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Champions Saga: Chapter Two

Champions Saga: Chapter Four

The Fall of Angel Grove


Saya sat in the trees of the Ginga Forest at night.


Even though things were going extremely well in her life, both with life overall and her relationship with Hyuuga, something was still wrong in the air. She could sense it, but she wasn't quite sure what it was. It's especially strong tonight, she thought to herself.


Then she heard it. A sound she had not heard for a long while. The cry of the wild cat. She jumped down from her tree to track the Seijuu down.




Vanity had created a mystical gate in Alcorn’s castle that would serve as a better focus of paranormal energy. Alcorn would use the gate as an easier way to call upon demon warriors, as well as awaken the Devils of Kimon.


It was only by their power that the city of Angel Grove would be able to fall under his control. It was necessary for him to harness the power of the city's mystical ley lines to awaken his own master and bring upon the next Age of Darkness.


Vanity walked over to her master and bowed down to him. “All is ready, my Lord.”


Alcorn nodded. He was very anxious to have the city and its power under his control. “Very well. Come with me.”


Alcorn and Vanity walked to the main chambers of the castle, where the jaw-shaped gateway was.


“We still are need of a sacrifice of great power to offer the Devils of Kimon,” Vanity said.


Alcorn looked to Vanity. “A sacrifice of power, hmm?” He grabbed the demon by her wings and threw her into the portal against her screaming protests. “There is your sacrifice.”


Alcorn chanted the spell himself. The incantation was in a language known only within the fiery depths of Hell.


The castle began to rumble, and Alcorn smiled wickedly as the Eight Devils of Kimon stepped through the portal.


In the lead was Gemma. He was a muscular humanoid man that appeared as if he had stepped out of the pages of a Japanese comic book. Gemma possessed the power of regeneration. He could not be killed or destroyed and his body could take an unlimited amount of punishment.


From behind Gemma came Tessai. His body was composed entirely of a stone-like material, and he carried a broad double-bladed staff. He was the strongest of the Eight Devils.


The most skilled warrior of the Devils appeared to be nothing more than a blind man with a bandana wrapped around his eyes with long white hair and a white kimono. He carried a simple katana blade that also enhanced his meek appearance. However, this Devil was a master of his senses. His name was Mujuro, and he was the perfect ninja.


Benisato was one of the female Devils. Her body was almost completely naked and covered with tattoos of pythons. These pythons could come to life, and she could control them with the power of her mind.


The other female Devil was Sakuro. She wore a baggy kimono and was capable of producing kinetically charged "dust" particles that were highly explosive. She also carried a bladed fan-type weapon for close encounters.


Muchizo was the most odd out of all the Devils of Kimon. He appeared to be a hunch backed old deformed man carrying a small staff, but the hunch in his back was a living wasp hive. He could produce hundreds and thousands of wasp-like creatures and control them with the force of his mind.


Shijima was clad in a dark-purple ninja outfit with a light array of brown armor. He was the best armed of the Devils thanks to the claw he wore on is right hand and the chain whip attached to his left. He also possessed the abilities to hypnotize people, control dead bodies, and phase in and out of shadows.


The final Devil was Yurimaru. He also appeared to be a simple Japanese man in a white kimono, but he was extremely deadly. He possessed the ability of teleportation, and he could also channel electric currents through his body. He often used this ability by channeling electricity through a thin wire rope he was armed with.


Alcorn activated a screen of fire and showed the Devils an image of Angel Grove City. “Take over this population center at once. Spare no one.”




The Prophet had found wonderful news. Soon, the quest of his insane master would be complete and life would return to normal.


He rushed to his unseen Master's feet and humbly bowed. “Master, Lorian has located the last fragment of the Tablet of Chakra on the planet of Aquitar!”


Lorian was one of the most fearsome warriors in the galaxy. He had been working for the Red Star ever since he managed to retrieve a tablet fragment from Triforia.


The Leader was not as pleased as the Prophet thought he would be. “Curses! That planet is protected by those water-dwelling Aquition Rangers. It is bad enough I have the Astros on my tail.”


“Shall I contact Darkheart, my Lord?” Darkheart's army had become the backbone of the Red Star's forces.


