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Champions Saga: Chapter Two

Champions Saga: Chapter Eight

The King Stones


Shirogane sat cross legged on the rocky shore and looked out upon the ocean where the Anamarium had fallen. He would not allow himself to cry. He was too proud for that.


His every breath threatened to choke him with grief. Tetomu had been the one link to his former life. He had loved her deeply, but now she was gone.


Simon, Ryan, and Saiya stood nearby, keeping their distance from their teammate.


Saiya looked over her shoulder to Simon. “I should talk to him…”


“No,” Ryan said. His arms were crossed over his chest, and his eyes were narrowed while looking out upon the ocean. “We should leave him be. We have work to do, and there’s no time for babysitting.”


Simon knew Ryan well enough to recognize the young man’s own grief. Out of all the rangers, Ryan had known Tetomu the longest. 


Their G-Phones toned. Simon flipped his morpher open and held it to his ear. “This is Simon, go ahead.”


Miss. Fairweather spoke over the morpher’s communicator. “The Time Rangers are getting overwhelmed in Stone Canyon. They need reinforcements. Kar is attacking them personally.”


Anger welled inside of the rangers at the mention of the name.


“We’re on our way,” Simon said as he flipped his morpher shut. He turned to his teammate.


“You’re right, Ryan,” Simon said, clenching his jaw. “There’s no time for babysitting. It’s time for payback.”




Dex arrived back on Edenoi and breathed a sigh of relief to be home again. For that one instant, he thought not of the Mogralord, not of the Rangers, but of home.


Luke and the other Turbos stood alongside Dex on the world’s war-torn landscape.


Luke breathed a sigh of relief and looked to Tyler. “See. No spiders this time.”


The Turbos last trip to another planet sent them battling through web-filled streets filled with humanoid spiders.


Dex and the rangers pulled ragged cloaks around themselves and started walking through the wilderness. They moved to a small settlement and walked across the dust-filled streets as the wind blew around them.


They moved further down the streets and came to an underground entrance at the base of a nearby building. They pulled their cloaks back and entered the passage, traveling deep underneath the surface of Edenoi. It was beneath the surface that they entered the city of Oasis.


Oasis was an underground city with splendor that matched that of Triforia or even Eltar. The city had started as a small pocket camp for resistant fighters during the early stages of the war with Count Dregon. Oasis was now the capital of the entire planet. It was here that Dex planned to find his grandfather, King Lexian.


Dex and the rangers immediately entered Lexian’s palace and were immediately met by two soldiers of the royal guard. The two soldiers were dressed in dark leathery armor with twin sword strapped across their backs.


The guards escorted Dex alone into Lexian’s private chambers.


Lexian smiled at the sight of his grandson, and the two embraced each other. “Welcome home, Dex.”


“It’s good to be back, grandfather,” Dex smiled and pulled back. “I only wish that my return could have been under better circumstances.”


Lexian nodded. Almost the entire galaxy was abuzz with news about the rise of the Mogralord, and how the demon had managed to gather an army of fearsome warlords under his command.


Warning sirens throughout the city suddenly started to blare.


Dex knitted his brow. “Ooze has arrived sooner than expected.”


“Good luck, Dex,” Lexian said.


“Thank you, grandfather…” Dex stepped back into a fighting posture. “And now it is time I made Ivan Ooze wish he had never journeyed to Edenoi. Ryuuki awaken!”


Energy flashed around Dex while he transformed into the red and silver armor of Kamen Rider Ryuuki.




Ryouma and his team felt at home on the jungle world that had no name. They took the lead through thick walls of brush while the Zeo team followed.


Justin Kase, the blue Zeo ranger, sighed with frustration. “Guys, we’ve been walking for miles and we don’t even know if we’re going the right way. Our scanners can’t even find this temple with all this…jungle in the way.”


Chris looked to his friend. Dressed in green, he had a portable scanner in hand. “The temple is probably protected by some kind of barrier. We should be able to break through.”


“Chris,” Justin said as he laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I think you’re forgetting how much bad luck we have with situations like this.”


A few feet ahead, Hikaru rolled his eyes and leaned towards Gouki while whispering. “All they do is whine.”


Gouki shrugged. “Well…maybe they’re just getting tired.”


Hikaru scoffed. “How could they be tired? I’ve gone on morning hikes that have lasted longer than this.”


Hayate narrowed his eyes and looked back at Hikaru, a silent command for him to stop talking.


Hyuuga looked back to both teams. “Everyone…we’ll find the temple soon. Our Aasu will guide us.”


Justin sighed. How could the Galaxy team’s Aasu, the power of Earth, work when they weren’t even on Earth. He decided it best to say nothing.


Ashley walked closer to Chris. “Chris, let me see your scanner. I’m going to try and boost the signal.”




A black asteroid flew into orbit around the un-named jungle world. The Shadow King stood on a wide balcony that looked out from the asteroid.


The villain narrowed his black eyes and glared at the world below. “The Zeos are below, with six more of their Ranger allies…” Shadow King turned to his troll-like servant Moloj. “We’ll give them a reception. Make them feel at home…”




The six Time Rangers split into pairs and fell back into the city of Stone Canyon to regroup. They knew they could not take Kar’s army head on, so they forced the villain to split up his forces, which made it easier for the Rangers to stage ambushes.


Time Fire and Time Pink hid within a large factory filled with motorized equipment, crates, and machines. They knew that the raptor demon was hunting them, and had set up a trap for the villain.


They waited quietly behind a pile of crates.


The Quantum Ranger broke the silence. “It’s good to see you again, Jenn…”


His voice made Time Pink’s heart leap. “You too…I didn’t think I’d ever see you again…”


The Pink Ranger had spent months trying to get over Wes and move on with her life. She immersed herself in her work with the Inter-City Police and tried to stay busy, knowing that if she stopped for even a second, her mind would drift back towards Wes.


Now she was with him again, a moment that seemed too surreal to be true. She had spent months convincing herself that Wes was dead and to let go. Now she was next to him. And he had changed.


“You’re in Eric’s old armor…” she said.


Time Fire nodded. “I kept his morpher after he died.” A lopsided grin crossed his face as he remembered his friend. “It would probably drive him crazy if he knew.”


“But I don’t understand,” Time Pink asked. “Why lead the Silver Guardians? I didn’t think you wanted anything to do with your father.”


“I still don’t,” Time Fire said. “But this isn’t about him. The Silver Guardians aren’t just security for hire anymore. They help people. All people. And besides, my dad no longer has direct control over the team.”


The Quantum Ranger looked down at his morpher. “I couldn’t just let the V-Brace go to waste. Eric gave it to me, and it’s my responsibility to use it to fight for others…”


Time Pink smiled beneath her helmet and laid a hand on Time Fire’s arm. “Glad to see you haven’t been bored.”


Time Fire smiled beneath his helmet and took the Pink ranger’s hand in his. “I had to stay busy…it was the only way to make life without you bearable.”


The two Rangers suddenly heard hissing noise come from within the warehouse.


Time Pink armed her Vol Sniper. “He’s here.”


Time Fire drew his DV-Defender in blaster mode and held tightly onto the grip.


The raptor monster stalked towards the center of the factory. Its nostrils wrinkled as it sniffed the air, smelling the Rangers’ distinct odors.


Hidden in the shadows, Time Pink used her helmet’s systems to hack into the factory computer.


Machinery suddenly whined to life as every mechanical object within the factory started moving. Cranes lifted, assembly lines rumbles, metal clamps slammed together. 


The raptor demon hissed and crouched down low.


Time Fire suddenly rose from behind a pile a crates and fired lances of crimson energy upward. The blasts exploded through support chains and sent a massive metal crate falling downward.


The metal crate slammed against the demon, but the raptor monster used its powerful muscles to hurl the crate aside.


While distracted, the monster felt the sting of Time Pink’s sniper blasts spark against his back. The blasts knocked the villain off its feet and sent it crashing onto a moving assembly line.


The monster slowly rose to its feet as two giant metal clamps slammed against him from opposite ends. The monster roared with pain on impact.


The clamps sparked from the resistance and broke down.


The villain leapt from the assembly line and landed on the factory floor. The raptor monster looked up to see Time Fire charging forward with his blade ignited in deep-blue energy.


The demon chopped his claws down towards the approaching Ranger. But Quantum Ranger high blocked the blow while spinning forward and slashing the raptor horizontally, the Ranger’s blade a streak of blue energy as it slashed across the villain’s body, sparking on impact.


Time Fire turned back towards the villain, his blade pulsing with blue fire.


“DV Freezer!” Time Fire shouted as he swung his weapon downward in an x-shaped pattern, streaks of energy thrashing through the villain’s body.


The raptor demon stumbled backward as tendrils of blue energy danced across his body like electricity, exploding with bursts of spark that tore through his demonic flesh and bone.


Time Fire holstered his weapon as the raptor demon fell backward and exploded with a final discharge of energy.




Kar stood in the center of a Stone Canyon city plaza with his two demon monsters at his side. An army of Hellions was with them as well.


One of the demon monster’s resembled a humanoid Chinese dragon with golden and red scales across its body.


The second demon monster was a muscular creature covered with brown fur. Its wide face was mostly a jaw dotted with fangs and razor-sharp teeth. The bulky monster had a row of ten red eyes above its mouth.


“Kar!” a voice shouted from behind the demons. They turned to see Simon and the other five rangers run onto the scene.


Simon narrowed his eyes and pointed at the villain. “You’re not escaping this time, Kar! This time we won’t quit fighting until we send you and your cronies back to Hell!”


An evil grin crossed Kar’s face. “Remind me which Rangers you are, again? It’s getting so difficult to keep track.”


Simon and his team flipped their morphers open. “Wild Access!” they shouted while pressing their morphers’ activation panels. “Ha!” Golden light flashed around them as they morphed into their Ranger forms.


They snapped into their individual animal-like fighting stances.


“Blazing Lion! Gao Red!”

“Howling Wolf! Gao Silver!”

“Noble Eagle! Gao Yellow!”

“Surging Shark! Gao Blue!”

“Iron Bison!” Gao Black!”

“Belle Tiger! Gao White!”

“Guardians of the Earth” Gao Red called. “United we roar! Wild Task Force!”

“Gao Ranger!” they shouted together.


Kar extended his sword, commanding the Hellions to attack.


Gao Red crouched down low, sharpening his claws against the pavement as grunts charged forward. He narrowed his eyes beneath his visor and clenched his jaw. The blood of the lion charged through his veins.


“Ha!” Gao Red pounced forward and attacked, surrendering to the power of the lion.


Gao Red landed while slashing his claws across a soldier’s chest with a burst of spark, tearing open the grunt’s body.


Gao Red dashed forward, clawing through a soldier’s chest, then hopped and turned to swing both claws across a soldier’s face. Rips tore across that soldier’s head with bursts of spark.


Meanwhile Gao Black grabbed a demon soldier by the neck. The Black Ranger’s muscles flooded with the strength of the Bison as Gao Black lifted the soldier and slammed it back onto the street, crushing its body and pulverizing pavement on impact.


Two grunts charged towards Gao Black. The Black Ranger grabbed both grunts by the heads and bashed their faces together.


Gao Black tossed the two grunts backward. The two demon soldiers went shattering through a nearby store window.


Nearby, Gao White dashed past a grunt while kicking its leg out, snapping its knee. She grabbed another demon soldier by the ankle and pulled, bringing the grunt back-first against the ground.


The White Ranger leaned over the grunt and slashed her golden claws across the soldier’s face. Her claws sparked on impact while tearing apart the grunt’s face.


