gold Ranger’s adversary. The Shadow King was not affected.


“You have no idea who you're dealing with, do you Ranger?” the villain taunted. “I am the Shadow King, ruler of the Shadow Clan.”


Zeo Gold wrinkled his brow at the mention of the name. “I hate to inform you, but The Shadow's long gone.”


“Not anymore!” The Shadow King rushed towards the Gold Ranger and struck before Zeo Gold had a chance to defend himself.


Shadow King slashed his blade across the Gold Ranger’s armor, each strike sparking on impact. He swung his massive sword with impressive speed that took Zeo Gold off guard. The villain spun forward with a reverse sidekick that slammed against the Gold Ranger’s faceplate and sent him flying off his feet. 


Zeo Gold fell to the ground and tried to catch his breath. In his whole life as the Gold Ranger he had never been hit so hard. The Shadow King laid his foot on the Ranger’s chest to prevent him from moving.


The villain then pointed his sword at the Ranger's neck “Consider this a warning...the universe will belong to me. Soon...”


The Shadow King and his army of Wraiths disappeared in a flash of black fire. Zeo Gold slowly rolled to his feet. Looks like I'm going to need some help on this one.




The Megaship flew through the depths of hyperspace. The ship was operating in night mode, meaning all the lights on the decks and inside the rangers’ quarters were dimmed to a nocturnal level. Nevertheless, Sage could find no sleep.


Also known as Tekno-Man, the young man from the planet Isis had been burdened by strange nightmares for as long as he could remember, which was not that long. Sage could only remember the last five years of his life. Everything before that was just a mix of feelings and raw emotions. Sadness, loss, loneliness. He could not pinpoint where these feelings came from. He only knew they were there.


He closed his eyes, and the dream came to him once more:


Sage was in an open field with a young girl, who was picking through a field of flowers. Did he love this girl? A young man then came up to Sage. They began yelling. The dream then shifted scenes. There was a vast battleground among the stars, and Sage was in the middle of it. So was.....He could not remember the name, but he saw the image. A crimson Angel of Death who brought up strange, familiar feelings.


Sage was shaken from his dream by the ship’s alarms. He went walking onto the ship’s bridge, where the six rangers were already sitting at their stations. “What is going on?”


Zhane looked back to his Isosian friend. “Your old buddy Darkheart is attacking the planet Dellran IV.”


Karone activated the ship’s view screen. An image of Darkheart’s menacing flagship appeared, and the ship was sending armies of Craboids to the planet’s surface.


Cy narrowed his eyes at the sight. “Let's get to the morphing tubes.”


Sage followed the rangers off the bridge. “I'll handle the Craboids.”




Kar and his four demons approached Gao Rock. Unholy flames consumed the jungle behind them as they set their sights on the turtle-shaped mound in the distance.


Simon, Michael, Ryan, Timothy, Saiya, and Shirogane ran to the scene and blocked the villains’ path.


Simon narrowed his eyes and rolled his hands into fists. His heart was pounding in his chest, pumping the blood of the lion through his veins. “You guys are going to pay for this!”


Kar laughed. “By all means, mortals, make us pay.”


“You asked for it, you got it!” Simon shouted.


They flipped open their morphers.


“Wild Access! Ha!” Energy shimmered around them as their armor wrapped around their bodies and their visors snapped into place. They morphed into their Ranger forms and snapped into animal-like fighting stances.


“Blazing Lion! Gao Red!”


“Howling Wolf! Gao Silver!”


“Noble Eagle! Gao Yellow!”


“Surging Shark! Gao Blue!”


“Iron Bison!” Gao Black!”


“Belle Tiger! Gao White!”


“Guardians of the Earth” Gao Red called, “United we roar! Wild Task Force!”


“Gao Ranger!” they shouted together.


“More Rangers?” Kar said as he shook his head. “This is getting ridiculous.”


Kar fired an energy pulse that tore through the ground towards the Rangers. The six Rangers dove aside as the pulse exploded beneath their feet.


Gao Red and the others rolled into crouched fighting positions and sprang towards their enemies. The Red Ranger and Silver Ranger leapt towards Kar.


“Lunar Cue!” Gao Silver armed his staff-like saber and swung the weapon towards the demon general.


“Gao Dagger!” Gao Red unsheathed his dagger and swung downward at Kar’s head.


Kar grabbed the blades and kicked the two Rangers from the air. Gao Red and Gao Silver crashed against the ground and skid backward.


“Damn he’s fast,” Gao Red said as he and Gao Silver climbed back to their feet, smoke still rising from their armor. 


The villain fired invisible optic blasts that exploded against the two Rangers with massive bursts of spark, which tore across their armor and knocked them off their feet.


Gao Red and Gao Silver crashed against the ground, and Kar stalked towards them with a feral grin on his face.