“Yes….order him to keep the Astros away from Aquitar. I will go there personally and see to it that those Rangers find an early, watery grave.”




Under the cover of night, The Eight Devils of Kimon stood upon the highest skyscraper of Angel Grove. Gemma smiled at the vastness of the place. He would enjoy bringing destruction down upon it. He held up his hand and spoke to his fellow demons.


“Rain the fires of Hell down upon this city.”


Sakuro spread her hands, and sheets of dust were spread throughout Angel Grove city. The dust found its way inside of buildings and cars. It crept beneath the very streets and inside of the shelters.


With a simple mental command, she smiled and released the kinetic energy held within the dust particles. Explosions rang throughout the entire city as streets were torn apart and buildings collapsed into one another. Hundreds died just from the Devils first strike alone.


The Eight Devils then leapt upon the streets and separated to spread their plague of death.


The hunchbacked Muchizo stood upon a smaller building and released thousands of wasp-like creatures upon the city. The wasps spread like wildfire and caused panic and disorder among the citizens of Angel Grove.


Yurimaru attached his wire to a nearby telephone pole and channeled a powerful surge of electrical current through it. All power throughout the city was lost in a matter of moments as the streets became pitch black, lit only by the fires that consumed it.


People drove frantically through the streets seeking escape. Others simply hid in dark corners. With the monster shelters destroyed, they had no haven to go to. No hope for survival. Cars were upturned as more concussion blasts rang throughout the streets.


Shijima awakened the dead and used them as zombie soldiers while using his psionic powers to turn some groups of citizens against each other with a mindless rage.


People ran desperately away from piles of rubble that were collapsing everywhere.


The military had been called in for the first time in years to begin evacuating the population. They met with little success as the rescue teams turned into victims themselves.


The dark cloudy skies became highlighted with a red light that spread throughout the city.


Alcorn’s castle then appeared out of no where and landed in the center of the city.


Alcorn looked out upon the city from his balcony and smiled. “Angel Grove is mine.”


Thousands of Hellions leapt from the castle and spread throughout the streets. There was no hope.




This time, the Astro Rangers were one step ahead of the Red Star Clan. They were already on their way to Aquitar at maximum hyper-rush velocity thanks to the Aquition Rangers. They had informed the Astros that an artifact of immense power had been discovered on the floor of the Nebian Sea. The Rangers knew that it could only be another fragment of the Chakra.


While the other Rangers were on the bridge, Sage was sitting alone in his quarters playing the events of his encounter with Tekno-Red over in his mind. Tekno-Red seemed to have known a lot about Sage, but unfortunately, the Isosian had a severe case of amnesia that blocked out the majority of his life.


The doors to his quarters hissed open, and Saoirse walked in. She, as well as some of the other Astros, was worried about their new friend. He isolated himself worse than Cy had when he met the Earth Rangers, and he was only seen when fighting the forces of Darkheart.


“Hey, Sage. You doing okay?”


He looked at her with the same blank expression he always carried on his face. “Yes.”


Sage had chosen to reveal his memory loss problem with Cy only, as well as another one of his weaknesses. When transformed into Tekno-Man for over fifteen minutes, Sage's body would be corrupted by the energies of his own powers and he would become evil. “I am fine.”


Saoirse nodded. Yeah right. She took a seat next to her friend. “Ya know, Cy used to be a lot like you.”


Sage made no reply. It was only because he made eye contact that Saoirse knew he was paying attention. “He was hurt because he had lost his sister in an attack on KO-35 and…..”




Sage abruptly fled from his quarters, leaving Saoirse alone with a very confused look on her face.




The Lightspeed Rangers, Gao Rangers, Ninja Rangers and Time Fire watched in horror from the command room of Bay Area-55 as the streets became over run with destruction and armies of Hellions. Billy himself couldn't believe the disasters that were taking place. In his whole Ranger career, he had faced nothing this horrifying.


Kevin had placed his arm around Stephanie when he noticed that she was close to tears. He couldn't blame her. The devastation was horrible.