The Yellow Ranger was on a ledge of a building. Gao Yellow parried a blow from a demon soldier’s club. The Yellow Ranger twisted his wrist and swung the blade upward. Gao Yellow’s Golden Eagle Sword slashed across the grunt’s chest with a burst of spark, piercing through the soldier’s body.


Gao Yellow leapt off the ledge and glided down towards a group of grunts below. The Yellow Ranger swung his weapon down in an x-shaped pattern while landing. His sword tore through a pair of grunts with bursts of spark.


Nearby, Gao Blue armed his weapons and surged towards his opponents.


“Shark Cutters! Ha!” The Blue Ranger spun through a group of grunts like a tornado.


Gao Blue’s blades hacked through grunts in a whirlwind of sparks. Demon soldiers flailed about, gurgling up black puss as they crashed to the ground.


Meanwhile, Gao Silver armed his Lunar Cue and charged through a group of grunts while hacking his way towards Kar. His blade was a flurry of motion while slicing through soldiers with bursts of sparks.


The blood of the wolf pulsed through his veins, fueling the heart of a hunter.


“Kar!” Gao Silver shouted while slicing through a demon soldier’s chest. He spun forward, smashing his heel against another demon’s face. “Quit hiding behind these vermin and face me!”


“As you wish.” Kar extended his hand and fired a pulse of blue flame from his palm. The blast exploded against Gao Silver with a burst of spark and hurled him off his feet.




Time Red, Tatsuya, stood alongside Time Blue at the entrance to an elevator shaft on top of a building. 


“A strange place, this century,” Time Red said.


Time Blue nodded. “You get used to it.”


The Red Ranger tilted his head. “You miss this place? Don’t you?”


Time Blue kept his gaze distant. “Let’s just focus on our job.”


The tattooed demon soldiers led a group of Hellions across the streets below. The two Rangers moved to the edge of the building and looked down at the army.


Time Red looked to his teammate. “Ready?”


Time Blue nodded.


Time Red leapt from the roof and activated his Chrono Trigger. “Time Flier!”


The Red Ranger landed on the Time Flier and swooped downward towards the rear of the army’s formation. The Ranger triggered lances of blue energy that exploded around the Hellions with bursts of spark, knocking handfuls of the demon soldiers backward.


Time Red flipped from the Flier and landed on the street. The Red Ranger powered up his Vector Saber, creating a rifle weapon. 


Time Red charged forward and aimed his rifle steady. He triggered a volley of golden pulse blasts that splashed across a group of Hellions. The energy formed shells around the villains and shattered with bursts of light, vaporizing the soldiers.


Another wave of the grunts closed in towards Time Red from the side. Time Red continued his charge forward while swinging his weapon to the side and trigging another volley of pulse blasts. The blasts splashed across the demon soldiers and vaporized them with bursts of light.


Another wave of soldiers swarmed in from all side. Time Red rolled across the ground and rose to his knees, swinging his weapon around while triggering a volley of pulse blasts. The blasts vaporized the Hellions with bursts of light.


The tattooed demon tightened his grip on his staff while watching Time Red advance. The villain did not notice Time Blue landed behind him.


The Blue Ranger armed his double-bladed Vector Saber and charged towards the demon to attack.


Time Blue swung his Vector Saber forward and triggered a blue-tinted energy blade. The blade shot forward and exploded against the tattooed demon with a burst of spark, knocking him to his feet.


The tattooed demon snapped around and hurled his staff at the Blue Ranger. The staff spun through the air like a helicopter propeller and slashed across the Ranger’s armor with a burst of spark, knocking him off his feet.


The Blue Ranger tumbled across the ground and rolled into a crouched fighting stance. He looked up just in time to see the tattooed demon kick him upside the head.


The Blue Ranger crashed onto his back.


The demon’s staff went twirling back into his hand. The tattooed warrior lifted his staff to deliver the final blow against the fallen Ranger. But dozens of plasma blasts suddenly exploded against the demon with bursts of spark.


Silver Guardian soldiers were hidden in buildings on both sides of the street and leaning out windows while firing high-yield plasma rifles.


Time Blue rolled aside and swung his Vector Saber towards the villain. Blue Ranger triggered an energy blade that shot forward and exploded against the demon’s chest, knocking him backward.


Time Red, having cut down the last of the Hellions, charged forward to attack the tattooed demon. The Ranger somersaulted through the air and armed a Vector Saber in each hand.


“Time Strike!” Time Red swung both weapons down in streaks of red energy from the 12:00 and 9:00 positions. With streaks of crimson, the blades tore across the demon’s body with massive bursts of spark.


The tattooed demon collapsed while smoke rose from his wounds. Secondary explosions tore across his body before the demon blew apart with a final burst of smoke and flame.




Lendis was a small settlement, newly established by the Edenites. It was a symbol for hope and peace for the entire population, making it the perfect target for Ooze’s first assault.


A quartet of six-armed humanoid-spider monsters known as Arachna Soldiers stormed the small settlement. A crab-like monster with oozing purple armor led the spider soldiers. The villains were accompanied by an army of Gooclones. 


The people of Edenoi fled into hiding at the sight of the monsters. Ivan Ooze’s villains attacked everything they could, from screaming civilians to rusty transport cycles.


“Not so fast, villains!” a voice shouted from behind. The creatures turned to see Kamen Rider Ryuuki standing along the Turbo Rangers. “Prepare to feel the power of the Kamen Rider!”


Kamen Rider somersaulted off the building and leapt down towards the villains below.


Turbo Blue looked to Red Racer. “There are spiders down there, man. Spiders. Again. Why do we always get the spiders?”


Red Racer unsheathed his ViBlade. “Because our luck sucks. Now lets go pop some purple heads.”


“That’s gross,” Turbo Pink said quietly as she and the others followed Turbo Red with a leap off the building.


Red Racer landed while chopping his blade through a Gooclone. He spun forward and slammed a reverse sidekick against a second grunt’s face.


“Bring it on, puss bags.” Turbo Red swung his blade upward, slicing through another soldier’s body.


Meanwhile Ryuuki somersaulted forward through the air and swung a kick down towards the crab monster. The energized kick smashed against the crab, knocking it off its feet and sending it skidding across the dirt-covered street.


The spider soldiers circled around Ryuuki and thwipped web lines from their mandibles and hands. The webs wrapped around Ryuuki at blinding speed, quickly forming a cocoon of webbing.


The crab monster dashed forward and slashed Ryuuki while the Kamen Rider was in the cocoon. The monster’s claws sparked on impact, knocking the trapped Rider off his feet.


Nearby, the Turbos kept pounding away at the Gooclones. 


Pink Racer and Yellow Racer armed their Auto Blasters, stood back-to-back and opened fire with lances of green energy that exploded against the slimy grunts with bursts of spark, knocking the soldiers off their feet.


Turbo Green noticed that Ryuuki was in trouble and tried to move to the prince’s aid. But a wall of Gooclones blocked Green Racer’s path.


Green Racer spun forward with a hook kick that bashed a soldier aside. “They’re trying to keep us from Dex!”


Kamen Rider rose to his feet and snapped out of the web cocoon. Ryuuki leapt forward to attack, but a spider soldier thwipped a web line that wrapped around the Rider’s ankles and tugged him from the air.


The spider soldier used the web line to twirl Kamen Rider around while slamming him against walls and crates. The spider released his grasp, and Kamen Rider went tumbling across the ground.


Kamen Rider slowly rose to his feet and stood boldly. “You’ll never defeat Edenoi!”


Ryuuki extended his dragon gauntlet and fired a flare of crimson flame that exploded against the crab monster, knocking the creature off its feet.


The crab monster rolled back into a crouched fighting position and opened its claws. The claws fired invisible energy blasts that exploded against Ryuuki’s armor with bursts of spark, sending the Rider crashing backward into a nearby hut.


The crab monster and spider soldiers slowly stalked inside of the wide, empty hut and surrounded the fallen Rider. 


Ryuuki sprang to his feet and slammed a flying sidekick against the crab creature. Merely forced a step backward, the crab snapped its pincers around Ryuuki’s neck and squeezed.


The villain sent invisible pulses of energy through the claws, which ripped across Kamen Rider’s armor with bursts of spark.


The crab monster suddenly tilted its head as if listening to an unseen voice. The crab released Ryuuki, and the villains teleported away as if fading from view. 


Dex reverted back into his human form and keeled over to the ground. “I’ve never been beaten so soundly…”


Red Racer and the Turbos rushed inside of the hut. Pink Racer and Blue Racer helped Dex to his feet while the others did a quick look around the room.


“Those Gooclones just vanished,” Turbo Red said to Dex. “Do you have any idea why ooze face would-”


Dex winced with pain and gripped onto his forehead. “Grandfather!” he shouted, forgetting about his own injuries and sprinting away. “Grandfather is in trouble!”




The Zeo and Galaxy teams moved into a wide clearing within the alien jungle.


Ashley looked to the horizon and noticed the sun was about to set. “We should camp out here for the night. It’s probably not a good idea to walk through this jungle when it’s dark.”


Hikaru scoffed. “We’ll be fine. We can’t be too scared to keep moving. That’s what we have morphers for.”


Justin narrowed his eyes. “Nobody’s scared, so just calm down and quit acting like a brat.”


Ryouma placed a hand on Hikaru’s shoulder before he could. “We’ve been walking all day,” he said calmly. “We should settle down for the night.”


Hyuuga nodded. “I agree.”


Hikaru scoffed again, shrugged off Ryouma’s hand, and moved to the edge of the clearing.


Ryouma turned towards the Zeo team. “You’ll have to forgive Hikaru. He can be…impatient sometimes.”


Justin shrugged. “I had a few better words in mind.”


Kat nudged him in the ribs with her elbow.


The rangers split up in the clearing and started setting up their tents for the night.


Kat set up two metal poles from a knapsack and started to hang the leathery cloth onto the poles.


Justin walked over towards her. “Let me help with that…”


She smiled at him. “Thanks…”


Her smile made Justin’s heart leap. The two rangers had developed a relationship while serving as Astro Rangers together during the war against Sauron. They had broken up when Kat moved to London to study ballet.


“So how have you been?” Justin asked. “We haven’t really had a chance to talk since all of this end-of-the-world business started.”


“Things have been good,” Kat said with a smile, her face turning slightly red.


Justin sighed and decided to skip the small talk. “Listen Kat…I’ve missed you. I know my timing sucks…but I just…remind me why we aren’t together any more?”


Kat laid a hand on his. “Justin…let’s talk about this later, okay?”


“What if there is no later?” Justin asked.


Kat became quiet and turned her attention back towards the tent.


Nearby, Teddy sat down on a small boulder and looked up into the star-lit sky.


Ashley walked over and sat down next to her future brother-in-law. “You have that look in your eye.”


Teddy arced an eyebrow. “What look?”


“That same brooding look your brother always get. It must run in the family. So…what’s wrong?” Ashley asked.


Teddy shrugged. “I just hate the way we had to leave things on Earth. Granted I haven’t been doing this Ranger thing for too long, but it’s never been this bad before. Those demons took over our city.”


“There was nothing more we could do back in Angel Grove,” Ashley said. “Being here, finding this temple, what we’re doing now will let us find a way to stop the Mogralord.”


Teddy nodded. “That’s what Tommy said.” He looked to Ashley. “Are you worried about him? Tommy, I mean.”


Ashley smiled fondly and ran her fingers along her engagement ring. “Not as worried as I am for anyone who gets in his way.”


Teddy chuckled. His gaze drifted back to the sky. “I’m just not used to doing this kind of thing without him, ya know?”


“You’re doing fine,” Ashley said. “He’d be proud of the way you’re handling his old Zeo powers.”