The Sky Island continued to burn in the meantime.




Justin and Chris ran through the woods south of the city. The two were both sophomores at AGU, although they would have been Juniors if they hadn’t spent a year chasing after Zordon as Astro Blue and Black.


They often enjoyed getting away from the city and getting some fresh air.


This time however, their peaceful trip to the woods had been interrupted. The winds began howling as a ship of some sort began entering the Earth's atmosphere. Upon closer inspection, the two realized the approaching object was not a ship at all, but a golden pyramid.


“Gee. I wonder who that could be?” Justin asked sarcastically.


“How many people do you know that ride in gigantic pyramids?” Chris asked.


Justin and Chris took off through the hills to where Pyramidis, the zord of the Gold Ranger, had landed. They both hoped silently that their friend was not in any kind of trouble. The two had first met Trey during their time as Zeo Rangers.


They reached Pyramidis just in time to see the Prince of Triforia himself walk out of the zord's entrance. Trey smiled. “ has been a long time.”


Justin smiled back at his old friend. "”It's good to see you again, Trey.”


“Yes, but I wish our reunion could be under better circumstances.”


Uh oh. Justin had doubted all along that Trey had come for a simple friendly visit. “What's wrong?”


“A villain of tremendous power known as the Shadow King has arisen on my homeworld. He plans to somehow revive the Shadow Clan and rule the universe.”


"The Shadow Clan?" Chris asked.


“At one time, the Shadow was a powerful criminal empire run by sorcerers and demons. The Shadow cannot be allowed to fall upon our galaxy again.”


Trey pulled out a small box from behind his back and opened it in front of the two humans. Inside were the five Zeonizers they had once wore to defend the Earth as the Blue ands Green Zeo Rangers.


“Over the past three years, I have used my gold powers to restore the Zeo Crystal and your transformation devises,” Trey explained. “I need you to once again harness the power of the Zeo Crystal and aid me in preventing the Shadow King from reawaking his evil empire.”


“Well,” Justin said. “I’ve never been one to turn down a fight.”


Chris nodded, and the two reached forward and grabbed their Zeo Braces.




Sage held his crystal high above his head. “Tekno Power!”


A shell of energy wrapped around Sage and transformed him into the space knight known as Tekno-Man.


He launched through the Megaship’s hangar bay and flew through a swarm of Craboids while holding his blade horizontally in front of him. He managed to take out many of the creatures during his first run, but then they got smart and tried to trap Sage in a pincer movement.


The thrusters built into the shoulders of Sage's armor allowed him to jet away from the approaching Craboids faster than they could ever hope to be. Tekno-Man executed a 360 and locked the Craboids in his sights.


Shoulder cannons snapped open on Sage’s armor and powered up to full. “Tekno-Blast!” The cannons fired a wide and powerful blast of kinetic energy that disintegrated over half of the Craboids. They were nothing compared to his power.


Sage opened his throttle to full and sped towards Darkheart's command ship.


The bays of the large vessel were opened, but no Craboids came forth. Instead, a lone figure flew out. A figure that was frighteningly familiar. It looked almost exactly like Sage's armor, except it was colored blood red.


Sage looked at the approaching figure with grim horror. Is this the Angel of Death from my dreams?


Tekno-Red drew a blade that was like Sage's, only broader and not as smoothly cut.


Tekno-Man brought his blade into a defensive position as Tekno-Red slammed into him full force. The two went flying back for miles as the Red demon from Sage's dream kept pouring on the power to his thrusters.


Tekno-Red began laughing. It was a cold and metallic sound. “Hello Sage. How's that little memory of yours?”


Sage wrinkled his brow underneath his helmet. “Who are you?”


Tekno-Red continued to laugh as the two plunged into the planet's atmosphere




Kathrine Hillard was climbing the ranks of the London dance academy faster than anyone ever expected. She had such commitment and raw talent, that she was already better then most of the upperclassmen upon her enrollment.


After a hard day’s work, Kat returned to her room and collapsed on her bed.


She had been rehearsal all day for an upcoming recital and was exhausted. Fate it seemed, would not give her a chance to rest.


There was a knock on her door, and she was caught speechless when she opened it and found Justin standing there. “Hello Kat.”


“Justin!” she said as she gave her old friend a hug.


“We've got a problem, Kat,” Justin said as the two released each other. “We need your help.........”




The Cybeast that had been sent down to the surface of Dellran 4 was actually human size. It was a winged creature whose dark blue skin was mostly covered in cybernetic armor. The Rangers jumped off their Cyber Sliders and landed in front of the Cybeast.


The winged creature fired a heat blast from its mechanical eyes that hit all of the Rangers hard. They went flying backward and hit the ground as explosions sparked against their armor. 


Astro Silver rose to his feet and activated his Silver Blazer, a powerful arm-mounted cannon that could switch to saber mode. “Nobody messes with my friends!”