DJ wrinkled his brow as more images were played across the viewscreen. He wasn't about to let Alcorn get away with this.


Junior was concerned for Max. The Blue Ranger knew that his friend would undoubtingly find someway to blame himself for this whole mess.


Max was feeling extremely helpless as he watched the scenes unfold before his eyes.


Jason wrinkled his brow with anger. “What can we do, Billy?”


“You guys need to morph and help with the evacuation procedures. I'll start trying to initiate mass teleportation of citizens out of Angel Grove to safety. It will wear the teleporters out though. Pretty badly.”


The rangers nodded and rose to their feet. They spread out across the open floor of the room and armed their morphers.


“Shogun Transform!” Jason’s team shouted as they held their morphers at the ready. “Ninja Power!” Energy whirled around them as they transformed into their armor.


Wes lifted his brace to his mouth. “Quantum Fire!” Fiery energy wrapped around him as he morphed into the Quantum Ranger known as Time Fire.


Max and his team thrust their hands forward and crossed their wrists, right over left. “Lightspeed!” They brought their arms back in and flipped open their morphers. “Rescue!” Energy wrapped around them and they morphed into their Ranger forms.


Simon and his team flipped their morphers open. “Wild Access!” they shouted, pressing their morphers’ activation panels. “Ha!” Golden light flashed around them as they morphed into their Ranger forms.




Sage had been working on a program in the simu-deck to literally reconstruct his memories by using holographic images. The program he had running showed a large grassy field with Sage and a young woman smiling and talking while picking through the flowers.


“Freeze program.” The holographic recreation froze as Sage knelt down and stared at the image of the young woman. She is my sister….


He couldn't remember a name, or an age, or anything really, just that she was indeed his sister.


“Continue program.” The dream sequence replayed before his eyes. A young man walked over to the Isosian and his sister and began yelling. Then, a fight ensued between Sage and the stranger. Sage wrinkled his eyebrows. Another block in his mind was somehow forced open. That man….that man is Tekno-Red.




The Go-Liner launched into the heart of Angel Grove Central, where the damage was worst.


“Rescuezords, mobilize!” Rescue Red commanded. Each zord rolled out of its liner.


Rescue Yellow piloted his Hazer Rescue to where a stream of cars had been cut off by a fallen building. The Yellow Ranger lowered his aft ramp and instructed the vehicles to drive inside of his zord’s aft storage bays.


Seeing no other alternative, the people drove in, and Rescue Yellow shipped them out. “Son of a bitch…” he cursed to himself knowing there was no way to get everyone out in time.


Rescue Blue had his hands full in his Aqua Rescue. The fires were way out of control and pretty much every where. He launched fire retardant missiles and shot streams of chemicals specially designed to extinguish the flames. He would have given his left arm for about a hundred more zords. Maybe then they would have had a chance to contain the chaos spreading throughout the city.


Rescue Green used his Aero Rescue's grappling hook to clear paths of rubble and fly cover for military rescue units. He also used his blasters to take out groups of Hellions on the ground. The damage seemed much worse from his bird’s-eye view. Something he never thought could have been possible.


Rescue Red and his Pyro Rescue were trying to assist people out of burning buildings and other fiery death traps, while Rescue Pink accompanied him in her Meda Rescue to see to the wounded.


The Red Lightspeed Ranger sighed to himself. He knew he couldn't save everyone, but he would die trying.


The Ninja Rangers and Gao Rangers were on ground control along with Time Fire and the Silver Guardians. Waves of Hellions stretched as far as their eyes could see. The soldiers pounced towards the Rangers and leapt towards them from buildings and piles of rubble.


Gao Red and Ninjared ran side-by-side through the thick of the Hellions’ formation. The Red Gao Ranger was hunched over like a lion with a Lion Fang weapon over each hand.


“Ha!” he shouted repeatedly while he slashed the claws through the soldiers, each blow sparking on impact. The blood of the lion rushed through his veins, fueling every savage strike.


Ninjared moved more gracefully with his sword, parrying blow after blow while running his sword through the soldiers.


Time Fire and Gao Silver turned their attention to the Hellions leaping down from buildings.