“I hope so,” Teddy said. 


None of the rangers setting up camp noticed dozens of small beady eyes watching them from the shadows.


Hyuuga was the first to notice the uneasiness in the air. He narrowed his eyes and looked out into the jungle while his hand drifted to his saber’s hilt.


“Ryouma,” he called over his shoulder.


His younger brother moved to his side. “What is it?”


“We’re being watched…from all sides,” Hyuuga said.


Thousands of bats suddenly flew from the jungle and swarmed around the rangers, biting and clawing at them. The bats’ eyes were glowing deep crimson with unholy power.


Bats caught in the rangers’ hair and clothes while biting and clawing. They swung their arms to swat the bats away, but the winged mammals were too numerous.


“Morph!” Ashley shouted to the others.


The Zeo team connected their braces. “Ultra transform!” The braces triggered an energy wave that washed over the six rangers and morphed into their armor.


“Galaxy transform!” Ryouma and his team slapped their braces’ activation panels. “Ha!” The powers of their elements circled around them and morphed into their armor.


Hyuuga unsheathed his blade and raised the weapon towards the air. “Knight rebirth!” Green energy twirled around him as he morphed into the black bull-like armor of KuroKishi.


Dozens of black-clad Wraiths leapt into the clearing and attacked while the demonic bats continued to swarm around the twelve Rangers.




Gao Silver pounced past Kar while clawing the demon across the chest with a burst of spark.


“Ha!” Silver Ranger pounced back towards Kar and swung his claws upward, slashing against the demon a second time.


Kar grabbed Gao Silver by the wrist and slammed a volley of kicks against the Ranger’s ribs. The demon pulled Gao Silver forward and bashed a punch against the Ranger’s faceplate.


Gao Silver crashed against the ground.


Kar scoffed. “You are pathetic. No wonder your precious Sky Island fell so easily.”


“Dog!” Gao Silver unsheathed his Lunar Cue and hopped forward while swinging the saber towards Kar’s head. 


Kar parried the blow and slammed a knifehand chop against the Silver Ranger’s neck.


Gao Silver crashed to his knees, and Kar kicked the Ranger upside the head.


Meanwhile the other Rangers were fighting Kar’s two demon monsters: a humanoid Chinese dragon with golden and red scales across its body, and a muscular creature covered with brown fur.


Gao Red and Gao Yellow stood on opposite sides of the dragon demon while crouching low in animal-like fighting stances. The Red Ranger had his Lion Fang over his left fist and his Gao Dagger in his right hand. The Yellow Ranger armed his Golden Eagle Sword.


“Ha!” The Rangers pounced forward to attack.


The two teammates slashed their weapons across the villain’s body, blades sparking on impact and tearing against the demon’s scales.


The dragon whipped its tail across Gao Yellow, tail spikes sparking against the Ranger’s armor. Gao Yellow went flying backward and crashed against a parked car, smashing in the hood and shattering the windshield on impact.


Gao Red swung his Lion Fang towards the demon’s face, but the dragon monster bit down on the Ranger’s arm.


The Red Ranger screamed while the dragon started slamming his fists against the Ranger’s side.


Gao Red turned his pain into power and slammed a sidekick against the dragon. The demon released its grip and stepped back, and Gao Red slashed his blades upward across the monster’s chest.


Nearby, Gao Black, Gao Blue, and Gao White surrounded the beast-like demon.


The Black Ranger tackled hard against the demon, but the monster smashed its fists against the Black Ranger’s back, causing the Ranger to crash against the ground.


Gao Blue and Gao White armed their weapons.


“Shark Cutters!” Gao Blue shouted as his weapons pulsed with blue power. “Surging chopper!”


He swung his blades horizontally, each weapon streaking with blue energy while slashing across the demon and sparking on impact.


“Tiger Baton!” Gao White shouted as her baton weapon pulsed with pink energy. “Cross Strike!”


Gao White swung her weapon down in a cross pattern that thrashed across the villain, sparking on impact.


Meanwhile Gao Silver continued to push against Kar.


The Silver Ranger swung his Lunar Cue through a series of swings and slashes, but Kar used his forearm armor to block and parry each blow.


“You will pay!” Gao Silver shouted while letting his rage fuel each strike. He was determined to avenge Tetomu.


“That is highly doubtful, little wolf cub.” Kar spun forward and slammed a kick against Gao Silver’s chest, knocking the Ranger backward.


The Silver Ranger crashed onto his back, and Kar pressed his foot against the Ranger’s neck. Gao Silver swung his Lunar Cue up towards Kar, but the villain grabbed the staff.


Kar tightened his grip on the staff and shattered it into pieces. “If you miss your princess so much…perhaps I can arrange for you to join her…”


The demon general pressed his heel down hard against the Ranger’s neck.




The ogre demon smashed its fist against Time Green’s faceplate. The Green Ranger stumbled backward and crashed against the ground.


Time Yellow moved over and helped his friend to his feet. The two Rangers had staged an ambush against the demon ogre in the city streets, but they had underestimated the villain’s strength.


“Damien…” Time Green said weakly as he stumbled to his feet. “He’s too strong…”


The demon’s eyes flashed with crimson power, and invisible energy blasts exploded against the Rangers’ armor with bursts of spark.


The two Rangers crashed backward. The impact destabilized their armor and forced them back into their normal guises.


The demon walked over and lifted Sion by the neck. Sion winced and tried to fight back, but the demon tightened his grip, threatening to snap the young ranger’s neck.


Damien rose back to his feet and armed his brace.


“No morph, Ranger…” the ogre grunted. “You morph, me break friend neck!”


Damien hesitated and narrowed his eyes. He could not let anything happen to Sion. Ever since they had known each other, Damien had thought of the offworlder as a younger brother. In human years, Sion was not even a teenager yet. 


“Throw down morphing tool!” the ogre barked.


Damien reluctantly un-strapped his morpher and dropped it to the ground.


“Fool!” The ogre twisted his hands to snap Sion’s neck.  




Dex was in shock as he entered the once great city of Oasis, which was now in flames. Ooze’s attack had been a diversion to draw Dex and the Turbos out into the open so Oasis would be defenseless.


“It was a trick…” Dex cursed Ooze and ran into the fallen palace, going straight into Lexian’s main chamber.


Lexian was laying on the ground, his breathing shallow, as Dex ran and kneeled by his side.


“Grandfather…what…how did this happen?” Dex asked as he fought back the tears.


“I fear…that your enemies have grown more powerful than we ever imagined…you will not be able to defeat them in your current state…The Kamen Rider must be reborn…”


Dex wrinkled his brow in confusion. “Grandfather…I do not understand.”


“The Kamen Rider powers are constantly changing, evolving over time. The powers you possess have reached an endpoint in that evolution. It is now time for Ryuuki to be reborn.”


“But how, Grandfather?”


“You must travel to the Kamen Temple. It was there that your King Stone was first forged, creating the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuuki. Inside the temple you will find a new source of power, uncover the secrets of the King Stones, and become a new unstoppable warrior.”


Lexian groaned in pain as Dex scooped him up in his arms. “First I must get you to safety.”


“No, Dex. It is too late for me. I have faith in you. I love you, Dex.”


“And I you, Grandfather.”


Lexian’s eyes rolled back as his life slowly drifted away from him.


Dex placed his Grandfather on his bed and rolled his hands up into fists. “These demons will pay…”




Zeored kicked a Wraith upside the head and spun forward with a  reverse sidekick, slamming his heel against a second soldier’s chest.


A dozen bats suddenly shot through the air and crashed against the Red Ranger with bursts of spark, knocking him off his feet and sending him crashing against the ground.


“This is getting ridiculous!” he shouted while flipping back to his feet.


Nearby, Zeo Gold raised his staff into the air. “It’s time for a gold rush…Victory Flash!”


Zeo Gold swung his staff downward and fired a volley of golden energy blasts that shot through a wave of demon bats. The blasts exploded against bats, vaporizing them with bursts of spark or knocking them from the air.


Galaxy Yellow summoned bolts of lightning that danced between his palms. He spread his arms, and columns of lightning started to twirl around him while zapping demon bats from the air.


Galaxy Pink rolled into a low fighting stance and kicked the legs out from underneath a Wraith.


Zeopink was nearby. She summoned a whirling cloud of pink energy and shot a rolling sphere blast forward. The blast exploded amidst a group of the demon bats.


Galaxy Red placed his hands against each other and thrust his arms forward. “Ha!”


A torrent of flame shot from his palms. The roaring fire burnt several dozens of the bats on contact.


A Wraith snuck up behind Galaxy Red and slammed a kick against the Ranger’s back.


Galaxy Red crashed against the ground, rolled into a crouched fighting stance, and unsheathed his Seijuukin while swinging the sword back and cutting the legs out from underneath the Wraith.


Hundreds more bats flew from the jungle and into the clearing, distracting the Rangers by clawing and flying against them as the Wraiths attacked.


A dozen bats swooped downward and nose dived towards Galaxy Pink. But KuroKishi pushed her aside and let the bats crash against his chest armor, each bat exploded with bursts of spark upon impact.


Dozens of bats circled around Zeogreen. The Green Ranger used his twin axe weapons to try and chop bats from the air, but they continued to swoop around him while clawing and biting against his armor.


A pair of Wraiths pounced towards the Green Ranger to attack. One of the grunts kicked Zeogreen upside the head, and a second moved in low with a roundkick to the Ranger’s gut.


Zeoblue moved to the Green Ranger side before the Wraiths could attack his friend as again. The Blue Ranger activated his arm blades and spun like a cyclone while slashing the two Wraiths away.


The Blue Ranger helped Zeogreen to his feet. “We need a plan, like now.”


Dozens of bats dove against the two Rangers and exploded against their armor, knocking them off their feet.


“Exploding bats…” Zeoblue mumbled as he rose to his feet. “I swear, every time I think nothing else about this job can surprise me…”


Galaxy Red dashed past two Wraiths while slashing them across the chests, blade sparking on impact. He looked back to Galaxy Green.


“Hayate!” Galaxy Red shouted while slashing a bat from the sky. “Use your wind power!”


Galaxy Green flipped backward to avoid a pair of kicks from two Wraiths. “I’ve been trying,” he said as he rolled aside and kicked the legs out from a demon. “I can’t focus enough for the amount of power I would need.”


Nearby, Zeoyellow heard the two Galaxy Ranger’s conversation. She looked to her teammates and the Galaxy team. “Guys, surround Galaxy Green. Give him enough time to kick up a wind storm and blow away these flying rats.”


“Flying demon rats,” Zeoblue corrected while spin kicking a Wraith to the ground.


The Rangers moved back and formed a protective ring around Galaxy Green to keep the Wraiths at bay. Bats still swooped down and clawed against Galaxy Green, but he stood his ground and laced his hands together.


“Ha!” Galaxy Green shouted.


A cyclone of jade-tinted energy twirled around the clearing, snagging up the bats and causing them to explode one-by-one. The Rangers stood their ground as the wind raged around them, threatening to rip them off their feet.


The wind slowly died down after the last of the bats exploded. Only the Wraiths remained.


Zeored placed his hand in front of his visor and summoned his Star Riser sword with a burst of crimson power. “Let’s take care of business.”


Zeoblue hopped upward and started to spin backward while forming a sphere of cyan energy around his body. “Zeo power spin!”


Zeoblue shot forward while holding his arm blades outward and smashing against a group of Wraiths and sending the grunts flying off their feet.


Galaxy Blue slowly pulled his saber back as strands of cyan energy collected in the sword’s hilt. Blue energy flared along the saber’s blade.