The Silver Ranger charged at the Cybeast while firing his weapon. Darts of golden energy exploded against the villain with bursts of spark.


“Blazer impact!” Astro Silver hopped forward and swung his blade down diagonally through a streak of golden power. The slash sparked against the villain on impact. The Silver Ranger pushed forward with a strong horizontal swing that slashed across the villain’s body.


The Cybeast slammed its foot against Astro Silver’s chest, knocking the Silver Ranger backward and sending him tumbling across the ground.


The other five Rangers moved forward and surrounded the villain. Astro Red helped the Silver Ranger to his feet. “You okay, Zhane?”


“Never been better.” The Silver Ranger joined the others in circling around the Cybeast.


Astro Blue had his Astro Tomahawk ready for the attack as he looked into the monster's eyes. “Man he's ugly.”


The Red Ranger activated his weapon and leapt into the air. “Drill Saber!” His weapon became energized and went drilling into the creature's side with a burst of spark.


Astro Pink and Yellow moved in next with their weapons.


“Astro Sling!” The Yellow Ranger jumped up and fired a volley of yellow energy darts.


“Astro Capture!” Astro Pink fired rings of pink energy.


The combined blasts exploded against the Cybeast with a massive burst of spark. Astro Black and Astro Blue leapt forward next.


“Astro Tomahawk!” Astro Blue spun forward while swinging his small axe.


“Astro Rod!” The Black Ranger’s staff energized and swung downward.


The weapons slashed against the villain, sparking on impact and tearing through the Cybeast’s body. The impact knocked the Cybeast off its feet and send it skidding back across the ground.


The Astro Rangers regrouped around the fallen creature. The circuits of the Cybeast began to move and start snapping. Next thing the Rangers knew, the monster had grown giant. Astro Red activated his communicator. “Astro Megazord, online!”


The Megaship flew through the atmosphere and underwent its transformation process.


Seconds later, the Astro Megazord was completed and landed on the ground. The Rangers entered their zord’s cockpit and prepared to battle the Cybeast.


The monster spread his wings, and sharp projectiles of energy shot at the Megazord. The Rangers activates the zord’s shield just in time.


“Beam Cannon!” The Megazord activated its rifle and fired a beam of white-hot energy at the monster. The powerful blast exploded through the creature’s side, practically tearing the Cybeast in half.


The Rangers pressed on the attack.


“Astro Megazord Saber, online!” The zord’s saber took shape in the Galaxy Mega’s fist.


The Cybeast fired optic blasts that the Megazord deflected with its saber.


“Energize saber!” Astro Red shouted.


The saber energized with golden power and swung forward, ripping through the middle of the Cybeast’s body. The creature stumbled backward as its energy overloaded and exploded.




The Phantom Ranger had been wandering the galaxy ever since Zordon's wave destroyed all of Sauron’s forces. At first, the Phantom had tried to settle down and start a normal life, but he missed the excitement and adventure of traveling through space.


Since there were no more Zedds or Viles, the Phantom had concentrated on fighting against the universal criminal element. There were several highly influential organizations that were famous for getting their hands dirty.


Besides organizations, however, there were certain individuals who exceeded extremely well in the world of crime. One such individual was Lorian Mandalon.


Lorian was the sole survivor of a clan of master warriors that once were as widely known as the Masters themselves. He wore a dark, worn cape as well as a strange sort of armor that appeared to be wooden, including his helmet. It was intricately detailed with symbols and designs from a culture long forgotten.


The Phantom Ranger had been on the trail of Lorian for several months, but the warrior for hire was elusive. Rumor had it he was currently being employed by the Red Star Clan to steal some artifact known as the Tablet of Chakra. The Phantom had heard about such a tablet, but he didn't think it really existed.


The Phantom Ranger was currently piloting his one-man ship through an asteroid field. He had received a lead that Lorian had been seen in the area, and the Phantom was determined to check it out.


Little did the Ranger know that he was being watched from deep inside the field.


Lorian's ship was hiding itself in powered-down mode underneath a large asteroid so he would not be easily discovered. Through the black visor on his helmet, he could see the Phantom's ship pass him by. It was the perfect opportunity to strike.


Lorian brought his systems back up to full power and throttled out from underneath the belly of the asteroid. He locked his missiles on target and fired.


The Phantom tried to evade the missiles, but they were too fast. He dropped several decoys behind him, causing the missiles to detonate before they hit his ship.


Phantom Ranger snapped his ship around, and the two adversaries went at each other head-to-head.


Lorian surprised the Phantom by flying underneath his ship and leaving the field at full speed. It's not like him to give up a fight like that... The Phantom Ranger thought.


The Phantom powered up his engines and followed his enemy's trail.