“DV-Defender!” The Quantum Ranger triggered lances of crimson energy that pierced through the air towards the Hellions.


“Lunar Cue! Rifle Mode!” Gao Silver triggered lances of pale-blue energy.


The combined blasts exploded through Hellions in midair, tearing through their bodies with bursts of spark as they descended.


“Eagle Sword!” Gao Yellow shouted as his sword energized with golden power. “Nobel Slash!”


Gao Yellow swung his weapon downward in a tilted-x pattern. The blade streaked with golden energy as it slashed through several Hellions, sparking against their bodies on impact.


Nearby, Ninjayellow energized his own blade with golden energy.


“Hidden-style Triangle cut!” He swung his sword through streaks of yellow energy in a triangle pattern, hacking through a group of Hellions. 


“Shark Cutters!” Gao Blue shouted as his weapons pulsed with blue power. “Surging chopper!”


He swung his blades horizontally, each weapon streaking with blue energy while slashing through a group of grunts.


“Bison Axe!” Gao Black shouted. His axe throbbed with deep-purple energy. “Iron Breaker!”


Gao Black chopped his axe downward through a streak of purple energy that sliced a soldier in half.


Ninjablack and Ninjablue were on the defensive, standing back-to-back while twirling their sabers and hacking through demon soldiers.


“Tiger Baton!” Gao White shouted as her baton weapon pulsed with pink energy. “Cross Strike!”


Gao White swung her weapon down in a cross pattern that thrashed across several Wraiths.


Ninjawhite hovered in the air. “Ninpo shard attack!”


A cloud of energy shards materialized in front of her. The shards shot forward like a diamond storm, ripping through Hellions with bursts of spark, knocking the soldiers backward. 





The Astro Rangers landed their Megaship on one of the few small islands on the planet of Aquitar. They disembarked from their ship and met the Aquition Rangers.


The Aquitions had assisted some of the previous teams of Rangers on Earth, but Cy and his team had had only run across the Aquitions a few times. That didn't put a damper on the hospitality however.


Delphine walked over to the Astros and extended her hand to Cy. The Red Astro Ranger was surprised by her knowledge of human culture. “Welcome to Aquitar, Rangers of KO-35.”


Daithi smiled from behind Cy. “It's great to be here,” he said, even though the planet’s high levels of humidity already had him sweating buckets. He looked to Bran and could see that his friend was also already tiring of drinking in the air.


Cestro brought over a small pouch to the Rangers and uncovered it. It was the final tablet fragment. “I believe you will find this to your interest.”


Cy took the tablet as he and Zhane stared at it, similar thoughts running through their minds. They were finally a step ahead of the Red Star.


Their pleasant thoughts were interrupted when they looked to the sky and saw a swarm of Craboids flying through the atmosphere. The soldiers were led by a humanoid figure in blood-red armor, Tekno-Red.


Sage wrinkled his brow and pulled out the crystal that gave him his powers, as the rangers all readied their Digitizers.


“Tekno Power!”


“Install, Astro Ranger!”


A shell of energy wrapped around Sage and transformed him into Tekno-Man. Data energy flashed around the rangers and morphed them into their armor. 


Sage blasted off into the skies to intercept the Craboids, but before the Rangers could join him on their Cyber Sliders, a menacing figure appeared in the air above.


The man had solid crimson eyes and short blonde hair. He wore a red body suit covered by pieces of dark, golden armor. He smiled down at the Rangers, revealing a mouth full of fangs. “It's good to see you again Rangers….”


Astro Red looked to his teammates and saw that none of them recognized this unfamiliar warrior. Evidently, the red-clad warrior caught on to this as well. “I'm shocked you do not recognize me. I am Warlock, the Leader of the Red Star Clan…but so much more as well.”


He held out his hand to reveal a small amulet connected to his palm. The amulet discharged a massive energy pulse that exploded against the ground, creating a massive shockwave that sparked against the Rangers’ armor and knocked them off their feet.


The tablet flew from Astro Red's hand and landed in a bed of sand.


The Aquitions were also sent to the ground, but they quickly recovered.


The Aquitions readied their morphers. Each brace was engraved with the symbol of a mythological water-dwelling beast.