“Stream Slash!” The Ranger chopped his blade downward through a streak of blue energy that ripped through Wraiths with massive bursts of spark and explosions.


Galaxy Red slowly brought his blade upward as strands of crimson energy collected in the blade’s hilt. The Ranger brought the blade down towards his chest and twisted the sword so its edge faced the demon grunts. Red energy flared upward on the saber.


“Mane of flame!” Galaxy Red swung the saber downward with a streak of fiery red energy. The blade produced a shockwave that exploded against the demon grunts with bursts of spark.


Zeored thrust his sword forward and twirled the weapon while crimson energy danced along the blade. “Zeo Power Sword!”


The Red Ranger swung the blade downward through a streak of red energy that tore a group of Wraiths in half.


“Zeo power kick!” Zeoyellow smashed against a group of Wraiths with yellow-tinted super-charged kicks, each bashing against grunts and slamming them backward.


Galaxy Yellow held his sword in a fighting stance as yellow energy flared upward along the blade.


“Crescent Slash!” Galaxy Yellow shouted as he swung the blade downward in a streak of yellow energy. The blade ripped through Wraiths with massive bursts of spark.


KuroKishi somersaulted forward through the air and swung his blade downward through a streak of crackling black power while landing. The blade tore through grunts with massive volleys of sparks and explosions.


Zeo Gold lifted his staff. “It’s time for a gold rush…Victory Flash!”


The Gold Ranger swung the staff downward and fired a volley of golden energy bursts that exploded through Wraiths with a massive display of force and power.


Zeopink armed her shield. “Circle Defenser!”


She energized the shield with pink power and dove forward, smashing the weapon against a group of grunts.


Galaxy Pink stepped back and armed her sword. A flare of pink energy traveled upward along the blade.


“Nature Slash!” Galaxy Pink shouted while swinging her weapon downward through a diagonal streak of pink energy. The blade sparked through grunts on impact.


Galaxy Green armed his Kiba Dagger in blaster mode and swooped towards the Wraiths. “Kiba Shot!”


The Green Ranger fired bursts of green energy that exploded through the villains.


Zeogreen held his twin axe weapons, which charged with crackling jade-tinted energy. “Gravity Breaker!”


He swung the axe weapons downward, chopping through the last of the Wraiths.


The Rangers heard clapping come from behind them. They turned to see a man dressed in a brown tattered cloak walk towards them. His face appeared transparent, almost as if he were a ghost.


“Well done, Terrans,” the stranger said sincerely.


“Who are you?” Galaxy Red asked.


“I am afraid I am nothing more than what you see before you. An apparition. A spirit. For eons, I have watched over the temple you seek,” the stranger said.


“Can you take us to it?” Zeoblue asked.


“Wait,” Galaxy Yellow snapped. “How do we know this isn’t a trap?”


The man slowly extended his hand. Light flashed around the rangers as they disappeared, and reappeared inside a dark stone corridor. The passageway seemed top span forever into the darkness in both directions.


The man lit a small torch and looked at the rangers, who were in their civilian forms. “Now we are inside the temple. Come…”


Some of them reluctant, the rangers followed the man.


The cloaked man led the rangers through a dark stone corridor. The white light from the man’s torch danced across the walls, highlighting symbols and pictures engraved into the stone.


“This temple was the last refuge of the Prophets,” the man explained. “Before being exterminated by the Masters and their Rangers, the Prophets created these drawings to document time.”


The rangers watched looked at the drawings with heightened interest. The timeline started with Jestin becoming the first Ranger on Edenoi and defeating Sauron. Events unfolded as an order of Masters and rangers rid the galaxy of evil.


Events became more familiar as the Rangers moved further down the passage. They saw Zedd fall from a life of privilege into a life of evil before destroying every ranger in the galaxy. The drawings showed Zordon defecting from an army of evil and defeating Zedd. 


The rangers walked for what seemed like hours before passing events of recent history. They saw pictures of Bandora, Zedd, themselves against their former enemies, the Saima and Org, and even Dorunero and the Time Rangers.


They stopped at an engraving of the Mogralord standing over a city that had to be Angel Grove. The picture showed the gates of Hell looming over countless world in the galaxy, each gate waiting to be opened.


“This is where their visions end. At this moment, the fate of the galaxy becomes unclear,” the cloaked man said. “The Prophets believed that this was when the worlds of the galaxy were meant to fall.”


“I don’t get it,” Chris said. “If the Prophets knew all this was going to happen, why didn’t they take steps to stop it?” 


“No one can defy fate,” the man explained. “If this is when your world is meant to end, then end it will. However…”


His voice trailed off as he stared at the drawings.


Justin arced an eyebrow. “However what?”


“The Prophets believed they found a way to stop the Mogralord,” the man explained. “They hid their secrets in ancient scrolls that have long been lost, and hid their spells in a book known as the Galaxy Book.”


“We know that already,” Teddy said. “My brother and the Power Rangers are on Eltar trying to find the scrolls right now. And the Astro Rangers are trying to find the Galaxy Book.”


The man nodded. “I am aware of this, young Ranger. What you do not know is the power this temple holds.”


The man stepped backward to pictures of the six Zeo symbols. “The prophets used the Power Cosmic for their visions and spells. They did not use The Power, as the Masters and Rangers. They believed that the Power Cosmic was the only energy in existence that could fuel the spells and ceremony to remove the Mogralord from our plane of existence.”


The man looked to trey. “Do you remember the one known as Cloak? The one who gave you the Golden Power Staff.”


The Triforian prince nodded.


“Cloak was one of the last Prophets,” the man explained. “As ageless as his former brothers in that order, he was one of the mages who forged the Zeo Crystal. Laced within each crystal fragment is a spell to unlock the Power Cosmic. This spell will unlock the Powers of the Zodiac. Each of you, all twelve, will be able to harness this power once it is unlocked by the Zeo Crystal.”


Trey looked to the stranger. “What are we to do with this Zodiac Power?”


“The answer to your questions is written in the scrolls that the Power Rangers seek,” the man said. “For now…follow me…and learn the power of the Zodiac.”




Sion closed his eyes and braced himself. On instinct, he fired an invisible telekinetic pulse that slammed against the ogre demon and knocked it backward.


The ogre stumbled backward over its own feet and collapsed onto its back.


Sion slumped onto the ground and gasped for air.


“Sion!” Damien ran towards Sion while lifting his morpher. He helped his teammate to his feet. “Nice move, kid.”


Time Green smiled beneath his helmet, his cheeks turning slightly red.


The ogre demon flipped back up and howled with anger. The creature charged towards the two rangers top attack.


The rangers armed their braces. “Chrono, trigger!” They slapped their braces’ activation panels, triggering a wave of data energy that wrapped their armor around their bodies.


Time Yellow lunged forward and slammed a punch against the demon. The punch sparked against the creature and sent it stumbling backward.


Time Green leapt onto Time Yellow’s shoulders, pushed off, and jumped towards the demon. The Green Ranger armed his double-bladed Vector Saber and slashed the weapon across the villain while landing.


The Green Ranger swung his Vector Saber forward, triggering an energy blade that shot against the villain, sparking on impact.


Time Yellow ran his fingers along each of his double-sword Vector Saber blades. Each blade energized with yellow power. The Yellow Ranger swung downward, twisted his wrists, and swung upward, the blades streaking with power while thrashing across the villain. 


Explosions erupted through the demon while the Vector Saber cleaved through its body. The ogre let loose a final cry of pain before falling backward and exploding into a dark ball of flame.




The demon dragon whipped its tail across Gao Red and Gao Yellow, bashing them backward. The two Rangers crashed against the ground and tumbled across the street.


Gao Red and Gao Yellow rolled backward and dropped into crouched fighting stances.


Gao Yellow snapped a trio of feather daggers that exploded against the demon, forcing it back a step. The Yellow Ranger used the attack as a distraction and pounced forward.


Gao Yellow swung his sword upward, blade sparking against the dragon. The Yellow Ranger pushed forward, swinging his blade through a series of strikes and cuts that sparked against the demon.


The demon hissed air from its nostrils, a sign of annoyance, and grabbed hold of the Ranger’s throat. The demon squeezed tightly and lifted the Yellow Ranger from his feet.    


“Ryan!” Gao Red shouted as he pounced to his teammate’s aide.


The dragon looked to Gao Red and fired crimson optic blasts that exploded against the Red Ranger’s chest, whipping him off his feet.


Gao Red crashed against his back. He leaned up on the ground, armed his Gaoling and opened fire with rapid-volley jade-tinted energy blasts that exploded against the dragon demon.


The blasts knocked the dragon demon backward, causing the creature to lose its grip on Gao Yellow.


The Red Ranger flipped to his feet and aimed the blaster forward.


“Final mode!” Gao Red said as he stepped forward and aimed his weapon for another strike. The mouth of the lion opened to form a larger barrel. “Gao!”


Gao Red fired a roaring pulse of golden, crimson energy that rolled forward while smashing against the dragon demon with a massive burst of spark and flame.


“Ryan, take him!” Gao Red shouted.


“Eagle Sword!” Gao Yellow shouted as his sword energized with golden power. “Nobel Slash!”


Gao Yellow swung his weapon downward in a tilted-x pattern. The blade streaked with golden energy as it slashed across the demon dragon, sparking on impact.


The dragon demon crashed backward and skid across the street. Growling with pain, the demon slowly climbed back to his feet. He looked up just as Gao Red and Gao Yellow pounced forward and jammed their Gao Daggers through his chest.


The blades sparked while puncturing through the villain. The demon tilted his head back and howled in pain while grasping onto the Rangers’ arms.


The Rangers pulled their blades free and kicked the monster back. The demon crashed onto its back and exploded with a massive burst of flame that tore apart its body.


Meanwhile, Kar pressed his foot down harder against Gao Silver.


A blur of motion suddenly appeared nearby and shot towards Kar. The blur materialized and took the shape of a silver-haired wolf as large as a lion. The wolf was Moon Blaze, the childhood companion of Gao Silver.


Moon Blaze tackled against Kar and tackled the demon general against the street.


Gao Silver flipped back to his feet and gripped onto his Lunar Cue.


Kar kicked Moon Blaze off, and the wolf went flailing through the air before twisting and landing on his feet. The loyal wolf ran to Gao Silver’s side.


The Silver Ranger hopped onto the wolf and rode towards Kar, who pulled himself back to his feet. 


Kar extended his hand and fired pulses of blue energy from his palm. The blasts exploded around Gao Silver and Moon Blaze with bursts of spark that thrashed against the beast and his rider.


Moon Blaze leapt past Kar while Gao Silver slashed the villain across the chest. The wolf landed, turned, and pounced back at Kar to attack.


“Your pet can’t save you, Ranger,” Kar shouted. He gathered a sphere of cyan-tinted energy and hurled it at the wolf.


The energy sphere exploded against Moon Blaze’s side, knocking him from the air.




The Kamen Temple was similar in design to the temple where Dex first retrieved his powers. Dex and the Turbo team stood outside the temple, and the dust-filled wind blew around them.


The Turbos stood guard outside as Dex entered the temple.


The prince walked through winding corridors before entering a circular room of polished stone. Several skeletons littered the ground at Dex’s feet.


Glyphs were written across the walls in ancient languages that Dex did not recognize, although some of the symbols appeared identical to those found in the Ryuuki temple.


A large, glowing red gem hovered in the center of the room.


 “That has to be the new power source grandfather was talking about,” Dex said to himself.


As he approached the gem, a skeleton moved up from the ground and stood in between Dex and the gem. “Who are you, trespasser?”


“I am Prince Dex of Edenoi, keeper of the Ryuuki powers. I have come for the gem to increase my powers so that I can stop Ivan Ooze from destroying my planet and turning my people into slaves.”


