2008. Tommy Oliver's student, Simon Kaden, takes on the mantle of the New Generation's first Red Power Ranger as Jakanja arrives on Earth. Meanwhile, Billy's Jet Force Project is responsible for bringing a new threat: The Vyram.


Chapter 01- Power of Three
Chapter 02- Whirlwind King

Interlude: Jet Force- Fall of J-Force
Interlude: Jet Force- Recruiting
Interlude: Jet Force- The Race


Chapter 03- Imposters
Chapter 04- Be Reckless
Chapter 05- Burdens
Chapter 06- Power of Thunder
Chapter 07- The Ikkazuchi Way
Chapter 08- Hidden Trauma

Interlude: Jet Force- The Vyram Queen

Interlude: Jet Force- Human Shell


Chapter 09- Ghosts
Chapter 10- Battle in Demon City
Chapter 11- Turning Point
Chapter 12- Down to Work


Interlude: Jet Force- Beast of Destruction

Chapter 13- Tenku Ninja! Shurikenja!
Chapter 14- The Ultimate Secret
Chapter 15- Many Faces
Chapter 16- Matters of Heart
Chapter 17- Death Looms
Chapter 18- Sting
Chapter 19- Not Even Death
Chapter 20- Outbreak: Scourge
Chapter 21- Outbreak: Collision
Chapter 22- Outbreak: Phoenix Heart
Chapter 23- Mark of Sorrow
Chapter 24- Arrow of the Gods

Appendix sections

A- Character Index
B- Monster Index
C- Misc Index
D- Timeline



2009. Simon starts a quest to learn the secret of his birth parents, and his search leads him to uncover the hidden, secret origins of the Ultimate Power Rangers' universe. Meanwhile, Earth's SPD Ranger team goes online.


Chapter 01- Harvest: Arrival

Chapter 02- Harvest: Summoning


Interlude: SPD- Emergency!

Interlude: SPD- Signals


Chapter 03- Kiva of the Blood

Chapter 04- Dark Shaper: Scrap Metal

Chapter 05- Dark Shaper: Chalice

Chapter 06- Dark Shaper: BOARD

Chapter 07- Fever: The Chernobyl Incident

Chapter 08- Fever: J


Interlude: SPD- Infallible

Interlude: SPD- Cyber


Chapter 09- Marauders: Diversions

Chapter 10- Marauders: Secrets

Chapter 11- Marauders: Shadows

 Chapter 12- Undead: Infestation

Chapter 13- Undead: Kabuto

Chapter 14- Fathers: The Hand

   Chapter 15- Fathers: Truth 

Chapter 16- Hellfire: Bonds

Chapter 17- Hellfire: Bloodlines

Chapter 18- City at War: Prelude

Chapter 19- City at War: Prelude: SPD

Chapter 20- City at War: Prelude: Blade

Chapter 21- City at War: Prelude: ZECT

    Chapter 22- City at War: First Strike

Chapter 23- City at War: Second Wave

Chapter 24- City at War: Infiltration

Chapter 25- City at War: The Sabbath


Appendix sections

Hurricane Index (Rangers, Weapons, Zords)
Jet Force Index (Rangers, Weapons, Zords)

The Shinzon

Akuma and the Marauders

The Dark Shaper




2010. Simon's personal quest continues as Tommy recruits a new team: the Samurai Rangers. Meanwhile, another one of Dr. William "Billy" Cranston's experiments goes wrong, making the need for a new team of his own: the Bio Beast Rangers.