“Aqua Beast, rebirth!” they shouted while slapping their brace’s activation panels. Energy flashed around their bodies as they morphed into their Ranger forms.

“Sea-Dragon Ranger!” the red-armored Ranger shouted.

“Griffandor Ranger!” the black-armored Ranger shouted.

“Pegasaur Ranger!” the blue-armored Ranger shouted.

“Mermaid Ranger!” the white-armored Ranger shouted.

“Water-Bird Ranger!” the pink-armored Ranger shouted.


The Aquition Rangers drew their swords and prepared to counter another attack as the Astros rose to their feet.


Astro Red activated his Battleizer and leapt into the air. He pressed the one key on his wrist-mounted weapon and his hand became supercharged with energy.


“Riser Chop!” Astro Red slammed a knifehand chop down on Warlock’s collar bone. The Leader countered the attack by roundkicking the Red Astro Ranger in the side and front kicking him in the face.


The Silver Ranger leapt into the air with his Silver Blazer in blade mode and attempted to slice Warlock across the chest. The Leader simply grabbed the blade and slammed his other fist against the Ranger’s helmet.


The Aquitions and Astros regrouped so that they could attack their enemy together.


This actually made things easier for Warlock. The Leader levitated in the air as his amulet began to glow once more.


“You have no idea who I am, do you?” Balls of fiery energy released from the amulet, and the Rangers scattered to avoid being hit.


“I am the very embodiment of evil!” He continued to rain fire upon the Rangers.


The Blue Astro Ranger would have been hit in the head if he hadn't ducked immediately. “What is this guy blabbin about?”


Astro Red was by Astro Yellow’s side. making sure she would not be hurt. “I have no idea, Daithi.”


The Warlock laughed at the Rangers’ confusion. “Zordon's energy wave banished all evil under the forces of Dark Specter, but energy can never truly be destroyed. It was from this evil that I was created. I am the sum of every villain you have ever faced, Rangers. I am truly evil personified…..”




Teddy and Brayden had been driving through the streets on a double date with Luke and Monica. That was when all hell broke loose.


The two rangers had left their car and were trying to lead their dates through the maze of terror and destruction while trying to keep their identities a secret at the same time. It was a task that was becoming exceedingly difficult.


Hundreds of Hellions surrounded them and decided to attack. Luke and Teddy fought them off as well as they could on their own, but there was no way they could beat the army of demons without morphing.


Teddy snapped his head around when he heard Brayden scream. He was being held down by the demons, and there was no way Teddy could get to him.


Monica was also slowly being dragged away from Luke. The two rangers looked to each other and nodded. When there was a choice between the lives of innocents and their secret identities, there was no choice.


“Shift into Turbo!” Luke armed his morpher and  Turbo key. “Axle Power!” He inserted his key into his morpher. The morpher hyper-accelerated the key’s energy and sent power throttling through Luke’s body, morphing him into his Ranger form.


“Ultra Transform!” Teddy connected his braces, triggering a wave of energy that washed over him and morphed him into his Ranger form.


The Hellions weren't expecting the two seemingly harmless humans to be capable of defending themselves, let alone being Rangers.


“Star Riser!” Zeored armed his sword with a flash of crimson energy.


The Red Zeo Ranger slashed a quartet of Hellions with his sword and dropkicked another group of demons off to his side. One Hellion tried to strike at the Red Zeo Ranger with his small saber, but Zeored roundhoused the soldier before it was given a chance.


“Turbo Lightning Sword!” Red Racer ran through a line of Hellions while vertically slashing each one across the chest. He eventually made his way to Monica and scooped her up in his arms.




“I'll explain later, now’s not so much a good time.” They jumped away from the battle as Zeored found Brayden struggling to take on a pair of Hellions on his own. He was fairing quite well for possessing no super powers. He had a black belt in one of the hardest karate disciplines there was.


Zeored still knew Brayden wouldn't last long, so the Ranger helped Brayden in taking on the last few Hellions and scooped him up.


“I didn't know you looked so good in tights,” Brayden said jokingly.


Teddy smiled underneath his helmet. “It runs in the family, apparently.”