The skeleton nodded. “A noble cause. Do you know the nature of the gem you seek.”


Dex thought for a moment. “Not exactly.”


“Then I will show you…”


The glyphs on the walls started to pulse with pale white light. Beams of energy erupted from the walls and slammed against Dex, knocking him against a wall and knocking him out, sending his mind tumbling into darkness.




The Zeo and Galaxy teams followed the temple guardian into the Zodiac Chamber.


The chamber was a large, circular room of stone with no ceiling. The stars above provided the only source of illumination.


A cylinder-shaped stone pedestal rose from the center of the circle, which was sectioned off into 12 slices. The temple’s guardian slowly stepped onto the circle and walked towards the center pedestal.


The stranger turned to face the 12 rangers. “Stand along the inner perimeter of the circle. Each of you, take a different section.”


The rangers stepped onto the circle and each stood on a different section of the stone floor.


The stranger extended his hand towards the rangers. “Your Zeo Crystal and Golden Power Staff, please.”


Ashley and her team twisted their Zeonizer Crystals free from their right braces. They inserted the small devices into their left braces, which started a chain reaction to summon the Zeo Crystal.


Flashes of light hovered in front of the five rangers and took shape, forming the five Zeo sub crystals.


The stranger extended his hand, and the Zeo sub crystals floated towards him. The sub crystals started orbiting around the central pedestal while flashing with their respective colors. 


The Golden Power Staff floated through the air and into the stranger’s hand. He walked towards the pedestal and jammed the staff’s edge through the pedestal’s center.


Lines of gold energy suddenly bled from the pedestal and traveled along the stone floor like rain flowing along cracks. The lines formed symbols beneath the rangers’ feet.


Golden energy took shape beneath Ryouma and formed the outline of the lion symbol Leo. A red ruby suddenly took shape in the floor, about half a foot above the lion symbol.


The green-outlined Gemini symbol formed beneath Hayate. A moss agate appeared on the stone floor above the symbol.


Gouki stood on the Aquarius symbol, which was outlined in turquoise. A turquoise gem appeared on the floor above his symbol.


Hikaru stood on the crab-like symbol of Cancer, which was outlined in silver. A pearl appeared above the symbol.


The symbol of Libra appeared beneath Saya. The symbol pulsed with blue power, and a sapphire appeared next to it.


Hyuuga stood on the Taurus symbol, which pulsed with dark purple energy. The symbol’s associated gem was the emerald.


The red ram-like symbol of Aries formed beneath Teddy. A fiery diamond appeared above the symbol.


The sea-green colored symbol of Pisces formed beneath Chris. A brilliant Moonstone took shape on the ground above the symbol.


Ashley stood on the Scorpio symbol, which shined with maroon-tinted power. The associated gem was an opal.


Justin stood on the brown-tinted symbol of Capricorn. An onyx-colored gem was the associated stone.


Kat stood on the green-tinted Virgo symbol, modeled after a virgin.


Trey’s symbol formed the centaur image of Sagittarius, which pulsed with rich-purple color. The associated gem was the topaz.




The Shadow King personally led a massive army of Wraiths to the base of the temple the Zeo and Galaxy teams were inside. One of his demon monsters accompanied him.


The demon monster had black, leathery flesh covered in dark fur. The creature had three wolf-like heads with blazing red eyes, and a pair of bat-like wings extended from its back.


The shadow-king pointed his black sword at the temple. “Leave no stone un-touched by your flames of Hellfire.”


Snarling, the demon monster opened its mouths and spat streams of black energy that exploded through the side of the temple, pulverizing brick and scattering debris.


Wraiths advanced forward and poured into the damaged temple openings.




The blast knocked the Zeo and Galaxy teams to their knees while the temple shook.


Narrowing his brow, the temple guardian looked up to the stars. “There is no time…”


“What’s going on?” Ashley shouted.


“The Shadow King and his forces are attacking the temple,” the stranger said. “We must begin now.”


The man turned towards the Zeo sub crystals and whispered an incantation in a language known only within the Gates of Heaven.


The Zeo sub crystals slowly slid into the pedestal while forming around the Golden Power Staff.


The Zeo Crystal suddenly flashed with blinding light that flooded the Zodiac Chamber, splashing across the walls and nearly blinding the rangers. The light pulled back into the Zeo Crystal itself and shot towards the sky above with a column of blazing-hot energy.


Jagged beams of power suddenly streaked down from the stars and splashed against the rangers, enveloping them with energy.




Gao Silver swung his Lunar Cue towards Kar’s head, but the demon general grabbed the weapon and smashed a kick against the Silver Ranger’s side. Gao Silver felt his ribs bruise beneath his armor while the kicks battered against his body.


Meanwhile the other five Gao Ranger regrouped around the beast demon. The Rangers armed their weapons.


“Let’s bring ‘em together,” Gao Red said. The Rangers combined their weapons. The Lion Fang and Tiger Baton formed the handle. The Shark Blades and Bison asked formed the weapon’s blade, which the Eagle Sword tipped off.


“Gao Blade!” they shouted as the blade energized.


See ya!” Gao Red shouted to the creature.


They chopped the energized blade downward. The golden blade extended while chopping through the beast demon, tearing its body apart, ripping through rotted flesh and bone. The monster fell backward, its energy overloading and exploding, producing a shockwave that decimated the creature into nothing more than a boiling puddle of slime.


The puddle of slime quickly started to bubble and erupt like a geyser. The slime shot upward and took shape, forming a giant-sized version of the fur-covered beast demon.


Gao Blue shook his head. “We really should have seen that coming.”


The Rangers unsheathed their Gao Daggers and extended the blades into the sky. “Wildzords, descend!”


The blades emitted an enchanting melody. The tone reached up and caught the ears of the Power Animals. A bridge of multi-colored light extended, and the Power Animals roared as they charged down the bridge and into battle.


The Rangers stood in a circle and thrust their daggers towards the center. Gao Red looked up while making a claw with his left hand over the right side of his chest. “Wildzords! Assemble!”


The five Wildzords charged forward as fiery energy surrounded them. GaoBison morphed into a waist and set of legs. GaoTiger and GaoShark formed the arms and attached to GaoLion, which served as the chest. GaoEagle attached to the lion and allowed the zord to hover over the ground as it zoomed forward.


The combined zord rose and back-flipped through the air as the formation completed.


“Soul Bird!” Gao Red shouted as the mystic-armored bird took shape with a flash of golden light.


The Rangers leapt into the air and landed on five slots that formed along the Soul Bird’s armor. “Soul Drive!” Gao Red shouted. “Gao King!”


The Soul Bird phased through the Gao King’s back and took its place in the zord’s cockpit. They placed their Daggers into the Soul Bird’s control slots and hovered their hands over pairs of black, organic-looking orbs.


“MegaWildzord!” the Rangers shouted from their cockpit. “Gao King!”


“Shark Surge!” Gao Blue shouted. The shark fist swung forward and slammed against the monster with an explosion.


“Tiger Fury!” Gao White shouted. The tiger fist charged forward and bashed against the demon monster.


The beast seemed ineffective and smashed its fists against Gao King, knocking the Megazord backward. The beat demon tackled against Gao King and bit down hard against the Megazord’s armor, the creature’s teeth sparking against the zord’s armor.


In the distance, the six Time Rangers regrouped and watched the demon monster dig its teeth into the MegaWildzord.


“They need help,” Time Pink said. “Now.”


Time Red activated his communicator. “Takku!”


“Yokai,” Takku answered. The droid activated his transceiver. “3-D system, stand by for launch!”


The five zords streaked through, swooping down into the atmosphere.


“Time Flier,” Time Red commanded as the Time Flier hovered past their location.


The Time Rangers leapt onto the Flier. The Flier carried them over their five Time Jets, traveling at frightful speeds. Time Red and the others jumped off the Time Flier and fell into their cockpits.


“3-D Formation…” Time Red commanded as he grasped control levers to his side. “Time Robo, Beta!”


The Time Jets stayed in tight formation and flew across the streets as they streets, Each zord started to reassemble and combine into a giant, blue-armored zord. The 3-D formation completed as the Rangers activated their zord: the Time-Force Megazord, Mode Blue.


The Rangers stood in the zord’s central cockpit. Five tall rods extended from the floor to the Rangers’ waist levels. The Time Rangers reached forward and grabbed the Lancers.


“Flier Magnum,” Time Red commanded. The Time Flier transformed into a blaster that the Megazord gripped in its hand.


The Time-Force Megazord opened fire with lances of blue energy that exploded against the demon monster, knocking the creature off of Gao King.


Time Fire looked towards the distance and raised his morpher closer to his mouth piece. “Charge! V-Rex!”


V-Rex roared as it charged onto the scene. The zord spun forward, whipping its tail across the demon monster. The tail smashed against the demon with a burst of spark, forcing the creature backward.


V-Rex bit down hard on the villain’s arm, driving its teeth through the monster’s leathery flesh. V-Rex used its bite grip to throw the monster through the air. The demon slammed against the streets and skid backward.


Below, the Quantum Ranger looked to his zord. “Voice formation…V-Rex Robo!”


V-Rex shifted shape as it rose up, assuming a humanoid warrior form. The zord had a massive right fist and a revolving missile cannon in place of its left fist. The Megazord still had its tail, and green emitter disks were mounted on the zord’s shoulders.


Meanwhile the Time-Force Megazord swooped downward to regroup with Time Fire’s mecha.


“Changing formation,” Time Red commanded. “Time Robo, Alpha!”


The Megazord disassembled and started to change shape into different formations. The Time Jets merged into a new form: Time-Force Megazord, Mode Red. The red-armored Megazord landed on the streets and faced off with the demon.


“Time-Force Megazord Saber!” Time Red commanded. A worm hole opened in the Megazord’s chest. A saber speared forward from the portal, and the Megazord wrapped his hand around the saber’s handle.


Gao King rose back to his feet on the other side of the demon monster. Gao Red looked to Gao White. “Saiya, let’s bring in some back up.”


Gao White inserted her other gem into her dagger and raised the weapon upward. “Wildzord descend!”


GaoElephant appeared on the scene in the distance. The elephant zord let out a powerful trumpet call through its horn and charged into battle.


“Wildzord,” the White Ranger said as she laid her Dagger back into its slot. “Attach.”


GaoElephant transformed into a sword and shield that Gao King used as his weapons.


“MegaWildzord!” the Rangers shouted. “Gao King, Sword and Shield!”


The MegaWildzord spun forward like a tornado while thrashing its sword across the monster, each blow sparking through the creature’s chest and driving the demon several steps backward.


Below, Time Fire raised his brace. “V-Rex Knuckle!” Time Fire shouted. “Engage!”


The V-Rex fist energized and shot forward. The fist exploded against the demon monster’s chest, knocking the creature of its feet.


Gao Blue placed his orange crystal into his dagger’s hilt and lifted the weapon upward. “Descend! GaoGiraffe!”


The dagger’s melody summoned GaoGiraffe from the sky island. The giraffe ran down a bridge of light and charged towards the demon. GaoGiraffe thrashed its neck back and forth, smashing its armored head against the demon monster with massive burst of spark.


“Detach, GaoShark!” Gao Blue said as the shark arm separated from the Megazord. “Attach! Giraffe Spear!”


GaoGiraffe shifted shape and formed a spear-tipped right arm that connected with the Megazord with a surge of power.


“MegaWildzord!” the Rangers shouted. “Gao King, spear!”


Gao King raised its spear arm, and the tip flashed with orange-tinted, fiery energy.


“Giraffe Spear, strike!” the Rangers shouted as they thrust their hands forward.