Ashley was sitting at one of her late afternoon classes at AGU. Her professor was giving a lecture on Physics, but Ashley already knew more than her professor could dream of. She killed time by drawing up several different zord designs she and Tommy had been working on. According to Tommy, The Power wanted a hawk, a lion and a dolphin.


After class, she walked back towards her car. She missed Tommy and hoped he was finding whatever he needed from Maya in Japan.


“Hey Ashley!” Justin called.


“Oh, hey Justin. I didn’t know you had class this late.”


“I don’t,” he said. “We have a bit of a problem.”


Justin explained to her how she was needed as Zeo Yellow again.


“I’m in,” she said. “But I don’t know about Tommy. He has a feeling he’ll be needed as the Dragon Ranger again soon.”


Justin nodded. “Well I’m no Ranger expert, but isn’t a Red Ranger kind of important?”


Ashley smiled. Tommy will probably kill me for suggesting this, but… “What about Teddy? He has experience from the time he was the Kiba Ranger.”


“Do you think he’d do this?” Justin asked.


“He’s Tommy’s brother. What do you think?” Ashley said.


Justin nodded. “Looks like we have a Red Ranger then.”




Dra’cobtt opened its jaw and spat a stream of flame that exploded against Gao Blue with a burst of spark, knocking the Blue Ranger off his feet.


Gao Blue tried to climb back to his feet, but the demon was already standing over him with its claws wrapped around his throat. The Blue Ranger struggled to breath as the claws tightened.


Dra’cobtt tugged the Ranger off his feet and hurled him through the air like a rag doll.


Meanwhile Gao Yellow leapt towards Tor’gh and swung his Golden Eagle Sword at the demon’s head. The blade slashed across the demon’s body, sparking on impact, but Tor’gh was not fazed.


The demon smashed the back of his fist across the Yellow Ranger’s helmet, snapping Gao Yellow’s body backward.  


Nearby, Xen’entor slashed his massive blade across Gao Black’s chest. The blade sent a serge of electric energy that sparked against the Black Ranger’s armor on impact.


Gao White pounced towards Tor’gh, but the lion beast used his clawed hand to swat her from the air.


Gao Red narrowed his brow beneath his helmets as he watched the villains hack against his friends. While he was distracted, Kar fired a crimson energy blast that exploded against his chest, knocking him backward.


Gao Silver sprang to his friend’s aide and swung his Lunar Cue towards Kar’s neck. Kar used his arm to block the blow, knocked the cue downward, and slammed his palm against the Silver Ranger’s chest. The villain’s palm flashed with crimson energy that exploded against Gao Silver and sent him tumbling backward.


Gao Silver skid against the ground, but quickly rolled into a  crouched fighting stance.


“Dog!” the Silver Ranger cursed at the demon general while charging forward to attack.


Kar extended his hand and fired strands of crimson energy that wrapped around Gao Silver and thrashed against his armor with bursts of spark.


Gao Red rolled to his feet and pounced towards Kar like a lion.


“Ha!” Gao Red shouted while swinging his claws down, slashing across Kar’s chest armor with a burst of spark.


Kar simply fired another burst of energy that knocked Gao Red aside. Kar regrouped with the rest of his demon monsters, and the villains fired waves and strands of energy at once.


Fiery explosions rang around the six Gao Rangers as they were thrown to the ground and forcibly demorphed.


Kar stared ahead at Gao’s Rock in the distance. He pointed his sword towards the structure. “The source of this island’s power is there,” he instructed his four demons as they charged towards the rock.


The six Rangers struggled back to their feet.


“So,” Kar said. “You still have some fight left?” He fired eye blasts that tossed the six back onto the ground.


The four demon general’s surrounded Gao’s Rock and blasted it with all the firepower they could muster.


The ground started to shake as the sky island started to crash towards the Earth’s surface.




The Shadow King stood in an open Triforian mountain range with the tablet on a small pedestal in front of him and an army of Wraiths behind him.


His loyal servant Moloj stood beside him. “Are you ready to begin, Master?”


“Yes. The Shadow Clan will be reborn, and the universe will tremble at the mere mention of my name.”


“We're shakin’ already, motor mouth!”


The Shadow King turned to see a boy in a blue T-shirt standing among four other humans and Prince Trey himself. “So, the Prince of Triforia has come to witness the rebirth of the Shadow?”


Justin took a step forward. “Yeah, only this time he's brought friends. It's morphin time!”


The rangers armed their braces.


“Ultra Transform!” They connected their braces and triggered a wave of energy that washed over them, morphing them into their Ranger forms. They snapped into their individual fighting stances when the transformation was complete.












“Zeo Gold!”


Together they shouted: “Ultra Task Force, Zeo Rangers!”


The Red Zeo Ranger placed his hand in front of his visor and summoned his sword with a burst of fiery energy. “It's time to take care of business, guys!”