Brayden had such courage, and Teddy admired him greatly for it. The two leapt away and caught up with Red Racer and Monica.


A mile or two later, they found themselves in an isolated section of the city where the fires had died down. The damage was still high though.


Just when they thought they were safe, what appeared to be a massive ball of rock shot through a nearby building and slammed into the Red Rangers with tremendous force.


The Rangers were thrown to the ground as the ball unrolled itself and took humanoid form. It was Tessai, whose skin was made of an impenetrable rock layer. He took his large, broad, double-bladed staff in hand and prepared for another attack. He was nearly a foot taller than either of the Rangers.


Zeored looked back to Brayden and Monica while keeping his sword in a defensive position. “Get to safety!”


“Heed your own advice,” Tessai yelled and threw his blade at the Rangers like a boomerang.


The blade spun at an accelerated speed and cut across the Rangers’ chests with bursts of spark, whipping them backward.


Zeored returned to his feet and helped up his friend. “I'll hit em high…”


“I'll hit em low!” The two Rangers jumped into the air to attack.


Zeored tried to execute a flying sidekick against the demon, but it grabbed his foot before he made contact and threw the Ranger through a nearby wall.


Tessai managed to backfist Red Racer across the helmet and grab the Red Turbo Ranger’s arm. The villain threw Red Racer through the same wall that he threw Zeored. With the Rangers temporarily down, he looked at Monica and licked his lips.


The Rangers once again made it back on their feet, but this time they struck from a distance. They pulled out their blasters and fired at Tessai several times, but the shots simply ricocheted off of the demon's rocky body.


Tessai began to laugh as he held his blade up for another attack. “How do you expect to beat someone whose body is made of rock?”


Red Racer drew his Vi-Blade and rushed in at the demon. “Let me show you, rock-head!”


He cut vertically across the demon's chest twice when Tessai uppercut him in the stomach and went to backfist the Ranger again.


Zeored was behind the demon faster than anyone could notice and grabbed the demon’s arm before the villain could hurt the Red Turbo Ranger. While Zeored had the creature of darkness distracted, Red Racer stabbed the villain in the only place on his body not covered by rock. His eye.


The sword pierced through the villain’s eye, splattering black blood and ichor on impact.


Tessai backed away from the two Rangers while covering his wound with one hand, and he whipped his blade at the Rangers again with his other hand.


The Rangers managed to jump over the spinning blade this time, but it boomeranged back in its holder's direction and struck the Red Rangers from behind. The blade hit hard, sparking against their armor and smashing muscle and bone.


Red Racer was knocked out cold, and Zeored struggled to return to his feet. Tessai walked over to the Red Zeo Ranger and slammed his fist against the Ranger’s helmet. The villain turned his attention back to Brayden and Monica and began laughing at the thought of how fun they would be.


But before he could reach them, the rangers and two civilians were taken away by streaks of white light.




Tekno-man and Tekno-Red flew across the oceans of Aquitar while engaged in a furious battle.


Tekno-Red taunted Sage the whole way. “How's that memory of yours, Sage?”


Tekno-Man wasn't in the mood for any games. “What happened to my sister?”


“Ahhh. So you remembered? Apparently not everything though. She died…and it was YOUR fault!”


Sage refused to believe he could be responsible for his own sister's death. It was impossible. He drove his blade forward like a spear but Tekno-Red executed a 360 to avoid the blow and jammed his own saber into the back of Sage's armor. Sage cried out in pain as Tekno-Red exploited another weakness in the Tekno armor, and his blade drove through Sages skin.


The shoulder cannons of Tekno-Red opened and built up a large amount of energy. “Tekno-Blast!” The force of the blast overloaded all of Sage's armor's systems and sent him spiraling to the ocean below.




Kimberly was practicing her beamwork in a Florida gym as her boyfriend Scott watched. She was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness and fell off the beam.


“Kim, Are you okay?” Scott asked as he rushed to her side.


Kimberly held her head as the pain threatened to overwhelm her. Then the Phoenix tattoo on her chest started to shimmer with power.


“What the hell?” Scott asked.