Gao King thrust the spear forward. The spear’s tip energized with a wedge of fiery power and energy that extended forward. The spear crashed against the villain with a massive burst of spark and flame. 


Time Red pulled the Control Lancer free from the floor. The lancer flashed with energy and formed a miniature replica of the zord’s saber.


Time Red thrust the saber forward as the Megazord copied his movements. Two shorter blades opened from the Megazord saber like the hands of the clock, forming 90 degree angles with the sword.


“Time-Force Megazord Saber!” Time Red shouted. “Final Strike!”


The zord’s saber energized and swung horizontally. The blade slashed towards the demon’s chest, but the creature bit down on the sword.


The demon monster sent crackling beams of purple-tinted energy from its fur, and each blast snaked forward and exploded against the zord’s armor with massive bursts of spark.


Meanwhile, Gao Silver looked up to see his teammates in trouble.


Kar took advantage of the Ranger’s distraction and slammed a backfist blow across the Ranger’s helmet. The Silver Ranger spun off his feet and slammed against the ground.


Kar lifted the Ranger by the throat and smashed an elbow against Gao Silver’s face plate. The Silver Ranger crashed back-first onto the ground.


“Stay there,” Kar said as he kicked the fallen Ranger against already-injured ribs. “Each attempt you make at attacking me becomes more laughable.”


Gao Silver shouted a war cry and slammed a palm-heel strike against the side of Kar’s knee, snapping the demon’s leg in a way it was never meant to bend.


The Silver Ranger flipped back to his feet and pounced forward while thrashing his claws upside the demon’s chest, claws sparking on impact and sending the villain stumbling backward a few steps.


Kar snarled at the Ranger. “You mindless vermin.”


Kar spat a ball of flame that exploded against Gao Silver’s chest and sent him flying off his feet. The Silver Ranger crashed against the side of a building, which smashed upon impact.


Meanwhile, the Megazords continued to battle the giant demon above.


The beast tackled against Time Robo Alpha, knocking the Megazord off its feet and sending it smashing through a building.


“Back off!” Time Fire shouted from below. He raised his brace. “V-Rex! MAX Blizzard!”


V-Rex’s shoulder cannons fired streams of jade-tinted energy that exploded against the demon with a massive display of power.


Gao Red looked to his teammates. “Let’s take care of business…” They turned their attention towards the villain ahead. “Soul-Charge, Roaring Fury!”


The end of the Soul Bird opened and formed a spinning turbine that shot a blast of golden energy out of  the lion’s mouth. Each of the animals’ mouths opened and fired a pulse of energy. The energy beams combined and exploded through the demon, ripping the monster to shreds and vaporizing him.


Below, Gao Silver slowly pulled himself into a crouched fighting stance. Moon Blaze landed by the Silver Ranger’s side and snarled at the approaching demon General Kar.


The wolf pounced forward, but Kar fired a crimson energy blast that knocked the beast from the air.


The demon general smiled mockingly at the Silver Ranger. “Look at you…cowering backward like a wounded beast.”


Kar extended his palm and fired a crimson blast that exploded against Gao Silver and smashed him off his feet. “You mortals deserve your fate. You are weak, mindless savages.”


“Savages?“ Gao Silver rolled his hands into fists and slowly pulled himself to his knees. He felt his heart pounding in his chest, the blood of the wolf coursing through his veins. “You would dare to call us savages? You, who destroyed the Sky Island, killed the priestess…out of cold blood.”


“Are you still bitter about that, wolf?” Kar extended his hand and fired another crimson energy pulse.


Gao Silver rolled aside as the blast exploded around him in a burst of spark. He rolled back to his feet and snapped into a fighting stance. The Ranger pointed at Kar.


“I swore at a young age never to let filth like you defile this Earth again!” Gao Silver shouted. Beneath his armor, he felt the moon tattoo on his upper arm burn with blue-tinted power.


Moonlight energy traveled along his arm and into his hand. The power formed a katana of pure, moon-light blue energy that Gao Silver held tightly in his hand. 


“Come, demon general,” Gao Silver shouted. “Come taste the stinging justice of my blade.”


Kar hurled a volley of crimson energy spheres that Gao Silver deflected. His blade twirled through arcs of moon-blue power while cutting through the blasts with bursts of spark.


Kar snarled and charged forward towards the Ranger.


Gao Silver stepped back into a steady fighting stance while holding his blade at the ready. “Now who is acting like a beast, demon filth?”


The Silver Ranger spun forward and slashed his blade across Kar’s chest with a burst of spark. Gao Silver turned, twisted his wrist, and slashed the energy blade across Kar’s back. The slash sparked against the demon and sent him stumbling off his feet.


Gao Silver stalked towards the demon.


Kar sprang to his feet and armed a pair of small axe weapons that he swung towards the Ranger. His blade aglow, Gao Silver parried each strike with ease. He felt the soothing presence of Tetomu wash over him, as if her spirit was guiding him.


Shirogane…he heard her voice in his mind. Let go of your guilt…let go of your anger…


Gao Silver parried a blow and slammed his sword’s handle against Kar’s face. Tears streamed down the Ranger’s cheeks beneath his faceplate.


You are a guardian of the Earth…


The Silver Ranger raised his blade high overhead. The weapon pulsed with near-blinding light that caused Kar to shield his eyes. Gao Silver felt the power of the moon surge through his veins.


“Lunar blade!” Gao Silver shouted. “Howling fury!”


Gao Silver swung down the blade, which fired a rolling column of blue energy that shot forward in the shape of a wolf. The energy wave howled while splashing across Kar, tearing off his rotted flesh and piercing through his body.


Kar shouted in pain as the wave tore him apart piece by piece. The villain vaporized after a final burst of flame and spark.




Images flashed before Dex’s mind. The flashbacks showed the prince the history of the Kamen Rider powers…


Billions of years ago, Edenoi was a breeding ground for hate and evil. Darkness enveloped the planet during the reign of Mar’ex, the world’s first king. Mar’ex had risen to power by slaying a mighty demon worshiped by a cult. The dragon demon’s name was Ryuuki.


Mar’ex practiced powerful magick channeled by the Black Sun and Shadow Moon tattoos etched on his chest. The power of Ryuuki only further amplified his strength. 


The villain sat upon a throne built on the bodies of dead. His thick, leathery skin was tanned. An intricate web of wood and metal was draped across his chest and arms. His headpiece was modeled after a Ku'gah, a sky moth with a sting powerful enough to kill the planet’s largest mammals. The headpiece had red bug-like eyes and a pronged horn extending from the forehead.


The villain’s temple was made of dirt-black stone and rotting wood. A black carpet laid across the floor leading to the evil monarch’s throne.


Two armed guards led a prisoner to the foot of the throne and forced him to the ground. The prisoner was accused of petty theft.


“My lord,” a soldier said. “We found this...street urchin stealing food from an outer-guard post. We believe-”


Mar’ex extended his hand, which pulsed with pale-green light. The prisoner’s head exploded and his body slumped to the ground.


The king looked to his soldiers. “Do not trouble me with these petty matters. Especially not when we are about to have company.”


A soldier tilted his head with confusion. “Company, sire?”


The rear door to the throne room exploded with a massive cloud of debris. Chucks of debris and stone blew into the throne room, and when the dust started to clear, a lone figure stepped through the opening.


The man was dressed in a white cloak and cape. His hood cast a shadow across his face. He wore white-trimmed silver armor beneath his cloak, and his slacks were white and baggy. The man carried a single, slender blade in his left hand.


Mar’ex smiled beneath his mask. “Zordon...I’ve been expecting you.”


Zordon of Eltar was the first of a new generation of Rangers. A powerful warrior, he hardened his skills in the army of Lord Zedd before turning away from darkness and into the light. Now he led his own Ranger team across the galaxy, battling evil wherever he found it.


“Your reign is over, Mar’ex,” Zordon said. “Surrender.”


Mar’ex pounced from his throne in a blur of motion and slammed against Zordon. The Ranger went flying off his feet and crashed against a nearby wall. Mar’ex tightened his hands into fists and glared at Zordon. 


“Surrender?” Mar’ex asked mockingly. “I underestimated you. Only the weak would show mercy.”


Zordon swung his sword and emitted a wave of white flame from the blade. The wave cut towards Mar’ex, but the villain erected a black energy barrier to block the blow.


Zordon was already charging forward when Mar'ex lowered his forcefield. The ranger swung his sword towards the villain’s head, but Mar’ex used his forearm to block the blow. The blade sparked against his skin, and Mar’ex lunged forward while slamming a punch against Zordon’s chest.


Zordon stepped back and swung his blade towards the villain's neck, but Mar'ex caught the sword with his bare hands.


The Black Sun and Shadow Moon tattoos on the villain's chest pulsed with power, which crackled along Mar'ex's hand. Mar’ex squeezed Zordon’s sword and shattered the blade with a burst of dark power.


Mar’ex slammed a spinning sidekick against Zordon’s chest, and the blow knocked Zordon off his feet and sent him skidding across the stone floor.


A flurry of arrows suddenly exploded against the villain’s back with massive bursts of spark and light, but the villain was not fazed.


Mar’ex looked towards the balcony high above his throne and noticed a female Ranger dressed in tight-fitting white silk. The silk had plates of gold armor around the breasts and abdomen. Golden braces wrapped around her forearms and legs. She had long, dark curly hair. Her name was Dulcea.


Mar’ex smiled beneath his mask. “I see you’ve brought a little playmate.”


The villain hurled a bolt of jade-tinted lightning that exploded against the ledge a second after Dulcea managed to jump clear. She twirled through the air gracefully and flipped to land next to Zordon.


Mar’ex turned to face his opponents, and the eyes of his mask started to glow with deep, red power. Then, the palace walls themselves started to vibrate with energy.


“My power is boundless,” Mar’ex said. “Now, learn why.”


A dark cloud formed within the palace chamber and started to twirl like a whirlpool. Artificial wind blew from the cloud and kicked up dust, threatening to blow Zordon and Dulcea off their feet.


The two Rangers stood their ground and braced themselves while the wind howled.


Black lightning shot from the cloud and enveloped Mar’ex with a massive display of dark light. The villain extended his arms and looked upward to the cloud. Lightning intensified and winds ripped brick from the ground. The villain’s dark power started to pulse from within the depths of his twisted soul.


“Shadow of the Moon!” Mar’ex shouted in a voice that echoed across the entire planet. “Black power of the Sun! Free this decaying form! Release the demon dragon within! Make me the hunter once more!”


The winds cried out with anguish as fire fell down from the cloud. The flames consumed Mar’ex with a twirling vortex of fire. His skin melted instantly and tore from his bones, which charred to black before turning to dust.


With a final burst of dark light, the wind stopped. And the cloud vanished.


A being of energy stood where Mar’ex had. His body was made of black-and-jade fire. Silver armor covered his chest and wrapped around his arms. Six plates of silver armor rested on the abdomen. The being was Mar’ex, who had transformed himself into a villain of pure energy.


Zordon placed a hand on Dulcea’s shoulder and practically pushed her towards the throne room’s exit. “Dulcea, you must leave at once.”


Mar’ex fired a jade bolt of energy that exploded against Zordon and Dulcea. The two Rangers smashed through the throne room wall and went tumbling through an outer corridor before skidding to a halt.


The Rangers slowly climbed to their feet. They looked up just as a second bolt of jade lightning shot towards them.


Zordon extended his hand and emitted an invisible energy barrier. The lightning bolt crashed against the barrier and forced Zordon back a step. A volley of lightning bolts continued to shoot down the corridor and splash across the barrier with a massive force that nearly forced Zordon off his feet.