The Red Zeo Ranger jumped into the swarm of Wraiths and began hacking away with his Star Riser sword.


Zeo Blue jumped into the danger zone executed several aerial moves to keep the Wraiths away. His arm blades appeared, and he used the weapons to keep the enemy at bay. He spun around with his weapons outstretched, taking down a trio of Wraiths with bursts of spark as more villains came in from behind him.


Zeoblue backflipped over the Wraiths and swept the feet out from under them after landing.


Zeogreen was surrounded by Wraiths that would not let up. The Green Ranger gave them a taste of his power. “Zeo Power Punch!” His fists became supercharged as he punched Wraith after Wraith at a super-accelerated speed. They didn't stand a chance against the Green Zeo Ranger.


Zeoyellow sidekicked a Wraith in the face and roundkicked the grunt in its gut. The Wraith went flying backward as another grunt came at her from her right side. She grabbed the demon and flipped it over her shoulder.


Zeopink's physical prowess was better then it had ever been due to her extensive dance training. She even incorporated some of her dance styling into her fighting technique. The Wraiths were good, but not good enough to take on the Pink Ranger.


Zeo Gold held his staff in front of him as he sprinted through a group of Wraiths. The energy from the Gold Ranger’s staff annihilated his enemies with ease.


The Shadow King soon found himself fresh out of Wraiths, but he was not worried. He did not need a couple of foot soldiers to take care of six Rangers.


The five core Rangers brought their weapons together. “Ultra Blaster!” The Rangers’ weapons combined to form a cannon with tremendous power. “Fire!”


Zeo Gold held his staff up high. “It's time for a Gold Rush!” He swung the staff back downward. “Victory Flash!”


The Ultra Blaster fired a rolling pulse of energy, and the golden staff fired pulse blasts of golden power. The combined blasts exploded against the pedestal holding the tablet with a massive burst of energy. When the explosion cleared, the pedestal and tablet were gone.


The Shadow King was not pleased. “You will pay for this Rangers!” He and his servant disappeared in a flash of black light.




A few yards from the Zeos’ battle site, the tablet fragment of the Chakra laid in tact. The Zeos’ blast had only slightly damaged the tablet fragment.  


Lorian found the tablet lying out of sight from anyone. He picked the tablet up and teleported away to his employer.




The Shadow King returned to his little apartment along with Moloj. “These Zeo Rangers are from Earth, correct?”


Moloj thought for a moment. “Yes, my Lord.”


The Shadow King smiled wickedly. “Then Earth will be my first target.....”




Alcorn and his minions gathered around a circle in the basement of the abandoned City Inn. The Inn was on the outer edge of the town near the abandoned warehouses, and was the site of the largest crime in Angel Grove's history. Many innocents had been slaughtered, so it was the perfect place the demons were looking for.


Alcorn could sense the negative energy that saturated the room. “Innocent blood has been spilled here many a times in the past. There is no ground in this city as unholy. It is perfect for channeling the energies necessary to call upon the Eight Devils of Kimon.”


Vanity began the spell to bring forth the Devils as soon as her master was ready. A swirling vortex of energy opened as the winds began to howl. Each member of the demon clan focused their energies into the vortex to make contact with the Devils of Kimon. It was only a matter of time before they were awakened.


Outside of the warehouse, Jason and the others were searching for a way into the basement. They were each in their ninja uniforms. Wes was in his normal Silver Guardian uniform.


Their options were limited due to the fact that the elevator shaft was blocked by piles of rubble. They went once more into what had been the lobby and searched for an open stairwell of some kind that would lead them down to where Alcorn’s group was holding its little pow-wow.


Wes stood in front of the elevator shaft and sighed. “Too bad this damn thing is blocked off with all this rubble. Otherwise we could just climb right down and hit those demons before they saw it coming.”


Trini nodded in agreement. “Let's just keep looking. Something will show up.”


And indeed something did. An army of Hellions, Alcorn’s footsoldiers, appeared out of no where and charged towards the Rangers. Hellions were black and covered with fiery marks across their otherwise featureless bodies.


“Something showed up alright,” Zack said.


“Let’s bag ‘em,” Jason said as he and the others armed their morphers.


“Shogun Transform!” Jason’s team shouted as they held their morphers at the ready. “Ninja Power!” Energy whirled around them as they transformed into their armor.


Wes lifted his brace to his mouth. “Quantum Fire!” Fiery energy wrapped around him as he morphed into the Quantum Ranger known as Time Fire.


Time Fire snapped up his DV-Defender in blade mode and started slashing through the Hellions. He moved in a blur of motion while his saber tore through the soldiers with bursts of spark on impact.


The Ninja Rangers unsheathed their weapons and moved in to fight by Time Fire’s side. The six Rangers slashed through the Hellions with reflexes and speed hardened by countless battles. 