It’s happening, a voice said in Kimberly’s head. The beginning of the end.


The Phoenix stopped flashing. “I have to go,” Kimberly said as she stood.


“Go?” Scott asked. “Go where?”


“To Angel Grove,” Kimberly said.




The Aquition Rangers regrouped and intersected their swords. “Aquitar Ranger Blast!” A bolt of energy leapt forth from the Rangers’ swords and splashed harmlessly across Warlock.


“I could destroy all of you with a snap of my fingers, Rangers. But the time for your destruction is not yet at hand.”


He held out his arm and the tablet fragment began floating to him on a bed of energy. A blur of a figure leapt across the air and grabbed the tablet before it reached Warlock.


“You won't be getting this today.” It was the Phantom Ranger.


Another new player entered the field. He was dressed in a wooden-type armor with patterns engraved all over it. It was Lorian, the master warrior who worked for the Red Star. The Phantom had been pursuing him for some time, but never managed to engage in direct confrontation with him. It seemed he now had a chance.


Lorian slashed down with his wrist-mounted blade, but the Phantom blocked it with his upper arm and threw a kick at his adversary. Lorian spun away from the kick and elbowed the Phantom in the face shield, causing him to drop the tablet to the ground.


Lorian picked up the tablet and leapt backwards towards his Leader. Warlock smiled as he took the tablet into his own hands. “Another time, Rangers. The Earth awaits its new Master.”


The two villains vanished, leaving the beaten Ranger teams alone on the island.




Goiter walked over to his master, Ivan Ooze, and used his awesome natural strength to remove the pieces of rubble that covered him. “You bein okay, a master Ooooze?”


Goiter took Ivan in his hands and helped him up, but Ooze shrugged his mindless servant away. “Get off of me, you ninny! What in the cosmos was all that ruckus?”


Ivan's lair was hidden underneath Angel Grove City, so when the Devils of Kimon had attacked, his headquarters was nearly turned to rubble.


Goiter backed away from his master and shrugged. “Me no know, a Ivan Sir.”


“I'm not surprised.” Ivan shook his head and walked through the corridors of what was left of his compound.


Dumba and Bulbon, the two centipede-like creatures that served under Goiter, came scurrying over to Ooze. “Mibastiber! Thibe Iboiboze pibuddlibe!” they yelled in unison.


It took Ivan a moment to understand what the idiotic creatures were saying. “The Ooze puddle?”


Ivan followed the two Collacs to a deeper cavern that contained a small lake filled with Ivan's Ooze. It acted as a looking glass for him that could show images from all around the planet.


The image he saw this time was disturbing. All of Angel Grove had been decimated. The large majority of its citizens had been either evacuated or killed. Only few scattered groups of humans remained in the city. The most disturbing image of all was the strange looking castle that had appeared over what once had been City Hall in the exact center of Angel Grove.


Ooze wrinkled his brow. “Who dares……”




In a Japanese fighting arena, Rocky struck his opponent down with a tornado kick.


The ref walked to the center of the ring where Rocky stood and held up his hand. “Winner!”


Following the match, Rocky patted himself down with a towel.


There was a knock on the locker near him. “Glad to see you’re still in shape, Rocko,” Tommy said with a smile.


“Well as I live and breath, Tommy Oliver,” Rocky said. “What brings you to my neck of the woods.”


“Well, it’s not exactly a social call,” Tommy said.


“Last time this happened, I ended up chasing some psycho halfway across the globe and almost getting killed by Mars, the God of War,” Rocky said.


“No Gods this time, pal. Just demons,” Tommy said.


“Well that’s a relief,” Rocky said sarcastically. “So what do we do?”




The Astro Rangers retrieved Sage from the depths of Aquitar's oceans and left immediately after placing him in sick bay. The Phantom Ranger had left his ship behind to accompany the Rangers back to Earth. He knew his powers would be needed, and he had a score to settle with Lorian.


The Aquition Rangers had decided to travel with the Astros as well because of the threat that Warlock posed. The Megaship had methods of keeping them hydrated.


The Astro Megaship shot towards Earth.