Sweat dripped from Zordon’s brow. He struggled to keep his shield up, but he could feel its power starting to buckle.


“He has grown too strong,” Zordon said through a clenched jaw.


Zordon closed his eyes and reached deep inside his soul. He summoned his power and pushed outward, creating an invisible shockwave that ripped through the corridor with a thundering boom, tearing apart the hallway, and smashing into the throne room. The shockwave exploded against Mar’ex and knocked the villain a step backward.


Zordon summoned a mystic, wooden staff and charged down the corridor towards the throne room.


Dulcea called after him. “Zordon, wait!”


He didn’t listen. Zordon narrowed his eyes and focused on Mar’ex standing in the distance. The villain was still growing accustomed to a state of pure energy. Zordon knew that if he was going to defeat Mar’ex, he had to act quickly before the villain gained strength.


Young Zordon did not yet know how to destroy beings of pure energy. But he had other options.


Mar’ex stood tall as Zordon charged towards him. The villain hurled a  volley jade-tinted lightning bolts at the approaching Ranger.


Zordon, his eyes closed, twirled his staff and deflected each bolt.


The Ranger tapped into The Power and let its magick flow through every facet of his being. The Power surged through his body, ignited his spirit, strengthened his soul, and sharpened his mind.


White-hot power radiated off of Zordon while he charged towards his opponent.


“And now, Mar’ex...” Zordon called.


The Ranger shot forward in a blur of white-hot power that speared through the villain’s outer body and penetrated his core. Zordon, pulsing with light, entered the center of Mar’ex’s being.


“...I call upon the White Light of Goodness to banish your soul...”


Mar’ex screamed as energy discharges ripped from his body and shot in every direction while exploding through the temple. The ground began to shake as Zordon’s light intensified.


“...I call upon The Power to end your existence, an abomination of life...”


Zordon’s energy radiated brighter and expanded throughout the entire temple. The Ranger let his power travel through Mar’ex. Zordon began to unravel the villain, like pulling at threads.


“...I call upon all that is good, to purify your darkness.”


A massive explosion tore through half the temple and quaked through the ground. A torrent of power shot up from the throne room and reached into the skies. The torrent twirled like a cyclone before dissipating into the wind.


Zordon slumped to the ground, steam rising from his body and the throne room. Five stones were on the ground around him. Each stone looked glass. 


Dulcea was at Zordon’s side in an instant. “What happened here?”


Zordon took Dulcea’s hand to slowly pull himself up. “Mar’ex could not be destroyed, nor his full power contained.” He looked to the stones across the floor. “I separated his being into five components and sealed them in these stones. As long as the five stones are never united, Mar’ex is gone forever.”


Dex shook his head as the vision started to clear. What was the purpose of the vision, he asked himself. What did his grandfather expect him to do?


The King Stones were obviously created from Mar’ex’s power. The sky-moth Kuuga, Black Sun, Shadow Moon, the demon dragon Ryuuki. A chill crept down Dex’s spine at the though of Ryuuki, the evil force his powers were based off of.


“But what is the fifth stone?” Dex asked within the empty room, which he now knew to be Mar’ex’s old castle. He wondered if the fifth stone was the new power source his grandfather spoke of.


A flash of red light suddenly appeared in the center of the room. It was the red gem he had seen earlier. He had almost forgotten about it. Dex could feel its crimson light calling to him.


Dex stepped out and reached towards the light.




Luke and the other Turbos stood guard outside the Kamen Temple. Luke leaned against the temple wall with his arms crossed over his chest. He sighed impatiently. “Pretty Princess has five more minutes before we go in after him.”


Tyler nodded. “I still don’t see why we didn’t just go in there with him.”


Carlos shrugged. “He wanted us to wait.”


“Pfft,” Tyler shook his head. “Last time I checked, we don’t take orders from Dex.”


“Guys,” Cassie said. “His grandfather just died.”


Tyler arced an eyebrow. “What does that have to do with it.”


Luke stepped forward. “Nothing. Dex didn’t let us go with because he thinks we’re a joke, just like the other Rangers do.”


Tanya shook her head. “That’s not true.”


“Isn’t it?” Luke asked. “Have you seen our outfits?”


Their argument was cut short when pods of slime erupted from the ground and formed an army of Gooclones. The crab monster and six spider soldiers stood among their ranks.


“Good.” Luke flipped over his morphing key. “I was getting bored.”


“Shift into Turbo!” The Turbos twisted their wrists to summon their braces and extended their keys. “Axle Power!” They inserted their keys into their morphers and turned the ignition. Morphin energy throttled through their systems while they morphed into their Ranger forms.


They snapped into fighting stances. “Hyper-speed Task Force…Turbo Rangers!”


The Gooclones charged forward to attack.


Turbo Red armed his Vi-Blade and slashed upward through a soldier with a burst of spark. Red Racer stepped forward and decapitated a second Gooclone.


Blue Racer somersaulted through midair and landed while slamming a kick against a soldier’s chest.


The Blue and Red Rangers pounded through the Gooclones while Turbo Green, Turbo Pink, and Turbo Yellow charged towards the crab monster and spider soldiers.


“Thunder Cannon!” Turbo Green armed his cannon and fired green-energy pulse blasts at the villains.


“Auto Blasters!” Turbo Pink and Turbo Yellow fired lances of green energy with their blasters.


The energy blasts exploded against the villain with bursts of spark, but they were not fazed.


Crab monster aimed his arms towards the three Rangers and opened his pincers. The pincers shot darts of energy that exploded against the Rangers’ armor with bursts of spark that knocked them off their feet.


Nearby, Turbo Red bashed the hilt of his sword across a Gooclone’s head. He looked to his fallen friends. He watched the crab monster stalk towards them.


“Back off my friends, shell-head!” Red Racer swung his Auto Blaster at the monster and fired lances of green energy.


The blasts sparked harmlessly off the crab monster. The creature opened its pincers at Red Racer and fired invisible pulse blasts that exploded against Turbo Red’s armor and whipped him off his feet.


The spider soldiers pounced forward and surrounded Turbo Red while pulling him to his feet. The Red Racer struggled against them, but he could not break free from their grasp.


“I hate spiders!” He smashed his head against a spider’s face, but the soldiers merely tightened their hold.


The crab creature walked towards Red Racer and grabbed his throat in a tight pincer grip. Turbo Red was choked off from his air supply. His lungs started to ache from air. His head became dizzy. He struggled harder, but his efforts were futile.


Suddenly, explosions sparked against the crab and spiders, hurling them off their feet.


Turbo Red gasped for air as the others regrouped around him. “What...was that...?”


They looked up to see Kamen Rider Ryuuki standing on a ledge that ran around the temple. But his armor looked different.


His main body suit was black instead of red. His chest shield was edged and draped back over his shoulders like a small pair of dragon wings. The red-and-silver shield was etched in gold. The same fiery gold material highlighted his visor grating, which had expanded and sharpened. Gold-and-red cuffs wrapped around his ankles and forearms.


“Fools!” Ryuuki shouted down to the villains. The Turbo Rangers noticed a hint of madness in the prince’s voice.  “You dare defile the temple of Kamen Rider?”


The crab lifted his pincer and fired pulse blasts. Ryuuki leapt over the blasts and somersaulted through the air.


The Kamen Rider landed in front of the crab monster and pounced forward. Ryuuki shouted a war cry and smashed his fist through the crab’s body. The Rider’s punch shattered the villain’s shell with a burst of spark and tore through the rotted flesh beneath.


Flames started to consume the crab from the inside out. The creature hissed with pain before exploding into a mess of ooze and shell.


The spiders pounced towards Ryuuki to attack.


Ryuuki merely extended his hand, and a torrent of dark-red flame erupted from his palm. The torrent of fire incinerated the spiders on impact before scattering their ashes to the wind.


Ryuuki lowered his arms and turned to the Rangers.


The Turbos took a step back, not sure quite what to say. Dex’s new formed was obviously more deadly. And his new power had something evil about it.


“Come,” Ryuuki said. He turned and started to walk towards the distance. “This planet is waste. The Mogralord will have it soon. It’s time we returned to Earth.”


The Rangers hesitated before following. They said nothing. They were deep in thought about the obvious changes in Dex. The prince had gained the new power he sought out. But at what cost?



A group of Wraiths poured through the corridors of the temple.


Ryouma, Ashley, and their respective teams charged into the passageways to attack.


Teddy rolled his hands into fists while running closer to the soldiers. “This Shadow King doesn’t waste any time.”


Ryouma pulled out his blade boomerang. “Neither do we.”


The ranger hurled his boomerang down the hall. The weapon slashed past a group of Wraiths with massive bursts of spark that tore open their black, demon bodies.


The rangers and Wraiths slammed against each other.


Teddy slammed a jumpkick upside a Wraith’s head and spun forward, smashing a reverse sidekick against another soldier’s chest.


Ashley was at her future brother-in-law’s side. She slammed an axekick against a soldier’s collar bone, spun forward, and slammed a hook kick across another Wraith’s head.


Nearby, Gouki used his brute strength to lift two Wraiths by the neck and slam them against the ground.


His teammate Hikaru moved in low and kicked the legs out from underneath a soldier. Hikaru dropped and slammed his elbow against the fallen soldier’s neck.


Justin and Chris moved side-by-side. Chris slammed a hook punch against a Wraith’s head and jammed an uppercut against the soldier’s gut. Justin moved in low and slammed his elbow against a soldier’s chest before sweeping the leg off its feet.


Kat snapped an outer crescent kick across a soldier’s head.


Meanwhile, Saya grabbed a Wraith by the arm and flipped the soldier over her shoulder.


An explosion suddenly rocked the corridor from behind the rangers. A massive hole blew out from the wall, scattering a cloud of debris, and Shadow King’s demon monster leapt through.


The demon monster had black, leathery flesh covered in dark fur. The creature had three wolf-like heads, blazing red eyes, and a pair of bat-like wings on its back.


Ryouma thrust his hands towards the creature. “Ha!” A stream of flame erupted from his palm.  


The flame blast exploded against the monster, but the villain stood his ground and merely swatted Ryouma aside.


“Morph,” Ashley said as the rangers readied their braces.


“Galaxy Transform!” Ryouma and his team twisted the dials on their morphers. “Ha!” They slapped their braces’ activation panels. The energy of their elements circled like pillars around them, and they morphed into their armor.


Ashley and the Zeo team armed their braces. “Ultra Transform!” They connected their braces and triggered a wave of energy that washed over them, morphing them into their Ranger forms.


The monster opened its jaws and fired massive waves of black flame. The blasts exploded against the Ranger's armor with bursts of spark and sent them crashing through the temple walls.


The Rangers crashed through the outer wall flailed through the air before falling hard on the jungle ground below.


The demon monster leapt through the hole in the temple and landed between the scattered Rangers.


Galaxy Red, Zeored, Galaxy Yellow, Galaxy Blue, Zeogreen, and Zeopink rose to their feet and faced off with the monster.


“Seijuukin!” Galaxy Red unsheathed his sword and swung the blade at the beast’s heads, but the demon grabbed the sword and clawed Galaxy Red across the chest with a burst of spark that whipped his body backward.


Zeored and Galaxy Blue, their swords drawn, moved in to opposite sides of the villain and swung their blades. Zeored aimed high and Galaxy Blue aimed low. Their swords slashed across the demon with bursts of spark.


The two Rangers turned and swung their blades again, but the villain used its wings to dart backward, opened its mouth, and spat streams of flame that exploded against the two Rangers’ armor while knocking them off their feet.