Meanwhile, the demons continued their ritual in the lower level. Alcorn was losing his patients. “Quickly, witch....”


“Yes, my Lord.” Vanity knew that the process could not be accelerated, but she did not feel like arguing with her Lord and Master.


Back above, the Rangers had defeated the Hellions and turned their attention to the blocked elevator shaft.


“Let’s clear this pile of garbage ourselves,” Time Fire said. The six fired their blasters at maximum power, incinerating the blockage.


The Rangers jumped down the shaft and immediately spotted the demons gathered around the Vortex. They took firing positions and pelted the demons with rapid fire from their blasters.


Alcorn was not pleased. “Vanity, I need a beast to take care of the Rangers until the Devils of Kimon are released!”


Vanity snapped her fingers, and a demon beast was instantly released. The demon was a bulky, metallic figure who had small spikes covering every square centimeter of his body. His name was Grakon.


Alcorn pointed at the Rangers and spoke a simple command. “Destroy them!”




Tekno-Man and Tekno-Red continued their dance across the sky. They must have covered hundreds of miles during their hyper-speed duel. Tekno-Red finally managed to gain an upper hand on his opponent. The villain wedged his bladed staff right between the upper and lower torso sections of Sage's armor.


Sage went crashing to the ground and slid several yards before coming to a stop. Tekno-Red landed besides his foe and began laughing. “I know your weaknesses, Sage. I will exploit them.”


The time display on Sage's face shield began flashing. It showed that he had been Tekno-man for almost fifteen minutes. If the display reached fifteen minutes exactly....


“What are you worried for, Sage?” the villain asked sarcastically. “Running out of time?”


Does he know my secret? Sage had told no one what happened to him after he was Tekno-Man for more than fifteen minutes at a time. It was a horrible side effect.


Tekno-Red was hit by an unseen force and went falling backwards. Sage turned to see his six friends rushing towards him with their Astro Blasters drawn.


The evil Tekno-Man rose from the ground and activated his thrusters. “Another time, Sage. And remember, I can honestly say that I know more about you than you know yourself!”


With that said, Tekno-Red flew back to rendezvous with his mother ship.




Time Fire and the Ninja Rangers’ battle had moved outside. Nothing they threw at Grakon seemed to make a dent in him.


The Ninja Rangers regrouped and placed their blades together, aiming the swords at Grakon. “Shinobi Spear!”


The swords fired a spear of golden energy that punctured through the demon with a massive explosion.


Time Fire stepped forward and triggered lances of red energy with his DV-Defender. The blasts exploded against the demon, knocking him off his feet. The demon’s energy overloaded and exploded.


Alcorn had been monitoring from the basement and was not pleased. “Vanity, my demon beast has been defeated. You know what to do.”


“But Master, the Devils of Kimon must....”


“Do not disobey me. Go!”


Vanity dashed to the surface and found the remains of Grakon. She whispered an incantation and threw a demon card onto the pile of dust that had once been a warrior demon.


The ashes reformed, and Grakon was reborn giant sized.


The five Ninja Rangers pulled out their scrolls.

“Shogunzords awaken!” they shouted together while holding their scrolls forward. The spells etched on the scrolls summoned their zords.

“Red Ape!” A giant red-armored shogun warrior rose to its feet behind the Red Ranger. Ninjared hovered backward and merged into the zord’s chest with a flash of light. Ranger and zord became one. Red Ape snapped into a fighting stance.

Ninjablue spun around and pulled the scroll to his chest. The scroll vanished with a pulse of blue light. “Blue Wolf!”

A giant blue-armored shogun warrior rose to its feet behind the Blue Ranger. Ninjablue hovered backward and merged into the zord’s chest with a flash of light. Ranger and zord became one. Blue Wolf snapped into a fighting stance.

Ninjablack spun and pulled the scroll to his chest. The scroll vanished with a pulse of black and purple light. “Black Frog!”

A giant black-armored shogun warrior rose to its feet behind the Black Ranger. Ninjablack hovered backward and merged into the zord’s chest with a flash of light. Ranger and zord became one. Black Frog snapped into a fighting stance.

Ninjawhite spun around, her scroll vanishing with a pulse of white light. “White Crane!”

A giant white-armored shogun warrior rose to its feet behind the White Ranger. Ninjawhite hovered backward and merged into the zord’s chest with a flash of light. Ranger and zord became one. White Crane snapped into a fighting stance.

Ninjayellow spun around, his scroll vanishing with a pulse of yellow light. “Yellow Bear!”

A giant yellow-armored shogun warrior rose to its feet behind the Yellow Ranger. Ninjayellow hovered backward and merged into the zord’s chest with a flash of light. Ranger and zord became one. Yellow Bear snapped into a fighting stance.