Alcorn was standing on his balcony while enjoying the scenes of carnage and mayhem. It almost felt like home. His tranquil mood was interrupted when Ivan Ooze appeared behind him with an army of Gooclones.


Ivan stretched his hands towards the demon, and bolts of purple energy sprang forth. “This City was mine! Zordon is mine to destroy!”


Alcorn projected a shield of fire in front of him that easily deflected Ooze's attack. “Zordon has been dead for more than two Earth years, Ivan. Get with the times.”


Ivan broke off his attack. Zordon dead? “But…the Rangers…”


“Which ones? Do you have any idea how many Earth Rangers there are now? The Turbos, the Zeos, Lightspeed, Gaoranger, the Ninjas…If they considered you a higher threat than you really are, they would have teamed up and destroyed you the moment you were freed from your prison.”


Ivan wrinkled his brow and prepared to attack again, but Alcorn ordered a group of Hellions to hold him down before he had the chance. The same Hellions had already destroyed the Gooclones the second they entered the castle.


Alcorn leaned over to Ivan and spoke in a low tone. “Together, the Rangers are very powerful. They will wipe us out one by one unless……we work together. With our resources combined, we will have far more than just this city, my friend.”


From the way Ivan saw it, he had no choice but to accept. But once the Rangers are all gone, I will reign storm of Ooze upon your head.




The Shadow King had been monitoring the happenings in Angel Grove from the Devils of Kimon's first strike, to the “meeting” of Ivan Ooze and Alcorn. He turned to his servant Moloj and spoke thoughtfully.


“This demon clan is in quite a position. They have managed to destroy a City that has been apparently unbeatable for almost an entire Earth decade.”


Moloj nodded. “What shall we do, Master?”


The Shadow King smiled. “Simple……we must join them. Then when we no longer need them, I will destroy them all.”




Tekno-Red kneeled before his heavily-armored master, Darkheart. “He remembers his sister, my Lord.”


Darkheart sighed. It was a sound few had heard from the evil being. “Next time you fight him……I want him brought to our side where he belongs. Do you understand?”






Max and his team gathered around the conference table waiting for Billy to return to the main chamber of Bay Area-55. They had managed to put out almost all of the fires. An effort that took almost all day and night. Also, the majority of the citizens had been evacuated to the surrounding cities of Crossworld, Urbana, and Leawood.


Soon after the rangers had regrouped at the Bay Area, the streets were filled with armies of Hellions, Gooclones, and Wraiths. Alcorn evidently had found some allies.


The chamber's doors opened, and the rangers all stood up and rushed over to Billy. He had been down in the medical bay looking after Luke and Teddy.


Max had lost his patience a long while ago. “Well?”


“Luke and Teddy have been stabilized for now,” Billy said. “Their two teams are transferring over here.”


“Excellent,” DJ said. “Let’s pool our forces together and kick some demon ass.”


Billy shook his head. “It would be too dangerous at this point, but…you could go in on a scouting mission. Find out what they’re up to.”


Max nodded and readied his Rescue Brace. The others did the same.


“Lightspeed Rescue!”




As Ryouma walked through the forest, only a single thought went through his head. Why am I out here in the middle of the night? He wished he could come up with a solid answer.


He had just woke up from a dreamless sleep and felt the urge to go out. For some reason, it didn't surprise him that he ended up at the stone where the Quasar Sabers were placed. What did surprise him however, was that all six of his friends were gathered there as well. Hyuuga, Gouki, Hayate, Hikaru, and Saya.


All of them had gathered around the Sabers that had given them their powers and neither one of them knew why. Saya had a pretty good guess though. “The Seijuukin. They called us here.”


Hikaru threw his hands up into the air. “For what?”


The rangers heard a low growl from behind them and turned around to see the Seijuu staring down at them. Ryouma was taken by surprise. “The Seijuu?”


The Red Lion began “speaking” to the Rangers through low roaring noises.


The Lion told of a great evil approaching on Earth. It's champions were gathering together, and apparently, the Galaxy Rangers would be needed.


“What do we have to do?” Ryouma asked.


The Seijuu looked towards the five Seijuukin.


To be continued…Chapter Five