Zeogreen snuck in besides the monster and slammed a punch across one of its heads. But the demon grabbed the Green Ranger by the wrist and lifted him from his feet. Zeogreen winced as the demon tightened his grip and threw the Green Ranger aside like a rag doll.


Zeopink armed her blaster and fired lances of red energy at the demon, but the blasts exploded harmlessly against his skin.


Nearby, the other Rangers regrouped.


“Come on,” Zeoyellow said. “We have to help them.”


The other Rangers ran towards the battle.


But a bolt of black lightning exploded against Zeo Gold’s back and sent him skidding across the ground. The Gold Ranger slowly rose to his feet and turned to face his attacker. It was the Shadow King.


“Hello again, prince,” the Shadow King said mockingly. He held his black sword over his shoulder. “I’m afraid you and your little Earther friends won’t be leaving this temple alive.”


Zeo Gold stepped back into a fighting stance. “This is our last battle, Shadow King...and I’m not the one who won’t be leaving alive.”


The Shadow King looked over his shoulder. “Wraiths, give my dear prince a warm up.”


A group of black-clad Wraiths leapt from the trees and charged towards the Gold Ranger to attack.


Zeo Gold charged towards the Wraiths at blinding speed as they moved in to attack him.


Zeo Gold low blocked a soldier’s staff, slammed a backfist against that Wraith’s face, and sidekicked the Wraith’s chest.


He turned to his left and swept a kick against a Wraith’s legs, knocking the soldier’s feet out as the Gold Ranger spun and slammed a fist against the Wraith’s chest while it was in midair. The soldier crashed backwards against a trio of Wraiths.


Two Wraiths came in and swung their staffs towards Zeo Gold’s head, but he high blocked the blows by holding his arms out and knocking the weapons away. He slammed a backfist against the soldier to his left and hook kicked that soldier across the head. He turned to his right and snapped out with another sidekick that slammed against the soldier’s chest.


Zeo Gold leapt forward while spinning in midair and snapping out a left round kick that shattered through a soldier’s staff while smashing against its chest. The Ranger completed the spin while landing on the ground and snapping out a right reverse side kick that smashed against another Wraith’s face.


Another Wraith charged forward while swinging a pair of staffs in a blur of motion that Zeo Gold dodged as he was forced a few steps backwards.


The Wraith swung its right staff down vertically towards The Ranger’s head. Zeo Gold shot out his left hand and caught the wrist while leaning forward and slamming his elbow against the Wraith’s locked elbow. The soldier’s elbow snapped in two, and Zeo Gold leapt up with a right jump tornado kick across the Wraith’s head. The Ranger landed and immediately snapped off a left reverse side kick that sent the soldier flying of its feet and crashing against another group of Wraiths.


Zeo Gold spun to his right while knocking a staff away and slamming a backfist against a Wraith’s chest. He brought his backfist up against the soldier’s faceplate and chest again before grabbing the soldier by the head and flipping it to the ground.

Zeo Gold stomped through the fallen Wraith’s chest as small explosions erupted from its body.


The Gold Ranger kicked the last of the Wraiths away and moved towards the Shadow King.


“Impressive.” Shadow King thrust his sword forward and fired a bolt of black lightning.


Zeo Gold dove aside, and the lightning blast exploded around him with bursts of spark. The Gold Ranger rolled for cover and rose to his knees while summoning his staff with a burst of golden energy.


Zeo Gold held his staff forward and charged towards Shadow King.


The opponents’ weapons clashed against each other with bursts of spark. They circled around each other, parrying, thrusting, swinging their weapons through fierce combinations of strikes and blows.


“You are slow.” Shadow King parried a pair of staff strikes. “My powers have only grown, while yours seem to have weakened.”


Zeo Gold knocked the villain’s sword aside and slammed a sidekick against his chest. “Your powers are nothing but darkness.” He slashed his staff’s blade upward across the villain’s chest with a burst of spark. “And light always prevails over darkness.”


Shadow King stepped back and thrust his sword into the ground, which created a shockwave that exploded beneath the Gold Ranger’s feet with a massive burst of spark, knocking him backward.


The Shadow King thrust his hand forward and fired a tendril of black energy that wrapped around Zeo Gold and whipped him from the ground. The Shadow King swung Zeo Gold through the air and crashed him through several trees that splintered in half upon impact.


Shadow King tugged Zeo Gold backward and slammed the back of his fist across the Gold Ranger’s helmet while releasing the tendril’s hold. Zeo Gold crashed against the ground and skid backward.


Shadow King armed his sword and stalked towards the fallen Ranger. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, prince...”


“Ha!” KuroKishi suddenly leapt forward as if from nowhere and somersaulted through the air, swinging his blade downward through an arc of black-and-purple energy while landing. The blade tore across Shadow King, sparking on impact, and knocking the demon lord backward.


Shadow King snarled at the Black Knight. “Go back to your forest, whelp.”


The villain extended his hand and fired a bolt of black lightning that KuroKishi managed to deflect with his blade.


Meanwhile, the other ten rangers regrouped to face off with the three-headed demon monster.


The monster opened its jaws and fired streams of black flame. The Rangers dove and rolled aside as blasts sparked around them.


Galaxy Yellow rolled up into a crouched fighting stance. “That dog-breath packs a lot of fire power.”


The Yellow Galaxy Ranger gathered a bolt of lightning between his palms and hurled the blast at the monster. The lightning strike exploded against the demon with a burst of spark.


The demon opened its jaws and fired another trio of flame blasts. The Rangers dove for cover again as the blasts exploded around them.


Zeoyellow looked to the Galaxy team. “Gouki, Hayate, use your Aasu against his flame blasts next time he fires.”


“Which is now!” Zeored shouted when he noticed the demon beast open its jaws for another attack.


The beast fired three jets of flame at the Rangers.


Galaxy Blue and Galaxy Green rolled forward, placed their hands together, and thrust their arms forward. “Ha!”


Galaxy Green fired a stream of green-tinted wind, and Galaxy Blue fired a jet stream of water. Their elemental blasts intercepted the flame blasts and created a massive shockwave of fire and steam.


Galaxy Green looked to his teammate. “Gouki, lean forward. We have to over power his flame.”


The two Rangers leaned forward and poured on their water and wind power. The blasts pierced through the demon’s flame and choked down the creature's maw. The villain gapped and stumbled backward while trying to keep its balance.


“Now’s our chance!” Zeored shouted while arming his Star Riser sword. “Let’s bring ‘em together!”


The Zeo Rangers combined their weapons into a cannon they aimed forward. “Ultra Blaster, Fire!”


The cannon fired a crackling bolt of golden energy that shot towards the demon.


The Galaxy Rangers armed small acorns and threw them to the ground. Explosions of light, and bright, golden columns of energy, extended up from the ground from where the acorns struck. The columns of light materialized and formed five cylinder-shaped weapons of steel. Each had a handle that the Rangers grabbed onto.


“Quasar Launchers!” Galaxy Red shouted. “Fire!”


Five energy spheres shot forward, combined, and streaked towards the demon.


The two Ranger teams’ blasts exploded against the demon monster with a massive explosion of spark, flame, and smoke. The combined blasts tore the monster apart piece-by-piece, and the creature’s remains vaporized in the wind.


Nearby, the Shadow King continued his duel with KuroKishi and Zeo Gold.


The villain knocked the Black Knight’s sword aside and slashed KuroKishi across the chest.


Zeo Gold stabbed the tip of his staff towards the villain’s chest, but Shadow King parried the blow and kicked Zeo Gold in the side.


Galaxy Red suddenly pounced through the air with his Seijuukin in hand. “Ha!”


The Red Galaxy Ranger slashed downward across the villain while landing, but Shadow King smashed the back of his fist across Galaxy Red’s helmet. The Ranger crashed and tumbled across the ground.


Galaxy Red rolled onto his knees as the twelve Rangers regrouped.


Zeored stepped forward with his sword in hand. "It's over, Shadow King. There's no way you can beat all 12 of us."


The Shadow King smiled mockingly at the gathered Rangers. "You may have been able to beat my demon, but I am more powerful than any monster you have ever faced. The power of the Shadow Clan, the darkness of Hell, is mine to command."


Shadow King aimed his sword upward and fired a black bolt of lightning. The blast scorched the skies, which turned black as a thundering boom echoed across the valley, and the winds began to howl.


Dozens of lightning bolts suddenly crashed down and exploded against the Rangers with massive bursts of spark that sent them crashing off their feet and splintering through nearby tree trunks.


Zeoblue coughed and pulled himself to his feet. "What the hell was that?"


Shadow King raised his sword to the sky, and the saber pulsed with dark magick. "That was only a taste of my power, Rangers!"


A bolt of lightning struck the saber and surged through Shadow King's body. His skin started to ripple, his body transforming, as blue-gray scales formed across his body.


Shadow King let loose a bone-rattling scream that charged across the howling wind, creating a sonic shockwave that exploded against the Rangers' armor.


Zeored slammed back-first against the ground and skid backward. he used his sword to steady himself and slowly climb to his knees. The wind around him continued to howl.


"Ashley..." he said. "We have to do something!"


Zeoyellow narrowed her brow beneath her helmet. "Our Zodiac power...we have to use it."


"How?" Zeoblue asked. "It doesn't exactly have an ‘on’ switch."


“Just concentrate,” Zeoyellow said.


The Rangers slowly regrouped. They closed their eyes beneath their helmets and concentrated on their new connection to the Power Cosmic.


“Zodiac Armor!” they shouted. “Energize!”


Golden light flashed across Galaxy Red. A gold shield wrapped around his chest, and jagged armor plates extended over his shoulders. A golden outline of the lion snapped over his helmet. Gold gauntlets wrapped around his arms and fists.


Similar armor wrapped around Galaxy Green, only his helmet had the Gemini symbol engraved on the forehead.


Golden power shimmered around Galaxy Blue. His armor had the Aquarius symbol etched across the chest plate.


Galaxy Yellow’s armor wrapped around his body, and a golden crab-like piece of armor snapped over his helmet.


A sapphire appeared on Galaxy Pink’s new golden helmet as her armor shimmered to life. The Libra symbol appeared over the left side of her chest.


Golden, edged armor wrapped around KuroKishi. The horns on his helmet became gold, and a golden chest plate with jagged shoulder blades wrapped around his body.


Similar armor wrapped around the Zeo Rangers. Zeored had the symbol of Aries, Zeoblue had the symbol of Capricorn, Zeogreen had the symbol of Pisces, Zeoyellow had the symbol of Scorpio, Zeopink had the symbol of Virgo and Zeo Gold had the Sagittarius symbol.


Their armor started to glow with bright light that nearly blinded the Shadow King. The villain used his sword to shield his eyes and stepped back into a defensive stance.


The Rangers leapt through the air and surrounded Shadow King while forming a circle around the villain.


“Zodiac Power!” they shouted. “Cosmic Storm!”


Their Zodiac symbols burned in the ground beneath their feet. Multi-colored cosmic lightning suddenly shot down from the stars and splashed against the Rangers, energizing their bodies and surging through their new armor.


The Rangers thrust their hands forward and hurled that power at the Shadow King. Twelve bolts of radiating power converged against the villain with a massive shockwave that rocked the ground for miles.


The villain screamed as his flesh was torn from his bones and his body exploded. The Rangers’ cosmic energy vaporized the Shadow King’s remains into nothingness.




The massive Mogralord tilted its head towards the sky. The demon lord sensed the trembling of the Power Cosmic. But he was not afraid.


He was connected to almost every planet of the Cross. Soon his power would be great enough to open the gates of Hell and spread his flame across the infinite universe. Then he would rule all.


And not even the Power Cosmic could stop him.


To be continued...