“Shogunzord fusion!” Red Ape shouted.

The five zords charged forward. Each zord flashed with energy and started to reconfigure, shifting shape as armor components slid and merged with other zords. The merger continued with a blinding flash of golden light. Their zords had formed Muteki Shogun.

“ShogunMegazord!” The Rangers shouted as one.


Time Fire looked towards the distance and raised his morpher closer to his mouth piece. “Charge! V-Rex!”


V-Rex roared as it charged onto the scene. The zord spun forward, whipping its tail across the demon. The tail smashed against the villain with a burst of spark, forcing him backward.


V-Rex bit down hard on the monster’s arm, driving its teeth through the demon’s flesh. V-Rex used its bite grip to throw the villain through the air. The demon slammed against the streets and skid backward.


Grakon rose to his feet, and the ShogunMegazord stepped forward and slammed its fist against the demon’s face.


Below, the Quantum Ranger looked to his zord. “Voice formation…V-Rex Robo!”


V-Rex shifted shape as it rose up, assuming a humanoid warrior form. The zord had a massive right fist and a revolving missile cannon in place of its left fist. The Megazord still had its tail, and green emitter disks were mounted on the zord’s shoulders.


“V-Rex Knuckle!” Time Fire shouted. “Engage!”


The V-Rex fist energized and shot forward. The fist exploded against the demon’s chest, with a massive burst of sparks that ripped across the demon’s body.


“V-Rex!” Time Fire shouted. “MAX Blizzard!”


V-Rex’s shoulder cannons fired streams of jade-tinted energy that exploded against the demon with a massive display of power. 


“ShogunMegazord saber!” the Ninja Rangers shouted as the blade pulsed with flame. “Ignite!”

The zord swung its weapon in a streak of flame that ripped across the demon, ripping its body open. The monster fell backward as its energy overloaded and exploded. The creature’s remains turned to fiery ash before blowing away in the wind.


Back at the basement, the vortex disappeared just as the Vanity reentered. Alcorn was not happy. “What happened, Vanity?”


“We missed our window of opportunity, my Master. I tried to tell you...”


“Fool!” Alcorn teleported away, and his minions followed.




The Animarium had crashed into the ocean, and the six rangers were washed up onto the rocky shore. They slowly rose to their feet.


Simon rolled his hands into fists and looked back upon the ocean. His wet clothes were torn and his body was sore. Anger flooded his veins. We barely even lasted ten minutes…


Saiya’s face grew pale as she looked towards the horizon. “I don’t believe it…”


Ryan narrowed his eyes. “Those bastards…”


“Tetomu…” Shirogane whispered. Had she managed to escape before the island fell?


Kar laughed as he appeared behind the rangers. “Prepare to join your precious princess in hell!”


Kar fired a massive energy blast at the six rangers. They transformed just in time for the blast to crash against their armor.




Billy and Fairweather watched the battle between Kar and Gao Ranger in the INET briefing room.


“They need help,” Fairweather said. “There’s nothing we can do until Jason and the others are finished with Alcorn.”


“Don’t count us out,” Max said as he and the others limped into the room.


Billy gave them a scornful look. “You five should be in bed.”


“Well, we were eavesdropping,” DJ said. “Deal with it.”


Billy looked to Max. Max shrugged. “I rigged the PA system to pick up data from the briefing room.”


“We do hate being left in the dark, ya know,” Junior said. “We’re nosey.”


“If those other Rangers need help, we’re the only people that can do it,” Max said.


“Your injuries haven’t healed,” Fairweather said.


“It doesn’t matter,” Max said. “If we don’t do something, they’ll be killed.”


Billy sighed. “Alright. Go, but be careful.”


The five dashed out of the room.


“I’ll monitor their bio signs,” Fairweather said.




The Prophet walked into his Leader's throne room while carrying another fragment of the Chakra. “It has been delivered, my Lord.”


The Leader smiled and took the tablet from his servant. “Yeeeees. The power will soon be mine to command.”




Maya finished compiling data. “What I found is basically bits and pieces of legend. Not even the Masters accepted it as truth.”


“What is it?” Tommy asked.


“Like you said, a final battle between good and evil. It was predicted to possibly be the end of the universe. It involves something called the Tablet of Chakra. Apparently it can be used to awaken a powerful demon and open the gates to Hell.”


“Which gates?”


“All of them,” Maya said.


Tommy sighed. “That’s not good at all.”


“That’s all I could find. That and mentioning of a few other vague things. The Zeo Crystal is somehow connected to all this. More information is said to be on Eltar. And a book called the Galaxy Book,” Maya said.


“Is Kouichiro still around?” Tommy asked.


Maya nodded. “Yes.”


“I’d like for him to come back with me to Angel Grove. Have him get in contact with Kamen Rider Black too.”