Prelude- Swords and Souls: Loose Threads

Chapter 01- Samurai: Threat Underground

Chapter 02- Samurai: Through the Cracks


Chapter 03- Hurricane: Saga of the Blood


Chapter 04- Bio Beast: Academia


Chapter 05- Samurai: Four Blades

Chapter 06- Samurai: Blade of the Flame

Chapter 07- Samurai: Blade of the Demon


Chapter 08- Hurricane: Sons of Hellfire

Chapter 09- Hurricane: Forsaken

Chapter 10- Hurricane: Imprisoned 


Chapter 11- Blade: Trembling Heart

Chapter 12- Blade: Dangerous Gamble


Chapter 13- Samurai: Golden Moment

Chapter 14: Samurai: Surging Rampage

Chapter 15: Samurai: Juzou

Chapter 16- Samurai: Prince of the Underground


Chapter 17- Bio Beast: Billy’s Motivation


Chapter 18- Hurricane: Running with Shadows

Chapter 19- Hurricane: Seven Sins

Chapter 20- Hurricane: The Glimmering Coast


Chapter 21- Wizard: The Phantom Within

Chapter 22- Wizard: The Phantom Without


Chapter 23- Blade: The Destroyer’s Secret

Chapter 24- Blade: Evolution King


Chapter 25- Samurai: Prayers of the Vorlock

Chapter 26- Samurai: Knight of the Vorlock

Chapter 27- Samurai: No Closure

Chapter 28- Samurai: Sealed? Xandred’s Fate


Chapter 29- Blade: Grasp for Humanity

Chapter 30- Blade: Parting with the Past

Chapter 31- Blade: Leangle Revives


Chapter 32- Hurricane: The Fourth Born

Chapter 33- Hurricane: The Thunder Knight

Chapter 34- Hurricane: Devil’s Trap

Chapter 35- Hurricane: Horrors


Chapter 36- Swords and Souls: As the Wheel Turns

Chapter 37- A Crack in the World: Secret of the Sword

Chapter 38- A Crack in the World: Bonds

Chapter 39- A Crack in the World: Final Duel

Chapter 40- A Crack in the World: Flood and Quake


Chapter 41- Demon Shift: The Fifth Ace

Chapter 42- Demon Shift: Giga Brain

Chapter 43- Demon Shift: Reflections

Chapter 44- Demon Shift: Infestation

Chapter 45- Demon Shift: Eternal Trump


Chapter 46- Second Sabbath: Phantom War

Chapter 47- Second Sabbath: Mage

Chapter 48- Second Sabbath: Final Hope


Chapter 49- Hell Scorn: Blitz

Chapter 50- Hell Scorn: No Rest for the Wicked

Chapter 51- Hell Scorn: Plummet

Chapter 52- Hell Scorn: Ultimate Civil War


Appendix sections

Year Three Glossary



The Hurricane Power Rangers and Samurai Rangers lay low, making need for a new team: The Jungle Fury Rangers. Meanwhile, Dr. William "Billy" Cranston creates a new team of Overdrive Rangers to track down and contain artifacts of power called Precious, each connected to a part of the Power Rangers' past.



Chapter 01- Jungle Fury: Heart of the Beast

Chapter 02- Jungle Fury: Voices of Kenma


Chapter 03- Overdrive: Ruins of the Ryujinn

Chapter 04- Overdrive: The Jaryuu Tribe


Chapter 05- Limbo


Chapter 06- Jungle Fury: The Venom Fists

Chapter 07- Jungle Fury: Path to Strength


Chapter 08- Overdrive: Dark Shadow

Chapter 09- Overdrive: Buried Guilt


One-Shot- Hurricane: Crimson Rebirth


Chapter 10- Jungle Fury: Knight of the Wolf

Chapter 11- Jungle Fury: Lord of the Skies

Chapter 12- Jungle Fury: The Violet Fist


Chapter 13- Overdrive: The Org Mirror

Chapter 14- Overdrive: The Night Troops

Chapter 15- Overdrive: The Silver Adventurer

Chapter 16- Overdrive: Eiji’s Past


One-Shot- Garo: Witches of the French Quarter


Chapter 17- Ten Courts


Chapter 18- Jungle Fury: Wrong Place, Right Time

Chapter 19- Jungle Fury: The Kenma Unleashed

Chapter 20- Jungle Fury: Rhino Steel

Chapter 21- Jungle Fury: Fall of RinJuken


One-Shot- Samurai: Eye of the Impure King


Chapter 22- Wizard: Brother Can You Hear Me


Chapter 23- Blade: The Immortal Blade


Chapter 24- Overdrive: Demon Bird

Chapter 25- Overdrive: Bandora’s Box

Chapter 26- Overdrive: Forever Adventure Spirits


Chapter 27- Jungle Fury: The Genki Awakens

Chapter 28- Jungle Fury: Open Wide, the Gates of Hell

Chapter 29- Jungle Fury: Into the Blood

Chapter 30- Jungle Fury: Spirit Unleash





As darkness continues to devour the world, evil spreads to an unlikely place: Briarwood, Indiana. There, a strange sorceress known as the Witch of the Askani assembles a group of Mystic Rangers, each with a connection to the supernatural. Meanwhile, Dr. William "Billy" Cranston takes his Ranger and Rider Initiatives nationwide with the RPM Rangers and Kamen Rider Drive. And his Civil War against Tommy's Rangers continues.






Prelude- Saints of the Askani: Face the Real World

Chapter 01- Mystic Force: Grant us the Power

Chapter 02- Mystic Force: Before Time


Chapter 03- Hurricane: Witnesses


Chapter 04- Rainbow Line: Imagination


Chapter 05- RPM: Get in Gear


Chapter 06- Mystic Force: Field of Green

Chapter 07- Mystic Force: Mystic King

Chapter 08- Mystic Force: Wolf Knight’s Challenge

Chapter 09- Mystic Force: Scorched Memories


Chapter 10- Hurricane: Dark Man Rising

Chapter 11- Hurricane: Dark Man Fallen

Chapter 12- Hurricane: This War Within


Chapter 13- Rainbow Line: Dark Duel


Chapter 14- Mystic Force: The Gate’s Key  (08/03/15)

Chapter 15- Mystic Force: The Earth Prince  (09/24/15)















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