“There’s someone else they’ve been in contact with that may be able to help. His name is Shou. He’s the Guyver.”


“The Guyver?”


“It’s a long story. He’s armed with some sort of alien bio booster armor.”


Tommy nodded. “Ok. For a battle that will decide the fate of the universe, we’ll need all the help we can get.”


“Watch after Simon for me,” Maya said. “I know he’s a Ranger, but I don’t want my brother to be hurt.”


Tommy nodded. “I will.”




Kar and the demons walked towards the fallen Gao Rangers. The villains were ready to deliver death blows, but they never got their chance.


“Specter Blast!” voices shouted from the distances.


A wave of v-shaped energy pulses washed across the demon warriors with bursts of spark as strands of energy tore across their bodies. The blast knocked the villains off their feet and sent them crashing backward against the shore, smoke rising from their bodies.


Kar looked up to see the Lightspeed Rangers running forward from the distance. Each of the five Rangers was armed their V-Lancer.


Still dazed, Kar and the demons rose back to their feet as the Lightspeed Rangers attack.


Rescue Red slashed his lancer across Kar’s chest, sparking on impact. The Red Ranger twirled his weapon back around through a diagonal slash that whipped Kar’s body backward.


Rescue Pink energized her weapon with pink power and speared forward, striking against Dra’cobtt.


Rescue Green slammed a sidekick against the lion demon and slashed it with his lancer. Nearby, Rescue Blue slashed his energized lancer in a v-shaped pattern that sparked against Sting.


Favoring sword weapons, Rescue Yellow used his Rescue Blaster in baton mode to slash against Xen’entor.


The demons fell backward, and the Lightspeed Rangers moved over to help the Gao team to its feet. Rescue Red grabbed Gao Red’s hand and helped him up.


“We’re Lightspeed Rescue,” Rescue Red said. “We’re here to help you bash these demon scumbags.”


“Sounds good to me,” Gao Red said.


Rescue Green looked to his leader. “Let’s combine our attacks.”


“Right,” Rescue Red said. He looked to Gao Red. “I’m assuming your team has some kinda big, mega ultra blaster or something?”


“Close enough,” Gao Red said.


“Good. Let’s do it!” Rescue Red shouted. He raised his communicator towards his mouth. “Rescue Bird!”


The Rescue Bird blasted from the Bay Area in the blink of an eye and shot towards the battle scene. The Rescue Bird materialized above the Rangers and lowered into their hands. The Rangers stood in formation while arming the weapon in its blaster mode.


“Rescue Bird, UniLaser Mode!” Rescue Red shouted as they aimed the blaster towards the demons. “Fire!”


A broad wave of crackling blue and gold energy shot forth from the Rescue Bird.


The Gao Rangers regrouped and assembled their long Gao Blade by combining their weapons.


“Gao Blade!” they shouted as the blade energized with fiery golden power.


“See ya!” Gao Red shouted to the villains.


They chopped the energized blade downward through a broad swing.


The Unilaser blast splashed across the villains, ripping apart the demon monsters’ skin and flesh, and the golden Gao Blade extended while chopping through the villains.


Kar somehow survived the attack, but the demon monsters were torn in half by the blazing-golden blade. The Unilaser blast vaporized the demon monster’s remains into nothingness. 


Smoke still rising from his armor, Kar slowly rose to his feet. “We will meet again, Rangers,” he said before teleporting away.


“And we’re back in the game,” Rescue Blue said.


“This is not a game,” Gao Silver said as he stared across the ocean. “This is not a game…”




Sage sat down across from Cy in the Red Ranger's quarters. Sage had told them that they needed to talk in private and left it at that.


Sage laid his Tekno Crystal out on a table. “You know as much about that as I do.”


Cy wrinkled his brow. “What do you mean?”


“I cannot remember anything past the previous five years of my life. My first memory is of waking up in the mountain ranges of Isis with this in my hand. This...Tekno-Red says he knows more about me than I do, and he may be right. I have never seen him before, and yet he knows my identity, my armor’s weaknesses...and even my secret.”


“What secret?”


“You must tell no one. Not even the other Astro Rangers.”


Cy wondered why Sage had come to him out of all the Rangers, but that was not important. “I promise.”


Sage nodded. “For some reason, when I become Tekno-Man, my body and soul both experience....changes. My powers turn me into nothing more than a killing machine. A killing machine being driven towards evil.


“Whenever I am Tekno-Man for more than fifteen minutes, the powers themselves corrupt me and twist my mind. I become a mindless savage, capable of destroying anything and anyone.”


Cy was shocked at this news and wasn't quite sure what to say. “Is there anything we can do?”


Sage handed Cy a small disk. “This contains the weaknesses of my armor. Knowledge that Tekno-Red already possesses. If I am ever to turn are to use this knowledge to kill me.”


To be continued…Chapter Four